One Hundred and Thirty-One…

One Hundred and Thirty-One: Aftershocks

Azura dreamed about him. Not of Ezra.

She dreamed of Brent.

Once awakening, she dreamed of a way to tell Ezra… about Brent. And couldn’t find a way.

Azura peered out the living room window. Was he out there?

Where the hell are you? You haven’t shown up in two nights. I miss you. 

Shadowvale’s cursed howled at the half-moon, but there was no sign of Brent.

A monster jumped from the bushes and unleashed a horrid, demonic shriek.

Azura recoiled.

Cruel laughter erupted from Brent’s lips.

“You asshole,” she said. “You’re such a dick.”

“But that’s why you love me so much, baby, and why you love my dick. Now let me in so I can fuck you a few times.”

“Go to hell.” Azura twirled around and paced over to the desk.

“I’m not letting you in, asswipe.”

Oh yes you will,” he sang.

Indeed the cruel one was right. She let him in.

“Don’t bite me,” she whispered. “Ezra thought one of the cursed mutts got hold of me the last time.”

Brent grunted, continued licking and sucking her neck.

They made up quickly, and then made out. Quickly.

Azura pulled him to the bed, hoping for the hundredth time that Ezra wouldn’t wake up and catch them.

Just as Brent threatened he would, he fucked her a few times.

The sun rose. Shadowvale’s cursed stopped howling.

“Tell him about us,” Brent hissed.

“I will.”

“Tell him tonight. Don’t wait anymore. It’s already been going on for two weeks.”

“I said I will.” Azura turned away from him, annoyed.

Brent leaped from the bed.

Shrouded in new silence, Azura wondered what he was thinking, though she suspected he was irritated with her. The last few days he’d been whining for her to tell Ezra.

“Oh, look. It’s daylight outside. I guess I’ll have to spend the day in your bedroom again. But that’s alright, because that means I’ll be here tonight when you tell Ezra about us.”

The past two weeks dragged by.

During that time Lucifer went half-crazy from the abrupt cessation of having sex with Mila. He had to make up for the loss by constantly whacking off again.

However, something intangible had changed between them. They’d grown so much closer since making love. At least so far.

Lucifer hoped that she’d fallen for him. He looked for the tiniest of clues in the ways she looked at him, how she rested her hand on his shoulder when talking to him, and so forth.

They prayed that their plan had worked. As if it might help, Lucifer toyed with her tummy by emitting magic sparks from his fingers… mostly just for show and for fun. Both knew the gesture wouldn’t really do anything.

Lucifer merely enjoyed the magical new closeness they shared. A kind of closeness that could only be achieved between lovers.

Not only that, but a closeness that could only be shared between two expectant parents, and the magic that comes from knowing your first child would arrive within nine months.

And at the same time, they were defying a powerful curse.

“You still want me, don’t you?” she asked messing with his hair.

How the hell am I supposed to answer that? he thought. Of course I still want you. I want you so bad I can’t get your face out of my head or the memories of our non-stop fuck fest.

I want you so bad I can taste it… taste you.

“It’s time to look at the test, Lucifer.”

His hand lowered on her stomach as he glanced at the test strip.

It was one he got from Azura’s bedroom. She had a two-test kit but never used the second after discovering she was pregnant the first time.

Mila picked up the strip and raised it above the lamp’s light.

Lucifer had never felt so nervous.

“Eh,” she began.

“What does it say?

“I think we kinda figured anyway, but yeah. It’s positive.”

“That means—”

“Yes, Lucifer. I’m pregnant.”

He exhaled.

“Yes!” he enthused. “It worked. Now we don’t have to worry anymore.”

“Awesome isn’t it?”

She suddenly had a funny look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Now we have new worries. Lucifer, we’re going to have a baby in a few months.”

Oh yeah. That’s right.

Regardless, he cradled her face between his palms and told her everything would be okay.

“Yeah but… are we ready for a baby?” Mila said.

“I don’t know. We have several months to figure that out. Also I don’t think anyone’s really ready for a baby. Do you?”

“No.” She smiled.

“Everything will be fine,” he assured. “The curse is out of our way, and the rest we can figure out as we go along.”

He didn’t want to tell her, but the thought of having a baby worried him too. In fact the very idea scared him shitless.

Meanwhile, the sun sank below the horizon.

It was time.

Time to tell Ezra the truth.

Even though Azura would much rather gouge her eyes out with a butter knife.

“Sun’s gone down,” Brent hinted.

“Yes, yes I know.” She got up.

Azura started from the bedroom; her heart nestled near her throat, her pulse beating so hard she felt faint.

“Ezra?” she said to the coffin.

“I need to talk to you about something. Are you awake yet?”

“Yes. I’m awake now.” The coffin door creaked open as he exited. “Azura, you know I don’t like my sleep to be interrupted like that.”

“I know but I need to talk to you. It’s important.”

“Well hurry up. I want to get a few more minutes of rest.”

She nodded and headed for the door.

Brent was peeking in the door window.

Oh God!

“Yeah. Why don’t we just talk in here?” She halted Ezra from turning around.

For the second time she looked at the door. Brent was blessedly gone.

The last thing she needed was a fight between the two.

“I don’t… really know how to say this, but I’ve been seeing Brent again.”


“I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t expect it or mean for it to happen. Please believe me, Ezra. You’ll never know—”

“Bullshit! I don’t want to hear you’re sorry, Azura. The only thing you’ve ever cared about is living in the moment, and what feels good to you at the time. That’s it. That’s all you’ve ever wanted.”

“Now my baby will end up suffering because of your immaturity. Maybe you should take a hanger to it as well.”

“Ezra, I’m—I’m sorry.”

“Get out. Go home to your daddy, or go home with Brent. I don’t give a fuck anymore.”

“I said I was sorry…”

“And I said get the fuck out, you selfish bitch. Go ahead and take my baby with you.”

Tears blurred her vision.

“Go on,” Ezra continued, mercilessly. “Let Brent play Daddy to our baby. I don’t give a fuck!

She couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Brent awaited her outside.

“Baby, you had to tell him eventually.” His arm curled around her waist.

“You don’t… understand,” she sobbed. “He said horrible things to me.”

“Come on, Azura. Come with me and I’ll make it all better.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh at him or cry further.

He kissed away her tears. She was shocked by his tenderness, having never seen him act in such a caring manner.

They walked to the property’s edge and paused.

“Did I ever tell you about my new place?”

She shook her head.

“Yeah.” Brent chuckled. “I finally got out of that shitty old warehouse. Got my own place. That’s where we’ll live.”

“And nothing better come between us again,” he added cryptically.

While they trailed toward his car, an epiphany struck her: Brent wasn’t all bad, just as Ezra wasn’t all good.

* * * *

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