A strange new breed of vampire. They have wings and horns, lol. The one who sired Vaclav had evolved through the years, until he sprouted wings and horns. Once he traveled to the U.S. and Shadowvale, he sired a hundred of these beauties. Then they bred, creating their own winged ones.

Incidentally, the females don’t have wings/horns.

Demon + vampire = dempire



4 Responses to “Dempires”

  1. hmmm…wondering if you will be bringing the demps back in future chapters? i know they are all in France now but dayam….=b

    • hey there. 🙂 They are pretty exotic-looking, aren’t they? There probably will always be a few dempires here and there in this story, so no worries there. Whenever I do the flash forward, there will also be several new, gorgeous characters in the story. I promise. 😀

  2. Awesome

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