Fifty-Three: The Gift

Contains a few POV switches.

“How could you do that to Daddy? How could you—”

“I don’t have to justify my actions to you! It was a mistake… I was lonely, and it was a stupid mistake. A really stupid mistake.”

“Yeah. Very, very stupid. A very dumb, ignorant and immature mistake.”

“Don’t push it, Kat.”

Aubrey got up and gazed out the window.

“You know, your father’s not perfect either.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said with a bit of reluctance.

The sun came up.

Hours later at the Haas residence, there came a knock at the door.

Vaclav reached out and pulled open the door.

He couldn’t believe who—or what was behind it.

Not only was she a Shadow, she was breathtakingly beautiful.

He couldn’t speak.

She barged inside. “I’m the new homeschooling teacher. The other one croaked last night.”

Croaked? Vaclav wondered.

“I thought all the Shadows were dead except for one,” he blurted.

“Well, apparently a few slipped through the cracks of Shadowvale society.”

“Yes. Apparently so.”

“Are you ready for your lessons Reznik?” she asked, her lips pouty and resembling rose buds.

“Oh, hell yeah.”

Vaclav mentioned the new Shadow’s presence to Aubrey. She was quite shocked to hear it.

But once Ashton Dallas was finished teaching Reznik for the night, Aubrey found the girl in the den crying.

Ashton sniffled.

“What’s wrong?” Aubrey asked.

“I just got off the phone from my mom,” she cried. “She kicked me out of the house… and I have nowhere to go. I—I don’t understand it! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

And here it comes…

“Can I stay here? Just for a little while? Vaclav gives me the creeps and everything, but I have nowhere to go.” Tears streamed down her face.

How could Aubrey say no?

“Of course you can stay. You can have the spare bedroom in the basement.”

“Oh, thank you so much! I promise you won’t regret it! I’ll even work extra hard to teach your kids!”


A few evenings later, Kat’s parents visited.

“I brought you something, Princess.”

He held a wrapped present.

Her eyes shifted to his. A warmth radiated from him and enveloped her in paternal love. It was as tangible as his gift, as tangible as his arms whenever they embraced her.

Daddy’s girl.

She tore off the paper.

But her smile evaporated. First she glanced at father and then at her mother.

Vaclav smiled and asked, “do you like it?”

It was an elaborate model of a carousel. Images flickered of the one in her dream.

“I love it. Thank you.”

She wound it up and placed it on the dresser.

The Impossible Dream chimed, filling the room with lovely music.

I think I just figured out what my talent is, she reflected.

Another night passed.

Immersed in a dream, Kat rolled over to her backside.

How could she have known she wasn’t alone?

He watched over her, and then slowly lowered…

His eyes burned like embers, their intensity like that of the sun’s.

“Wha—who are you?”

And then it dawned on her… oh, my God! It’s him! It’s the one from my dream!

He grasped her hands and lifted her from the bed. Quickly, they swooped outside into the night air.

“Oh, SHIT!” she screamed, kicking her legs.

The feeling of weightlessness was not pleasant. It was strange and terrifying.

“What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Who the hell are you?!”

“Just hold on tight, sweetheart. I wouldn’t want to drop you.”

“Oh, God!”

The earth rolled below her feet. Grassy hills changed to scattered trees.

Soon the landscape morphed into an area obscured by thick fog.

“Oh, my God… I think I’m going to pass out, or throw up.”

“Not now. We’re almost there.”

“Screw you! If I have to pass out, then I’m going to pass out!”

As it turned out, she didn’t pass out. Of all the luck. However, she did vomit all over the ground below. The substance flew like a missile.

The winged one carried her deep inside a crevice.

He nudged her down the walkway. A dark figure materialized from the surrounding shadows.

“Look what I found!”

“Are you insane? Take her back where she came from… this instant!”

“But I want to keep her!”

“Keep her? So you are insane.” He paused. “The Haas Clan cannot know about our existence yet. We must keep a low profile as long as possible.”

He looked down at something on the floor.

“This will erase all memory of what happened tonight.” He nudged the packet with his boot, and a small bit of powder trickled out.

“Come here, child. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you.”

She whimpered, her heart pumping a thousand beats a minute… or so it seemed.

And once again, he was another familiar face straight from her nightmares.

“Come. I told you I won’t harm you. I only want you to ingest something to erase your memory. Then your imbecile friend can fly you back home.”


She started toward him.

“She belongs to me. You have no right to take her away.”

“And you’re an imbecile. I don’t want to hear another word out of you again.”

“Take this,” he said handing her the pouch. “You will not remember what happened tonight, but you will be returned safely home… or wherever else you came from.” He shot a look at the other creature.

Hesitantly, she sprinkled the mysterious powder onto her tongue.

Then came blackness.

She woke up. She knew she’d dreamed heavily that night, but couldn’t remember anything about them.

Fog drifted into the room. Where was it coming from?

Kat looked around, confused.

Mist curled around her feet and rose to her knees.

Finally she saw the window, gaping in the middle. Cold air swept into the room and assaulted her skin with goose bumps.


😛  can you find Kat in this picture?

Quick note: Aubrey did NOT mention to Kat about Hunter having a bit of ‘wolf’ in him.

Also, the one who called the other vampire an ‘imbecile’ is Roy Dracon (thanks FriendlieLlama!! hehe) from chapter 49, the same one who ‘sired’ Vaclav 100 + + years ago. Obviously he’d decided to move to the U.S., lol.  The reasons why will be revealed later.

Here is Kat, if anyone wishes to download her:

Gah! I forgot to mention that Aubrey’s been having a bad hair day lately!   😆

28 Responses to “Fifty-Three…”

  1. Whoa whoa whoa, why and how does Kat belong to him? Not that I’m complaining. He is hot! I wonder what his intentions were, taking her from her bed and to some man cave.
    The Haas Clan must not know they exist yet? I sense trouble.

    The Shadow chick is cute. I don’t trust her!

    • LOL just like the other vampire said, the dude was an ‘imbecile’. He just likes Kat. 😛 But yeah, he IS hot. Hahaha, some ‘man cave’. XD
      Trouble indeed. >_> And you might be thinking it’s gonna be the same scenario as it was with the Shadows, but it won’t be. There will be some similarities, but a LOT of big differences!

      Really? You don’t trust her already? Hmmmm, maybe you have good instincts… 😀

      Thanks for commenting, Qui. ❤ ^^

  2. As Qui said – the Shadow chick gives me the chills, she’s up to something, though I’m not sure what yet lol. though, maybe she has something to do with Roy Dracon and his gang, maybe??

    Poor Kat waking up to someone as hot as that, only to be dragged off to some strange place. I wonder what he means when he said Kat belongs to him… Maybe he’s her other half, like Vaclav and Aubrey? Maybe he’s just insane, and has developed some sort of crush on her?

    I loled when he said “But I want to keep her!” I can just imagine him pouting and stomping his fot while he said it lol 😀

    • Hey Kim! LOL, she might be up to something… hard to tell though. 🙂 Hmmm, that’s a good point. I’d say more but I might give it away, with the way my big mouth is (for lack of better words XD).

      Ooooooh I hear ya. I’d like to wake up to that… sort of. He could be her other half, or just like her because he’s a perv 😛 but that doesn’t mean she’ll end up with him. Insane would be a good word to describe him!

      Hahahaha, I agree! He seems a little on the immature side, eh? XD


  3. hmmmmmmm i dont trust the shadow clan girl one bit at all. it seems abit too convenient that her mum kicked her out while she was at aubrey and v’s place. what is going on with kat? why is the weird winged guy so interested in her? i can’t wait for next weeks chapter! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • You and everyone else! LOL! You never know, though. She may turn out to be OK after all. >_> I know that Rez likes her. XD
      LOL at the convenience factor. Very observant indeed. <_< but like I said, she might just turn out be a good girl.

      That weird winged dude has the hawts for Kat. XD Probably better that way, otherwise he might want to hurt her. O.O

      Aww thanks!! <333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • hmmm interesting, the weird winged guy might want to hurt kat if he didn’t have a crush on her? is that a hint i sense? lol. i really can’t wait for the next chapter! oh btw the scene where kat is being carried was really well done! good work 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Well not sure if it’s a hint, just that they’re kind of a bad ‘breed’ of vampires.

        LOL you guys on here keep trying to trick me into giving away spoilers!! 😛

        AWWW thank you so much Carlie!! Yeah I worked hard on it, but the Debug Enabler really helped. Otherwise I would’ve had to figure a different way to get them up in the air like that!

        Thanks again!! ^.^ <33333333333333333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        PS I also used that pose box for their poses. I’ll give credit to that in the next chapter!

  4. Ooooh.
    What are those..things?!
    Kat is really pretty! Will definitely been downloading her:D
    And WOW.
    I saw the new blog stats thing –

    • haha, you shall find out in a later chapter! They might be called… *SPOILER* dempires (demon + vampire). Perhaps the ones Roy Dracon sired have evolved into this new weird creature… >.> 😛 well, actually Roy himself has evolved too (obviously lol).

      Yup, Kat looks like Aubrey. I think her face is slightly too round, but yeah she’s still pretty. ^^ Aww, thanks for downloading her! This time I checked to make sure there wasn’t any weird CC attached to her, so it should be all good.

      Aww, thank you Emma. I started promoting some on TSS (the Simmers Society) and they’re so nice there. I hadn’t promoted the blog since last year. I noticed I was losing some viewers, and if there’s one thing I can’t stand (because I’m selfish and greedy, lol) is losing readers. Likely it’s just people people are busy at this time, but… I’m weird. XD

      Anyhow, those views from TSS are really helping the stats. O.O

      Thanks again, Emma. You’re really sweet!! 🙂

      <333 xxxxxxxxx

  5. Hmmmm… weird that the Haas clan wouldn’t know whatever the hell kind of creepers those guys were lol, but very interesting :)! What a creeper though just randomly picking her up and flying away. And then instantly returning her. Still, if V. doesn’t know who those people are, then I wonder how bad they must be. Maybe they’re going to try to us Kat’s powers or something?

    I like the Shadow girl even if she is emotionally unstable lol. She seems sorta nice even if she does randomly ask to stay in a stranger’s home (Especially the one of the leader of the clan that killed a lot of her clan members lol). She could be trouble on second thought. Great chapter 😀

    • Hi Mike! LOL. Well, they don’t know what they are atm, but they’ll soon figure it out. It’s really not that complicated or anything, *SPOILER* they’re just vampires who’ve evolved into the weird things they are now. Remember how Roy Dracon sprouted those bat wings in chapter 49? He went to Shadowvale sometime after that, because he was lonesome for vampiric company. XD Then he began turning people into vampires… and they developed HIS characteristics (wings, horns, eyes).

      Bwahhahaha, yes that dude is a creeper. LOL the way you ‘said’ that was so funny (What a creeper though just randomly picking her up and flying away)!

      As for those people being ‘bad’, they *are* bad, but… it’s not really going to be the same scenario as it was with the Shadows. Not really. That’s all I can say. That would be an excellent idea for them to use Kat’s powers, but no they’re not going to do that.

      Finally! You can see through her ‘tough’ exterior to realize she’s nice! Well what can I say, that was a looong time ago that V killed most of her clan members! XD Well, not that long.

      Thanks Mike!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. That carousel and the dream *shivers* Creepy…
    That was random, the person taking her away for no reason then just taking her back again lol

    • Yay, glad you thought it was creepy! I tried to make it seem creepy! 😀

      Very random. XD 😛 Maybe he thought Roy would let him keep her. O.o

      <333 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. From now on i love Reznik xD

  8. Hmmm… this chapter poses tons of questions. Who is the new person, and why is Kat “his”.
    What will their existence mean to the Haas clan? How far into the future will Kat be able to see?
    What happened to Reznik’s former teacher? Although, he does seem to have gotten over her quickly.
    Interesting turn of events. I look forward to seeing where they go.

    • True, it does leave a lot of questions. Gradually it’ll all be answered, though.^^ As for Kat’s ‘gift’, so far she’s only been seeing a few days into the future XD. I might keep it like that too, not make it too powerful because I don’t want her dreams to give too much info away in the story!
      LOL don’t worry, Tia WILL be back in the story! I haven’t forgotten about her OR her role in Rez’s life. She’ll be back in the story in a few more chapters. LOL Rez’s hormones are going batshit, he thinks he loves every woman he sees! O_O

      Thanks Cinnamon! I know there was a lot of random stuff going on in this chapter, but I promise the next one will be better (and LESS random, lol).

      <333 ^_^

      • Lol, well I HOPE you answer them. It would be terrible to keep us all hanging 😉
        YAY Tia. Well if Rez’s hormones are going batshit crazy right now, wait until he has TWO cute witches around him.

      • Oh yeah, I’ll answer them! No worries there. 😛 lol I try not to keep y’all hanging, although I think sometimes I have a habit of not explaining quite enough!

        LOL… >_> indeed. Tricky, tricky, Cinnamon trying to get me to reveal more hints concerning Rez and Tia and Ash… hehe. XD

        ❤ 😀 xxx

      • Hey sometimes, cliff hangers are nice. Keeps us on our toes and anxiously awaiting more.
        Damn, she’s on to me 😉 No, not trying to get you to reveal anything, more like… pondering out loud… errr… pondering in type?
        ^_^ ❤ xoxo

      • I have to agree with that! I love cliff hangers. Well sometimes when they do those on TV shows, I hate them. XD But like you said, they’re good too because you keep you on your toes 😀

        Oh, I know. I’m just joking 😛 hehe. I’m just so bad about giving away stuff, it’s crazy. O.o Just don’t worry about Rez and his… lovelies. :p

        ^.^ <333 xxxxx oooo ♥ <<< I know, me and all my crazy little symbols! 😆

  9. O.O
    That is all.
    Oh and you’re welcome 😀

  10. Yikes, that’s scary for Kat! Some weird creature just kidnaps her in the middle of the night, yikes! I wonder what kind of creatures they are…they look like succubi. Male versions that is, which would be a twist. 😀 I think Reznik likes his new teacher, but I wonder if she has something up her sleeve since she’s a Shadow who somehow managed to slip through the cracks. I also think Reznik has a rush on her. 😀 Next chapter!

    • I hear ya! That’s not good at all, and yikes indeed! succubi? Interesting. But you’ll find out what they are soon! And yeah, that would be a cool twist!
      I think you might be right about Rez. You might also be right about the new teacher.


  11. “Screw you! If I have to pass out, then I’m going to pass out!” hahaha! love it!

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