One Hundred and Fourteen…

One Hundred and Fourteen: Truth & Consequences

Note: Oh for fuck’s sake. I just realized the last Dallas episode (on TNT) had the very same subtitle. Lovely. Now people probably think I copied. I didn’t. I made this chapter like 6 weeks ago. If any of you know me, then you know I write my shit WEEKS ahead of time. :/  *facepalm*

Chase cradled Azura as she nestled on his lap.

“I love holding you,” he softly said. She nodded.

He squirmed from beneath and stood behind her. Azura took his place on the swing.

Chase drew back her head, touched her lips with his.

Sweet delight rushed from head to toe, leaving her breathless and exhilarated.

It was a long, delicious kiss, turning her body into an aching heap of desire.

He stepped back. Azura clutched the chains upon the swing.

Damn, Chase. You’re such a tease. Why do you kiss me like that and then suddenly stop?

And in that moment, he pulled her head back and took hold of her lips again.

Mmm,” she groaned. Keep going. Keep going.

He stopped, grasped her hand, pulled her up and led her to the side of the swing set.

“Tell me more about Shadowvale and its secrets,” he said. “It’s all so fascinating to me. I can’t learn enough.”

Her heart sank. “Why do you always talk about Shadowvale?” she asked. “And why don’t you ever take me to your motel room? All we do is meet here every other night, but you never show me where you’re staying. Why? Are you trying to hide something from me?”

“Of course not, babe. I’m just a nosy type of person. That’s all.” He smiled.

Azura glanced up at a raven.

Aren’t ravens bad omens?

“Come here,” he soothed pulling her close. “You know I really, really like you Azura. I wouldn’t hide anything from you. You’re my little sweetie.” He pecked her on the nose, then the lips.

Who are you, Chase? Who are you really? Everything about you is a mystery.

Aubrey’s second home… that spooky mausoleum not far from the Haas Estate.

Lucifer and his mother entered. Stood mere feet from the crypt and stared blankly at it.

I just met you, Mom. Now I’m losing you already.

Goddamn you Dad. Why did you have to hurt her… again? Have you built your entire relationship upon hurting my mother?

And at the same time, you’re also hurting Lauren.

Down on his knees, Lucifer embraced her as she held him. Held him like she never could when he was an infant.

Obey these words of power, Lucifer said in his mind.

watchers of the threshold, watchers at the gate 

unbar the guarded door. Allow this spirit back into the ethereal plane.

Obey this command of this servant of power.

It shall be done.

A tear rolled down his cheek.

Unbar the guarded door. Allow this spirit back into the ethereal plane.

Allow… allow…allow…

“I love you, Son.”


Lucifer sank to the floor, his mind blank, empty, devoid.

Mom. Mom. Mom. I miss you already.

Dad, I hate you for hurting her.

Aubrey? Where are you?

Vaclav glanced around the room. He hadn’t seen his beloved’s spirit for a while.

Guilt raged inside him. How could he treat his eternal beloved in such a way? And how could he treat Lauren like a third wheel, simply because she wasn’t his first true love? He was torn between his guilt for hurting Aubrey, and betraying Lauren.

Lucifer came up behind him. Melancholy shadowed his face. His blue eyes seemed darker.

“Have you seen Aubrey? It’s been two days.”

“Yes I’ve seen her. She’s gone. I cast her back into the dead realm where she belongs.” His lips formed a tight line. “Let’s let her rest now, shall we?”

“You… sent her back to the dead? She’s truly gone?”

“Yes, Dad. I guess you don’t understand how much you’ve hurt her. Or Lauren. You can’t have it both ways! Didn’t you realize someone was going to get hurt? It was only a matter of time. You should’ve known better, and I should’ve known better than to bring her back.”

“It’s over. Leave Mom be.”

Vaclav smacked his forehead in frustration.

You’re right, Son.

He stepped inside the foyer. Bright, ruby-red eyes focused on the stairs.

Could he be up there? Where should I check first? Then he remembered to use his sense of smell, which was sharper considering his inherited curse.

He mounted the steps.

Arrived on the second floor.

Cody peered into the next room.

Sometimes Reznik liked to read his spell books inside Vaclav’s den. It was peaceful, quiet.

Which also meant Cody had to be quiet. As quiet as possible.

He tugged out the blade.

Carefully watching each footstep, he struggled to remain inaudible as he slowly approached the den.

Cody’s lips parted. Of course he said nothing. But tons of thoughts invaded his brain.

I really don’t want to do this. The more I think about it, the more I think of you as a bitch and a cunt, Esha. And the more I’d rather kill YOU.

However, he tapped open the iron door. A tiny sound emitted, so silent that hopefully Rez’s ears didn’t notice.

Jesus Christ. So help me… Dad I don’t want to kill you. I don’t. But I want to be powerful just like you and Grandfather. I want to be the leader of a monstrous, furry army. I want ultimate control over Shadowvale; my life-long wish.

Cody rose the knife.

The handle grew hot in Cody’s hand.

He gasped.

Fuck!” Cody released the knife.

“Jesus! My fuckin’ hand is burned!”

“You really thought I’d let you kill me?” Reznik said.

“You’re lucky I didn’t cast a spell. One that would shrivel up your cock into a black glob of worthless jello. I can make sure you never have sex again.”

“You don’t understand! I didn’t want to do this. I swear to you.”

“Right now I’m under enormous stress. I owe a lot of people. I owe Brent Novak. I owe some witch bitch named Esha. I’m completely, utterly screwed!” He hesitated before continuing. “I… even got some older woman pregnant. She won’t get an abortion.”

Reznik shoved him against the wall.

“Dad, I’m trying to explain…”

“No. I won’t hear it. I don’t give a fuck,” Reznik said.


“No! Shut the fuck up for a minute.”

“My brother Jakub tried the same shit over and over again. He tried to fuck over my dad. It didn’t work. You know why?”

Why?” Cody spat.

“Because Jakub was a stupid, worthless fucktard. Now he’s dead. The family joined together and got him killed. So don’t think I won’t do the same if I have to.”

“I know you’re my son,” Reznik continued. “I love you, Cody. I always have. But never, ever fuck with me. Ever. You won’t win.”

Outside the den, Azura listened to every spoken word.

I can’t believe it. Cody actually tried to kill Dad.

Suddenly Azura lost interest in becoming a shape-shifter. She didn’t want to be part of any army Cody wanted to create.

Cody had the balls to come back the following night.

Why? Lucifer had no clue.

Cody sauntered into the foyer. Lucifer eyed him with malice.

“What?” Cody snapped.

“Have you been threatening Mila?”

“What’s it to you?” He laughed.

“You know damn well I like her. Leave her alone, Cody. I mean it.”

“Just don’t get too attached to her.”

“I already am! So you better not do anything to hurt her.”

“What are you gonna do? Watch her 24 hours a day to make sure I don’t do anything?”

“Maybe I will.”

“Good luck.”

Azura lingered near the water’s edge. That river coursed and wound its way down Shadowvale’s tiny peaks and valleys.

She sat and watched the rising moon, marveling at its beauty.

And stifled her rage involving her brother Cody.

Azura still couldn’t believe Cody was going to hurt their father.

She got up.

Depression was like a deep, dark hole inside her.

“Azura,” a familiar voice said.

“There’s something you need to know. Not that I care for you or anything, of course.”

She glanced to the right. Just past the river was her house. Could she make a run for it? Despite the water slowing her down?

Meh. She tried anyway.

That was fast.

Brent threw his arms around her. She couldn’t go any further.

She squirmed and wriggled. “Brent… let me go!”

“No. You need to listen to me,” he said.

“Listen to you about what? I don’t care what you have to say to me!”

“Yes. You do.”

His fingers kneaded her belly.

Why the hell was she feeling those naughty little butterflies in response to his touch?

She turned, rushed forward in a pathetic attempt at getting away.


“No.” He grabbed her again.

“What? What do you want with me now?” She almost cried in frustration.

“It’s about lover boy,” he said.

“What—do you mean?” Heart felt like it’d flop right out of her chest.

“I followed Chase the other night,” he explained. “He’s been staying at some local motel. After he left, I broke in. I found some things.”

“Found what?

“I found books on vampire mythology. I also think his father works for the FBI. I read notes about a case concerning the secret laboratory that uses humans for blood, transporting the blood to other towns including this one. I took a flash drive from Chase’s laptop with stuff on it about Shadowvale. There was even a thesis that speculates about the existence of vampires.”

“No.” Azura’s eyes moistened. Tears overflowed.

“Yes. Sorry to break your heart, but the guy’s just using you to get information for his father about Shadowvale. You better tell Daddy before the FBI starts swarming this town. Our little secrets are in danger of being revealed.”


“I know you think I’m a horrible creature. Maybe I am,” he admitted. “But I am sorry, Azura.”

Please don’t stop holding me. Everything’s spinning out of control. I need someone. I need… you.

Denial no more.

* * * *

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