Seventy-Eight: Mysterious Ways

“What do you mean? Is Kat alright? And where’s Vaclav?”

“Kat should be okay… but because of the accident I might have to deliver the babies early. I’ll do the best I can, but I don’t want you in there. Only Reznik. I might need his help.” He paused. “Vaclav left after it happened.”

“But it’s too early! Can’t we just take Kat to the hospital? There’ll be a whole staff who can take care of her and the babies—”

“There’s no time for that.”

“The twins are going to die, aren’t they?”

Hunter stepped forward, quickly hugged Aubrey.

“I’ll do the best I can. But if I don’t get in there now, they could all die.”

“Dammit, Hunter! If you and Vaclav hadn’t been fighting,” she cried. “I knew this would happen!”

Hunter parted from her and strode into the bedroom. Aubrey followed but didn’t enter.

Rez tried to heal Kat’s injuries.

“It’s not working! She won’t stop bleeding,” Reznik said.


Hunter circled to the other side of the bed.

“Just—keep trying to heal her, while I listen to the babies’ heartbeats. I think she has placental abruption.”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“It doesn’t matter. Just keep trying to heal her.” Hunter used a fetal doppler device to listen as he palpated Kat’s abdomen.

“Uterus is very rigid,” Hunter muttered.

“The babies have bradycardia,” he added. “They have to come out.”

Reznik stood back.

“What should I do?”

“Get me my other medical bag. I keep it on the first floor, in the office desk, far right drawer. I use it for Kat’s treatments. After that, get some towels.”

“Okay.” Reznik rushed out.

“What’s going to happen to me? I’m scared… I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Everything will be fine. But the twins have to be delivered by C-section.” And, Dear God Almighty, please forgive me for what I’ve done to Kat and our children. If you give me one more chance, I swear I’ll never fight with any of the Haases again. Ever.

Kat whimpered.

“It won’t hurt. I’ll give you as much local anesthetic as I can, without it harming you or the babies. Okay?” He clutched a needle syringe.

She nodded; passed out again.

Hunter injected the anesthetic into Kat’s stomach.

“Get over here, Reznik. Once I deliver one, I’ll need you to take it so I can get the other out.”

Reznik recoiled a moment, then dashed over to Hunter’s side.

After raising her gown, Hunter carved a long horizontal incision below her navel. Further layers of flesh followed until tiny feet were exposed. Hunter knew his sons had zero chance of surviving.

Carefully, Hunter extracted the first infant. He was limp and quiet.

Oh, Jesus. Please just breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe… give me some kind of miracle here.

He worked on the infant, performing CPR as best he could. At 19 weeks of prematurity, the infant’s chest was too tiny.


Suddenly a little foot twitched. Maybe that was a good sign… either way, there wasn’t any more time. The other had to be delivered, along with the placenta before Kat bled to death.

Finally, he had to turn and hand the infant to Reznik.

Reznik stared down at it in fascination, his glowing eyes sweeping all over the tiniest of human bodies.

Meanwhile, Hunter delivered the last infant and placenta. Then he stitched up Kat’s belly.

As Reznik easily held both babies, Hunter wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Shouldn’t we call 911? Get the babies some help?” Rez asked.

“No,” he rasped. “It’s way too late for that. They’re gone.”

“Bullshit!” Reznik laid the infants upon a towel on the floor. Then he backed up and tried a spell.

A greenish-blue hue escaped from his hands.

“All they have to do is breathe,” Reznik said concentrating. “If they breathed, they’d live. They’d be okay.”

The powerful incantation knocked him back. He grunted as if being punched.

Greenish mist dissipated. Infant boys were still dead.

“Damn, Reznik. It’s too late,” Hunter groaned. “I told you.”

“It’s too late,” he said louder.

Too late, his voice echoed inside Kat’s head.

“I don’t care. I won’t give up,” her brother said.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

Thump thump.

Soft cries awakened her. They sounded so small, barely audible.

Ambulance sirens resonated in the distance.

“The babies are… alive?” Her eyes lowered, beheld a sight so unfathomable she thought she was still dreaming… it was a miracle, just as much as those two children who lived and breathed only a few feet away.

Her father and Hunter…


“How many caskets can we witness before we see it’s hard to live this life without God? So we must ask forgiveness.”

~ Quote by Tupac Shakur


33 Responses to “Seventy-Eight”

  1. :O
    They’re okay right???

    • yup! They’re ok! Of course the babies only weigh about a pound each, but they’re alive thanks to Rez. πŸ™‚ the ‘pups’ (as another reader would say LOL) will be in the hospital in the next chapter.

  2. Good, babehs are alive!

    makes me think of


    lol, and um Reznik, did he um witness Kat’s ….genitals [XD] i mean Hunter lifted up the dress….And good for Hunter and Vaclav! And Reznik, that’s some display of determination there! He’ll be a good father (besides Cody…) someday.

    • hehe, yeah, bebehs are alive! πŸ˜›

      I hear ya. I really liked the quote at the end too. I looked up quotes about forgiveness, and the one from a rapper was the best one. πŸ˜†

      hahahahahhaa, seriously I laughed my ass off at that comment! Never really thought about it, but yeah he must have seen his sister’s coochie. πŸ˜† I mean, Hunter would’ve had to pull Kat’s panties down at least far enough to cut into the right area. 😳

      Oh, yes! Hunter and V! Isn’t that just AWESOME??? Some good changes, yet more drama is about to commence! πŸ˜€ (but likely no more fighting between Hunter and V. That’s finished). Lessons have finally been learned.

      Yes, Rez will be a great father, and is to Cody. Hunter was going to give up (or did) it’s the doctor within him that made him pessimistic, and the magician within Reznik that made him NOT give up! ^^

      Also about Cody… in several chapters there will be more about him.

  3. Tell me the babies are alive. They better.

    Hopefully after that ordeal, both Hunter and V learn to actually respect each other better.

  4. Oh wow, they made it! I didn’t expect them to survive! Good for the little guys! I hope they’ll be okay. Glad Rez was able to save them! And glad that Vaclav and Hunter seem to have reached a truce. Great job! I’m finally caught up and eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

    • hahahahaha! TenderWolf, congrats, you finally made it here! I was shocked to get up this morning and see your comment on the newest chapter! πŸ˜€ But yeah, they made it! Hunter certainly didn’t expect those babies to live. So sad, and he’d caused it. I couldn’t imagine the guilt. 😦

      Yes, hooray for Reznik! The once beast has turned into an angel! ^^

      Yep, they finally reached a truce. Hard lessons learned by very stubborn men. Or vampires.

      Aww, thank you TW! I really appreciate you reading, and glad you seem to like the story! *hugs*!

      • Yep, I love the story! You’ve done a great job on it! 82 already, nice! Can’t wait to find out what happens next! Though I may hit you up for all the sex poses you’ve used throughout. I feel like a perv. ahahahahahahaha *glomp*

      • Aww 😳 thank you. I know it’s not perfect, lol. A lot of the characters are stupid and idiotic, lol. Thanks so much, TenderWolf. I think you’ll still find the future chapters interesting. I keep getting more ideas, so that’s good. LOL I have used quite a lot of sex poses. XD NO, no you’re not a perv! All adults like things that have to do with smex. If they say they don’t, they’re lying (or very religious LOL), or there’s something wrong with THEM. It’s human nature. Even in a vid game, there’s nothing wrong with it.

        You’ll have to look up the pose player by cmomoney, it’s on Mod the Sims. First you download that, then there’s a crap load of sexy poses to use with it. I do have some link scattered throughout my blog, but might be easier for you just to google Sims 3 sex poses or sims 3 pose player. Some blogs have an index of whatever poses you need. πŸ˜€ *GLOMPS back* πŸ˜€

  5. Thank goodness they survived and Kat seems okay as well, that’s a relief. Great chapter.

    • yep, they survived! πŸ˜€ Rez didn’t give up, so it’s all thanks to him! Yeah, Kat will be OK. Once the placenta(s) were removed, the bleeding stopped ^^ Now I sound like a dr. πŸ˜›

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed the chapter!

  6. Good Chapter, Glad the twins are okay! Go Rez for saving them!

    • thank you James! πŸ˜€ Yep, they’re OK for now at least. πŸ™‚ Yep, go Rez!!

      Hey, where’s your smilies? No smiley abuse today, eh? πŸ˜›

      • I would smile, but smiling isnt how I feel :/ Sorry…

        Yeah, good hope they are!

      • Aww, hope everything’s OK with you. Sorry.

        Here is a big huge hug *HUG* and I hope everything’s ok, or will be.

        one more *hug*

        (even though I’m crazy, immature, silly, and bitchy sometimes, I DO care about people, especially my friends).

      • I should be fine, having a little drama packed life atm is all 😐 *hug* Thanks,

  7. Wonderful chapter.
    I am so glad the babies lived.
    I hope Kat gets better too.

    • Aw, thank you. And thanks for reading my crazy story! πŸ˜€

      Yes, thankfully they lived. All thanks to Rez, who used to be such a beast.

      She probably will. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting, Jadekadoa! <33

  8. πŸ™‚ this chapter had me on edge. i’m so happy all worked out ok πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Alright Rez-man! He’s clearly is my fav. The look he gave Hunter when he said, “I don’t know what that is” Hahahaha…. that is so Reznik, and to be honest that would be me. The whole time when you described the procedure I thought what??? lol
    That’s a great shot of that infant foot there. Is that a sims foot or did you google a picture? I’m with what someone commented before, I was on edge wondering if the pups were going to be alright. I assumed that Aubrey would have slapped Hunter when she heard the news. But I guess in that situation Kat’s health and that of the pups were more important. πŸ™‚
    I hope Kat will recover soon and her twins will grow strong, too. I bet in the womb there were like “I ain’t gonna let grampa squash me to death” LOL Good for them.

    Oh and Hunter and V are making peace, eh? For some reason, that amuses me. πŸ˜‰ Great chapter. Loved the suspense!

    • You’re not the only one who’s said that about Rez’s facial expressions. XD But yeah, I must say that Rez is one of my faves too. haha, yeah well I did some research to try to get that as accurate as I could. O_O But I know what you mean.

      OK, my reply is sounding lame, but it’s just because I’m suffering from the perpetual lack of sleep syndrome. *yawn and stretch and needing really badly to get to bed*.

      Thanks about the baby foot, lol. What it was I looked up images of Sims 2 infants, cut and paste its foot to the picture. πŸ˜† Also, made sure it was tiny enough. It certainly seemed like the pups would not make it. But as it turned out, Rez was a hero. ^_^ Good point. Aubrey should’ve smacked the crap out of Hunter. And then cried and hugged him, lol, like something that would happen on a movie…. but yes, Kat’s health was more important.

      Likely Kat will recover. You’ll find out all that good stuff in the next chapter. ^^
      hahahahahaha about your comment about what the babies were thinking in the womb! How the hell did you come up with that?? Freakin’ hilarious!! I’m still laughing my ass off at that. OMG! I need to have a poll so people can vote for the funniest quotes on here ever, and yours would be one of them!

      XD still makes me giggle.

      Yup, they’re finally making peace. Maybe it’ll last, LOLzers.
      Thank you Jed, much appreciated. *hugs* And thanks again for the laugh!

      • Glad you found it so funny. I actually didn’t aim at it. LOL I just thought maybe those twins have innate abilities themselves and activated them.

        So Pets is out. Will you get it? The only thing I heard from a blogger friend and fellow Sim player is that there is a new update available and that one messed up some CC surfaces. Not sure if the update is necessary with Pets (prob though).

        And how on earth are you always ready with an update on a regular basis having a family and all???? I am still working on mine, and shoot for the end of the week, but I have an interview Sat so not sure if that will happen.

      • I’m having a brain fart (as usual). I found the twins funny? Your twins or the twins in this story? LOL. O_O sorry for my stupidity. πŸ˜›

        K, I got Pets. Now I DID tell H (hubby) to cancel the pre order. He never did, he thought I’d change my mind… then he came home with it yesterday. So yeah, now I have it but it’s unopened still. However, I read more about all the glitches on the forums, most seem minor…. so the damn carrot is dangling in front of the rabbit, so to speak, and now I’m going to try to install it. *fingers crossed*. I’ve prepared my PC as much as I could…. Wait…. are you serious? A new update with the EP f**cked up some CC surfaces? Well isn’t that precious. πŸ™„ well I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…. SHIT (I have removed/disabled my CC for right now, but still..)

        And did you ever decide to get it? If not, I certainly cannot blame you. I was ready to tear my hair out earlier just learning about how to add the new EP to my DEP list. Confused yet? I was too. And I haven’t even installed the thing yet. Actually, I have to wait until it’s already installed before adding it to the DEP list. I think… πŸ˜† *pulls out a patch of hair*

        As for right now, I think I have 2 or 3 chapters already finished, but haven’t done one for a while….. but anyhow, I was up to 7 chapters over the summer, so that’s how I was able to have one always ready! I’ve been kinda busy again lately, but I do plan to work on chapter 81 or 82 this weekend. Then I’ll be ahead again. I do this just in case something comes up later, and I’ll need that time to do something else aside from this story. As for my family, my kids usually aren’t any trouble, and they’re a little older. My ten yr old is well behaved and self-disciplined (like me for the most part. If I wasn’t, I’d go weeks at a time without an update to this story haha, or finish novels, or short stories, and I wouldn’t have been able to quit smoking for good back in ’05). My 17 yr old is also well behaved, but it also helps that she’s older. I have an autistic child, and that’s a different story. It’s a juggling act sometimes.

        rambling. I apologize profusely…. >.<

        So you're still working on your update? I can't wait to see how it turns out, Jed. You really do have an excellent story, with unique characters. The idea of having hot twins as baddies was awesome. πŸ˜€ haha, I wish I could've thought that one up! Plus the magic is cool.
        OOOOh, and Liam is ze bomb. πŸ˜› so cool how I found your thread on TSS! Actually, I have to get back on there and reply, I totally forgot for like 3 or 4 days. *tears hair out s'more*.

        As for your interview on Sat., good luck. I really hope everything works out well for you. You deserve it. πŸ™‚ ^_^

      • LOL you said you found my comment about your twins in the womb talk funny.

        Anyway, on to Pets: I really was on the fence with this one because as I said initially it didn’t interest me that much, though some features would be cool to have.

        THEN I got caught in the enthusiasm of pretty much the majority of bloggers, and thought mhm… actually why not. If I’m careful with installing the thing, it shouldn’t be so bad. And hey a new town with a cool Autumn feel to it, that could really be interesting.

        And THEN I watched a review online where the bottom line was, well it’s really up to personal taste but he (the reviewer) would not use many of the EP’s pet features in his gaming, because the reason he likes playing the Sims was “build[ing] houses […] and liv[ing] out various generations over time through confusing and manipulative relationships; adding pets to the mix […]only distracts from the core Sim game play […]” and I thought that’s EXACTLY why I like playing the Sims! So my decision was pretty much set after that. Now, the little devil of course tempts me with visions of wolves for my Spellbound story although I know wolves are not featured, I guess looking at that customization level one could somehow create one?! But again, for a few lupine snapshots risking the life of my computer thanks to various EA patches and updates? Nahhhh. I don’t even know what a DEP list is, sounds complicated.

        Ah, so you were busy during the summer. I try to outline one or two chapters ahead so I can have an idea on where I’m going with this story. But oftentimes when I’m in game mode and try to get the Sims into the right position and all, it doesn’t look right (see my ramblings on that setting once). Or the Sims all look in different directions and it makes no sense whatsoever. So, it takes me forever to finish a chapter, and when one is done, I’m so relieved that I need a break. LOL.Oh, yeah, I remember you said your kids were a bit older.

        Thank you. I’m really excited about the story. And that’s a good sign, right? πŸ˜‰ Seriously, the Magi twins were planned as neutral and look how they turn out. O_o
        I still wanted to email you, but just haven’t had the chance yet. Sorry. I will get to it by the weekend, promise.

        LOL and you better watch it with the ripping out patches of hair. XD
        And thanks for your encouragement for Sat.
        Random question, is it normal to be very tired after drinking a double espresso? I could take a nap afterwards. O_o

      • Oh, OK! That’s right. I forgot. 😳 Like I said, I had a brain fart. XD
        Hahahahahaha! I knew you’d change your mind! (then again, my hubby was sure I’d change MY mind… but didn’t until the last possible moment). As for the new town, I haven’t even tried it out yet. Too busy doing this and that, and stocking my Sim house with snakes, squirrels, birds, and turtles! I haven’t even made my damn cats yet! πŸ˜† but that town sounds so awesome. I can’t wait to try it out!!

        All I did was remove my Mods folder entirely (copied/pasted to desktop, then deleted original. Then disabled CC via launcher). Then installed. THEN I played for a while, quit, put back my mods folder and re-enabled my CC. haha, the game crashed while on the loading screen to one of my n-hoods. Soooooooo I removed ALL mods and the pose player. Now it’s fine. πŸ˜€

        LOL @ ‘the little devil tempting you with visions of wolves! I feel the same exact way. I can’t wait to start making wolf-like creatures!!! I swear I think this is the BEST expansion pack to date. The only other I got really addicted to was Late Night. Didn’t care much for Ambitions or Generations…. but I LOVE THIS ONE!! Yes wolves would fit right in with your story too! I’ve seen on the S3 forums where people have managed to make ‘wolves’, they look just like them! So I know there’s a way! Squeeee, so exciting!! And my immature side is coming out tenfold!! XD The horses themselves are frickin’ awesome too! Everything about this EP rocks, and for the first time since Late Night, I’m actually playing it the normal way, instead of just using S3 for my story! πŸ˜€

        Well, you don’t want to know what DEP is. Yes it’s complicated. And you’ll have people on the forums saying ‘read and comprehend, it’s not that hard to figure out’, granted, they’re right to a certain degree, but at the same time, one should NOT be a computer expert to be able to play this frickin’ game…. :/ that’s kinda… ridiculous? Of course with the DEP thing, it’s your computer’s fault, not EA’s. For a change, haha. Actually I haven’t had to mess with it (yet) for this game. so that’s good.

        OMG I know what you mean about getting the sims/setting just right for a scene. *facepalm* it gets so frustrating sometimes, but then other times you get lucky and everything just falls into place. It doesn’t help to be a perfectionist, it only make you more frustrated! btw I hate it when the stupid sims look in different directions. OR make stupid ass faces. It’s annoying as hell. But yeah, it’s nice to take a break from doing a chapter, I know what you mean. It’s weird, sometimes I actually enjoy setting up a chapter. But I like writing the best.

        Yup, my kids are a little older.

        You’re welcome! And yes that’s a good sign! As long as you keep being excited about it, you’ll keep wanting to crank out chapters, LOL. I have times where I get sick of my own story, but dang it’s gone on for so long, I can’t imagine doing any other story, with any other characters. And I haven’t been tired of this story in weeks or months.

        Hahaha, the Magi twins are baddies!! It sometimes happens that way, though. Seriously. Characters sometimes take on lives of their own, or it seems like they develop their own personalities. O_O πŸ˜› Or I’m being nutty again…

        Aw, no you don’t have to be sorry! Take your time. I still have a few more chapters already made anyhow, so Liam couldn’t make an appearance until a few weeks or so from now. But thank you! πŸ˜€

        LMAO, I hear ya. My hair’s kinda thin anyway. so yeah… not a good idea to rip out too much. πŸ˜† You’re most welcome regarding Saturday. πŸ˜€ Hope it works out! Which means as long as you have better luck than I do, it should work out. πŸ˜›

        As for the espresso, hmmmmmmmm. Maybe they didn’t put enough caffeine in it? Or none at all?? Who knows. Maybe you just didn’t get enough sleep the night before?

  10. YAY! πŸ˜€ They’re ok! πŸ˜€
    Rez is definitely my favourite character now πŸ™‚
    Looks like Hunter and Vaclav have made up hmmm? πŸ™‚ They’d better have XD All it took was Kat and the twins to nearly die… they fail XD

    • haha, yeah, they’re ok! It’s a miracle! LOL (thanks to Rez of course)! πŸ˜€

      Well you’re not the only one. Jed mentioned that Rez is now his fave. ^_^ I’ll do another plot concerning Reznik around chapter 83. Hopefully you guys will like that.

      Yes, they have made up, and are no longer enemies. Sometimes it takes a tragedy (or near one) to make one realize how stupidly and petty they’ve been acting. I don’t plan to ever have Hunter and V fight again (at least no major alpha type fights).

      Well, lol, just like you said… all it took was for Kat and the twins to almost die. They fail indeed. At least now they removed their heads from their own asses. πŸ˜†

  11. Another fantastic chapter. As others have said I’m glad the babies are okay. Finally, those two sexy idiots just might get along for a change lol as far as Kat and the babies are concerned anyway. They are both so stubborn lol. Way to go Rez. I think maybe he grew up a little in that situation and that is a good thing. Will be curious to see what he’ll get up to next lol I’m sure there will be mischief in there somewhere lol.

    • Aww thank you! πŸ™‚ haha, yeah, finally those idiots might get along! Hopefully they can keep it up. In all likelihood they will. ^^ Stubborn is one good word for how they behave, lol. Yes, Rez has grown up even more since this happened! He’s doing really well. Well regarding Rez, there’s a good possibility that mischief, indeed, shall be in his future. But for good reasons. πŸ˜€ XD

      Thanks for commenting! <33

  12. I’m making odd sounds right now.

    YES! BRO HUG! YES! LIVE BABIES! -Fist pump-

    Sigh, this story. Best ever. Thanks for being awesome(:

    • hehe. XD Who isn’t making odd sounds right now? Pets is out, I have it, but am afraid to open the package (because people are talking about bad glitches/minor glitches right and left on the forums!) GAH!

      Anyhow, sorry to go OT. (I just want to open the EP so bad and install it, but once I do, and my sims go to restaurants to eat, they’ll be fed dog food. Why? Because EA’s the best *sarcasm*). XD

      But yes!!! Rez the hero!! haha, *fist pump* indeed! He saved the day! Too bad a trained doctor couldn’t really help. But I guess that’s the ‘magic’ of magic! πŸ˜†

      😳 awww, thank you so much. Wonderful compliment, and so much appreciated 😳 Aww, and thank YOU for being awesome. ; . ; *cries*


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