Seventy-Two: The War Within

Contains several POV switches and sexual content.

Evening came to Misty Peaks.

Kat lay on her bed and cried her eyes out.

“Kat? Are you okay?”

“Leave me alone,” she groaned.

“Is this about Hunter?”

Kat sobbed louder. “I said leave me alone!

The doorbell chimed.

She glimpsed Hunter outside, and was hesitant to open the door.

Always a glutton for punishment, she answered anyway.

Wow. Hunter looked breathtaking with his new look. She shook off those resurfaced old feelings.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I want to see Kat.”

He wouldn’t look in her eyes, as if he were guilty about something. Aubrey hated to speculate about what his guilt pertained to.

What did you do to Kat? She wanted to scream.

She shook her head. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to see her. For one she’s upset.”

Hunter ignored her, barged into the house.

“Stop,” she said blocking him from going farther.

He squirmed around her. Aubrey thrust her hand to his chest.

Hunter turned, lowered, grappled Aubrey’s rear and lifted her.

“Dammit, Hunter! Put me down!”

Quietly, he carried her to the hallway.

“Stop it!”

Hunter dropped her near the threshold.

“Fuck you, Hunter.” Aubrey stuck up her middle finger.

He didn’t respond.


He gazed at Kat, then started for her.

Aubrey hoisted herself up and rushed into her daughter’s bedroom.

Horrified, she saw them engaged in a tight embrace.

“Hunter, stop. Please.”

Instead of acknowledging Aubrey’s presence, he just stared at Kat as if nothing else existed.

Jesus. They really are in love.

Hunter convinced Aubrey to let Kat go with him to the hospital; likely because Aubrey knew it’d be pointless to argue.

Hunter said he wanted to show Kat something.

Anticipation churned within her. What was he going to show her?

He led her into a small examining room. X-ray pictures hung on the wall, and what looked like a computer nestled in the corner.

“What are you going to do?”

“Lie down on the bed and I’ll show you.”

Hunter switched on the monitor. A grayish image appeared.

Then he took an object from one of the caddies, lifted up her shirt, unfastened and lowered her skirt.

Hunter squirted a cold substance on her belly and slid the wand over her skin.

Something else popped up on the computer screen.

It looked like two huge eyes. Her own eyes grew huge as she watched the image.

“What is that?”

“Twins,” he said. “About six weeks. Your pregnancy is progressing really fast because the babies are dhampirs.”

“But I’m a dhampir,” she said, confused.

“Doesn’t matter. You’re more human than anything else.” He glided the wand across her stomach.

She gazed in fascination as the tiny things moved. Already. How was that possible?

Slowly, the information sunk in…

None of it’s possible. How can I even be pregnant? It doesn’t seem real. It’s all like a dream, and it all started with me and Hunter having sex.

Holy shit. Am I ready for twins? Let alone just one baby? Have I made a grave mistake in allowing Hunter to knock me up? Not to mention Hunter’s dark side, as evidenced a few days earlier.

He stared at the monitor with a glazed look.

Then he turned it off and replaced the wand.

“How did you know I was pregnant?”

“Just knew.” He chuckled.

“Did you also know I was having twins?”

“I suspected, yeah.” He turned around.

Kat rose from the bed.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for all this. It’s all pretty terrifying.”

“I know, Kat.”

“Why did you kill Omega? I want to know the real reason.”

He came up behind her, embraced her.

“I’m sorry about Omega,” he softly said. “I just don’t want to lose you. I saw you kissing him.”

“Something rose up inside me that night. It’s like I wasn’t myself, I was caught between being the wolf and being Hunter. I couldn’t control it.” He kissed her neck.

“How do I know you won’t do it again, Hunter?”

“You don’t. This is me, I’m not perfect. I can’t help who I am. But I hope you’ll forgive me.” With his mouth so close, his hands cradling her waist, and his cold breath on her ear, it was getting easier to forgive him.

“I don’t know—” she began.

“I have something for you.” Hunter reached into his pocket. “Turn around.”

“Whatever you give me won’t change anything. Omega will still be dead because you killed him. And my kiss was a good-bye kiss. I went there to break it off.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Your sorry won’t bring him back.”

He didn’t say anything, but flipped open a box.

“Happy late seventeenth birthday.”

“I felt badly for not getting you anything, even though a lot was going on at the time.”

A smile played at her lips.

“Turn around and I’ll put it on you,” he said grinning.

First another necklace had to come off. Kat reached up and removed her father’s gift. It would be replaced with a gift from the enemy.

Her choice was made.

Hunter draped the new chain around her neck, fastened it in the back.

Then he spun her around and kissed her on the lips.

And she kissed the lips of an angel, dreading the moment when he’d switch back into a devil.

With only the surrounding trees and moon as witnesses, Hunter took her; his sex claiming her body, his love possessing her mind.

Dominating, smothering.

I love you, Kat,” he groaned, bliss plastered to his handsome face.

Kat wore nothing but the necklace he just gave her.

His eyes penetrated as deeply as… something else.

As climax fired through her, thoughts of Omega were lost. Along with thoughts of her father, mother, illnesses, Ashton, Reznik, war, pregnancy… everything.

All she wanted at that moment was Hunter. All she wanted forever was Hunter.


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  1. WHOA! Shit is going to HIT the fan!!! Twins! OMG is it bad that I can imagine cute little Hunter babies? I wonder if they’re have wolf traits!! Getting carried away, can you tell?

    MAN he looks hot! I LOVE the new look and how he isn’t letting Aubrey stop him but something about him scares me now! I hope this forever is really forever! I’ll feel sorry for any guy looks at Kat, they’ll lose an eye…matter of fact, their life!

    TWINS! Crazy! He kept pushing her off like she was a little girl to him and now he’s head over heels! LOVE IT!

    • You know it! 😀 Yes, I wasn’t going to have her have twins at first, but it goes along so well with the wolf thing (‘litter’ of puppies). I was afraid having two of them would get in the way of the story, but I’ll figure something out to where she won’t have a baby attached to each hip 24/7, lol. Haha, you’re so funny. Of course it isn’t bad to imagine cute little Hunter babies. In fact I’ve imagined them as well. 😛 There might be a little preview of what they look like in a future chapter (via psychic dream via Kat). Never thought much yet about the wolf traits, but that would definitely be intriguing! by all means get carried away, I’m always getting carried away while writing this crazy story! 😀

      I love the new look too, that hairstyle is my fave. But then I worried he looked too much like Abe Lincoln (LOL) so I removed the ‘beard’ thingy. I may put it back on in a future chapter though, or finally download some decent facial hair CC. ^^ hehe, yes Hunter’s being a bit possessive of late. 😛 Not attractive IRL, but kinda attractive in a fantasy story… IMO, of course.

      haha, you’re still going on about the twin thingy! 😆 Aww, thank you Qui. Your taste is so much like mine, I love the new storyline too, and the fact he used to push Kat away but now can’t stay away from her! hehe! <3333

      • Good because I am IN LOVE with the idea of cute little hunter babies. I don’t know, I like the idea of them having wolf traits. He said a witch cursed him with it so wouldn’t it be more damaging if he passed that same curse on to his kids?

        I am very anxious to see Vaclav react to this as well as everything else he is in the dark about. His son being a dude magnet, his shadow grandson, and then the fact that his daughter is pregnant by the enemy! Drama and it’s lovely!

        I really can’t wait to see this all come to a head! Ash included! TWINS! I’d so rub that in her face!

        “Back up bitch, one day soon, I’ll be your new mom!”

      • I am too. You’re not alone, trust me! Like I said, it really sounds intriguing, and I never really thought about it before. The kids could be fighters like Dad, and perhaps when they turn a certain age, they could also shift into wolves (don’t want to make it sound like Teen Wolf, lol, but maybe when they’re 16 they could start shifting). It’s certainly something to think about. ^^ It could be more damaging to pass it onto them, maybe they’d be more vicious? (even though Hunter had a ‘moment’ in the last chapter, so he’s not exactly tame).

        LOL @ Rez being a dude magnet. XD Not sure when I’ll bring that up though, since Rez is currently with Xeri. Hmmm. Have to see what the future will bring! Ditto the lovely drama! 😀

        Yes! I’m up to chap. 78, and Ash will finally rear her bitchy head in that (at least that’s what I have planned). Eventually she too will get what she deserves. Maybe it’ll have something to do with Cody, to where Reznik gets custody…. 😀

        Exactly! Mwahahahaha! 😛

    First of all, I’m jealous that you have Misty Peaks. It looks way better than Barnacle Bay, but I’ll never be able to spend that much money on it 😦
    I knew Kat was going to get pregnant the minute she fell in love with Hunter..and now LOL it’s twins.
    I wonder how Vaclav will react..probably kill Hunter :L
    Actually, Aubrey will probably kill him first LOL.
    Great chapter! ^_^

    • Aw, don’t be jealous. It’s a free downloaded world called Neverglade. I never got BB, nor the new Hidden Springs. HS is too expensive. I’m not sure I’d get it even if it was only a few dollars. LOL. Maybe if I played the game more (instead of using it for my story) I’d be more likely to get it. Neverglade DOES kinda remind me of Hidden Springs though, but like I said, it’s free from the Sims 3 exchange. I think I have the link to it on my credits page.

      So I’m in your boat: I’d never pay that much for a world. BUT if I was rich, I’d gift it to you. 🙂 Some lucky simmers on the forums got it gifted to them by SimGuruPoptart, I think. And they also have contests on there if you ever want to try those out. You have to put the world on your wishlist.

      haha, yeah the ‘breeding’ thing Ash spoke of was a clue. Not much mystery this time, for a change. 😀 V. will def want to kill him. He’s wanted to kill Hunter for years, sort of. Probably eventually all of that will come to a climax. >_>

      True about Aubrey. There’ll be more about her feelings/reaction in upcoming chapters, hehe.

      Thank you so much, Emma!! <3333

      • Aw, would you?! That’s so sweet ^_^
        If I had money then I’d definitely gift something to you, but I haven’t had any since they gave out 1000 free at Christmas in 2010 😦
        I might download that world then, it looks cool 🙂 The only problem is I get bored populating the town because they don’t come with actual Sims :L

        That’s okay! 😀

      • I sure would. Actually I can get bad about giving away $, I just don’t do it now because I don’t make much of it, lol. It’s all the hubby’s. If I made a lot of my own money, I’d be like those people on the gifting forums, except I wouldn’t be doing it to buy friends or gain popularity….

        Anyhow, aw, well you’re sweet too! It’s just that I’d likely never play that new world anyway. If I want a new world, I’ll just use the one that comes with Pets. Also, Neverglade is too similar to HS, except it’s free. Awww! I’m sorry you haven’t had simpoints since 2010!! 😦 I know where you’re coming from, simpoints are just ridiculously expensive. I usually hold on to remaining simpoints for as long as I can until they have something decent at the store, but this time I spent most of them because I have a feeling (due to my behavior on the forums, regarding fighting with trolls) that I might get banned soon, LOL, and don’t want to lose my remaining points.

        I hear ya about the custom worlds not coming with Sims. I don’t like that either. 😦 I heard if you turn on Story Progression that it can help. I have tons of families and sims in my sim bin, so that always helped me to populate a town. 🙂

        <3333 😀

  3. TWINS! O.O More cuteness….but that will doubley piss off V and Aubrey 😕 I wonder if they will be like little wolves that would be cute-ish 😕
    Two ?! she is defently fucked!? 😆

    I like Hunters new look, he looks better like that…reminds me of the old Hunter 🙂 I liked the old Hunter 😀 Aubrey, naughty girl ! shes with V bad Aubrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!

    And 😦 I thought he was going to propose I was so excited 😦

    Awsome as always though!

    • Yep, more cuteness indeed! And they’ll be identical ( because I’m going to copy them in the simbin lol). Never really thought that those ultrasound pics could be ‘fraternal’ twins and not identical (that shit’s confusing) but oh, well. LOL. The babies will appear human (except maybe with red eyes). I’ve thought about having them shift into puppies sometimes, but thought that’d be a little much. 😆

      haha, yes Kat is fucked. She’ll barely be 18 and have TWINS!! She’ll be *facepalming* for the next 18 years… but like I told Qui, I’ll make sure they don’t ‘get in the way’ of the story. Kat will hire nannies and such. XD

      I like the ‘old’ Hunter too. Then again, I downloaded a new hairstyle and used it in some later chapters, I think he looks really cute in it, but… different. True about Aubrey! But dang, who the hell couldn’t be attracted to Hunter?? Married or not?? LOL! But yes, it’s still bad…

      Aww, I’m so sorry! Maybe eventually Kat and Hunter will get married. Just too much going on right now.

      Thanks so much James!! 😀

      • Lol! Two babies this should be fun XD Poor Kat.
        And oh I dont like the idea of them being..wolfy I like Hunter as one but I think the kids like you said would be a bit much…

        Yes, 17 year old with Twins O.O Screwed!! She will be yes facepalming herself for a long time…so will her parents 😆 XD

        Yes I like the old Hunter he is cool, and oh nice! And for 1 I’m not attracted to Hunter… ‘who the hell couldnt’…well me XD

        And thats okay, as long as their together 🙂

        No probs 😀

      • I hear ya. 😯

        Yeah, don’t want to have actual puppy babies, haha!

        Indeed! Like I said, Kat will have to hire some nannies! 😛 Maybe her mother will get over herself long enough to help out her daughter! And yes, her parents will be facepalming for quite some time as well!

        haha, you know what I mean. 😛 I’m speaking of women, or whomever else. ^_^

        Yes, at least they’re together… at the moment. >_>


  4. 😮 Twins :O good luck kat! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Awesomeness!

    Hahahaha… I’m sorry Kat, but that’s usually how it is during THAT special moment XD

    So Hunter is over Aubrey, eh? I bet Aubrey is a bit jealous of her daughter. Oh wait, I was going to talk about advanced aging…but Aubrey’s a vampire now, right? Well, still, she know has to live life knowing that she’s not lusted after by two highly potent vampires anymore. 😉

    Actually I feel for Kat. Yes, she’s head over heels for Hunter, but she will have to deal with a partner who is for all intends and purposes bipolar.

    I lol’ed when I saw the dog’s new look. One of my characters in the upcoming (probably Sat) Spellbound chapter sports the same beard! Hehehe…

    Can’t wait to see what V’s reaction is…

    • Thank you Jed!! 😀

      LOL, Ok I think I know what you’re talking about, and it’s hilarious. 😆 And you’re right, that really IS how it is during that ‘special moment’ bwahahahaha, so funny!


      Oh yeah, he’s waaaaaaaaaay over her! As for A’s jealousy, that will be revealed a little later. Yeah Aubrey’s a vampire, and even though she’s not aging, it probably still hurts about Hunter, and like you said, two potent vampires no longer lust after her (well, except for her husband XD).

      Oh jeez, bipolar indeed (Hunter has that in common with yours truly, which could be kinda obvious at some points because I go so crazy about forum trolls and such). 😛 Maybe at some point Hunter will stop being as possessive, once he finally realizes that Kat isn’t going to leave him.

      OMG, no!! Are you serious? LOL, that is soo crazy that your character is going to have the SAME beard! I love that thing! It’s just that with Hunter’s dark hair, in a way he kinda looked like Abe Lincoln without the hat… so I ditched the beard for now, haha. Can’t wait till the next chapter, btw! I’ll check on there tomorrow! 😀

      Maybe you won’t have to wait too long… like I told someone else, it’ll all come to a climax within a few more chapters. Hunter and V’s rivalry will end up biting them both on their asses!

      • Hey, I just saw that comment about WP and the pictures… that sucks big time. Hope it is just a temporary thing. *crosses fingers*

      • yeah it was completely screwed up! Every chapter was like that. I’m just glad they fixed it. I’m wondering why WordPress keeps having glitches every week, though.

        Thanks so much, Jed!! *hugs* 😀

  6. Wow! Twins o.0! They’re gonna be hard to control lol! And I love Hunter’s new look XD! It reminds me of the way he first looked, and I love it. His old look was awesome too, but I love this one a lot haha!

    So will the kids have partial wolf traits too? Or is it exclusively for Hunter (non passable)? I wonder how V. will react knowing that it’s twins o.0! Hunter is seriously gonna get beat up later by V lol! And it’ll be so awkward for Aubrey to get along with him knowing that he’s dating/gonna get married eventually to her daughter when she screwed him back in the day haha!

    Anyways, AWESOME chapter! Loved it! Hopefully, Hunter will stay nice for a long time haha

    • yep, twins! Oh, very hard to control. I wasn’t gonna do it, but couldn’t resist Kat having a small ‘litter’. 😛 I love his new look too, but in a way he looked like Abe Lincoln. LOL I know I’ve mentioned that a million times already. Just something about the black hair and beard! Yes, that’s the hairdo he had forever ago, when he was with Aubrey. You’re the one who gifted me that hair, remember? It’s like my fave style! I also use it on V. ^^

      I’m thinking seriously about it, and I do want them to eventually shift into wolves as well. Maybe when they’re 16. Cody will likely be the same way, which will be so cool. There’ll be THREE of them that will do this. I can already see another flash forward, but not for a looooooooong time. Not sure how other stories handle it, but I consider it an ‘inherited curse’. >_>
      haha, you can already see a fight coming between V. and Hunter… that’s predictable, but how it turns out it should be pretty surprising and unexpected. 😀 As for Aubrey, yeah it’ll be VERY awkward for her! She’ll probably never find any peace with it.

      Thanks Mike! I really appreciate it. And I keep forgetting to ask you when you’re going to start your story (unless you’ve changed your mind about it)! Let me know!

      lol I think Hunter will be nice for a long time… he just had a ‘moment’…. 😯

  7. Lol yeah that’s awesome that she’s having them though! Can’t wait to see how they turn out! LOL XD! I didn’t notice that at all until you said that and now I can’t stop seeing it haha! Yeah, I like that hair on him; it looks very nice. Lol I did? I don’t remember doing that. Must be my long term memory loss kicking in haha.

    Yay! That would be awesome if they were able to do it! Yeah, there’s still a lot of stuff going on with Rez and Kat, so a flash forward is probably way in the future for you lol. I like that ‘inherited curse’! That’ll be so cool :D!

    Lol yeah, I know they’re gonna get into a huge fight! Oh, really? Interesting! Now, I can’t wait even more lol! XD probably not, poor Aubrey.

    Yep 🙂 ! Oh, I’ve already started it; I’m just waiting to see how my school schedule will work that way I can plan when I release the chapters and such

    • I can’t wait to see how they turn out too. It’s always exciting when a sim has a baby in a story. I’m thinking about Kat having an at-home birth. I suppose Hunter might deliver the twins, but unsure. It’d make sense since he’s a Dr.

      Oh no! You’re seeing the Abe Lincoln in Hunter! 😆 I loooooooooove that hairstyle. Thank you for gifting it to me a while back! Yep, you gifted me that along with a bar (Tikki bar maybe?). So thanks! Your memory couldn’t suck as badly as mine! 😛

      I think all that would be pretty cool too. There’s just so many possibilities with this story, which is a good thing since I don’t want to end it. Ever. And thanks!

      Yep, no doubt about that. Glad you can’t wait even more! I can’t wait to start working on it, it’ll be interesting. I’ve already finished with one really difficult scene (took like 12 hrs. to make it). Now I have to do ‘research’ to start the next scene.

      You’re already started it?? Yay! Can’t wait to read it! That reminds me, I must check out some others’ stories too. *hugs*

  8. Wow I’m late to the party….lol “his lips penetrated as deep as…something else” xD. And twins…and a fastly moving pregnancy? That can’t be good…and I sold my lappy..gotta finish saving for a new one now

    • No worries! As for his ‘lips penetrating’, LOL you mean his ‘eyes’ penetrated as deeply as… you have your mind in the gutter again, Ali! 😆 Or maybe it’s MY mind that’s in the gutter… lips penetrating just makes it sound like he’s performing something on her…

      Yep twins! In fact I have to figure out exactly how far along she is for chapter 78. In chapter 77 she looks huge, btw. anyhow, that’s awesome you sold your lappy! I really hope you finish saving up for a new one quickly. Good luck!! <3333

      • I’m half way there when it comes to saving for my laptop… And I mistyped…I wasn’t thinking that ….Hehe… My mind wasn’t in the gutter…again…and lol….of course it sounds like ‘that’. 😀 and I haven’t replied yet since I sold my lappy yesterday and since I had a horse show yesterday also…

      • Yay!! Glad you’re half-way there. Haha, I figured, lol. Aw, I knew it was just a mistake. It was MY mind that was in the gutter, rofl. Yeah, it kinda does sound like that… 😛 Oh, that’s ok that it took you a day or two to reply. No worries at all. <3333 Hope your horse show went great! Also glad you sold your lappy!! 😀

  9. omg! she’s having twins! :O that’s a shock! and it’s moving quickly? oh noes, now she will never be able to hide it lol, aw cute little hunters. I knew it! i knew Hunter did it out of jealousy! lol, i can’t wait for the next one! it’ll be epic lol.

    I did it with Hunter while everyone else was at work 😛 lol, then i did it again in the shower and got pregnant lmfao, i have a story in my head for it lmfao, Vaclav tried to woohoo with me while Hunter was at work, but i kept saying no 😛

    • Yep! She’s havin’ twins! 😀 It is pretty shocking, isn’t it? This is a first for my story. Should prove to be interesting at times. Yeah, it’s progressing quickly. She’ll probably have the babies at 6 or 7 months. Lol, no she won’t be able to hide the pregnancy. Cute little Hunters indeed (not to say she might not have a girl, of course). Aww, well thank you. I hope you’ll like the next one. 😀

      Bwhahahahahahahahahahaaaa are you serious?? Hahaha that’s so funny! Now you’re making me want to put my simself back in the game so I can do the same thing. It’d be more fun though if they had more mods and better animations, haha. You are so funny, about that storyline. It sounds hilarious! And love triangles FTW!! btw you’re going to hurt V’s feelings! hehe


    • haha maybe she’ll have little girls :O lol

      yep lmfao 😛 yeah it would be more fun lol, yeah my storyline is pretty funny lmfao! hehe i think i already did hurt his feelings lol hahahaha

    • Maybe she will. Ya never know. Actually I thought a while about what she’d have (because no matter what gender it is, it can be changed to my preference using Master Controller >> edit in CAS). I sorta wanted her to have a boy and girl, but…. hmmm.

      hehe, poor V. He’ll get over it though. 😀 It would be so funny to play those two in a regular game, with a random sim or two, just to see what would happen or what they’d behave like. ^^

      • haha gotta love that you change them lol, hmmm that would be a good idea a boy and a girl lol.

        hahaha yeah he will lol, that would be fun lol, oh yeah i almost forgot lol, sorry it took me so long to respond in the first place and i was wondering if you could upload the household again so i can redownload it, when i had hunters baby it was morphed and i knew custom content was the problem because it’s happened to me before and i had about 3 sims besides the ones i got from you, from the exchange, so i got rid of all the content by uninstalling it, and i accidently uninstalled Hunter and Vaclav’s skin, and i tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them but it’s just not working so i was hoping if i redownload them, that it would work x.x if you can’t thats oki lol

      • Maybe, or they could end up being both boys or both girls. LOL!

        LOL, it’s OK. Yeah I’ll upload them again. 😛 I’ll try to do that sometime tonight or tomorrow. No worries. And sorry you had all those issues!

        <3333 😀 <<there they are!

      • :O maybe they will! i’m so excited lol :P, thank you so much! sorry for the trouble lol 😀 <3<3<3333, i hate having morphed babies lol

      • Oh, it wasn’t a problem. They were still sitting in my launcher, so I just pressed ‘upload’ again, lol. Hope you’re enjoying them. 🙂

        I know what you mean. I’ve had bad cc before and the babies were all messed up, lol. They’d look like long sticks. 😛

  10. Okay so I haven’t commented on the past three chapters, and I just read them all… so prepare for a long comment. I’ll try to keep it small though.

    Chapter 70
    Aww Omega and Kat are so cute. That boy is totally head over heels for her. It’s too bad that she doesn’t feel the same. My heart broke for him when he saw Hunter and Kat together. Poor poor Omega (and you let it get worse for that boy!)
    Ash is ever the bitch. I do hope she gets what is coming to her soon.
    LOL I can’t believe Aubrey left Hunter and Kat alone. Well, she’ll find out soon enough what leaving them alone actually “meant” soon I’m sure.
    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Rex wants to marry Xeri!! That’s SO sweet. Especially considering how much of a player he has been. Looks like he’s finally found the right girl.
    I’ve noticed you want Rez and Xeri to have kids but don’t know how as she’s full vamp? What about her demon side? Perhaps that can allow for little minions? Yes. Minions. 😛

    Chapter 71
    Hmm the mention of Jakub cannot be anything but foreshadowing. I wonder how long we will have to wait until we are re-introduced to him. I’m also still wondering when we get to meet Gavin from your video! So much suspense 😛 In a good way of course.
    Not liking how Vaclav is so eager to go kill Dempires – what happens if he finds Xeri. Especially if Rez isn’t around?? Better yet, how will he react when Rez introduces her to him?
    Aww puppies! I love puppies! I can’t wait to see what they look like and who they take after.
    I can’t believe you killed Omega!! *tear* I liked him. He was a sweet naive puppy dog sort. Also, whoa for a possessive Hunter. I can only imagine how shocked Kat was to see Omega killed so brutally by Hunter. A large part of me wonders if this side of him will come out again and threaten their relationship in a large way.

    Chapter 72
    Whoa, with his new look Hunter looks a lot younger! Still sexy of course 😉 I love how he just picks up Aubrey and tosses her to the floor. At lest she finally realizes just how in love they are.
    I thought he was going to propose – still the ultrasound was just as adorable and if I dare say, better than a proposal. Uh oh, leaving Daddy more and more. Poor Vaclav, his heart is going to break. More and more I think his head is going to explode from all the news that has been kept secret from him. Especially if it’s all told to him at once.

    Okay, let’s hope this all gets published.

  11. hey there! Oh yes, poor Omega. I did feel sorta guilty for doing that to him, can’t help feeling for fictional characters sometimes. But the ‘benefits’ outweighed the sadness of it, as in it made for a shocking/interesting twist. And finally, Hunter’s vicious side got to be seen! It was the wolf’s fault anyhow, lol. 😛

    Yes Ash needs her little rump kicked! Maybe someday karma will get her… hehe. LOL about Aubrey leaving them alone, and what it meant. Haha, she’ll find out soon! And yes indeed, Rez has finally grown out of (most) of his selfishness and wants to marry her! It was practically love at first site. Probably the red hair/golden eyes did it for him! She’s very different from any other vampire in Shadowvale! Bwahahahahahaa, that is so cute how you said ‘minions’! Indeed, I could use the ‘demonic’ side of her in order for her to be able to reproduce. That’s a good idea, I’ll certainly think that over. Either way, they need BABIEZ!!!!!! 😆

    About chap 71: hahaha. You could be right about that, Miss Sugar. :p but if he does return, it’ll be a really weird scenario, and will have a twist. And I just gave you too much of a hint. >.< Ahhhh!! It's just so much fun making up plot lines for this story!! O_o as for Gavin, he'll be introduced shortly. Not sure if it's the next chapter, though… I like to call him 'Gavin the Assassin' and you'll see why. All this shit makes me more excited for the Pets EP, because I want some of my vamps to ride around on black horses!! Can't wait… sorry for the randomness of that… but I want Gavin and Jakub to ride on horses, LOL. Maybe even V.! You do have a great point about V. and Rez killing the demps, I have thought about that. It's a long shot, though, that they'd happen to find Xeri. Plus, Rez would never let V. kill her. There's a LOT of other Dempires, and she'd be like the needle in the haystack. But I do see what you're saying!
    As for Rez not being around, V. usually just lets his son do the dirty work, since V. is the leader. So likely V. wouldn't be out by himself killing them. At least I've tried to be consistent about that in this story. O_O

    Whenever Rez introduces Xeri to him, V. won't be thrilled. He'll probably get socked with all kinds of bad news all at once…

    Better split this up…

    • I can’t wait to do the chapter when they’re born! Can’t promise there might not be complications though. >_> Kat has a dream about them in an upcoming chapter, hehe.

      Awww, I know poor Omega, he was exactly as you described. That was pretty bad that I did that in the story. Surprised I didn’t lose readers. My stuff can get so shocking and violent sometimes (I’ve had editors/readers complain about that shit before, lol). I felt bad about doing it, but HAD to push that envelope anyway. Can’t help myself. >.< Yeah, Kat was pretty shocked. 😯 It's def possible that it'll happen again, but hopefully not. Maybe once Hunter is comfortable and secure enough, he won't snap again.

      72: he does look a lot younger and hotter. I love that other hairstyle too, but yeah. LOL, I kinda liked that part too, where he takes over and physically moves her out of the way just so he can see Kat. O_O What a man!! lol. I know that's bad, because it borders on abuse. I must be politically correct, right? LOL someone else thought he was going to propose too. Well he still gave her a necklace, just not a ring haha. True, the ultrasound WAS better than any proposal. And a proposal could certainly be at some point in the future. More and more I think you're right about the possibility of V's head exploding soon! 😆 And you're also right about V's heart breaking, but that won't actually show until a lot later. He might get informed of everything all at once….


  12. TWINS?! Oh boy! Well I guess wolves do usually have more than one pup in a litter. lol Oh boy…I can sense drama coming! That’s a pretty necklace that Hunter gave Kat. I like how you’re adding matching videos to the end of chapters – I’ll have to watch them when I get home since I’m on my boyfriend’s computer with no headphones and he’s asleep, so the speakers will wake him up. lol 73 now!

  13. “His eyes penetrated as deeply as… something else.” ROTFL.

    • hahahahahaha!!! Now YOU’VE made me laugh! I forgot all about that part!! I thought I was getting too dirty with the chapters, so I simply changed it to say “something else”. Kinda got lazy there, ahaha. But at first, I really did write “penis” or something to that effect. 😆

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