One Hundred and Eighteen…

One Hundred and Eighteen: Haunted by Shadows

Reminder: the hybrids in my story can freely go out in sunlight. Full vampires cannot.

“I’m sorry, Lauren. I don’t know why I called out Aubrey’s name.”

“Yes you do! You know exactly why! You’re still in love with her,” she wailed.

“No I’m not…”

“Then tell me why. Why did you call out her name? It’s been over fifteen years since she died!”

“Okay, I admit that I still think about her sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I no longer love you. I do love you. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be together.”

“I know you love me. It just hurt so bad when you said her name, and of all times while we were making love.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. Again, I’m sorry.” His arms edged around her.

She pushed him away. “No. I’m not ready for that.”

“Yes you are.” Vaclav clutched her wrists until she submitted. “I said I was sorry. I don’t know what else you want me to say or do. I love you.”

She allowed his arms to slip around her. “There’s nothing else you can say. Just don’t mention her name again. Please.”

“I don’t know if that’s possible,” he said. “But I’ll do my best. You have no reason to be jealous of the dead.”

Are you sure? she wanted to ask.

Seventeen-year-old twins Justin and Tristan were involved in a conversation.

“I’m going to ask Dad to start giving me injections of the lycan antidote,” Tristan declared. “I wanna have more control over when I shift.”

“You’ll have more control if I steal the skull from Cody.”

“I said no. I don’t want the skull.”

“You always were a pussy,” Justin said.

“Stop calling me that. I’m not a pussy because I refuse to be like you, and screw over our family. You’re a douche.”

“I don’t consider this screwing over our family. And if you call me a douche again, I’ll fuck you up. Pussy.”

“Go fuck yourself, douche,” Tristan muttered.

“What did you say?”

The bedroom door flew open.

“Boys!” Kat said. “Stop fighting! That’s all you do anymore. I’m tired of hearing it.”

“Sorry Mom,” Tristan replied.

“Pussy,” Justin said. Tristan clocked him.


A few weeks later, Cody Haas left Shadowvale to spend a week up in Oklahoma.

He left to get his mind off Carla’s death. Tried not to feel guilty about it, even though he was the one who killed her. And their unborn child.

Another reason he left was to find prey for Brent.

Brent paid him this time. He seemed pretty desperate since Mila had escaped.

No. If you hadn’t paid me, I wouldn’t be doing this.

So Cody staked out the local high school. He figured there should be at least ONE virgin amongst the hundreds of students.

He sat and watched some cheerleaders practice their moves.

Am I creeper? he asked himself. Nah.

Wowza. I’ve never seen so many hot girls in one spot before.

What are the chances that any of them is a virgin? Cody chuckled.

Mmm. Yeah girls. Do those splits.

He salivated over the blonde one on the far left.

Could she be a virgin?

After practice, the girls chattered as they headed into the school.

Two of them got into a photo booth thingy.

“Now this time don’t make a goofy face!” the blonde one said. “I wanna get some pictures where we look serious… and fabulous.”

Cody sneaked over and listened to their conversation.

“What are you doing this weekend?”

“I have to finish studying for that shitty Biology test. I hate Biology. I should’ve taken something easier.”

“You’re not going out with what’s-his-name?”

“You mean Ethan? No. We broke up last night. He was being a dick.”

“Really? Speaking of which… I just got some amazing dick last night.”

Well one of them isn’t a virgin, Cody thought. Annoyed and bored, he tuned out the remaining dialogue.

The blonde exited, took the picture sheet from the dispenser.

“I’m gonna stay in here and get some crazy shots,” the other girl said.

“Fine. I’ll see you after school,” the blonde said. Cody recognized her voice. She was the one who was not a virgin.

He’d take his chances with the other girl…

“Let’s see… should I stick out my tongue or raise up my skirt and bend over?”

“Raise up your skirt and bend over,” Cody said. She jumped.

“Don’t move. Don’t scream. Come with me and do everything I say, and I won’t hurt you.”

She whimpered, nodded.

So far she cooperated.

They stepped out of the booth, and Cody fetched the pictures.

“Hmm. Not bad, even though my hand’s covering your mouth.” He folded up the photo sheet and crammed it in his pocket.

“What are you going to do with me? Please don’t hurt me.”

“I told you I won’t hurt you. Just do what I tell you.”


About eight hours and 500 miles later, Cody arrived in Shadowvale.

During the drive he found out the girl’s name and age. Paris Monroe, age 18.

He tried to fish for information to figure out if she was a virgin. No luck.

Most of the time he tried to drown out her whining and crying by listening to loud music. She was very annoying.

Brent would have lots of fun with her.

First he stopped by his apartment to check on Esha (the dog) and the magic skull.

But there was something horribly wrong…

“Sit on the bed,” Cody told her. “I have to check the bathroom for something.”

“Shit!” he said.

“Gone! Fucking gone!”

“The skull… the witch… fucking GONE!”

Cody took Paris with him to Brent’s lair.

Yes. He suspected Brent had something to do with the missing bitch and skull.

“Stay right here while I look for someone. Don’t go anywhere or I’ll hunt you down and kill you.”


He halted. “No way. You gotta be shittin’ me.”

Was he seeing things? Was that really Brent, with his hand draped over his baby sister?


“GET THE FUCK OFF HER.” Cody yanked Brent from the bed.

“What the—”

“She’s only fifteen years old, ya sick mother fucker!” Cody punched him.

Unfazed, Brent only stared at him. A crimson shiner burgeoned around his eye.

“What the fuck are you doing with my sister?”

“So sorry big brother. But she loves me.” Brent grinned.

“You make me sick.” Cody sharply exhaled, trying to keep his rage in check. “I want to know… did you take the skull and let the witch go? Is that the reason why you paid me to get another girl? To get me out of my apartment?”

“Now why would I do that?” Brent laughed.

Cody nailed him again.

Brent fell back. He was only stunned for a moment.

“Cody please stop,” Azura said.

Sarcastically, Brent waved good-bye to Cody.

Then he moseyed over to Azura.

His arms wrapped around her.

“We’re in looove.” Brent smirked. “Tell big brother, baby girl.”

“It’s true. I love Brent.”

“I don’t know what’s going to become of you, Azura.”

She smiled. “Maybe not. But I already know what you’ve become, dear brother.”

“Let’s get out of here,” Cody said to Paris minutes afterward. “I’m not giving you to Brent.”

He felt utterly, completely disgusted.

Instead of going to his apartment, Cody drove to his mother’s house. Since Esha knew where he lived, he knew he’d be safer there. At least for a while.

“You can sleep in here,” he said.

“Why? Why won’t you just let me go home?”

Cody turned around to face her. He swiped the sunglasses from his face.

Paris recoiled.

This. This is why you can’t go home. You’ll tell someone about us.”

“Oh… my God. What—are you?”

“Welcome to Shadowvale. We are vampires. Home of the undead, both full-blooded and hybrids.”

* * * *

Note: the cheerleader’s uniforms were based on Glee. No, I couldn’t find any others and I wasn’t sure if there were some already in the actual game. << cheerleader poses


One more note: Paris looks like Mila, but seriously they aren’t the same sim. That particular skin tone makes all my female sims look similar. I actually used Lila from my Riverview story to play Paris, although I tweaked her nose and lips, and gave her the cc skin.

Thank y’all for reading as always.

And credit for the sleeping poses: