Sixty-Seven: Dangerous Liaisons

Contains language, sexual content.

Hunter scooped up his grandson.

His fingers curled and he teased Cody with the so-called ‘claw’.

He tickled him. Cody shrieked in delight.

Hunter laughed as he continued tickling the baby. Then he spun him around.

“Dad, you’re crazy!” Ashton giggled.

Hunter cuddled and kissed him.

“Do you know how much I missed you, Cody?” he said. “I haven’t seen you since you were a newborn.”

Cody chortled, blissfully chewed on his fingers.

Kat glanced at Ash. She was looking at Aubrey. Or glaring at her.

Aubrey was glaring at all of them.

Reznik studied one of the spell books Tia had left.

He planned to utilize his natural abilities, in conjunction with learned spells to help defeat the Dempires.

Strange sparklies floated into the air, in various shapes and silhouettes.

He tried a spell of enchantment.

Spell book pages lit up. Mini bolts of lightning shot upward. The pages turned on their own, like something out of Harry Potter.

Reznik could always move objects with his mind, but some emotion was involved. Now he could perform such spells at will.

He stepped toward the center of the room.

Raising his arms, he chanted some foreign words and concentrated.

Fourth of July fireworks exploded in front of him. Or that’s what it looked like.

Even he was mesmerized by it.

An amazing light show. He’d never seen anything quite like it.

Reznik wished to try out his newly learned powers. He followed some Dempires to their lair, lurking behind a boulder as he spied on them.

They quietly spoke. Reznik strained to hear.

“You think they’re still in Shadowvale?” one asked.

“Don’t seem to be. I think they fled somewhere else.”

Reznik knew exactly whom they were talking about.

Two of them entered a cave.

Reznik really wanted to kill the new leader, but he was much more elusive than the others; which was obviously smart.

He watched the last one linger outside. Then he smiled to himself… evilly.

Hehe. You have no idea what’s coming to you, loser.

Reznik raised his arms.

Bluish light emanated from his hands and fingers.

Electricity discharged.

The Dempire fell to his knees.

Next came something utterly fascinating…

…as he froze into a statue. Even his yellow eyes changed to a pinkish hue.

His skin crackled and turned to dust.

Reznik got the hell out of there.

Then he stopped, just long enough to celebrate.

“Hell yes!

Now he couldn’t wait to find his next victim.

So awesome is the ability to manipulate anything in the universe.

Meanwhile in Misty Peaks, a guest arrived on Aubrey’s doorstep.

“Vaclav! What are you doing here?”

“Came to see my beautiful wife and daughter, of course.”

Aubrey moved to the side to let him in.

“But what if you were followed by those… things? You really think it was safe to come here?”

“I made sure I wasn’t being followed. Everything will be fine.”

“What about Reznik? You left him alone?”

“Trust me. Reznik will be fine. He’s been studying magic on his own, so he can take care of himself.”


“What made you decide to visit?”

“I told you. I wanted to see you and Kat.” He paused. “So how are you and Kat? And Hunter?”

So that’s what this is really about. Hunter.

“Oh, you know. We’re doing okay. Getting along pretty well considering the circumstances.”

“Is that so? And how’s Kat getting along with Hunter?”

Oh, shit. Aubrey made an effort to block out any additional thoughts. After all, Vaclav could read her mind. At least more easily since she’d become a vampire.

“Good. They’re getting along good. I think.”

“As fantastic as that is, let’s ensure they don’t get along too well.”

Uh, yeah. But it might be too late for that.


Vaclav flashed her a bewildered look, but then gazed upon her with longing.

“I miss you.”

“Miss you too,” she replied.

They embraced.

Well, at least I can get me some dick tonight.

                                                   ** Kat’s POV **

Oh, hell no. What’s Dad doing here?!

That’s just great. Now how am I going to sneak into Hunter’s room?

Just a couple of hours before dawn.

To Kat’s intense disgust, her parents were getting it on in the next bedroom.

Something banged against the wall. She assumed it was their bed.

Since they were preoccupied, Kat had the chance to sneak away.

She hesitated outside their room, listening.

Yep. Bed springs still creaking. Wall still being knocked down. 


She headed toward the kitchen, then the living room beyond.

The door to the master bedroom. She reached out and turned the knob.

Walking in, she gazed at Hunter as he slept.

Kat climbed into bed with him.

She snuggled close to him and fell asleep.

Later, he snuggled even closer to her.

Hunter’s arms tightened around her.

Shifting, she slowly awakened to the feel of his ‘morning’ erection as it poked her backside.

It felt… uncomfortable, so she squirmed out of his arms.

“Hunter,” she whispered. He didn’t wake up.

Turning to the side, Kat slid her right hand beneath the cover.

Curiosity claimed the Kat. For she wanted to see what Hunter’s enigma felt like.

Her fingers searched, feeling the silk fabric of his boxers. Then she found what she was looking for.

He drew in a quick, needless breath. Then he shot upright.

“Holy shit. What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” she mumbled.

But she didn’t stop.

Strange how it felt in her hand. How could something on a human (err not so much human) grow to be so big and… uh, yeah.

He flopped back down, his body writhing.

“Stop,” he breathed.

She didn’t.

He sat back up.

“I mean it, Kat. Stop.”

She jerked her hand away, pouting.

Hunter rose from the bed.

“Why won’t you let me touch it?” she asked.

He didn’t answer.

A knock came at the door.

“Hunter,” Vaclav said. “Kat’s not in her bedroom. Is she in there with you?”

Oh, God!

“She’s not in here,” Hunter said.

“Open the door so I can see for myself,” Vaclav demanded.


Thanks for reading. Also thanks to SimGuru Poptart for the spell book. ^^


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  1. OH.MY.GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just…OMG!! Kat better go out that window!!!!!!!!

    Reznik, man all I see is Jakub! His ability is awesome! I just hope it doesn’t go to his head! I shall be back with a better comment after the shock wears off!

    • haha!! her brother needs to do a summoning spell so she could quickly teleport back to Shadowvale… or at least to another room. Then V. would be really confused!

      I know it! I really love that spell book. I mean, wow. Plus I have something really really awesome planned for Rez to use against the Dempires. I’m excited about it, LOL. It’s going to be cool, and I’m also going to edit the pictures to make it cooler. 😀 Can’t wait to start that chapter! 😛

      Shit, of course Rez’s powers will go to his head. LOL he’s kinda full of himself anyway! XD

      Aww, well thanks! Your comment was fine as is! ^_^


      • But that’s what makes Reznik a lovable character. He’s a mixture of Vaclav and Jakub! Vaclav…*swoons*

        LOL yeah she better do something! I’m all for this sneaking thing as long as they don’t get caught!! Kat is so bold but I would have done more than grabbed it! 😛 She’ll get there and I’ll be cheering!

      • haha, so true. He’s got an evil side, but also lovable. 😀

        hehe, by now you should know where Kat hid. XD LOL, you would’ve done more than grab it. You are so funny… and I know what you mean. 😆 I would’ve done more too.

        lol I know you’ll be cheering for her! 😀 😛

  2. Well, looks like shes got herself in a sticky situation…she better a) hide under the bed (not a good idea….)
    b) jump out the window (probably the best option..)
    c) have hunter say he’s naked and that vaclav would rather not see what Aubrey had enjoyed all those years ago…

    • A sticky situation? :p But yes, she needs to hide somewhere and fast. Funny you mention beneath the bed, and mention that it’s not really a good idea to do that….. then again, it might work.

      haha, jumping out the window would be a good option. I think there is a window in that room, too.

      Bwhahahahahaha!! 😆 hilarious! And so true!!


  3. Oh Shit! LoL! Kat and Hunter are BUSTED! 😆
    And 😯 Kat was being a bit…..forward wasnt she… 😆

    And Rez has got some sick powers !! He was so happy 🙂

    And again for Kat 😯 she better hurry up and hide I think running out the window is the best option ! 😕

    *Giggles….Hunter is a good…err..Grandparent 😕 He seems nice enough and well I like Ash’s baby he’s really cute 😀

    And lol! I was like oh shit V’s here the drama has just begun (also I am guessing this is the comedy you spoke of cause I was pissing my pants when V knocked on the door)

    Amazing as always cant wait for more

    • Are they ever! hehe

      Just a bit, James. Just a bit. >_>

      Yep. If I was him, I’d be happy too! btw how the heck do you know all those smiley codes to use?! O_O The only one I know is the laughing one!

      You and a few others think that’s the best option. XD I think you’re right, but that chapter is already finished…. I’ll let you guess whether or not she took the window to get outta there.

      haha, yeah he’s a good gramps. 😛 Hunter was always good around kids. Kinda weird though how he and Kat hooked up, but that’s a whole other story… sorta. Oh yeah, Cody’s a cutie. So cool seeing a toddler with glowing red eyes!

      Yep, that was the little surprise I had in store. Yes that was it! 😀 He just couldn’t stay away for long, could he? Possessive as always!

      Thank you James!! <3333

      • Hehehe 🙂 I know Busted!! 😆

        Yeah, I’d be happy aswell. Oh! Because they are all the same as the ones on Boolprop and here 😆 so once you use them a few times you get use to what you have to put to get them 🙂 😕 (I know loser right 😆 )

        Yeah, he was good when Rez and Kat were kids 🙂 I think its still weird how when she was a kid he was with her mum and then…he’s with her 😯 so odd.. 😕

        Yes! I was like this is the bit I heard about, I love V he’s so funny and yeah just a little (nahh more like alot) possessive

        🙂 No problem 😀

    • BUSTED indeed! XD

      I hear ya. It’d be nice to know how to do things like that, if it were possible… 😛 Oh, OK. I should’ve known. I think the laughing one is the same on the Sims 3 forums too (another reader taught me how to do that one because I’m a nOOb). True, you would get the hang of using those. lol no, you’re not a loser!! Some people think it’s possible to use too many smileys, but I don’t really care. Personally I use too many smileys. *shrugs* Don’t see what the big deal is. To each their own.

      In other words, we’re both smiley abusers. 😆

      Yep, ol’ Hunter is a natural with kids. Then again, he had practice since Ashton was his daughter. It’s very weird, lol. But only natural that Kat would crush on him when she was a teen (since he’s such a hot Dr.). Finally he saw something in her too. *swoons* LOL (now who’s the loser?) XD

      I love V. too, despite all of his… *ahem* flaws… 😛 But yeah, he’s funny too. Just wait till the NEXT chapter!! hehehehehehe

      *hugs*! 😀

      • Yesh! LoL! Our chat is getting long again hehehe 🙂

        Yes I am a smiley abuser 🙂 😀 😆 😕 😯 *giggles*
        I dont think your a noob, just not fully trained in the smiley profession 😆
        I always use smileys but I think its to do with being such as happy person (or at least thats what i’ve been told) 🙂

        Lol! Yeah forgot about Ash. Hehehe!

        Yes V’s flaws, I would list them but the chats long enough muhahaha jokes I like him hes cool 🙂 And great i cant wait !!


    • dude, it’s going to be a novel before long. XD

      well, nothing wrong with that. I’ve been abusing smileys now for two years. 😛 🙂 😀 😆 😮 bwahahahahaha…

      lol true! I’m not fully trained… yet! but soon maybe I will. 😀

      I think you’re right. Whenever I get really excited about something (or happy, same difference I guess) I use a LOT of smileys. :p But sometimes if I get really ticked off, I use a few negative ones.

      Well it’s easy to forget since this story has a lot of characters. I need to cut back on all the breeding. XD if you’ve noticed, in most of my stories (if not all) I use pregnancy as a plot device. Bad habit. XD

      Yeah, V’s cool, but has his issues. 😛 I always make characters with a bad side, not sure why.

      Thanks! *hugs* once more, lol. 😀

  4. oh dear! Kat you naughty little madam. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Awww the claw photos with Hunter and Cody were SO freakin adorable!

    Yay Reznik!! OMG I missed him SO much! Lol, a spell book from Tia, it’s funny as I’ve been wondering about her a lot lately. What she got to and all, and now here’s her spell book 😛

    I LOVED the photos of the demphire turning to stone and then crumbling. I have no idea how you did it, but it looked awesome.

    I’m surprised Aubrey didn’t jump V when she opened the door. Especially considering how horny those two usually are 😛 Course, they did get it on later that evening 😉

    Too bad they weren’t still occupied in the morning. One of my thoughts when V knocked on the door was ‘well at least that made him soft again’. Lol, cause if anything could ruin that feeling, it’s the father of the underage daughter who was just fondling you, knocking on the door and asking to come in.

    He should just tell V he’s naked and will only let him in if Aubrey’s allowed in… just so it’s not gay 😛

    • I know, I love those pics too. ^^ They’re awesome! I only wish they’d put more interactions in each EP. What they have is cool, just not enough.

      Aw, I’m glad you got to see him! I can understand missing him. I just got so involved with writing the romance part of it, I kinda forgot about the others. Yeah, I haven’t had Tia in the story for a while. LOL it’s tough to keep up with the characters I already have! XD But yeah, the last I wrote about her she miscarried Rez’s baby…. lol

      Thank you! I hoped that some would like those pics. ^^ Just edited in a pic program. And thank you again!! 😀

      haha, she was too shocked to see him at first! But then she got horny! 😆
      Yep, they got it on good later that evening. Dang, I’m such a perv….. me and my stories…..

      OMG haha so true! That would definitely turn that thing into a limp noodle! hahahaha! 😛 So funny!

      That’s funny too, and someone else also mentioned that! Nah, not gay. After all, V might see Hunter naked anyhow soon. Mwahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! 😛


      • Yeah, and I can’t wait to see what else he gets up to with his powers; cause you know he’s going to start going around having fun.

        I LOVE them. I’ve done a bit of photoshop, but I don’t think I could ever do something like that.

        Oh he will, will he? Hmmm… I sense a major macho contest coming on shortly after that 😛

    • You know, I never really thought much about that. Like Rez could play ‘tricks’ or whatever on people using his powers. I’ve been too busy with the romance thing. But of course there’s always future chapters. 😀 hehe

      Aww, thank you cinnamon. ^_^ lol I’ve been messing with pictures since ’07. I used to edit them for sims 2 stories. 😛

      WordPress has been royally screwing up for me, btw. So I hope I’ll be able to post this comment. It’s just been going reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. And I know it’s only WordPress because all other sites load alright. Even on Firefox browser WP is going too slow. O_O it’s pissing me off.

      Oh, God, that makes it sound so freakin’ sexy. :9 Seriously.

      • Lol, he so would! Can’t you just see him stalking people and doing ‘tricks’ just to mess with them?

        Well, no wonder you’re so good at it!

        Huh, I wonder why? Oooo it was doing that to me a few days ago. Took forever to register what I was typing. Perhaps they were fixing something??

        I know right?!

      • Yes, that would be so hilarious! I just have to come up with some ideas of what pranks he could pull. Should be interesting. XD And yes, he could stalk people just to f*** with them! I got some other ideas I need to fulfill first on the story, but then I’ll definitely do that. 😀

        Aw, thanks again. *blushes* :p but yeah I’ve been doing it forever. That’s how long I haven’t had a life. XD

        Yeah, it was probably just some maintenance thing. But I have such low tolerance for glitches and slow sites. UGH.

        OH yeah. LOL I told another reader that V might whip out the tape measure thingy, to measure their ‘thingies’. Sorry couldn’t resist…

  6. Although he’s already seen him naked when he was seeing in his head what Aubrey and Hunter were doing during their “banging sessions” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • lol, I forgot about that. haha, poor V. If it was Rez, he wouldn’t have minded seeing Hunter. Actually V. probably wouldn’t mind either, since Hunter doesn’t have anything V. doesn’t. 😛 😆

      • Good point i’m sure they’d be the same although if V was just with Aubrey…although Hunter was just getting fondled by Kat…Lets just say that V may figure that “something “was going on if Hunter still has his ‘ enigma’ >:)

      • LOL this conversation is so perverted! 😆 😆 😆

        And you have many good points. As for Hunter, maybe his enigma wasn’t still pointed. XD sorry couldn’t resist!


        edit: I’m on a roll now and can’t stop. Maybe V. will pull out the tape measure and they’ll compare sizes… now I’m seriously laughing my ass off…

  7. New reader here ^-^ Is it sad to say I honestly don’t like Aubrey Or V Right now? XD I think the only reason Aubrey doesn’t want Kat with Hunter is because Aubrey misses him, and she’d be jealous x3. . Though I don’t see how V and Aubrey shouldn’t let them be together, since Aubrey was a 17-19 (Right?) when she did it with V xD Tsk Tsk, cant wait for the next chapter =D

    • Yay! Hi LoliAnne! 😀 Thanks for reading Bloodlust and giving it a chance! I know those first couple chapters aren’t that great. :p Anyhow, that’s OK, and it’s not sad that you don’t like A or V. Neither would win parent of the year! And you could be right about Aubrey, some part of her might be a little jealous. >_> That’s pretty bad. Yes, Aubrey had just turned 18 when she ‘met’ V. lol. Tsk, tsk, indeed!

      Aww thank you again! Glad you like it so far! ^^


  8. omg hahaha aw Cody is such a little cutie, and Hunter is a good grandpa lol. lmfao what a naughty girl Kat is 😛 haha i nearly peed when Aubrey was like “Shut up aubrey!” hahaha and then when Vaclav knocked on the door oh shit! run kat run!

    • IKR! Yes he’s a decent gramps, lol. Doesn’t look like a grandpa though. 😛 True Kat is pretty naughty. She takes it after Vaclav. :p haha, I’m glad ya liked that part. When I first wrote it I didn’t include any of that, because I forgot that V. could read her mind now (at least more easily). Yeah, poor Kat better get outta there quick!! XD


  9. oh yeah i almost forgot to ask…how do i get the sims you gave me into the game, i put them into the downloads folder but it’s not working

    • Are you the one who asked for V. and Hunter for download? Sorry, my memory sucks. I think now you have to have a mods folder, and put them in it, instead of the downloads folder. Sorry, I’m not good at technical crap. But the way I understand it, you must create a mods folder in your Electronic Arts/ Sims 3 game folder. Make sense? Probably not. Anyhow, after you make the mods folder, then you make a folder inside that one and name it ‘Packages’. Then you download the sims and browse your computer, go to Electronic Arts/ Sims 3/ Mods/ Packages and then dump the sim files in there. I hope that makes sense to you. If not, you might have to look up how to do it on the Sims 3 forums, they have a few tutorials on there. 🙂

      • yes i am lol i didn’t notice the reply button on the bottom there before hahaha now i know lol, ooooh oki, i didn’t know they where packages lol i know how to do that 😀 i’ve done it before, thank you!

      • meh, no biggie about the reply button. ^^ I thought you were the same one, and I tried to look back thru the chaps to search but couldn’t find the right one! Anyhow, glad you know how to do that. I really hope they show up for you finally. To me, all that stuff is complicated… lol. And kinda hard to explain! 😛 Oh, and you’re welcome!

  10. Hahaha… great update! Kat glared at Ash, Ash glared at Kat, and Aubrey just glared at everybody!!! LOL
    Thanks to the vampire genes all the grandparents still look like they’re in their mid to late twenties. *jealous is*
    Yay for Reznik and his abilities. Looks like he is putting that spellbook to good use.
    And uh oh, V’s on to them. But I still lol’ed when he said, well my daughter isn’t in her room, so she must be with that darn dog. Hahaha…

    • hi Jed, and thank you! I’ve been checking up on your story the last couple days and saw you haven’t updated yet. -___- lol. It’s a great story, so I can’t wait to read more of it! ^^

      anyhow, yeah, that part was kinda funny too where they all ‘glared’! XD

      Oh yeah. Makes me wish for vampire genes, lolzers. Exactly, I’m jealous too! Seriously it’d be so awesome to never age. I keep waiting for scientists to come out with something IRL. haha

      Yes, finally he’s putting it to good use. I was so glad when EA came out with that thing, it was just at the right time when I needed it for Rez. 😀

      LOL that’s hilarious! Dog indeed! Poor Hunter… XD But as long as that dog doesn’t impregnate Kat with puppies, maybe V. won’t get so pissed… 😛

      • LOL…. yeah, I am actually tweaking that last bits and pieces for that Spellbound update. I just had the toughest time with one scene… and when I finally had it, I thought.. wait? That’s it? How disappointing and it took all day? Well, I was doing other stuff too. Anyways, there will be an update soon. Thank you so much for your feedback.

        Always great to read stories from you, as well. Great to hear that you’re a published author… must be so exciting and draining at the same time. I read that bit about your experience with that sham publisher. Scary.

      • Oh, OK! I know what you mean about the tweaking. I usually tweak my chapters all the way up until they’re pubbed. Aww, I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you were thinking. Sounds like you’re just being too hard on yourself. Those first chapters were excellent, so I’m sure the following one was really good too. Sorry it took all day though. LOL I know how that goes too. It’s so time consuming doing the pictures!! Like, with my ‘Dancer’ story it took 3 weeks to write it, and it’s around 10,000 words. But I finished the first draft of Shadowland (which is text only) in four days, and it has 12,800 words!! That’s how time consuming it is using Sim pictures! But I still love using the pictures. It makes the story so much richer that way. ^^

        Can’t wait to read more of it! And you’re welcome for the feedback! 😀

        Well I wouldn’t say I’m really published. My first publisher publishes almost anything (yep, sham publisher). My second publisher sucked too, basically. Right now I’m self-published and plan to keep it that way. I did submit a novel to some epubs but got rejections. LOL. I don’t think my novel is that bad, though. 😛 Getting rejected makes it SOUND bad. But I got some requests from the first 5 submitted pages, so that’s an improvement from before. :/ They said the first part drew them in, so that’s good. After that the book was ‘hard to follow’. One rejected it partly because of the violence and gore. Anyhow, yep, it’s exciting and draining indeed.

        sorry to ramble about myself. >.<

        ttyl! 😀

  11. Oh dear, Vaclav is gonna kill them 🙂
    Hide under the bed! Hide behind the door! Jump out the window! 0.o
    Hehe… 🙂

    • haha, you could be right about that. @_@

      LOL yes she needs to do something and quickly! 😆

      I think you’ll enjoy the next chapter…


  12. Btw, i’m pretty sure that V has PGAD, if you don’t know what that is look at the wikipedia page for it….

    • Oh! You have a reply way down here! XD haha, can’t wait to look that up. Me so curious!

      edit: LMAO!! ’nuff said!! And so VERY true!! thanks for the laugh!!

      • Yes, this is A perverted wouldn’t let me reply way there anymore …and I wanted to say that they should see who’s “bigger” but I didn’t know how to say it…haha watch the “billy mays extenze ” video on youtube…wonder which one of them possibly uses that product… O_O

      • Put this into google translate, its french..the language of love…
        “Je suis sur que quelque chose qui est tellement non-humains car ce serait mal a l’ais quand piquer votre dos…” >:)

      • Very perverted. And sorry it took me a little while to get back on here and reply… I wonder why it wouldn’t let you reply up there for? Stupid WordPress glitches. Anyways, hahahaha, I’ll just ‘pretend’ that they’re both the same size. *cough* but the dark-haired one might be a teensy bit larger *cough* *hack* XD IDK, it just seems like Hunter would be *ahem* because of the animal within him. 😀 😛 And Billy Mays made a commercial for Extenze?!! Or was it just a parody?? Oooooooh can’t wait to check it out!! haha! LOL Hunter don’t need to use Extenze, he’s all natural. ^_^ :p

        Bwahahahahaha, the youtube vid I found was a parody! hehehehe so funny!

      • bwahahaha, I tried to translate it but the English turns out a little jumbled, lol. But I know it’s dirty because it had ‘prick’ in there somewhere! hehehehe! You’re about as naughty as I am! Me loves it!! 😆

  13. Beautiful chapter…. can’t wait for more!
    THNX SOOO MUCH for ur nice comment on our blog and sticking it in ur blogroll. It means alot!

    Yufei and Nayana

  14. I found a pose pack that may suit your story!


    • Aww, you found a pose pack for me?? Thankies!! 😀

      edit: another reader beat you to this one! But thanks anyhow! So I’ve already downloaded those. I’ve already tried them out too, pretty cool. 😛 Hopefully they’ll make even more positions, though. Doggy style is good for Hunter, of course. *woof woof* XD

      • Lol, woof woof, it wouldn’t let me comment where I was before! Lol, the billy mays thing is a parody but it is really funny, haha Hunter is all natural…and yes je est tres perverte….although im quite young (9th grade) although even the 6th graders in my old school were that dirty too…

      • Ah, so that’s why. Stupid WordPress, haha. It kept signing me out yesterday. I got really tired of having to sign back in, and it never automatically puts in my password. I always manually have to type it in. UGH. 😛 Don’t mind me. I’m just belly aching.

        That was really funny! I love parodies. 😀 So funny how they make those. Oh noes!! You’re a minor!! O_o I had no idea. You acted so adult when you left that one comment after I was depressed about the views on one of Bloodlust’s chapters (I was belly aching then too).

        But I know what you mean about kids being… a little precocious. They were like that when I was in third and fourth grade. Yes. No lie. And that was freakin’ back in the 80’s. These kids knew way more than I did. It still disturbs me to THIS day. >.< I think their parents actually allowed them to watch porn. Again, I'm being serious. *shudders* They knew what b****s were, and I had no idea what they were talking about, yet I was the weird one. (I was like 9 yrs old).

        Small town in Ohio. 'Nuff said.

        *shudders again* btw I homeschool my kids. Another good reason to do it. That way my kids don't learn about hard-ons when they're 8 years old.

  15. Ohio? What town (not meaning to be a creeper…) I have family that we visit every year in ohio…my dad grew up there too…he stoke a few signs as a child…one is hanging on the wall of our basement..

    • Oh, and I remember in 5th grade, how when we had to watch a reproduction video…i was the only one the teacher didn’t tell at for giggling and being immature whenever the video muttered the word sex…im much more mature about it…but still very dirty…

      • lol, that’s around the time they did that shit when I was in school. 😛 They actually showed a video? We always had the school nurse tell us about… stuff. lol. See, you’re actually more mature than me, because I get embarrassed about that stuff (I know it wouldn’t seem like I would, because I write about it so much. I’m used to writing it, but not talking about it with other people, if you know what I mean). I hate watching movies with other people when it shows stuff!! If I’m by myself, it’s OK. Anyhow, I don’t know if I’d giggle seeing that as a kid, but I’d be embarrassed, lol. One time they were going to talk about it when I was in the eighth grade, and I faked being sick that day. Seriously!! 😆

    • The town’s called Frankfort. *barfs* I don’t live there anymore. I got lucky, now I live in TX. :p lol I know you’re not being a creeper. That’s cool about your dad. Anyhow, Frankfort is way down in Southern Ohio, almost near Kentucky. Seems like usually if anyone says they’re from OH, it turns out to be up near Cleveland.

      BTW sorry, it mixed up my replies. Stupid WordPress… this reply was supposed to come after your first post.

  16. dad is from Cleveland..I think. And my dad had stolen an Ohio Turnpike sign, and the street sign from the street where he and my mother met on (Aw) 🙂

    • Hahahahahaha!!! I knew it!! Something told me it’d be Cleveland! 😛 He actually stole that sign?? That’s crazy! But funny. Sounds like a cool guy. ^^ That’s also sweet that he stole the one where he met your mom. Illegal, but still sweet. LOL ❤

      • The street sign is old, wooden so it might have been getting replaced soon…or not…idk, they’re both in the basement hanging in the walls, haha

      • Meh, good point. Sounds like it needed replaced. :p Pretty cool how they’re in the basement!

        As for that commercial below, LOL hell yes I’ve seen that! 😛 They act like it’s a porno or something, then it shows it’s just shoes. Crazy! But funny!

  17. Wow, I comment A LOT! Have you seen this commercial?

  18. Sorry for late comment, I was on holiday for a week:)
    Great chapter!^.^
    Yey, Vaclav’s back!:D
    Naughty Kat;O
    I wanted to ask you about the spellbook thing. How did it get gifted to you?:o Was it that forum where you could get gifted, because I got something from one of the gurus.
    But I wanted to know what the spellbook actually does..can you actually perform spells with it? Cos if you can, that’s awesomeeee

    • Aww, that’s ok! No worries. ^_^

      Thanks Emma! 😀

      Yes, he’s back at least for now.

      LOL, Kat is very naughty indeedie.

      Yeah, it was from the Sims 3 forums. I didn’t have it on my wishlist, but I posted in a thread about the spell book, and right after that SimGuruPoptart gifted it to me. And yeah, you can do actual spells using the book. I haven’t experimented with it enough, but so far I was able to cast maybe 3 or 4 spells. so it’s pretty cool. 🙂 And awesome, lol. <3333

  19. :OOOOO
    I want it now. But then I’d have to top up:L :\
    Sorry to be annoying and asking questions, but what kind of spells?;o
    Is that one Reznik did a real one or was that just some kind of amazing special effect?;)

    • Yeah, it’s kinda expensive but I was going to get it anyway (for this story) because it would’ve been worth it, I just got lucky and the SimGuru was nice enough to gift it. But that was the first time I’d been gifted anything by a Guru.
      Aw, you’re not annoying at all. The spell book can do a spell of enchantment, and the book’s pages will move on their own (like in this chapter) then I tried a spell on that Dempire, and those bluish things shot from Rez’s hands. In my game it actually didn’t do anything, it was a dud or something. So the Dempire’s reaction was fake. I edited the pics to make it look like that. Also, the spell book can summon other sims (makes a ‘teleporting’ effect). Not sure about what other spells it can do. I didn’t fully try it out. But from what I’ve heard it can do some other stuff.

      Hope that answers your questions. 🙂

  20. OH NO! I knew they were going to get caught!!! Glad to see Reznik perfecting his spells. Get those Dempires! A nice surprise for Aubrey that Vaclav showed up, and I got a kick out of the sex scenes from Kat’s point of view. Yuck indeed! No one wants to think about their parents going at it. 😀 As for her and Hunter, it felt uncomfortable lmfao! Ouch! But she was still intrigued by it. lol Must…read…more!!!

    • Yup, they finally got caught! Oh noes! D: As for Rez, he is doing better so far. Maybe he’ll kick those Dempires’ asses. LOL. It was a nice surprise for Aubrey, but she was suspicious of V’s reasons for being there. She had good reason to be, haha. Jealousy abounds! haha, yeah Kat was disgusted with her parents’ behavior in the bedroom. Exactly, no one wants to think about their parents doing that… 😆 *barf*

      hehe. Oh yes Kat was intrigued by Hunter’s nice and big pr*ck. 😛 LOL, I’m so pervy…. then again, who wouldn’t be intrigued by Hunter’s weiner?

  21. “Sixty-Seven Bloodlust” was a terrific read and thus I personally ended up being
    really satisfied to find it. Regards-Lakeisha

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