*Sinfully Bloodlust*

For those of you over 18 and who like erotic content, I’ve created a separate blog for XXX-rated Bloodlust content.


For the love of Jeebus, please do not click if you’re under 18. This is just for the adult readers who enjoy reading erotica. There will be extremely graphic Sims 3 pics posted as well.



If you need something else to read (that’s my stories) then click on the page ‘My Stories’. Thanks! 😀


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  1. All I can say is “Oh shit!”
    I can’t wait for more!
    I am so inspired! You inspired me to out with the sex scene as it is so…guess whose thinking of doing a few stories now? lol

    • XD isn’t it fun to write raunchy stuff like that? 😛 hehe, I’m glad I inspired you! I don’t blame you though, like I said it’s so much fun writing that stuff… I wonder why that is? >_>

      btw only a couple years ago I couldn’t even write the word ‘sex’. Seriously, I couldn’t. Now I’m a monster when it comes to writing erotic stuff. 😛 Go figure. I guess like anything, it’s just something you get used to! 😀

      edit: thanks for following the new blog, Qui! <333

  2. lol a few years ago I couldn’t even sit through a conversation about sex and now I find myself questioning if I should include it in my writing but hey, go big or go home right?
    It is fun! I think it has something to do with the low number of people bold enough to do it! Definitely considering it!
    No prob! Thank you for giving me something else to read! 😀

    Sending a few readers your way 🙂

    • haha, you too?
      Yeah, it makes you feel really uncomfortable and weird at first, especially if you’re debating on using it in a Sims story. It just seems… weird, and the characters are pixelated, so that makes it weirder and you’re afraid of how it looks or whatever. But it’s something you get accustomed to after a while. 🙂 and yeah, that’s a great way of putting it: ‘go big or go home’, lol. XD Seriously, just do it. It’ll be worth it in the end. Of course, you’ll always get one or two who don’t like it, but most will I think.

      True, there aren’t that many willing to go out on a limb and I don’t blame them. 😛 Took me forever to get the balls to do this separate blog, and I still feel leery about it.

      Aw, well thank you! ^.^ I’ll try to update whenever I can, but that’s another issue. I have kids and my computer is in the middle of the living room and it’s hard to find privacy to edit pics, etc.! LOL

      Aww! Thank you Qui! You’re fantastic!!! <333333 *cries from happiness because everyone on here is amazing* lol, sorry for that bit of cheese…

      EDIT: haha, I believe Hunter is your fave character, so how did you like his pic? 😛 mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. I just might do it!
    I understand what you mean by it seems weird because we ask the same questions that those that end up not liking it ask, “just why?” and it’s like I said, either go big or go home and a better question, “why not?” To me, it’s better to be know for testing the waters than to be one who prefers to just sit on the bank and wish.

    Oh I understand about editing! My 5 year old likes to sit next to me while I’m trying to write so he calls out letters I’m typing and asks what it spells! >_<

    Hunter…*drools* I was in need of a cold shower! Aubrey has to really REALLY be in love with Vaclav cause I wouldn't be able to fight the thoughts off!

    • LOL, with me, my chapters kept getting dirtier and dirtier. Like, I used to think the scene in chapter 4 was pretty bad. Now it’s like nothing. XD As long as you know your readers (most of them) like that stuff, I’d do it if I were you! 😛 That’s a great way of putting it, ‘better to be known for testing the waters than one who just sits on the bank and wishes’. It’s not like we’d be the first to do this anyhow, a lot of people have done this on the Sims 2, especially on the Sexy Sims site in the stories section. It seems really weird to go out on a limb, but at least you know you aren’t really the first to do it. So that helps! 😀

      haha, that’s funny about your son! But I know what you mean about that too. Just not enough privacy, and sometimes it really bugs me. The other day when I was working on the raunchy website, I unplugged the laptop and carried it upstairs to the bedroom because I couldn’t take it anymore. I get so paranoid about it, even if it’s my husband in the room! I don’t want him to see what I’m doing either, and he can be nosy! Seriously! 😛 Then I felt bad because I thought I’d hurt his feelings! Sometimes it sucks getting so wrapped up in stories. I feel like that psycho writer from The Shining. XD I hate interruptions, and feeling like people are watching what I’m doing, lol!

      Rambling on……. as always.

      I hear you about Hunter. I didn’t bother to take a cold shower… >.> Well, Aubrey won’t be fighting those thoughts off soon, at least not on the naughty site, haha.

  4. *Rubs hand* Oh yeah, bring it on! Lucky Aubrey!

    Oh my God I know what you mean! I stop writing when my son comes near me or if I have company, I close it out to avoid questions! I have to edit shots late at night when the nosey boy child is sleep because asks 21 questions! lol
    You’re right, I’ve seen some on Insimadult and thought those people were bold to do it but once I read Bloodlust, I started thinking why the hell not?! lol
    LOL@ psycho writer! I hate interruptions too so you know you’re not alone now!

    • LOL, you’re up pretty late (well sort of. Depends where you live, huh?) so funny! I thought about doing a dirty chapter tonight with Hutner and Aubrey, because everyone is in bed right now and I have 100% privacy! Yaay!!! Not sure if I’ll have time though… 😦 but I should at least have time to do some pics! lol

      Well if I’m working on something pretty bad, I close out the page and pretend I’m surfing on Google! ROFL!! The other morning I shut the freakin’ laptop! (my daughter stopped playing her vid game and was circling around the room and I panicked! That’s when I was working on a particular picture) XD I think we need our own offices! lol, the only bad thing about that is I’d probably never come out haha. I think that’s why my sleeping schedule gets so effed up, because I’m like you and have to wait till really late to edit shots, etc. so I sleep during the day. But thankfully that’s only when I’m working on something particularly raunchy!

      I don’t think I’ve hard of that site, but now I’m curious! I want to check that out! @.@ just do it, I’m sure people will like it, or you could just do like me and create a seperate blog if you’re nervous about it, and just invite the people to it who you know like that stuff. 🙂

      I’m glad that I’m not alone, LOL. It does make me feel better! With me, I really get ticked off if I’m almost finished with a chapter, and then get interrupted!

  5. I’m always up late! If I’m not editing pics I’m working on one of my many Criminal Justice papers which put me to sleep most of the time! I’m in Maryland so it’s almost 1:30 a.m. and of course, I’m doing something story related.
    I’m going to work on something this weekend 😀 so excited!
    I found that site when looking for tattooed skins for TS2 and the stories on there are pretty interesting. HEAVY on the details!

    Ohhhh Hunter! I should go to sleep right now so I can dream about him! I am determined to figure out what it is about his that draws me in. Might be the dark hair. Might be the everything lol!
    Kids have radar! They always seem to know when you need space because that’s when they invade it! LOL@ your daughter circling the room! That is too funny! I can imagine my son doing that! Circling trying to catch small a small glimpse every time he moves pass me!
    I’m with you cause I even hate when the phone rings while I’m writing!

    • LOL. I actually got a little tired tonight, but my ass is STILL up! I think I’m addicted to the internet! Criminal Justice? Is that your line of work? Or college? lol, I’m dense! 😛 Right now it’s after 4 my time. Ugh, it goes so fast.

      Yay! Good luck, I bet a lot of readers will love it! I can’t wait to read what you write too! 😀

      haha, the heavier on the details, the better. And I love tats on sims, they’re beyond sexy (like real life tats on guys. Of course, my first hubby had some tats but he was a horrible prick, so….XD )

      LOL, I totally knew you loved Hunter from the get-go. Like I said, it’s even smexier that he’s a shape shifter! And dangerous because of that! Well for me, it’s everything about him, and I usually don’t go ga-ga over the dark-haired ones.

      Dang, you got that right! Seriously!! It’s like whenever you’re working on the smuttiest chapter, that’s when they like to ‘roam’ around or something! Like I said, my hubby is even worse. He’ll look at what I’m doing just to annoy me! XD So funny, and funny about your son too! Kids are curious, lol. As for the phone ringing, just do like me and not answer it; or rather turn off the ringer! haha I’m so bad… ❤

  6. Criminal Justice is what I’m in school for.
    Yeah I feel in love with Hunter right away! I can’t even lie about that! lol I just can’t help myself! That whole wolf thing is a HUGE turn on!
    Yes! Tattoos are a weakness for me too!
    OMG I started working on something M rated and my older sister came over and kept trying to read it! I just closed it out and shut down my laptop! I don’t know I stress over it like I’m under 18, or under 21 for that matter but it’s annoying!
    I wish I could get away with not answering the phone! These people would just keep calling!

    • Ah, that makes sense. Sounds like an interesting career choice. 🙂
      haha, I figured as much. I know, the wolf thing is FTW. 😛 Plus he’s hot!
      I know, tats are so yummmmmmmmmy, lol. In fact, I dowloaded a wolf tattoo for Hunter yesterday, but unfortunately I think it messed up the game so I removed it. 😦 it was going glitchy and slow for some reason, but ok now that I removed that tattoo! go figure. I got it from MTS, also, not from TSR. *shrugs*

      Oh no! I think adults are every bit as nosey as kids are! That right there just proves it! Sounds like something my hubby would do… grrr. XD haha, I’ve done that before, closed up my laptop! rofl! It’s so annoying because then you have to start the damn thing up again! And if you worked on something and didn’t save yet,then you’re shit out of luck! 😡 lol, let’s just say I’m way over 21 and I stress over it like crazy! Yes it’s VERY annoying. Sometimes I really wish for an office!
      I can understand that. LOL, I never did like talking on the phone, not even as a teen. I was always weird like that. O.o

  7. Awww the wolf tatt would have been super hot!
    Yes, Hunter is just…I wouldn’t be able to choose between Hunter and Vaclav because of Vaclav’s eyes and that accent! I swear I can hear it every time he talks! *melts*
    Adults are more than kids! They have millions of questions and then accusations, and assume they know everything about what you’re doing and blah blah blah! My sister is the main one calling and interrupting me!
    God I hate when you have to close it and after you do you realize you didn’t save it! *Smacks forehead* I’ve done that soooooooo many times that it’s unreal! Funny but unreal! An office would be great! For not I just make sure my back is against the wall and away from eyes! lol

    • Yeah, it was pretty hot. I assume that’s what messed up my game, but who knows? I only know it was fine before that. :/
      Yeah, they’re both pretty studly, lol. I’d just want both. 😀 And at the same time. XD
      I hear ya! Adults really are worse. LOL, that would be so annoying, your sister doing that! If I were you, I’d unplug the laptop and go into the nearest room with a lock on it! haha, like I said that’s what I did the other day.
      IKR. I hate that! A few times I’d worked on a chapter of Bloodlust, and the internet would go out before I could save it. That drove me nuts! O.o Grrr, sometimes my internet acts crappy.
      haha, that’s a good idea. I’ve thought about re-arranging the area that I work in… >_> probably wouldn’t make a difference though. 😦

  8. At the same time! I hear that! A sexy sandwich! lol
    A lot of the time I will take my laptop into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the tub and write but then my son will keep knocking asking if I’m ok or if he can come in lol. Late nights are the best time to work though.
    You never know. Try re-arranging. You might get a little more privacy.

    • Ack, sorry I missed your latest comment!
      Ah, a sexy sandwich! That’s an excellent way of putting it, Qui. *displays another huge shit-eating grin* hahahahahaha. Wow, I have such a dirty mind (although glad I’m not the only one around here)!
      Well, typing in the bathroom is better than worrying about your privacy being invaded! Sometimes a person gets desperate, lol. haha about your son! He really sounds like a handful! Kids are so cute though. 🙂 Yep, late nights are the best for me as well, which I probably already told you that. I have a little habit of repeating myself… I finally straightened up my schedule (for now at least) and it’s actually nice sleeping at night. Then I get up in the morning and can work on stuff while the kids are still sleeping. ^.^

      I’ve certainly thought about doing that. 🙂 It’s ok right now though, thankfully. btw I also finally finished Big Bad Wolf!! 😛

  9. You’re telling me! I’m glad to have found another dirty mind! I’m also looking to create more dirty minds :D.
    Great! Good sleep helps a lot! If I was getting it I wouldn’t have writers block so much!
    I am going to follow behind you and do the x-rated stories. For sure! Not sure if I’m going to put it on my short stories blog or make one that’s invite only. I don’t know. I like the idea of anyone being able to read it. Hell if your story wasn’t open I would have missed out on this amazing plot that keeps thickening!

    BBW? YES!!!!!! Look forward to a drool covered comment! lol

    • sorry I missed these two comments! It’s just because I didn’t check the site last night after a certain time. Then I slept in today. LOL, I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you! Obviously I get paranoid about stuff like that. D:
      rofl, you’re looking to create more dirty minds! I think I’ve created enough! I can’t believe when I first started out writing sims 3 stories, they were so… innocent. It’s weird. I used to describe having sex as woo-hoo, just like in the game!!! How freakish is THAT?!
      Yeah, I’m glad to be on a better schedule. I slept kinda late today though… 😛 Hey, well let me know whenever you do one! I want to read it! 😀 I thought about making my seperate blog invite only too, but then thought it’d be easier just to do it the regular way. But I don’t blame you, ‘invite only’ is a great option if you’re like me and leery about it. Aww, well thank you Qui. You’re an amazing writer for sure. I mean, seriously my jaw dropped when I read that prologue you had in poetic format, it was amazing. I’ve seen excerpts of novels like that, and yours was better! No lie. I don’t know how in the hell you did that, lol. @.@

      haha, well I hope you liked it! Now I’ll read/reply to your next comment!!

      EEK, me and my novel-length replies……….

  10. Since I can’t comment there… double comment spam 😀

    OMG THAT WAS HOT BEYOND HOT! It’s official, it’s no longer a crush for me! Even though he is a great guy, that persona fits him perfectly! The nice ones are the ones to watch out for! Thy’ll have you climbing the walls! GOD THAT WAS FUCKING HOT! The end shocked me! I’d like to have a dream like that! With him in it!!

    You did a great job! BBW part II?
    Biggest fan!

    • LOL! XD I figured you’d like that!! To be honest, I was kinda worried about it, because it was the raunchiest EVA… especially that one picture, I’m sure you know the one I mean. >_> haha, good point about the nice ones to watch out for! Hunter is challenging stereotypical nice guys everywhere, bucking the trend (bucking, teehee). XD Shit, you and me both would LOVE to have a dream like that. I almost had one the other day… but just kissing. boo.
      LOL, BBW part II! hell it took forever just to do that one! But don’t worry, I’ll try! 😀
      Aw, thanks Qui! <33333333333333333 ^.^

  11. Thank you! I don’t know how I did it either since I’m no good at poetry! It just came to me.
    I also forgot to mention how my son kept trying to see the screen as I was reading BBW LOL! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake those images and the thoughts! NEVER EVER *fans self* The fact that you went with it anyway just shows who you are as a writer! Bold! Which I admire and inspire to work my way up to that point like, right now!
    As long as there is more Hunter, I’m content! You’re very welcome.
    No pressure but you know you’ll have to do something for th Jakub fans, eventually?

    • Aw, you’re welcome! *eyes pop out* you’re ‘no good’ at poetry?!!! Seriously???! If I tried something like that it would be like: Vaclav stepped on a cat, the cat went splat, Aubrey walked into the room, a witch flew off on a broom! XD or something else horrible like that. 😆 It wouldn’t be like yours, where it actually makes sense, AND rhymes!! It was awesome, what you wrote! Oh no! That poor kid will be blinded forever if he saw anything! haha. Curious kids and curious adults. XD well I’m glad you liked BBW! I liked writing it, but it was a little difficult sometimes, I kept on trying to think up different words for ‘thrust’ and ‘climax’, rofl. *Displays third huge shit-eating grin*.
      Well, I think you tend to grow into getting bolder. Or something like that, 😛 I always find myself pushing the envelope for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve written since a little kid, and I was bold then too, because I’d watch horror movies and draw these awful pictures and write scary stories! I’m surprised my parents didn’t take me to a shrink. O.o
      Aww, well thanks again. I still get leery though, obviously. I’m just glad no one has called me out on my perversions (yet). LOL.
      Hunter shall be in the main story forever, and I’ll do more ‘chapters’ about him on the naughty site too.
      Hmm, I never really thought about Jakub. But I should, shouldn’t I? After all, he belongs in the trio of hotness as well. 🙂
      Indeed, I shall. That will be the next one! (even though he’s dead in the main BL storyline!)

  12. I already have an idea about Jakub! You remember that chapter where he pretended to be Vaclav?! hehe!!!!!


  13. YES! Jakub was a sexy jerk off but I can’t wait!
    If anyone calls you out for your perversion, I’mm be there to back you up and still read it! We all have them so why get mad at someone bold enough to write about something that happens ever day? They’d have to call me out too!
    LMAO@ the poem! I wish I’d been a writer as long as you! Maybe now I’d be more confident. I’ve been writing for a year. One whole year so I’m still learning to step outside of the box.
    Nosey boy child over my shoulder as we speak lol.

    • LOL! I’ll have to start on chap 42 of BL before doing Jakub’s chapter! But I’ll have it up asap!
      Aww, thanks! ^.^ I think I’m just paranoid because there’s like some dude on the forums who’s obsessed with woo-hoo and his female sims and he got harassed by people on a site once. They posted about it on The Mare’s Nest, so I think that’s why I get so leery. But thanks again, Qui. 🙂
      haha, yeah my poem was so bad it was funny. XD But yours was awesome! Yeah, that could be part of it, I never really thought about it until now. I used to make these little books and everything. One time some woman offered to help me get one published, but I didn’t want to. I was too embarrassed, and way back then I was afraid that the kids in school would make fun of me because of it! I didn’t realize that they were just jealous. I was only 10 at the time.
      Well, if people leave me alone about writing X-rated stuff, I’m sure they’ll leave you alone! ^^ hahaha, he sounds like a cutie. 🙂

      edit: Sorry to give you my life story! 😛

  14. Hi there. I just spent the entire day reading your blog! It was and is amazing! Loved the drama, the hilarity, the vampires… the only thing I found tedious was the lack of page navigation, but since you posted pages and not regular posts…it couldn’t be helped. BUT that didn’t stop me from reading your story! I’m am hooked! Thank you for the entertainment! -Jed

    • Hey there, Jed! Thank you so much, really glad you like the story so far! As far as the page navigation, is it partly because the right column is so cluttered with stuff? I mean aside from the list of chapters? I know I have a lot listed there… lol. I never thought about using the post option to make my chapters. I know most (if not all) people use posts. I’m weird, lol. Sorry it was a slight pain to navigate though. Maybe it’s just something to get used to.

      I’m glad you’re hooked. I love getting new readers (I sound like an attention whore >.<). Anyhow, thanks again!!

      <3333 😀

  15. I love your stories i’m always trying to find well written sims stories and yours are the best by far. Can’t wait for the next chapter of bloodlust! I’m offically obsessed with your stories!

    • Awwwwwww thank you so much Amanda!! 😀 ^_^ Seriously I appreciate the wonderful, kind compliments! *blushes* it’s very humbling… it’s also a coincidence because I’ve used your name in my new story Platinum. O_O You’d have to read it to see what I mean… 😛

      Thank you again! *hugs*

  16. So I have just spent the past 3 nights reading all of your stories. My husband has been side eyeing me because I’ll gasp or laugh at something going on in the story and he’s wondering what has my attention. I can’t wait to read more of Bloodlust and any other sim stories you come out with. You are such a great writer and I am officially hooked on your work!

    • hi there 😀 Wow, yay! All of them?? Thank you so much!! I always love getting comments like this! 😛 Seriously, thank you so much. Comments like this really make me feel good, and really gives me the momentum to keep going (besides the fact that I LOVE doing sim stories). ❤

      *blushes and cries with joy* << not to sound cheesy, but wow, your comment was one of the best I'd ever received…

  17. Yay I found a place I can comment! I’m loving this story more and more, congratulations on over 100 chapters and they just keep coming! So exciting! I was sad to see one of the main characters die (poor Aubrey!), and Louis is quite the mystery! I look forward to finding out what happens next! But now I have to see these adult pics…I’m a perv too. hahaha

    • Hi Tenderwolf! Great to ‘see’ you again. 🙂 haha, yeah I disabled the comments on chapters way back in January, or something like that. Used to like getting them, but they got to be too stressful. >_> I don’t mind getting comments once in a while, though.

      Aww, thank you TW. Glad you still enjoy the story! Pretty crazy how I can’t stop writing this… I get tired of it sometimes, but then get right back into it. 0_o

      Yeah, for some reason I’d decided to shake up the story by having that plot about Aubrey. But now that same plot will come in handy soon, as I’m doing the newest generation (if that makes sense. You’ll understand once you see chapter 107). I think you’ll like the new storylines I have for Bloodlust, after the major flash forward. I’ve already had Louis/Lucifer grow up in my game, and WOW is he a hottie as a YA. 😛

      mmm, adult pics. Hahahaha! Can’t wait to make more of those. Since I’m on the new generation, right now most of the main characters are under 17, so I have to wait to show them nude. LOL However, I have something else in store for Vaclav… hehe.

      Nothing wrong with being a perv! Keeps one young n’ happy….

  18. Blast my slow replies! 😀 *tells post to email me* I look forward to seeing the next generation! Louis as a YA, I can imagine those sex scenes. :p I wonder if we’ll find out more about him and why Aubrey didn’t miscarry him. That’s a mystery…*calls Kenzie in* :p Something new for Vaclav? I’m guessing that’s Lauren, and I suspected that – she looks a lot like Aubrey, so pretty!!! Maybe Reznik better stick with guys…he can’t get them pregnant and then leave them. hahaha Can’t wait to read more!

    • lol it’s no problem! I get slow about replying too (lot of people know about that). I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next generation! I’m actually on 112, and I really need to release two chapters next week or something. I promised I would anyhow (on my Plat. blog). Seriously, I can’t wait until he ages up. It’ll still be a little while yet until he does. 😦 I think I’ll age him to a YA as soon as he turns 17 in the story. *snicker* Oh, and his signif. other will be 18 (that kinda sounds like Rez’s storyline with Ashton, but I promise this one will be a lot different. Only the ages are similar). Louis might find out a little bit more, but Aubrey not miscarrying him might remain a mystery, lol. Haha @ *calling in Kenzie*! 😆

      Heck, I don’t remember what I was referring to when I said I ‘had something in store for Vaclav’, unless it’s this one new storyline I’ve been working on. *zips lip*

      Yeah Lauren is pretty! Think I made her jawline a little too wide, but heck. Characters shouldn’t always look perfect anyhow (unless they’re the males haha). As for Rez, you’re right. He really needs to stick with guys. 😯

      Thanks so much TW!! *hugs* ❤

  19. I just found your blog and I can’t stop reading. I normally very picky about sims stories in particular, but this one I love! Its nice to finally see a more mature side of sims 3 story telling. thank you so much for putting so much work into creating this! I look forward to reading more by you.

    • *blushes* aww thank you so much. 😀 What a wonderful comment! That makes me feel really good about this story, and compliments like yours help me to keep writing it. I also always love to get new readers too. Glad you love the mature content as well! When I first started Sims stories they were very tame. This way is much better, lol! 😛

      Well again, thank you Kristy so much for the awesome compliments. I truly appreciate it!

  20. Happy birthday!!! *throws confetti*

  21. I finally caught up! now I’m off to read your other stories! you really are a terrific writer. I’m totally in love with “darker” themed stories. Do you take suggestions? I would love to read something where maybe the classic “good girl” maybe gets kidnapped by the “evil vampire” and they fall in love. XD Hopefully I haven’t over stepped any boundaries or stepped on any toes!

    either way I love love love this story and hope you keep going!

  22. Hey! I just wanted you to know how much you’ve inspired me to try my hand at creating my own sims 3 blog. If your interested in checking it out I will post a link 🙂 (would’ve just posted it but I didn’t want you to think I was trying to spam your site)

    • Hi Kristy. I’m sorry I missed your comment on the 24th. O_O Anyhow, thank you for all the amazing compliments! 😀 I’m blushing, lol. 😳 As for the darker themed stuff, yeah, that’s what I like too; that’s why I write this stuff. I don’t like stories with all rainbows and unicorns, haha. Esp. not when it comes to vampire stories, which IMO should be darker.

      Suggestions? Interesting. As for that storyline, lol yeah I once wrote a book exactly like that. Some people hated it because the book had ‘forced seduction’ in it. 😯 Anyhow, I had planned for this story (at some point) to have Cody (as a YA) kidnap a girl who’s somewhat annoying; she will be a cheerleader type LOL. However, she won’t always be annoying. She’ll get over herself at some point. Don’t want to give away a spoiler so I’ll just leave it at that. Hopefully you’ll like that storyline. Nah, you didn’t overstep any boundaries. It’s just so odd that I thought about doing such a storyline earlier today, though. I swear I didn’t see your comment until now.

      Also, there will be a similar storyline with Lucifer… sorta. Can’t elaborate yet.

      Thank you so much again, Kristy. You are awesome! *hugs*

    • That is awesome, Kristy! I wish you lots of luck with it (with your new blog)! Sure, give me a link and I’ll check it out. I’ll also post a link to it from this blog to help you get more views. ^_^ *hugs* 🙂

  23. awesome thanx so much, I added your blog to mine, and followed you, umm im not sure if it wills how as a link? not very blog savvy.
    anyways here’s the link:

    just one chapter for now, will have 2 up maybe tomorrow

    any pointers you could give would be great. I picked up twallan’s animator after i posted the chapter. I’m thinking of getting the pose player, I had it awhile back but deleted it and the poses because i wasn’t sure how to use it.
    I had been wanting to do a sims 3 story for awhile, but I didn’t think the official sims 3 site would appreciate my type of story telling hehe. (normally I do fiction novels and short stories, never really made one with the sims b4)
    But thank-you again!

    • Sorry it took me 2 days to reply! Been busy catching up on the Platinum blog and finally posted the latest chap on it. Thank you so much for adding Bloodlust to your blog! It’s fine, and thank you for the link!

      I will add your link to my fave blogs. Maybe it will help a little! Yes Twallan’s animator is almost essential to a story! I found that out… and the pose player as well. Those tools make storytelling sooooooooo much easier. Seriously. As for the Pose Player, you have to download the poses for it. Now there’s a pose list that makes it easier, instead of having to type anything in. Let me know if you need any help on how to use anything. 🙂
      I know what you mean. I wanted to do a sims story for about 3 months before I finally started one (back in 2010). And I’d never had a sims story I’d published, except once. It was a very short story I’d posted on Sims 2.com waaaay back in ’07 or ’08. I deleted it because I suspected rater haters were screwing with the rating on it. Like, it’d be up to 4 stars, then the next hour, down to 3. Seemed funny to me… and it was a cute story, or so I thought. *shrug* I used to write novels. They were fun to do at first, but got really old. I find doing the S3 stories so much more fun and rewarding, and the pictures that go with it gives it sooo much more depth IMO. You know, as they say, a picture tells a thousand words! And I just love being able to see the expressions on sims’ faces. You can’t get that depth/closeness with text only. Well, that’s just my opinion of it. Plus people are pickier with novels.

      You’re welcome! Good luck with your new story! 😀 Hope you find doing it as rewarding as I have. ^_^

  24. oh I almost forgot. I loved Kat and Hunter’s house! is it the same house from dancer?
    Would you consider uploading?

    • Yes it’s the same house from Dancer. LOL, I get lazy sometimes and recycle lots, as well as sims! 😛

      Sure I’ll try to upload if you want me to. Unfortunately, one time I tried to upload a house to the exchange but it wouldn’t let me. Also I’ve heard that some people are having problems lately uploading to the exchange, but I will try it within the next two days. 🙂 Thank you for your interest, Kristy!

  25. Thank-you so much fro the comment! I’m glad you liked it so far . Got pose player and some poses installed so I’m playing around with those as well. But yay! hopefully I’ve made a fan out of you 😉 I will definitely keep an eye out on the exchange for the house! as soon as I figure out how to put links up on the blog I will add yours. *hugs*

    • You’re welcome, Kristy! I’ll try to keep following as best I can. I’m just more of a writer tbh than a reader… though I’ve read a lot of novels. Anyhow, if anything else maybe you’ll get more readers since I’ve listed you on my blogroll. I hope so! Thank you so much for your interest in that house, and sorry it’s been taking me so long to try to upload it. I’ve been busy doing nonsensical stuff. LOL. But I’ll try to get it on there sometime today. 😀

      *HUGS*! 😀

  26. I can’t comment on the actual chapters, but I’m so happy for Vaclav and Lauren! I can’t wait to see what the kiddies are up to, will hey use their powers for good or evil? I can’t wait to see 🙂 great job

    • Yay, glad you’re happy about V. and Lauren! 😀 Thank you so much for the compliments! Likely the kids will use their powers. Won’t say if it’s for good or bad though! LOL! You’ll have to see for yourself! 😀

      Thank you again, Kristy! *hugs*!

  27. OMG! Mila is gorgeous! all the kids turned out so beautiful! I don’t want to be a pest but were you able to upload the house?

    I’ve got 7 chapters on my blog now and a little over a hundred views.. Yay! I’m pleasantly surprised. thank you again for being so awesome as to put me on your blogroll. I truly can’t thank you enough!

    • Hi Kristy! Thank you so much. I’ve aged Mila up and she’s actually even prettier as a YA. I cannot wait to start an interesting storyline between her and Lucifer! 😀

      OH, you seriously are not being a pest. What happened was this: My shitty internet went out (yet again) yesterday from 3:00 to at least 6:30. The only way I was able to get it back on was by calling the company (Skybeam is the name, and their internet is horrible. Never get it). Anyhow, the internet on my main computer still would NOT work, so I’ve had to hook it up to my laptop. I no longer have Sims 3 installed on my laptop, so there’s no way I can think of to get that house on the exchange. I do not know why the internet isn’t working on my main computer, but my husband is coming home today in the evening (he went to out-of-state for a week) and over the phone, he told me that he thinks he knows what the problem might be. So hopefully when he gets home he can fix it. *sigh* I’m sick and tired of my internet going out. It barely rained two nights ago and the damn thing was out for hours and hours!! *tears out hair*

      Kristy, that is seriously great that you got that many views on your new story! I am so happy for you! You deserve it! I hoped that putting your story on my blogroll helped. My blogroll isn’t in the most ‘visible’ of places and I could never figure out how to get it on a sidebar…. I’m not tech savvy. 😦 Anyhow, I wish you continued success and great luck with your story!! And maybe tomorrow, hopefully, I will be able to get that lot on the exchange. If it doesn’t let me because the file’s too big, I might have to upload it to mediashare instead. If I do, I’ll try to help explain to you how to d/l it from Mediashare (unless of course you already know how to do that).

      *hugs* <33

  28. I love making sims! sometimes I dont even play I just create sims. lol I cant create much else CC wise.. I only recently started putting my sims on the exchange.

    lol Oh boy Internet troubles? I feel your pain. I live out in the middle of nowhere and it’s damn near impossible to get decent internet. Seriously it sucks. If it even looks like rain my signal goes out :p jsut about the only thing available is dial up and Hughes net (which is a total scam out here)

    haha that’s funny my Hubby does all the computer fixing too. I usually just hand it over and say “fix it” lol. Yeah I know how to use media fire. amazingly. I’m so not tech savvy but I try.

    Yeah I’m slowly working my way through your blogroll 🙂 founds lots of good stories and trying to do a little self-advertising. as long as I get a few readers at least I’m good lol. I’m so used to writing the regular type fiction/novels. Sims 3 story writing is a whole new experience.

    Anyway thanks again!

    Love and hugs!

    • hi there again! I love making sims too, lol. but usually I don’t have time ’cause I do my stories, and am constantly updating this blog. O_o So you have some simmies on the exchange?? What’s your username? I shall rec your sims (unless there’s a zillion of them)! 😆 Let me know your username on there, and I’ll also friend you. 😀

      Gawd, your story about the lack of decent internet sounds exactly like mine, we live in the middle of nowhere too. :/ Skybeam’s the only choice, unless we want to get internet from a company that puts a limit on usage. I can’t have that because I’m always updating my blog and uploading tons of pics. 🙄 Seriously, I agree that it does suck. We are so sick and tired of it screwing up. And yeah, the damn thing STILL won’t work on my main computer! Why did it have to screw up on the damn computer that I have my Sims 3 installed on? That drives me nuts! I’m having to transport my screenshots from that computer to the laptop with internet.

      A tech won’t come out to try to fix this hot mess until the 15th, I think. *screams*

      Obviously, hubby tried to figure it out, but he was wrong in what was causing the problem. Gah.

      hahahahahaha, I always say the same thing! That even if it ‘looks rainy outside’ the signal goes out! I swear it sounds like you have Shitbeam internet like we do. Yes. I call it Shitbeam instead of Skybeam. 😀 As for Hughes, yes, I’ve heard it’s as much of a scam as Shitbeam. I think (not sure) that we could’ve gotten Hughes internet but decided not to because of the crap we heard about it. *sigh*

      Glad your hubby is tech savvy when it comes to fixing stuff. Mine tries to be, and he is usually better at it than I am. But wow, the problem we’re having right now is… crazy to say the least. We’ve talked to Shitbeam over the phone and the techs cannot figure out what the problem is. I think one dude came close to knowing, but still couldn’t fix it. Hopefully that tech who comes out in a couple of weeks will be able to fix it. *crosses fingers, bites nails* cause I really, really want my internet back on my new computer with Sims 3 installed on it! Plus the monitor in it is better than the one on my laptop.

      Glad you know how to use Mediafire cause it looks like I’m going to have to upload that house on there. What I’ll do is transfer the file from the other computer to my laptop with internet, the upload it to Mediafire for you. I’ve been busy the last two days (talking to Shitbeam over the phone, etc.) or I would’ve already done it. >.<

      Yes, that's a good idea. It's ok to start out with a few readers, and then gradually work yourself up. Took me 2 months to get 30 readers on my first blog story, haha. Then months later some chick named FuryRed listed my blog on her blogroll (she was really, really popular at that time) and my numbers shot up a great deal from that. Then I began Bloodlust and had an average of 100 readers at first. Then I promoted some more cause I wasn't satisfied (LOL, how bad is that?) and slowly, slowly built up more numbers. Now, almost 2 years later, I have about 200 or so readers who read each chapter. That doesn't include overall views on the whole blog every day.

      It just takes time. And patience. You could also try to promo just once on General Discussion on the S3 forums. Let me know very quickly if you do, and I will help bump your topic. We have to fast, though, because the mods WILL move your thread to Stories/Legacies and it will soon die out because of all the RPG crap.

      Yeah, Sims 3 writing is a new experience. I love it so much, personally. I'd never write another novel again. Though I will say that I'm proud to have written 4 of them and a novelette, and a really short story that was once pubbed via Eirelander Press (just some tiny little e-publisher. My editor is a bitch, however, because she didn't publish my Blood Legacy Book, the c*nt. 😆 😆

  29. lol wow i’m sorry to hear that about your book. you should look into http://www.crescentmoonpress.com/ they are a company that focuses on supernatural type books vampires witches etc. My mother in law told me about them she know a few people personally that have used them and gotten published.

    lol yeah I’m kinda impatient too some days I’m excited to see when i have 30+ page views a day, then other days i might get one…i think my intro might be the problem..i have a a lot of page views on that and then it just drops off.. hmm. i defiantly want more but trying to be patient because I just got started. it takes time.

    anyway you are already on my friends list on sims 3 lol . My username is shaggy’s wife. you’ll see me on ur friends list. and I only have a few sims up so far. I’ve created plenty but haven’t bothered to upload until recently. if i can remember i try to make a point to upload a few every week 2-3 at least.

    i posted a story on the exchange advertising my blog it got a few hits but that’s it. was thinking of posting a thing on the forums but wasnt really sure where the proper place would be. and a little worried about someone getting pissy cause of the adult content lol

    yes Hughes net sucks. we switched to milinicom which is way better out here. especially for us we also play alot of world of Warcraft and Hughes net has alot of latency but yeah just send me the link if u get it up on media fire.

    the last sim house I tried to build was so terrible, my sims were randomly falling through the floor .. *face palm* was no good. lol I cannot build houses for the life of me.

  30. oh have you read up to my latest chapter yet? just wondering, tell me what you think, and be honest lol. even if it sucks. I need to know where im losing people.. (like i said i feel like i lose them at the intro but I could be wrong. I still get plenty of views according to my stats but it doesnt match up with the views per page.)

    • hey! I’ll get to your longer comment in a little while (I suck at writing back to huge comments, yet I know it’s my own darn fault for posting a long comment to begin with, and people are merely replying LOL). No I haven’t read your latest chapter. I’m not good at constructive criticism or any criticism (well, unless I’m cyber-bullying someone whom I feel deserves it). 😛
      I don’t like people to criticize my stuff, so I know how it feels and it’s really hard to criticize others’ work. O_O All I know is that it’s hard as hell to write, and about ‘losing people’ at the intro, it’s very hard to tell if that’s the case. I still have the same problems a lot of times, and I’ve been writing practically non-stop for 5 years! *headdesk*

      Anyhow, again I don’t like to criticize but what you’re asking me to do doesn’t sound too bad. So I’ll take a look when I have time, ok? Also I uploaded Hunter’s house. I’m pretty sure you were the one who wanted it, right? At least I hope so. *facepalm*

  31. lol yes i am the one who wanted it 🙂 I downloaded hunter like yesterday or something. hes sooo dreamy lol. good job on that one. lol sorry for the long comment!

  32. oh and link to your upload please? lol

  33. oh. well don’t I feel silly now lol I swear I looked. gah just been one of those days for me :p

    • haha, oh no you’re fine. I really hope you enjoy the house! <333 And I know what you mean about having 'one of those days'. Lolzers.

  34. Yes thank you so much! I love the house! Yeah I have been dealing with some issues pertaining to my degenerative Disk disease, turns out I have some pretty bad nerve damage along my spine, and its slowly affecting my ability to walk, I spend alot of time unable to move which is why I have such a love for the sims 3 and stories like this.
    people like you who write these give me entertainment, and writing gives me a purpose. its pretty hard to be depressed about it all when I read great stories like these 🙂

    • hey Kristy! You’re welcome. 😀 Glad you’re enjoying the house. I tried to do a decent job on it, but I’m not exactly the best builder, lol.

      I am sorry you have degenerative disk disease. 😦 I’m at a loss for words on this. All I know to say is sorry. Hopefully you have some good days, at least? Would you like me to gift you some things from the Sims 3 store? I just got some simpoints. LOL I gifted someone else too. If so, let me know your username, and I’m sorry if I already asked you for it…. >.< My memory sucks and it's hard to keep up with my friends' usernames on the S3.com site. But I'm glad my story helps keep your mind off stuff. A dirty story always helps too, right? 😆 hehe.

      Yes, writing also keeps your mind off stuff. I know what you mean. I love writing, esp. doing the sims 3 stories. It's like living in an alternate, awesome universe! LOL!

      Thanks again, Kristy. You are very sweet. I'm sorry I haven't commented to your long post yet. But I have heard of CMP. I don't think I've ever submitted to them, not sure why. They seem like a good publisher. I am also sorry I hadn't commented again on your story. My internet went out yesterday on my laptop, and it's already been out on my main computer. Today hubby got me hooked up to his Droid phone internet, it’s something through Verizon I think. *confused* Plus yesterday I was busy trying to catch up on shitty housework. Ugh.

      ❤ to you. *hugs*

  35. oh no problem, I realize you’re a busy woman lol. weather hes been shitty and rainy here as well so naturally my internet is on the fritz too.

    plus I got diagnosed with Sciatica the other day which is basically where the main nerve in your spine gets pinched and Its been a pain to move around much.

    which sucks because I have a very hyper 4 yr old to keep up with lol

    but on the plus side when it acts up im usually only down for a week or two and then I’ll be ok again for a month or two. but having something to focus on definitely makes a difference

    thank-you!That’s so sweet for you to offer But I usually get all my store content from MATY . (i realize some ppl don’t approve but hey to each their own)

    but my user name is shaggyswife in case you want to take a look at my studio or download some of my sims.

    Yeah with building houses I don’t know what it is but the floors end up lumpy and a bit uneven no matter how much i try to level the land. and then my sims end up glitching out and stuff.

    anyway..lol yeah just when you get a chance to catch up on it leave a comment ❤
    thanks again

    • LOL you’ve been having problems with your internet too? Well tomorrow mine is supposed to finally be fixed… for the millionth time. 🙄 We were wanting to go with a different company but hubby seemed to change his mind.

      Oh, that sounds painful about your spine. I’ve had a pinched nerve before, but it’s been forever. Holy crap, you also have a toddler?? How the heck do you keep up?? O_O

      You’re welcome about the gifts! I have a lot left and no idea what to do with them. There’s not a whole lot at the store that I like. So I just thought I’d ask. I don’t blame you for going to MATY, and I wouldn’t judge you for it. *shrug* I’d do the same, if I knew how! XD

      Ahh! So you’re Shaggy’swife on the forums?? I’ve seen some of your posts!! Cool. Are we friends on there? Seems like we are, but I’m not sure. 😛

      Well, I’m not the greatest at building houses… lol. I have issues with basements, etc. And yeah, the leveling also.

      Well thanks for commenting back, and sorry it took me sooooo long to get back with you…. >.<



      • hey Kristy. 😀 I hate having crappy internet. The tech came out yesterday and changed the frequency or something that we were on (from 50 other people down to a frequency of 4 or something like that LOL) and now our internet’s back up and going faster. I don’t expect it to last very long though.

        Thank you for the link! I’ve actually tried to d/l stuff from there before, but it didn’t work. Something about it needing ‘decrapified’? LOL
        I will still check that out though. TY again!

        Yeah I’ll give your thread a bump or 2. Hehe. Probably since I got to this so late, your thread is already on page 10 (not an insult to you, I just mean that’s how fast those forums move, especially if your thread is in Stories/Legacies, which has been turned into an RPG forum). As for your friends list, good. I thought we were friends but just wasn’t sure.

        Well I bet she’s a cutie. I remember when my own were that age. They were a handful. O_O

  36. hey no problem! lol yeah my internet has been lame but it works as long as the weather is clear..mostly lol

    actually I can give you the link for the right forum on MATY you don’t have to sing up. they upload almost everything to media fire.


    there’s the page from my book mark lol its like 20 pages in but everything is there

    also posting a thread on the forum to promote my story if you want to see it
    and give it a bump

    yep that would be me! lol and yes you are on my friends list.

    yeah its not easy keeping up with her but I manage 😉 lol thankfully she is the only one for now.

  37. Sorry, WordPress put my reply above your post… >.<

  38. oh yes you have to download this program and you drag and drop the package files into the one named s3rc.exe and when that goes away you drag and drop that same package file into the one named decrapify.exe.

    then your package is ready to install. you can drag and drop multiple files at once


    you can download the program/tool here. I’d get the one that says winrar. 🙂 hope that helps. it took awhile for me to figure out why it wasnt working when i first started but once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy. little time consuming with bigger package files but still easy.

    lol about the forum yeah i noticed like 2 minutes after i posted it was moving down the line.

    • Hi Kristy, thank you so much for helping to explain how to do that! 😀 I really do appreciate it. I’ll copy/paste that info onto my desktop so I’ll have it for later. You are amazing! I could really use that at some point. And yeah, it gets old and expensive having to buy simPoints. Only thing is, if certain people see our posts on here, they’d have a field day blogging about us (I just got trolled the other day by another simmer or two). But I guess if they see this, then they do. *shrugs*

      I have z-zip extractor that extracts rar files. Will that work okay too? I’m kinda dumb whenever it comes to these things. 😆

      Wow, again! Thank you so much for the info! *hugs*! Whenever I have more time I’ll try it.

      Ugh, the stories/legacies forum is terrible. Too much RPG stuff on there!! I’ll give you another bump tonight… O_O

  39. lol eh I I’m not afraid of trolls :p I’m used to it. I play alot of W.O.W and there are plenty of trolls to be found there. literally as well hehe. its just the price you pay for internet these days.

    yeah i know what you mean about sim points. don’t get me wrong alot of stuff up there is great but I hate when they expect you to pay 20$ for a handful of items. just seems a little much.
    not sure if that would work, I’ve never heard of that one but If I had to guess I’d say it would.

    lol yeah that forum moves so fast! but its all good. It looks like a got a few new views out of it and thats cool.

    so… supernatural.. excited? I am. I can’t wait. I wish it was out now. the only thing is I don’t know how much more my poor laptop can take. XD

    at this rate I wont be able to have any cc just so I can play lol. laptops definitely not ideal for these games.

    • hi again. 😀 Yes, I’ve heard stories of the trolls on WOW, so I can imagine you’re used to it. 😛 haha @ ‘literally’ as well. So true. If you want to use the internet, you have to expect the douchebags who go with the territory. 😆

      I hear ya. Their premium stuff is like $5 for one item… 😯 pretty ridiculous, really. A simGuru gifted me the spellbook months ago, but then it stopped working right for some reason. I was glad I didn’t actually pay for it!

      Glad you got some views for your story. Hopefully the readers will stick around. It’s so hard to get a fan base when you first start out, sadly.

      Hell yes I’m excited for Supernatural! I just hate that it won’t come out for a few more months. I know what you mean about having a laptop. That’s all I used to play Sims 3 on, up until 2 months ago. Finally we broke down and got a desktop. Before that I was afraid to get Showtime…. and now they’re even saying a Season EP is coming out in November, which is odd. But they’ve seen it listed for sale on a few sites. Go figure. Anyhow, I’m leery about putting 2 new EPs on my desktop coming up. I guess I’m just paranoid though.

      My laptop did pretty good for having most of the EPs on it, and one or 2 sp’s. I’m sure your laptop can handle the new Supernatural EP. My old laptop only had 2 processors and did fine.

      True. Heck I have an Alienware and even it gets laggy at times. I blame that on the cc I have. :/ Unfortunately I love cc. 😦

  40. wow! Azura and Brent..hot hot hot. Im rooting for that one. Always witht he bad boys. lol

    lol I know exactly what you mean. Oh i’m sure my laptop (it’s a dell) could handle a few more expansions, I have every ep and all Sp so far aside from sweet treats. I haven’t decided if i really want it. Granted by the end of it I will probably have to remove all CC to play. I way too much as It is.

    I try to clean it all up once in awhile but then I download more lol

    yeah actually I broke down and Decided my next PC will be a desktop as well. might get one at the end of the year. *shrug* Hubby is looking into some good gaming ones for me. we talked about getting an alienware.

    views going ok so far. there is a forum with a blog roll list and mine has been added to it. I get a good amount of views from there and I get a few from your blogroll as well. so yay!

  41. lol yeah they are… even though I’m heading into politically INcorrect zone, since Azura’s only 15… 😯 😯 but you’re like me, I love the bad boys the most too. What is up with that?? 😛

    That’s good that it can handle more EPs, like I said I was afraid to put another one on my laptop a few months back. I didn’t even want to get the Pets EP because of it, but ended up getting it anyway. I was lucky that my video card could handle it, since a lot of people with oudated/unsupported cards were having graphics issues. O_O My video card was unsupported. So when we got the new desktop, I checked to make sure the video card was compatible before ordering it from Best Buy. I wanted to make sure this time. I was thinking about getting Sweet Treats but decided not to, just because I didn’t feel like patching. I hate having to disable my cc/mods when installing a new SP or EP. I have too much cc too, but can’t stop downloading it. Gah! I did stop for a while once or twice… you sound like me, haha.

    Yeah, they say desktops are better than laptops, but I didn’t really have a problem with my laptop, and I used it for S3 almost 2 years. But we got a desktop because you can upgrade those, that way it’ll last longer, and it didn’t cost much more than what my laptop did. Got a really good deal on it. So if you’re looking to get an Alienware, check those out at Best Buy… got mine for 1000, including keyboard/mouse. We just had to buy a monitor and that’s it. It’s an Alienware x51 with 4 processors. It plays sims 3 pretty darn amazing, though it’s not perfect. Sometimes I have system crashes, but just once in a while. Not sure why it does that.

    That’s awesome that you’re getting more views! It’s a good story. I need to check it out again, but I get into doing my own story so much that it leaves little time to read others’ stories. I used to read a lot more last year.


  42. eh, screw being politically correct. where’s the fun in that? lol totally understandable, I love to check out stories myself, I pretty much set aside a day out of the week to use it to catch up on reading, sims stories, books whatever. And thank you! I’m glad you like it. its funny how stories take on a life of their own, mine is taking a different direction that what I had originally planned.

    Oh my video card was unsupported at first, its barely compatible now. But i keep all the settings on low and reflections off. also I use Game Booster. Once in awhile it crashes but I can usually get a few good hours of play time. for a laptop that’s not really compatible with the games it does fairly decent. I’m just addicted to the mobility of a laptop, so much more convenient than sitting at desk every time I want to use my computer lol.

    there are a few places on line we were looking at for a computer, good prices there too. there is actually one on the best buy web site for like 600$ that looks pretty badass. it has a 1TB harddrive 🙂 I got computer parts and other electronic parts all over my house, hubby is a tech junkie.

    lol yeah I promised myself long ago I’d stop downloading cc. I really need to go through it and get rid of the crappy items and things I never use. I’m sure that’s a big part of my lag issue. I am getting better about it though. Ive come along way since sims 2. lol I tend to be picker about what I download now.

    • Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I just feel like writing what I wanna write, other times I get (stupidly) worried about it. There’s a lot of zealots out there who are quick to call you certain names just because you write about something. People just like to bitch about something, basically.

      btw sorry it took me forever to reply. 😳 Anyhow, you’re welcome. I know what you mean about stories taking on a life of their own, I’ve been there & done that, lol. Sometimes I plan the story out ahead of time, other times I think as I go.

      Wow, really? On my unsupported card I STILL had the graphics set on high, well most of them. So weird how that computer was able to last so long. I think I had Game Booster too, or something like that. I agree with you, laptops are sooo much more convenient to use than desktops. Definitely more comfortable to use those.

      haha, your hubby is a tech junkie? Well that’s good. And $600 is a great price for a nice computer. 😀 I bet you’re excited about getting a new pretty soon, eh? I know I was. I still love this one that I got and it’s about 3 months old now.

      I’m better about not downloading so much stuff, but I still do it now and then. I know what you mean about getting rid of the crappy stuff too. I’ve done that many times before, lol. That’s good that you’re pickier about what you download. I also remember on S2 that I was constantly going on a downloading spree. It was soooo crazy! 😆

      Oh, and I hope you have a fantastic 4th of July holiday!

  43. Hope you had a happy 4th! no worries about the late reply. Life is a little hectic right now can barely find time to update my story, my daughter is turning 4 in a week so been busy planning her party and getting ready for family to come visit and my in-laws are coming to stay with us for a week shortly after. its going to be lots of fun but alot of time taken away from my blog for a bit.

    • I hope you did too, and I’m seriously sorry for replying so late… no excuses for it.

      LOL so your life is hectic? I know what you mean. Wow, your daughter is turning 4 in a week? Aww, well happy B-day to her! 😀 I used to do the same thing whenever my kids were younger, have the in-laws come out, etc. for a big B-day party. OMG for me it was a pain. A lot of mess to clean up afterward, LOL. 😛 Oh, so your in-laws are staying for a week? Holy cow. I’m not sure I could deal with that… hope everything turned out great, though.

      I’m sure your blog will be fine. Peeps will read it even if you can’t update for a little bit. 😉

  44. Hello Jenssims, just letting you know a couple of things. First, I am still reading and fully loving your story. Second, after the story 118, Haunted by Shadows, you mentioned that you was not sure if there was a Cheerleader’s Uniform in the game, there is one, but you have to use the unlockoutfits cheat to see it. By the way the uniform that you did use is very adorable.

    • hahahaha, thanks for letting me know LaBlue, and also thank you so much for continuing to read this story! I thought there was an outfit like that, but wasn’t sure and was too lazy to try and find out. So I just d/l the other outfit. It is pretty cute. hahahah, I thought it was hilarious that it was based on Glee! 😛

  45. I was trying to leave a little note for you over at the Sim3 site, but couldn’t. I wanted to tell you thank you for the dress that you gifted me. I’m getting really excited that the Dempire is back. I don’t know what he is up to, but I really like those guys (and all the other hotties in the storie).

    • You are certainly welcome! It’s fun to randomly gift nice folks in the sim community (in other words, those who don’t act like assholes hahaha). Hope you enjoy it.

      Thank you for continuing to read, and glad you like the hottie Dempire too. 😀 XD

  46. I just had to laugh about what is going on in Chapter 128. Lucifer is going to be a very dead hottie. lol Mila is going to kill him for that stunt.

  47. Hey jen, I saw your werewolf, and I like. I wanted to give you a heads up about the werewolves. If you can take a moment to read my post here http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/594529.page

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