Fifty-Seven: Turning Point

Contains language, adult situations.

Stuck in a twilight of unconsciousness, Katerina felt a presence next her.

Was it him?

Thump thump thumpΒ thump thump.

His hand drifted to her face.

Caressed her cheek.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

She shifted and woke up.


But no one was there.

Once again, disappointment suspended in her stomach like a dead weight.

Not long afterward, Aubrey and Vaclav were notified of Kat’s awakening.

They embraced.

Dawn surfaced.

Aubrey sat across from Vaclav in the clinic’s cafeteria. They discussed what to do about Reznik.

So far, no ideas. At least none that were any good.

“Maybe we should send him to boarding school?” Vaclav suggested.

“I don’t think that will help. Much.”

“Then what do you suggest?”

“A shrink?”

“I don’t think he needs a shrink. Just because his hormones are out of control doesn’t mean he needs therapy.”

“Fine. Then we’ll have a son who wants to poke everything he sees.”

Vaclav stared at her.

“I’m sorry but we’re running out of options! I don’t know what else to do with him! We can’t keep having random guys banging at the door, accusing him of knocking up their wife or girlfriend!”

“I know that, Aubrey.”

Silence ensued. Then Vaclav went off on a very strange tangent.

“This is all my fault.”

“What do you mean?” Aubrey asked.

“I killed your grandfather not long before we conceived Reznik. Then I was going to kill your father.”

“Huh? What does that have to do with anything?”

He leaned forward.

“We’re both being punished for my crimes. Reznik turned out to be a bad seed because of me.”

“Oh!” she laughed. “You mean karma?”

He nodded. She chuckled again.

“I’m glad you find this so amusing.”

“I don’t! I just… don’t think Reznik’s issues have anything to do with karma. Shit happens, you know?” Yet again, she laughed.

Nice comic relief.

“Yes. Shit happens.” He didn’t look too happy.

Just then, Hunter entered the room.

“Kat seems to be okay right now,” Hunter said. He ignored Vaclav as he spoke to Aubrey.

“I gave her an injection of the Nepiramine. Blood work shows her liver is at a slightly lower function than before, but nothing to worry about.” He paused.

“I’m concerned about Kat. She’d swallowed her own blood, and wrote something on the mirror. But I won’t go into that.”

Vaclav’s eyes fixated on Hunter. “Perhaps you should go into it, Dr. Logan.”

“I think the most important thing right now is to find out why she drank her own blood.”

Aubrey and Vaclav looked at each other, not knowing what else to say.

Hunter started out of the room.

Aubrey didn’t see the look of longing on his face as he left.

Um, yeah (Hunter really did this in the game).

Aubrey’s gaze drifted to the wall, troubled thoughts went through her mind.

What the hell are we going to do? Both our kids are in serious, major trouble.

Maybe boarding school wasn’t such a bad idea; then they could finally focus on their daughter’s problems.

But were there actually boarding schools that catered to vampire/dhampir children? And with his rampant powers, would he even be accepted?

Two nights later, Ash couldn’t sleep.

Aubrey and Vaclav’s passion noises kept her awake.

“Ah, ah, ah… yeah Vaclav.”

“Oh! Aubrey…”

“Fuck! Shut the hell up!”

She bolted upright.

Then she grabbed another pillow…

thrusting the pillow over her head, she cursed them both.

As the minutes passed, however, she got to thinking about something. For the millionth time Vaclav has audibly proven how good he must be in bed.

Fuck you Reznik. I’m gonna get me some of your daddeh.

She smiled and fell asleep.

Ash’s morning sickness came with a vengeance.

Of course, Reznik walked in.

“Look at you! Now you’re sick! You’re never gonna have a miscarriage!”

“Leave. Me. Alone.”

“I’m not in the mood for your shit.” She wiped her chin.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him look away in disgust, throwing his hands up.

“Ugh. Gross!” he said.

“I said leave me alone,” she groaned and turned to face him. “Can’t you see I’m sick? You’re only making it worse!”

“Tell me the truth!” he demanded, totally disregarding what she’d said. “Are you a full-blooded vampire, or are you a dhampir?”

She took a step back, feeling dizzy.

Then she looked at him.

“Okay. I’m a dhampir.”

“I don’t want to be a father!”

“I can’t help it, Reznik! Get over yourself!”

They glared at each other.

Somehow, a fire erupted in the toilet.

Kat returned home from the clinic. Obviously the blood hadn’t done much damage. In a way, she was thankful. In another way, she wasn’t.

Depressed as ever, she went into the office and peered at the carousel her father gave her.

She picked it up. A tiny panel opened in the bottom and an object spilled out.

She observed it, pinching it between her thumb and forefinger.

A tiny key. She wondered what it unlocked.

Suddenly her life had a new purpose.

That night, Ash glimpsed Vaclav as he left the bathroom after showering.

“Forgot my damn clothes,” he muttered.

Good. Now drop the towel.

He turned to the side, looking like a Greek god. Or something.

A new level of desire burned from within.

Giddy up, cowboy.



^^ Now that I’ve updated my IE, I can’t center the asterisks. Nice. Anyhow, thanks for reading as always. ^^


34 Responses to “Fifty-Seven…”

  1. Hey,
    Great update, each update makes me hate Ash even more and I really hope she gets caught. I know kinda mean but she shouldnt be trying to sleep with Vaclav!
    Also I hope Kat gets better and moves on or at least gets with Hunter.

    Anyway cant wait for more.

    • Oh I totally understand. I know Rez is mean to her but it doesn’t give her the excuse to focus on a married dude. >_>

      btw This story is becoming more of a soap opera every day. πŸ˜†

      I think for the time being Kat’s going to move on, because right now Hunter’s too old. But maybe they’ll hook up later. Not sure yet.

      Thanks Playermttjms!!!! πŸ˜€ ^^

      • I agree it does feel like a soap opera now you mentioned it πŸ™‚
        I’m so happy I found your story on Boolprop πŸ˜€
        I decided to read the Dancer story you did I liked it, very good, but I think this story is still my favourite πŸ™‚

      • lol. My stories always end up being like soaps. >.<

        Aww, thank you Player. ^^ I'm glad you found my story too. πŸ˜€ Oh, cool! You read Dancer too? It took me 3 weeks to do that story. Crazy! It's so hard to write other stories like that, plus keep up with this one too. O.O but I had such a craving to do the Dancer one. It was fun doing a revenge story, as opposed to always writing just romance. ^^

        Thanks again! *hugs*!

  2. ASH! keep your mawlers off V! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. bwahahahaha! πŸ˜› maybe s’more of her secrets will be found out before that goes too far. It’s not as if V will take the bait anyhow, he loves Aubrey. O.O

    <333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. The face Hunter made xD I died. Ooh dramatic ❀ I love this series. I woke up this morning like hmmm Friday… Friday… Something- LSKJDFHSLG BLOODLUST UPDATE! Haha πŸ˜€

    • hi Nina! Thank you! And yeah that was hilarious. I can’t believe he actually did that in the game!

      Aww, thanks again. Glad ya like the series so far. ^^

      *HUGS* πŸ˜€

  5. Ash is a whore. I dislike her. She’s so creepy…DOES SHE NOT REALIZE THAT HE’S GOING TO BE THE GRANDPA OF THE CHILD SHE IS CARRYING?!?!?!?


  6. Loved it – hahahahaha Ash wants a piece of Vaclav..don’t we all?!xD;D
    I don’t like Reznik at the moment. I wish he’d get a little nicer, LOL.

    • hey Emma, thank you sooooo much. ^_^ I hear you on that, yes we all DO want a piece of him, well at least most of us do, I think. LOL
      Hmm, he might eventually. He certainly can’t get any meaner. 😦


  7. Ash is a whore.. but i dont dislike her xD not at all .. xD but my love for Reznik is slowly fading away and Hunter.. he is adorable πŸ˜€

    • Really? You don’t dislike her? In some ways her personality is cool, despite her being a slut. XD I have to admit it’s pretty evil how she’s after V now. True, Rez just gets worse and worse. Maybe someday he’ll get over himself. O_O

      Agreed. Hunter is adorable as always. ^^

      *HUGS* <333

  8. Hey Jenn, don’t know what happened, but this chapter seemed to be very jumpy as opposed to your nice usual flow. It also seemed to lack a lot of the character’s thoughts, which I’ve always liked about your story.

    As for what happened in the chapter, I love that Vaclav is so self-absorbed that he thinks his sons problems are due to Karma. I laughed right along with Aubrey. Although, I’m interested in seeing what they do with Reznik. On one hand a boarding school might have enough discipline, on the other, they wouldn’t be able to keep as close an eye on him.

    Poor Hunter. Get over Aubrey already! None of these Haas girls are going to do any good for you! (Yes I’ve become largely over protective of the wolf).

    I’m not liking Ash the more and more I see of her. It’s too bad Rez didn’t set her on fire instead of the toilet.

    • lol, you got me. I think it’s because I’ve been so busy editing another book, so now I’ve got those characters and that plot stuck in my head and it was hard to get into doing this chapter. Plus, the writing is similar to the style I’m using in my other book. UGH. Sorry.

      I think I’ll do better the next time because I only have TWO more pages left of my book to edit, and I’ll be done (with the hard part). Plus I didn’t get to do this chapter on Bloodlust until Wednesday and I was pressed for time and worried about that!

      LOL @ the karma thing. And you have some good points about the boarding school situation. To be honest I’m not sure if I’ll have them do that or not. I’ll have to see where the ideas take me in the upcoming days. Like I said I’ll be able to concentrate better since the editing will be finished on my other project.

      haha, he needs to get over her. πŸ˜› I don’t blame you for being protective of Hunter. He’s such a good guy, for the most part at least. ^^

      XD Ash and her sluttiness. LOL! Rez setting HER on fire instead!! Meanie! Just joking! πŸ˜†

      *hugs*!! <333

      • Oooo so does that mean you’ve finished writing your other book? Cause Congrats! That’s quite an accomplishment. It also makes sense as to why this chapter seems so very off. I suppose I would have preferred no update to a rushed one, but that’s just me and your other readers probably don’t feel the same πŸ˜› Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekly Bloodlust fix, it’s just… this seemed so off.

        Anyway, enough rambling… yes the boarding school has its pros and cons, I guess you’ll just have to see which one has more pros. That or introduce an entirely new twist, which you are oh so good at πŸ˜€

        Yes he does! He is a good guy! It’s not (entirely) his fault he was seduced by Aubrey, and because of that, still has feelings for her.

        It’s not mean… it’s practical… yes that’s it *shifty eyes*


      • OK, I had a HUGE comment posted here, but WordPress flat out refuses to post it. Nice. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to copy/paste the comment to wordpad before posting. DON’T worry, my comment isn’t anything bad! I was just agreeing with everything you said. ^^ I guess I’ll try to copy/paste to a whole new reply instead of editing this box. UGH


      • Nevermind. Still didn’t work. I don’t know why it’s doing this shit but it pisses me the fuck off. I hate wordPress anymore and their stupid glitches.

        sorry for my language…. >.<

      • Huh. That’s odd. I’ve never had that issue with wordpress before. Ever. The worst it’s done to me is tell me I have a more recent draft of something and it ends up being an earlier draft of what I just published. I’m not saying you’re lying, I just hope this isn’t the beginning of something bad.

        LOL @ your apology for your language. If I ever had an issue with language, I wouldn’t be able to read this blog.

        You are so fucking cute. (See what I did there? Genius I know πŸ˜› )

      • It has done it to me before (rarely) but I was always able to correct it. I dont know what’s going on. But it sucks not being able to make a long post, if I need to. Maybe it’s not the beginning of a bad glitch. But I know it got on my nerves. LOL Now I’m worried that every single time I post, it’s going to screw up. I just have shitty luck with computers, internet, etc.

        haha, well I’m glad for that. Thanks, it was just ticking me off the other day. There’s been so many glitches with WP lately (it’s been making my pics disappear off and on too, whenever I save the draft of all things *eyeroll*).

        ROFL!! And I forgot to say thank you for congratulating me on finishing the book! (actually I did say it, on the reply that WP deleted). Then I forgot to say it again… UGH!


      • Hmm… Bad wordpress! Bad! Don’t screw up Jenn’s hard work *beats with newspaper*
        Think that will help?
        Oh… you’re welcome ^_^ I do think that’s quite a large accomplishment. I’d come spend it drinking with you, but you probably live too far away. I shall drink a toast to you anyway! *drinks*
        Now on to chapter 58!

      • Seriously! Bad WordPress! I never used to have ANY problem with WP, but after they’ve revamped some things (like the comment boxes, etc.) and then I was stupid enough to download the latest version of IE. Then I started having issues! I will say I tend to have better luck using the Firefox browser though. But still, it’s annoying! And thanks for beating WP with a newspaper! Shit, sometimes I’d like to beat it with my fists! :p Yes, that will surely help, along with my fists beating it!

        Stupid wordpress…

        Well see I already had it finished last year, but trunked it for a while, Then I finally got the motivation to edit it so I could send it off to some e-pubs. Now they’re looking it over and now I’m nervous. I had a really TINY e-pub publish one of my things before, but the editor stopped contacting me about my Blood Legacy book. I kept asking her about my royalties, so I guess it ticked her off. UGH. I’d better post this before it pulls that same shit from the other day…..

      • OK, to continue, well thank you for toasting to me! btw yeah I live in TX.

        Actually we shouldn’t toast unless the book gets accepted somewhere. BUT I’d be satisfied for a ‘revise & resubmit’ thingy! So hopefully…………………..

        got me fingers and toes crossed………… LOL


      • I love how are comments continue to go on ^_^
        Ahh, well I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed for you as well! Although I still think we could toast you finishing it. Then toast again when it gets accepted!
        Ah, yes too far. I’m way up in Canada, so that won’t work. Virtual toasting will have to suffice.

      • IKR! Wow! It’s like a chain or something… btw I saw your other comment, and downloaded your sim! She’s very gorgeous. I rec’d her too. PLUS I friended you on the site! LOL I’ve been busy. Just wanted to also let you know that if I don’t use your simself for Hunter, doesn’t mean I won’t use her for another part in the story. I’m almost always in need of new characters. ^^ So TY! Also read your profile story, and wow it was really interesting! You write very well.

        Enough rambling…

        Aww, well thank you. LOL I’ll probably get all rejections or something. πŸ˜› I hope not! I get very pessimistic sometimes…. or am I just being a realist? I think i’ve had this conversation before…. >_>

        But yes we’ll toast twice! Once now, hopefully once later! πŸ˜€ Wow, you live all the way up in Canada? Well, at least that’s closer than the UK! LOL, virtual toasting inddeed!


      • Wow you have been busy! Thanks for rec’d her! I love her to bits. I shall accept your friend request once I’m done responding (on both chapters, lol). YAY! I’m so excited to see myself in Bloodlust!! (You don’t have to rush to use her) If she don’t get to be with Hunter that’s fine, it’ll be an honour just to see her!

        *Blushes* Thanks. I keep editing my profile story, but that’s my favourite to date, and mostly true. So I’m glad you liked!

        Lol yes we have, and I think you’re treding on the pessimistic side of realistic.

        Yay two toasts!

        True, not as far as the UK. Actually, TX is a 24 hour drive by car from where I’m from… err approximately. So it’s not that bad.

      • You’re welcome! And thank you for accepting my friend request. ^^ LIke I said on the other comments, I might use her as one of the dempires, or maybe as another witch. Not sure yet but I’ll figure it out! πŸ˜€

        You’re welcome. I read the whole thing, and usually on profiles, if they’re that long, I either skim or don’t finish, lol. It sounded like a dark fairytale. Pretty cool. Just like you told me before, it reminds one of Kat’s story, with her brother.

        haha that’s what I thought! I hope you’re right though. But I’ve already got one rejection today. It was by an e-pub that’s hard to get into the door, but still. Ugh. It’s disappointing. 😦

        Yep, two toasts! Hopefully we’ll be able to use the 2nd one….

        Wow, just 24 hours? I know it take about 16 hours to get to Southern OH from here. So that sounds about right. And no, not too bad at all.


  9. eee! I really can’t tell you why I’m so happy about this update…it might be because I just got back from a kinda depressing trip and needed a pick-me-up…well this definitely brought it! πŸ˜€

    Kat is interesting. u_u


    Rez is still hot..of course..

    and I’m glad Vac and Aubrey’s love isn’t dying. they’re so cute together. ❀

    Hunter, your facial expression amuse me!


    • Awww, I’m sorry you had a depressing trip. I’m glad you feel better now, though! This chapter wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, but hopefully the next one will be better since I’m not distracted by another project. ^^ lol, Kat is interesting isn’t she?

      Agreed also about Ash. She has…. issues. >_> Then again, if this was real life and I lived with Vaclav and Aubrey, I’d want to tap V. too. BUT I wouldn’t do it, I’d just move out. I’m not a home wrecker, LOL. XD >.<

      Yes Rez is still hot, even though he's bad. πŸ˜›

      Definitely a cute couple, despite all the issues they've had! lol ^^

      LOL that was a funny part, where he looked like he was 'swooning' or whatever over Aubrey!

      *hugs* <3333333333333

  10. Awesome ch.! LOL at Ash telling them to shut up! I figured she would develop a crush for V! Who wouldn’t lol? Still, possible homewrecker right there!

    Aw, Reznik is turning into Jakub which is a shame. Karma?! How about him being an awful parent and being gone from his son’s life for so long! And his mom screwing the hot guy who came over when he was a kid lol! Or is karma more advanced than that in the vampire world (Like magic or something)?

    And poor Hunter 😦

    • Hey Mike! Thanks! Yeah, some people even thought she moved in to specifically jump V’s bones…. hmmmmm. I guess only time will tell her true motives, hehe.

      And yeah, who wouldn’t? rofl! Possible homewrecker indeed. O_O

      He is bad, but I don’t think he can get any worse. He’s hit rock bottom pretty much. So the only place to go is up, hahahaha. LOL good point about V., he was a bad parent! Maybe that’s what happened with Jakub! And yeah, he was gone forever from Rez’s life then suddenly he wanted him back. Forgot all about that shit. In fact you make such great points that I might have to bring them up in a chapter eventually. πŸ˜‰

      Bwahahahahahaha, Aubrey screwing the hot guy who visited (or lived with them) when he was little! Poor Rez has had a very dysfunctional family! πŸ˜†

      Oh hell I don’t know. LOL. But that’s an interesting idea, that karma could be more advanced in the vampire world. ^^

      Yeah, true about Hunter. Maybe someday he’ll finally get over her. 😦

      *glomps* *glomps again* :p

  11. Oh great, Ash is pregnant, and a dhampir, and now she wants Vaclav. That isn’t going to go over too well I’m sure. A fire in the toilet? Well, I guess that’s better than putting the contents into a bag and lighting THAT on fire, then chucking it at a house. haha I hope Kat gets over Hunter, and I wonder what that key is for. Can’t wait to find out!

    • LOL, I know the drama never ends, does it? Won’t go over too well at all. XD

      haha about the fire in the toilet. I did that to be funny. πŸ˜› Ahahahahahahaa, that’s hilarious, about putting contents into a bag and lighting it and chucking it at someone’s house! ROFL! πŸ˜†

      Maybe Kat will get over Hunter. Or maybe she’ll crush on him for the next few years. πŸ˜› That key will unlock some interesting info! hehe

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