Eighty-Nine: Thou Shalt Not…

Contains POV switches. It was easier that way to tell the revelations in this chapter.

“I think I can find Jakub for you,” Kat said. “But you have to trust me enough not to go with me, or to follow me.”

“Trust works both ways, Mademoiselle.”

She nodded; searching his face for signs of malice, deceit, underlying motives.

Could she trust him? It’s not as if she really knew him. She only knew what a hottie he was. He was probably telling the truth about Xander being his nephew. The resemblance between them was quite obvious.

“Before we go any further, tell me more about Jakub and your sister.”

“I will. But first we need to sit down.”

Oh. This doesn’t sound good.

She followed him to the sofa. They sat down.

Anxiety flourished within her. What was Percy going to tell her?

“About fourteen months ago, Jakub found out about Reznik being inaugurated as leader of Shadowvale.”

Kat’s heart rate accelerated. She continued to listen closely as Percy told his story…

At that time, we were all living near Paris. I wasn’t yet a vampire.

According to my sister Brigitte, Jakub was at a local pub where he met a Dempire by the name of Yves.

They made small talk at first, speaking of French cuisine and how the French citizens’ blood tasted much better than Americans.

Suddenly Yves narrowed his eyes at Jakub.

“Did you say your surname was Haas?” he inquired.

“Indeed. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve a brother who lives in Shadowvale, America. His name is Gavin. He tried to attack a certain Reznik Haas and his father, but failed… miserably I might add.”

“Not long after that, Reznik’s father promoted him leader of the Haas Clan. I think it was because the bastard managed to kill a shit load of Dempires.” He paused a moment. “I just thought you might like to know, if you didn’t already.” He smiled.

“Are you fucking shitting me? My father made my younger brother leader?”

“I was supposed to be next in line…”

“Perhaps you can get back the crown, so to speak. Gavin wants revenge against the Haases, maybe you and he could work together to figure something out,” Yves suggested.


Jakub stepped outside the pub. Twisted thoughts raced through his mind… plans to execute retribution, and at the same time acquire what was rightfully his.

Jakub rushed home to tell Brigitte what he’d learned.

“I should be the leader, not Reznik. He hasn’t earned it like I have.”

“Damn! There has to be a way to get on my father’s good side again.”

Brigitte said nothing. She knew whenever Jakub got into his ‘moods’ to just leave him be. It was better that way.

However, there was one thing Brigitte was not willing to do: uproot the family and move to America. She knew what Jakub was thinking, but didn’t expect him to steal Xander away from her.

But that was precisely what happened.

Like a thief in the night, Jakub stole into his son’s room.

After watching him sleep for a few minutes, he awakened Xander.

The little boy arose, rubbing his tired eyes and whining about his father waking him up.

“Don’t worry about that,” Jakub said. Then he dressed the weary child.

Jakub scooped Xander up and headed for the door.

“Don’t worry, son. We’re going to the land of milk and honey, and plenty of blood.”

Brigitte told me about Jakub taking Xander to the U.S. I immediately left to find them. I arrived within a few days, taking my horse with me as we traveled by ship.

Seems like I rode across every inch of Shadowvale trying to find Jakub.

I knew what I had to do. There was only way to become powerful enough to fight the undead, and to give back my sister her son.

As I stroked my horse, I wondered where I could find a vampire, and the quickest way to do it. I was so naive, I didn’t realize Shadowvale was truly crawling with those creatures.

Yes, those monsters were everywhere.

I continued petting my stallion as he dipped his head and lapped at the bayou water.

Then I worried about my imminent transformation.

Would it hurt? Regardless, there were more imperative matters to fret over.

I walked only a half-mile before seeing the first one.

The thing glowered at me through shimmering eyes of gold. His lips parted, mouthing words I didn’t understand.

I responded.

Sucez-moi! Suck me!

He rubbed his hands together, grinning mischievously.

Here it comes… I braced myself for the inevitable pain.

Incisors tore into my flesh. I blacked out a moment. I was weak when I came to, but not too weak to grab the Dempire and bite him back. Violently, I suckled his blood.

Payback’s a bitch.

But he seemed to enjoy it. The thing even moaned, ground his hips against mine as if needing sex. I became flustered after that.

I felt relieved when he flew off.

Then my transformation began.

Something exploded from my back.

Fledgling wings. The pain was unbearable, searing. Moisture trickled down my spine. My clothes tore not only from the wings sprouting, but from my muscles as they swelled and made me stronger.

Soon I lost my shirt. My slacks were ripping as well.

I was naked. My tattered clothing rested near my feet. I did not expect that to happen.

How could I go anywhere completely nude? This wasn’t good.

Still, the pain was invigorating. The feel of my enlarging muscles caused me to feel a power I never thought I’d possess. Ever.

And soon, with those uncurling wings, I’d be ready to fly…

It felt as if ice coursed through me. My heart stopped beating. My lungs stopped sucking in oxygen. It was a major rush.

Naked or not, I had to find Jakub and Xander.

I pulled up what was left of my slacks and flapped those new, dark wings of mine.

I began my journey.

It wasn’t long afterward when I found Jakub. During an altercation he managed to break my right wing.

My faithful companion, my horse, awaited my return. As if somehow the creature knew I’d lose the use of my wings.

And several days later I found out about Jakub’s plans involving Gavin. I set about trying to find information, and ended up paying a nice sum to a random Dempire. This particular Dempire had listened in on one of Gavin and Jakub’s ‘secret’ conversations.

Of course, having supreme hearing ability always helps…

“I’ll be taking them in a few hours. Hopefully everything will go as planned… I wish I could see the look on Reznik’s face once he finds out Katerina and her sons are missing. Not to mention Daddy’s face.”

“Yeah. Just make sure you don’t kill them. After all, she is my sister. And I have to make it look like I saved her.”

“You’re the boss.”

After that I began to add everything up. Jakub was the sum of all evil; Gavin his companion in hell.

“It was Jakub’s idea to take me and Lauren?” Kat shook her head in disbelief. “But originally he wanted to take me and my sons?”

Percy nodded. “He did it to play the hero so your father would take the crown away from Reznik, and choose Jakub as leader instead. It was all a set up.”

“Damn you, Jakub!”

Kat’s entire life was spinning; spinning, spinning. Spinning out of control.

Now she’d love to get back at that son of a bitch whose same blood flowed through her veins.


Thank y’all for reading. Okay, now I won’t be updating for an entire MONTH. If any of you have read what’s been going on personally in my life, you’d have an inkling as to why. I don’t want to repeat what’s been happening. I’ll just say that someone did not respond to chemo, and the last thing I want to think about is concentrating on this story.

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There will be a few apexes in the story starting in chapter 90. These will pertain to Kat and Hunter’s tumultuous relationship, the drama regarding Jakub, and the drama wrapped around Percy’s desire to return Xander to Brigitte. After all that, there will be a flash forward where Tristan, Justin, and Cody are teens (beginning when they’re about 16, and Cody being 18 or so). They might inherit a certain curse, and there will be a whole new plot and sub-plots pertaining to them. And yes, more sex as always.

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