Ninety-Two: Vampiress Fatale

Contains violence, disturbing dialogue of a sexual nature. You’ve been warned.

As for the custom poses used, I will list the credits/links to those in next week’s chapter.

Kat took Tristan and lifted him into the air. He laughed, flailed his arms and kicked his legs.

His brother had already been put to bed.

Since the boys were still hanging onto furniture to walk, Kat figured it was time to teach them to walk on their own.

Tristan was the first guinea piglet. Tomorrow, Justin would be the next victim.

Gradually she let go of his little hands. By the look in his eyes, Tristan knew something wasn’t quite right.

He stood a moment, eying her.

Wow, time goes by, she thought. One minute they’re the size of large potatoes, now they’re… walking.

He plopped down.

Kat grinned; shook her head.

Minutes later she laid Tristan in his crib. Justin was still wide awake, rocking back and forth babbling.

She sneaked away, knowing both her sons’ glaring red eyes were on her.

Please don’t cry, boys. Please don’t cry.

“Mommy,” one of them said. Kat quietly exited the room.

She saw a toy lying near the den. As she picked it up, Kat noticed something flickering in her peripheral vision.

Why is the fireplace lit? I didn’t do it.

Shivering, she rushed to the toy box and threw in the boat.

Around that time she also saw the gaping front door.

Holy… shit.

“Who’s in the house…?”

She started for the den.

Heart pounding, Kat gaped at the flame inside the hearth. She could not tear her eyes away.

Call Hunter. Call Dad. Call 911. Call SOMEBODY, YOU FUCKING IDIOT. What is wrong with you. Why are you just standing here staring at nothing?

You have children in the next room! Stop staring at yourself like a moron! You fucking idiot! Snap out of it!

An image in the mirror made her snap out of it.

“Hunter doesn’t want me.”

“Hunter used me. You’re the one he really wants. He told me so.”

Kat spun around. “Get out of my house!”

She scowled.

“As I was saying, you bitch, Hunter used me, he never loved me, he just used me. All male vampires know how to do is use females, use them up until they’re finished getting what they want. They fuck you, and fuck you, tear you up inside until you’re pregnant with their evil spawn; then they’re done. That’s what Hunter did to me.”

Kat’s eyes widened.

“Oh? Does that shock you? Yeah, male vampires love to fuck the female vampires. Why? Because they know they can cum inside us as many times as they want… if we get knocked up, we miscarry. They don’t give a shit.” She laughed. “It’s a win-win situation for them.” A tear surfaced but she slapped it away.

“Stop it! I don’t want to hear anymore!” Kat said.

“Why? Because it’s the truth?” She took a step forward.

“No. Don’t come near me.”

She didn’t listen. Kat’s mind went blank, except that she knew she was going to die.

The Dempire casually strolled forward, wrapped her fingers around Kat’s neck and lifted her up. Effortlessly.

Kat’s feet dangled close to the fire, but the heat around her neck was much more intense.

“Now he wants you back, you bitch. I won’t let him have you!”

Kat struggled until the fire inside her lungs gave way to blackness. Intermittently she came to. Snapshots played of the fierce Barbie with the golden eyes, long fingers, red nails scraping across her neck as if tenderizing her flesh.

“No. You can’t have him. I won’t let you, pretty one, with the pretty neck.”

A sharp, tearing sensation ripped apart her throat. Incredible pressure as lips suckled out everything inside her. More pain as she slumped to the floor.

Then more darkness.

*Hunter’s POV*

Night turned to dawn.

Somewhere around 5:30 a.m. Hunter tried to call.

There was no answer. He knew something was wrong. Alexis, his ex-girlfriend, had all but confessed doing something to her. She’d bragged about it over the phone, saying something about ‘giving Kat what she deserved, and paying back Hunter at the same time.’

It was getting late. The sun would be up soon, but he had to take that chance. He had to try to beat the sunrise to get to Kat, make sure she was okay.

Hunter’s skin stung from the sun as he steered the car through Shadowvale, and tore into the yard of his prior home.

He bolted from the sports car. Ignoring the singing heat and his sizzling arms, he raced into the house.

He frantically looked around for signs of Kat.

Christ. Where is she?

Then he observed the lit fireplace and smelled blood. Hunter headed for the den.

“Kat,” he said.

“No. Oh, no…” Jesus, she looks dead.

He pulled the cellular from his pocket and tapped 911, trying his best to keep it together.

Afterward, he knelt down next to her.

Held her. Blood seeped onto his fingers.

“God. Please be okay. Please, baby. I can’t lose you. I can’t live without you… I love you so much….”

Finally, he felt brave enough to palpate her neck for a pulse. Better to find out now than to find out later, he thought.

Sirens cried in the distance, along with two baby boys.

Hunter couldn’t leave with Kat. He stayed with the boys until sunset. Then Aubrey took over. A little later she took the boys to the Haas manor.

Kat’s mother was hysterical when she first arrived. Hunter had to comfort her before leaving to see Kat. Then Vaclav called. Hunter could tell by the sound of his voice that he was holding back his anger. Hunter knew Vaclav blamed him for Kat’s fatalistic injuries, and Hunter understood why.

Kat had to have a blood transfusion. She’d lost almost enough to kill her, and was still very weak.

All Hunter could focus on now was his seething anger.

I’m going to fucking kill that bitch Alexis. I swear to God.