One Hundred and Twelve…

One Hundred and Twelve: Angels & Demons

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Warning: this chapter contains FULL-FRONTAL male nudity and oral sex.

*STORY RECAP*: Since this latest plot might be confusing or hard to follow, here’s a summary of events thus far in the story…

Cody Haas (Reznik’s son) met with Brent Novak at an abandoned factory. Brent knows a witch named Esha, who possesses a magic skull which could potentially transform an entire town into shape-shifters. Cody wants an army of wolf shifters, and he wants to be leader.  In return for the skull, Esha wants Cody to kill his own father so that Esha and Cody can rule Shadowvale together. Esha is not as powerful as Reznik, so she cannot compete with him nor kill him using witchcraft.

Cody has been hunting young females to give to Brent as prey to feed upon. Brent seems to have a ‘crush’ on Azura, Reznik’s daughter. Azura likes him as well, but is trying very hard to deny those feelings because Brent is a horrible vampire. Also Azura is seeing Chase, a mysterious human from out-of-town.

Azura disagrees vehemently with her brother (Cody) hunting innocent girls for Brent to suck on.

Cody’s fuck buddy named Carla is pregnant. Cody does not want the baby. Carla is married and her husband found out about the affair. He left her.

Lucifer has a crush on Carla’s oldest daughter, Mila. At times he ‘visits’ her via astral projection in wolf form.

Lucifer’s own magical powers grow stronger whenever he ingests human blood. He can either drink blood or consume human food for sustenance.

Lucifer used his magic to conjure his mother’s (Aubrey) spirit. Then Vaclav found out, and they all agreed to try a spell that would turn Aubrey into flesh form. This form only lasts temporarily.

Vaclav does not want to break Lauren’s heart, but he still loves Aubrey. He is trying hard to keep everything a secret from Lauren.

New family tree to explain how the characters are related:

They kissed as they lay upon the floor.

Their love began its epic span over 37 years earlier. Tonight they would celebrate that enduring love.

They continued to celebrate upon the bed. Valcav sucked, bit and kissed Aubrey’s neck, trailing his lips down to her chest.

She gasped.

Vaclav positioned himself between her legs.

Mmm,” he moaned as his hips moved with hers.

Lips smacked together as their kissing evolved into a furious activity; their bodies melting together, tongues rubbing, crushing.

His erection pressed into her body trying to gain access. Vaclav lunged from the bed.

He unzipped his pants, removed his necklace.

Vaclav’s cock, slanted up and ready, emerged as he jerked down his trousers.

Patiently she awaited. Awaited to feel him inside her. It was as if they’d never been apart. As if she’d never died.

Just like it’d always been. Together forever.

Aubrey lowered her bra straps. When he got back onto the bad, Vaclav yanked the bra from her body. Then he slid down her panties.

“Make it like that first night we were together,” she pleaded. “Pretend you’re taking my virginity again.”

“I will. It already seems that way.” He reached down to his hard-on and tried to jab it in.

Her eyes opened.

Tears leaked down his face.

“What’s wrong?”

Vaclav didn’t answer at first. He flopped to the side away from her.

“I can’t. I can’t hurt Lauren like this,” he said.

Aubrey sat up, confused.

“I want you so bad but I can’t… make love to you. I can’t hurt her,” he continued.

She frowned. I don’t want to hurt her either, but…

Aubrey rolled over to him. If he wouldn’t do it, then she’d be the one to initiate.

She went down on him.

Grunting, his body thrashed as she took a few inches of length into her mouth.

Aubrey,” he whispered. “Oh, God… Aubrey…

It grew larger, harder within her mouth. Throbbing.

Ah… yeah, baby.” He sucked in a deep breath and blew it out. “Keep going…”

Aubrey rose up and sat on his dick. It plunged deeply inside her.

He moved, burrowed it even further until it ached.

She leaned back riding him. It hurt more. Both a physical and emotional ache she couldn’t run away from.

His body lurched against her. “Ah, baby.”

Suddenly he grabbed her hips and lifted her, yanking his prick from her body. Aubrey fell to the side of the mattress.

What the…

Vaclav shifted to all fours, hand enclosing his penis as pale fluid shot all over the bed.

Fuck! Oh, oh, oh…” he groaned squeezing out the last remnants.

He tried to catch his breath, although those breaths were unnecessary.

Pissed, Aubrey reared back and slapped him across the face.

“This was supposed to be our night, dammit. We were supposed to make love. Lauren has nothing to do with it; with us. Why couldn’t you forget about her for just one fucking hour?”

He bolted from the bed, pulled up his slacks and fastened them.

Damn you, Vaclav. You’ve ruined our chance to be together.

“All those years we were together, I stayed faithful to you, Aubrey,” he said. “I don’t fuck around on the woman I love.”

But you were going to, and technically did.

We had this planned for days! Why the sudden guilty conscience?

Lucifer kept watch at the front doors. He was in charge of ensuring his ‘other’ mother didn’t come home too early.

It made him feel guilty. He loved Lauren too, but was hiding this deep dark secret from her.

I suppose it’s better than her finding out, he thought. Ignorance is bliss.

So why do I feel like I’m being put smack in the middle of all this? Seems wrong.

Someone came up behind him.

“Who’s down in the basement with Dad?” Reznik asked.

Oh, hell no. Slowly, Lucifer turned.

“I keep hearing voices down there; among other things. Do you know anything about that?”

“Maybe… Dad’s watching porn?” He cleared his throat. “I’ve seen those DVDs he has. I mean, I haven’t watched them. I just know he has them in one of the dressers. Virgin Springs, isn’t one of them called?”


Rez stared at him with suspicion. Then he cracked a smile.

“You’d know all about being a virgin, wouldn’t you?” He laughed.

“Yeah. I would.” Lucifer returned his brother’s laughter, though he didn’t really think it was funny.

At least the subject had been changed, thanks to Rez’s weird sense of humor.

He rushed from the room and headed into the dining area.

Lauren plowed through the doorway, startling Lucifer.

“Wait! Don’t go down to the basement yet.”

“What? What is it?”

“You have blood on your mouth.”

“Oh? I do?”

She wiped it off with her hand.

“Is that better, Louis?”

“Uh… yeah.”

Lauren continued to the pavilion.

A door softly closed. Lucifer looked.

His father met Lauren just a few steps away. “My angel,” he crooned. “Glad to see you’re back already.”

Lucifer was surprised, yet very relieved.

Quickly, nervously, he glanced around for any sign of Aubrey.

Jeez. I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take.

Vaclav eyed him. Don’t worry, his expression conveyed. Everything’s all good.

Lucifer disagreed.

At Carla’s house…

Cody visited her one last time. There was only one thing on his mind.

“Have you thought about getting the abortion?”

“Yes I have. And as I’ve already told you, I’m not getting one.”

“Carla, I’m warning you… I don’t want this kid.”

“You’re warning me?” she said. “I don’t give a shit. I’m keeping it. Now can we just let it drop? I’m sick of discussing it!”

He glared at her. As his blood boiled, he could almost feel his eyes darkening; turning to a deeper red hue.

Blood red.

“Don’t you get it?” Carla snapped. “My husband left me. He took Sarah with him. Aside from Mila, this baby is all I have left!”

Mila drifted from her room. Cody turned his attention to her.

She flashed him a dirty look.

“Look at who decided to leave her little cave,” he said.

“Stop staring at me like that, freak.”

“Oh, that’s right. You’re afraid of us dhampirs; just like you’re scared of the vampires. Well don’t worry, honey. I won’t hurt you.”

“Fuck off. I’m not afraid of you or anyone else.”

“Mila!” Carla shouted. “That’s enough.”

“And I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t refer to my daughter as ‘honey,'” she added.

“Why, baby? You’re not jealous are you?” Sarcasm oozed along with his words.

Carla shot from the chair. “Alright. Get the hell out, Cody! Get out and don’t come back!”

“I’ll leave, but I’ll be back.”

I have a friend who’d be interested in Mila.

At the shitty park…

“You are so pretty,” Chase said as he cuddled Azura.

“So… your dad is the leader of Shadowvale?” he asked.


“Your grandfather used to be leader a long time ago?”


“How many species of vampire live around here? Three? Four?”

“Three I think. Why are you asking so many questions about it?” she asked.

“No reason. Just curious is all.”

Hmm. You are a curious one, aren’t you Chase?

One hour later at the Haas Estate, Azura got ready for bed.

A pesky vampire scratched at her window.

Brent Novak??

Azura,” he whispered. “Let me in.”

“No,” she squealed. “Leave me alone, Brent!”

* * * *

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