One Hundred and Seventeen…

One Hundred and Seventeen: No More Tears

Azura’s father and grandfather lingered in front of Chase Garland. He was sprawled upon the altar.

Vaclav eyed him.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Chase whined.

“You haven’t done anything? What about using Azura to get information for your father? What about using my daughter to get information against my family? Information that could destroy this entire town? You’ve also probably screwed my daughter, you fuckstick.”

“Has he screwed you?” Reznik asked Azura.

“No. I haven’t,” Chase interjected.

Embarrassed, Azura’s face grew hot.

“He’s—telling the truth about that.”

Reznik turned back to him.

“You fucked with Shadowvale. You fucked with us. In fact, you had NO idea of exactly what or whom you were fucking with.”

“I told you… I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure,” Reznik said. “And all the evidence we’ve found to the contrary is BS. Right?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“You’ll excuse us if we don’t believe that,” Vaclav said.

Crap. I almost feel sorry for Chase.


“I’ll give you one more chance to admit you’re a fuckin’ liar.”

“NO. I didn’t do anything,” Chase said.

“Very well.”

Rez’s hand lowered to Chase’s dick, balls.

“You will never have children,” Reznik declared. “You will leave Shadowvale alive, but not as a man.”

“Stop,” Chase cried. “You have to believe me. I never did anything to hurt Azura, or to hurt your family!”

“God dammit! Why won’t you believe me?”

Reznik laughed.

Colorful vapor flowed from Rez’s hand.

“I swear… I swear I didn’t do anything,” Chase chanted. Sweat broke out on his face.

“The next time you won’t be as lucky. If there’s a next time, you’ll lose your head instead of just your lower one.” Reznik’s hand migrated up and down Chase’s crotch.

Vaclav grinned.

Lucifer couldn’t forget his biological mother.

Lucifer couldn’t forget Mila.

It was a double whammy of astronomical proportions.

Every time he closed his eyes, he couldn’t get her image out of his memory…

And how she told him she couldn’t go with him. He was one of ‘them‘.

Over and over, those pictures ricocheted.

He could still remember the feeling of her skin. So soft.

Her golden hair shimmered like gold in the sunlight. Eyes of pale emerald clashed with that gold.

He’d rather die than to remember. Why couldn’t he force her out of his head? Was he going crazy?

A soft knock came from his door, rousing him from the fantasy/nightmare.

“Louis?” Said the mother who raised him. “Are you okay? You’ve been holed up in your room for days.”

“I’m fine. Leave me alone.”

“I don’t think so.” She burst through the door.

Oh God. Just what I need, he thought.

“Mom, I told you. I’m okay.”

She stepped closer.

Stop staring at me, please.

“We used to talk more than this, Louis. What’s happened with you? Is this about a girl?”

Ack. Bingo.

“No. I’m just tired is all.”

“Tired? Your eyes are bloodshot, but it looks more like you’ve been crying.”

“Crying? Mom… I don’t cry. Boys don’t cry.”

She looked away.

“Yeah. I thought I raised you to share your feelings. I guess I was wrong.” She went to the door. “I’ll leave you alone. As you wish.”

The bedroom door closed.

Sure. As I wish.

You wanna know what I wish? I wish my real mom hadn’t died. I wish my dad wasn’t a jerk. I wish Mila would… give me half a chance, dammit!

Mom, trust me. You don’t want to know what I’m feeling.

It hurt.

It hurt so bad he bolted upright and held his stomach.

Why do I have to be so emotional about shit?? Does this crap run in the family or something?

Bingo again.

Meanwhile, Azura nursed her own broken heart.

Absently she tapped the piano keys.

Screw you, Chase. You deserved everything you got.


Azura saw visions of Chase limping from the property. He’d been castrated via supernatural powers.

He was broken. But so was she.

As the old saying goes, time heals all wounds.

God I hope that’s true. And if so, please God, speed time up.

If you don’t, I swear I’ll do something irrational.

Like this.

I’ll give in to his temptation. Brent Novak’s temptation. Shadowvale’s ultimate bad boy.

There but for the grace of God

Cody Haas played GTA IV.

Esha whined and whimpered from the shitter.

It’d been her home for the last few weeks.


“Yeah. Finally drivin’ better now, asshole.”

Esha howled.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. You’re never leaving the shitter. So deal with it.”

Esha whined. It sounded so pathetic.

“C’mon, Niko. Go. Go… go!

Esha yowled.

Yeah. I know you haven’t ate in a long time. But you’ll be alright, bitch. Cody continued playing the game.

That night, Cody dreamed about Esha.

Sometime I’ll be back. So you’d better kill me very soon, Esha threatened in his dream.

Fashioning bright lights from her palms, Esha rambled on about nonsense. “I didn’t want to rule Shadowvale with you, Cody. I wanted it all for myself. I was going to kill you, but still needed your father out of the way first.”

“Yes, you dumb fuck. I USED you. So set me free or someone else will. That’s a promise. Heed my warning, you little fuck.”

“I’ll let you die a slow death,” Cody mumbled in his sleep. “You’ll starve to death…”

“Don’t be so sure of that, lycan fuckwit. I’ll keep my vow of turning all of Shadowvale into crazed wolves. You’ll be one of them,” she replied laughing.

“Yes. You’ll pay for everything you’ve done to me. Mark my words.”

It was the best sex she’d ever had. With anyone.

Vaclav was on top and riding her hard. He’d never been so zealous; so utterly crazed when it came to sex.

He blew inside her.

Ah,” he cried. Then came one word she’d never expected. One word that could change everything…

“Aubrey,” he moaned.