Sixty-Five: Exodus

First part told in Aubrey’s POV, then a small bit in Kat’s POV, then a tiny bit in Hunter’s POV. Sorry to be confusing.

Contains language, and references to an X-rated song.

The new world I’m using is Neverglade.

Hunter stopped by the estate a few hours earlier to pick up Aubrey.

There was so much crap to take with them, so Vaclav called a moving service. Nothing would fit into Hunter’s sports car. Not even Aubrey and Kat. Therefore, they overlapped each other in the front two seats.

Somehow Kat managed to fall asleep.

She squirmed, her arm brushing against Hunter’s.

Hunter,” Kat groaned.

Aubrey shot a look at him.

He returned her gaze, then quickly switched on the radio.

Rap music. As always.

Lovely. It was a ‘tune’ from the 80’s, sung by 2 Live Crew and called Me so Horny.

Kat moaned again.

Is she having a bad dream? Then again, the whole scenario seemed like a nightmare.

Aubrey kept thinking about those horrible Dempires. Several of them broke into the house. Thank God Reznik was there… not that Vaclav didn’t do his fair share of ass-kicking. But it’s so much easier to knock off several enemies in just one small explosion. Only bad thing about it was cleaning up the mess.

Reznik and his powers. How proud she was of him. Especially since he was getting better at controlling it.

Aubrey was also grateful to Hunter for protecting Kat from the Dempires.

It’s true, you were a virgin until you met me. I was the one to make you hot and... ♫

Aubrey reached over and turned off the music.

They arrived.

A few more minutes and she’d see their new home.

Aubrey worried about Hunter living with them. It seemed inappropriate but there wasn’t much choice. It was the only logical solution.

The house looked pretty nice from the outside.

The man who spoke to Vaclav over the phone greeted Hunter.

Supposedly it was a home the guy had inherited from his sister, who died in a car wreck a few years earlier. She was divorced, and after her death the kids went to live with their father. Aubrey hadn’t a clue how Vaclav knew these people.

“The movers showed up before you did, so everything’s stacked in the back room,” he said.

“Thanks,” Hunter replied.

They headed into the house.

“I think this is everything,” the guy said.

Aubrey wondered what his name was. Vaclav told her, but there was so much shit going on she forgot.

“I guess I’ll be going now. You guys stay safe, alright?” He turned and left.

Aubrey and Kat wandered off exploring.

“It’s not too bad,” Aubrey said gazing at the lopsided curtains.

“But it’s so… pinkish,” Kat replied.

Next, they went into a small adjoining hallway. Two doors led into separate bedrooms.

“I guess Hunter can have the room to the right,” Aubrey said. “Kat, I think your room is on the left.” She opened the door and peered in. Yep, it was Kat’s room. As evidenced by the bunk beds.

Hmm. Is this such a good idea? But Vaclav told her the master bedroom was on the other side of the house. That was supposed to be Aubrey’s room.

Could she trust Hunter to keep his hands off Kat? And vice versa?

Meh. I’m sure Hunter won’t betray my trust.

Kat went into her new bedroom.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Bunk beds, as if she were twelve. And a poster of Edward.

It’s like I stepped out of my life, and into someone else’s.


Aubrey was on the phone with Vaclav.

But not for long.

“He wants to talk to you,” she said.

“Hey, Big Cheese. What’s up?”


“Hello? Are you there?”

“I want you to take good care of my wife and daughter. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to take advantage of the situation.”


“Keep your fucking hands off my wife and daughter.”

“Here. He didn’t say much, just said to take really good care of you and Kat.” He handed back the cellular.


They watched TV the following night.

How cozy Kat felt, sitting on the floor while her mother and Hunter lounged on the loveseat.

Three’s a crowd.

But then her mother got up.

“I’ll be right back,” she said.

Kat’s eyes followed her until she vanished.

Kat jumped to her feet.

“Oh, no. What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Kat said. Then she plopped down on his lap.

“That’s better. More comfortable than the floor,” she muttered.

“She’s going to be back any second. You’re crazy.” He paused. “You’re also getting heavy.”

He adjusted his thighs, wriggling beneath her.

“Fuck you.” She laughed. “I’m not heavy.”

“Seriously. I keep hearing noises. I don’t want to get caught.”

She got up, turned, fell back down onto him.

“You don’t listen, do you?” he said.

She shook her head.

“Will you kiss me?” she asked. “You haven’t kissed me in days. I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate it.”

“I heard a noise. I think your mom’s coming back,” he said chuckling.

Aubrey shuffled into the room.

“Did I miss anything?”

“No,” Hunter said.

Kat climbed the ladder to the upper bed.

This might actually be fun, she thought. I’ve never slept in a bunk bed before.

She wondered how Hunter was doing in his room across the hall.

Maybe one morning she’d check in on him. Make sure he’s doing okay. Maybe tuck him in.

Yeah. Right.

Maybe she could convince him to sleep on the lower bunk.

Kat drifted to sleep, fell into dreams of Hunter.

… and fell further in love with him.

Kat awakened only an hour later. She couldn’t get Hunter out of her mind.

She climbed down the ladder and exited the bedroom.

Lingering outside his door, she debated on whether or not to enter.

Startled, Hunter shot upright.

“Shit! You scared me. I thought you were Aubrey or a Dempire.”

“Nope,” she said.

Hunter scooted off the bed.

He strolled over to her.

Hunter gazed down at her, his red eyes smoldering.

“You’re so pretty,” he said. “So beautiful.” He brushed a piece of her hair from her face.

Then his hand slipped down to her rear.

“I love you,” he said.

“Love you too, White Fang.”

Finally he kissed her.

He embraced her before the mirror.

“My sweet little Katerina,” he said.

“Are we ever going to have sex?” she asked.

“Patience, Kat. There’s more to it than just screwing your brains out.”

There is?


Thanks for reading. I’ll publish chapter 66 on Monday, August 1 (SO DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK AND READ IT!! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THAT CHAPTER). Chapter 67 will be published on the regular day of Thursday. ♠


24 Responses to “Sixty-Five…”

  1. Oooohhh very intriguing! There is a suspense in the air. LOL Kat’s such a naughty girl. I’m glad V is laying down the rules…but even he knows having Hunter around his girls poses some problems.. I halfway don’t want Hunter to do something to Kat, the other half says, ah well Aubry’s taken. 😉

    • hey Jed, thank you! True, Kat’s pretty naughty. I try to remember how I was at that age, and if I had a BF like Hunter, I would’ve been the exact way. 😛 Oh yeah, V won’t put up with Hunter taking advantage. At. All. lol. And yeah, Aubrey’s taken. V would def kill him if he messed with Aubrey again. O_O

      Poor V. Can’t get a break. And now he has to worry about Kat since she’s older.

  2. Haha, Kat…although Hunter must’ve figured out by now that Kat doesn’t have much patience…

  3. Oh dear, Kat needs to get some self control 0.o And Hunter should know better…but thats what makes it interesting! ^_^

    Kat and Edward hehe. Reminded me of Aubrey and Edward Cullen 😀 Like mother like daughter huh XD
    lol at Aubrey, “Did I miss anything?” “No.”
    …yeah, right lol


    • haha, she needs to get some self-control ASAP. Poor Hunter wants to tap that so badly, but trying to control himself since she’s under-aged. Like you said, Hunter should know better anyway. And yeah, the forbidden stuff just makes it more interesting!

      I figured it would, that’s what it reminded me of too. 😀 Yep, like mother, like daughter in more ways than one! :p

      Glad you found that part funny. I like comic relief in stories, lol. Aubrey missed quite a LOT.


  4. i really liked this chapter and can’t wait to read mondays chapter 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. OMG! Loved the chapter 🙂

    Hunter and Kat need to be careful or Aubrey will find out and I dont think she’ll react well. But I hope she does so then they dont need to keep hidden.

    And lol! “did I miss anything?” Duh! Of course Aubrey you always do..well most of the time hehehhe.

    • hey there! Thank you James! 😀

      Nope, I don’t think Aubrey would react well either. I know what you mean, but they’d probably still have to sneak around, otherwise V. would kill Hunter. Or at least want to, lol.

      haha, true true. Aubrey’s ditzy. You’d think she was blonde! XD

      Thanks for commenting again!


      • No problem I love the story I mean who couldnt ! 🙂

        I know Aubrey may be a secret blonde ?? who knows hahaha 😀

        Yeah V wouldnt like this even more than Aubrey wouldnt 😆 If any of that made sense ahahahaha.

      • Aw, thank you. *blushes* 😮

        haha, yeah she just dyes her hair dark! 😛

        Don’t worry, it made sense. I know what you meant, LOL! XD


  6. i loved this chapter! it was really good lol now i feel like you’ve left me with a cliff hanger x.x

    • Thanks Alyssa! 😀 I guess in a way it’s a cliff hanger. They don’t bang or anything in the next chapter, though. 😛

      btw don’t you all forget that the next chapter will be posted on Monday!! LOL have I reminded y’all enough?


  7. There was so much to laugh at in this chapter. 1st was the song on the radio and the line before Aubrey turned it off. I wonder if she was thinking about herself and Vaclav, cause that’s what I was imagining.

    The photo of Vaclav glaring at the phone is by far my favourite photo and had me laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair.

    I have a feeling that if Kat doesn’t wise up soon, she’s going to get Hunter into a LOT of trouble.

    I also laughed at Kat not realizing there’s more to romance then fucking. Hopefully she’ll figure it out.

    Btw, Walk like an Egyptian by the Bengals = WIN! (Yes I knew that song before you posted it 😛 )

    • hey there! 😀

      Glad you enjoyed some of the comedy! Gotta have humor! Yeah, lol, I sooooo couldn’t resist writing that, it all fit so perfectly! And yes, the line from the song about the ‘virgin’ thing, that fit Aubrey and Vaclav! XD

      Me too! Loved that picture! It all just came together so perfectly. I wish it could always be that easy to get the perfect reactions on Sims 3. lol, glad you liked it!

      Very true, and in more than a few different ways. >_>

      Maybe she will. I just basically put that in there for more laughs. :p Of course, with her teen hormones going crazy, naturally she’d want to get it on with the Big Bad Wolf. btw I found this AWESOME song on youtube that I’m going to use for chapter 71, it’s called Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a song from the 60’s or 70’s and it goes SO perfect with Hunter!

      Oh, HELL YEAH, that song is the shit!! LOL I’ve loved that song since I was 13 years old, when it came out (think it came out around 1988)!! O_O One of my all-time faves! So I see we have that in common too! And something told me you’d heard the song before! 😀

  8. Honestly! My friend has the best luck at having her sims make the perfect faces when she needs to, I’ve only had it happen once or twice.

    Hmm… is that a hint?? I smell pregnancy…. but you don’t have to say anything ^_^

    Oooo I can’t wait to hear it! Well… I suppose I shall have to but yay for a new chapter coming out Monday!

    I loved it when I was around that age too. I still enjoy listening to it – it’s so upbeat, you can’t help but feel happy while listening. Lol, we have more in common then originally thought, and go you and your instincts. One of my favourite songs that was released in 2006 but sounds like 70s music is “Joker and the Thief” by Wolfmother. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend.

    • Well it must be nice. Ugh. I really have to work hard at it, and it gets to be pretty time consuming. sometimes I get so frustrated I just start fast-forwarding the game, and of course that doesn’t help. >.< It's definitely a pain…

      hehe. That's for me to know and you to find out. :p hehe again.

      Yep, a new one comes out on Monday. And I think Rez will be in the chapter after that one. 🙂

      I know exactly what you mean. That song is just so awesome, it's crazy. Yep, we have lots in common! Joker and the Thief? Haven't heard of that one but I'll sure look it up. I'm curious now!

      Aww, thank you! ^_^

  9. Awesome chapter as always! LOL @ the song on the radio! That was freakin’ hilarious! Lol, I love V.’s expression as he hung up the phone on Hunter xD! Hm, it’s going to be hard for them to keep their relationship a secret for long with Aubrey so close. Can’t wait to see what AUbrey thinks of her daughter making out with her old flame lol! Damn, I won’t be able to read that chapter until next week.

    Once again, awesome (and funny) chapter!

    • hi Mike! Thanks!! 😀 haha, now don’t you be going and looking up that song. It’s baaaaaaaaad. XD but anyhow, thanks. This chapter was nice comic relief. I loved V’s expression too, like I told others, it was so freakin’ perfect! Well, I’m sure Aubrey won’t be too thrilled, lol. In a way, she might even get jealous. O_O but only the following chapters will tell!

      Aw, sorry about that Mike. But at least it’ll be there when you get back. I wouldn’t release another chapter but I”m getting too many drafts, lol. And now I’m doing even more chapters, like I can’t stop or some shit. Yeah, I’m crazy. XD

      Thanks again Mike!! 😀

  10. I actually loved this chapter, haha:D
    LOL I still think that Hunter is damn sexy – but he’s being kind of creepy, being with Kat and everything..but I laughed at the TV bit;D

    • Aww, thank you Emma! 😀

      Hunter is damn sexy indeed. 😛 but if you think he’s being creepy in this one, you’ll really think he’s bad in the next chapter. >_> I know Kat’s still under-aged, but then again she’s 17. If you try to remember that, maybe it won’t seem so weird. XD Actually Kat will turn 18 in less than another year. LOL I’m trying to justify the perverseness of the Hunter/Kat combo. (btw perverseness really is a word, I looked it up, bwhahahahaha)!

      Thanks for commenting, as always!! And glad ya liked the TV bit! <3333

  11. That’s a nice little house they’ve got! lol Bunk beds, and the Edward poster was just icing on the cake! Oh boy…Aubrey is going to eventually catch them I bet! It was a close call in the living room! What poses did you use for Kat to sit on Hunter’s lap on the couch (facing him and facing away from him)? I just love all the poses you use! 😀 Time for chapter 66!

    • Yep, it’s not too bad. 😛 Yeah, those bunk beds came with Generations. lol, that was one of the best things about that EP, and the boat themes. Bwahahahaha, glad you liked the Eddy poster. I like it too. He has such a seductive look on his face and eyes *drool*. so yeah, I must admit that he’s hot. 😀

      Yeah, they need to be more careful or there going to get caught. Wouldn’t be good. D: I had Kat sit in a chair, then do move objects on cheat, go into buy mode, delete chair, go to live mode, back to buy mode and move Kat over to Hunter’s lap, turned her to face him. I used Twallan’s Debug Enabler to move Kat up a little bit. 🙂 And thank you!! ^^

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