Forty-Nine: Freedom Part II

Contains language, explicit sex and gruesome violence. Also has a few POV switches.

This chapter is practically the length of a novel, lol. I’m sorry if the page loads slowly.

569. The number on the mailbox.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take her long to find the house.

She didn’t see the dark figure coasting past her on the way there. He blended in well with the shadows, aside from the yellow pinpoints of light that were his eyes.

Also to her surprise, the residence looked cozy and quaint; not at all like a vampiric lair.

She stepped through the gate and headed for the house. She worried about exactly what to do once she got there.

Then she fell into a gaping breach.

She groaned, attempting to claw her way out.

It was to no avail. She only slipped further down.

Her ass stung as it hit the floor below.

“Shit!” she griped. “Shit, shit shit!”

She seemed to be inside a wine cellar.

Aubrey approached the door and opened it.

A long, purplish hallway stretched out beyond. The dead inside their crypts lined the wall.

She advanced. Her heart played in her chest like the thumping of a bass.

Until she found more modern amenities for the dead—err, undead.

Her gaze flitted over each of the three coffins. She knew two coffins contained Shawn and Jakub, but who slept in the third?

Then she wondered why they were still asleep. Maybe their biological alarms hadn’t signaled nighttime yet. Unless they were only pretending to be sleeping.

Either way, it was immensely spooky. She shuddered.

Jakub lay quietly in his casket, that scar lining his neck like some macabre accessory.

She noticed a hole in the floor.

Bending down, she rummaged around for any clue that might be buried beneath.

Jakub emitted a loud snoring sound. Aubrey jumped.

She continued digging. Her fingers brushed against something.

What could it be?

Jakub stirred.

Oh, shit! Hurry up Aubrey!

A hidden door rumbled open.

Silently, carefully, she made her way to the secret corridor.

Meanwhile, the casket creaked as Jakub sat up.

“Vaclav,” she whispered getting closer.

Like the undead rising from their graves, each vampire emerged.

Including Shawn.

“Are you insane?” he said. “Why did you come here?”

“Why the hell did you come here?”

“Because I have unfinished business to take care of!”

“Then why are you sitting in here? Instead of taking care of your unfinished business?”

He looked down and muttered: “because I believe that Lucius set me up. I think he told Shawn about my impending release from prison. Shawn and Jakub knew I’d be coming here for them, so they set up a little trap for me.”

“So Lucius warned them before your release?”

He nodded.

“What a prick. Do you think he did that just to stay leader of the Haas Clan?”

“That no longer matters,” he said rising. “We need to get out of here.”

As usual, it was already too late.

“Aubrey, stay back.”

Her eyes wide and fearful, she did as he said.

“My son, don’t you remember me?”

“Of course I remember you. You’re the one who sired me… and now I see you connived against me, with my worst enemies no less.”

“Perhaps everything is not as it seems.”

Peering around the corner, Aubrey watched the creature gesture with his unnaturally bony hands and fingers. How creepy he was.

She ducked back into the corridor.

But from her standpoint, she could see Shawn. She mouthed the words ‘fuck you.’

His face remained stoic.

Without warning, Vaclav charged at the one who sired him.

The next sequential events occurred in mere seconds…

Vaclav clutched the immortal’s chest, trying to crush him.

He grunted; then rasped: “you don’t want to do that.”

“Wanna make a bet?” Vaclav returned.

“Trust me… trust me…”

“How can I trust you when you’ve betrayed me?”

“Let him go!” Jakub growled grabbing Vaclav’s shoulders.

Then something happened; something that neither Aubrey nor Vaclav would ever forget…

Aubrey saw Jakub ganging up on Vaclav, so she bolted toward them… not even sure how she could help, but she would try.

She dived into Jakub and pulled him off.

“Leave him alone!” she wailed, proud of her sudden strength.

But Shawn wrenched her away, his forearm jammed to her throat.

“Get off me…”

“Gladly,” he snarled; then hoisted her over his shoulder.

She sailed across the tomb, smashed her head against the stone crypt.

Vaclav spun around and gaped.



“You,” Vaclav said glaring at Shawn.

“I’ve wanted to kill her for years… and I’ve finally succeeded.”

Vaclav went over and punched him in the stomach.

Now it was Shawn’s turn to fly through the air.


His body slid down, resting in the crypt next to a skeletal companion.

His face a mask of pure fury, Vaclav twisted around and attacked Jakub.

He aimed for his son’s jewels.

A guttural, drawn-out rasp of agony streamed from his mouth.

Like a dog with his tail between his legs, Jakub escaped from the room… also escaping the possibility of suffering further damage to his dangly bits.

Vaclav raced over to Aubrey.

Blood poured out of the wound on her head.

Then he looked at her neck. A vein pulsated a slow, dying rhythm, like something winding down in preparation for its imminent death.

His eyes moved all over her body, his mind debating on what to do.

Although Vaclav had healing powers, there was too much damage to Aubrey’s skull and too much blood already lost. His menial powers were no match for her fatal injuries.

“You know what you must do,” a voice resounded behind him.

You know what you must do.

Memories flickered in his mind, like the continuous flashing of snapshots…

his dying daughter from over a century earlier…

His son’s words: “It’s your fault! You could’ve saved her!”

Is it my fault? Vaclav had wondered staring down at the child’s grave.

Now is my only chance to right a wrong.

Vaclav nudged Aubrey over to her back and leaned down…

She would never grow old.

She would be immortal.

And most importantly…

She would be with him forever…

Vaclav bit into his wrist, drank and held his own blood in his mouth… then gave Aubrey a life-saving kiss.

The crimson puddle around her head shrank up and disappeared.

She rose from the dead as strange scarlet lights danced around her.

She studied those lights.



Her body stiffened, her head jerked up, her neck throbbed. Light streamed from her eyes, burning the orbs like fire.

Her lips parted and she screamed.

Her heart stopped. Her lungs froze. Her blood ran cold, feeling like ice coursing through every tiny blood vessel.

And then it was over.

Aubrey… was no longer Aubrey.

“You… turned me into a vampire.” She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

She stood and stared at him with accusation.

“I’m sorry Aubrey, but I refuse to let you die.”

While Vaclav had been busy tending to Aubrey, his nemesis had come to and was now poised behind him.

His hood lowered, Shawn raised a sword above Vaclav’s head.

Aubrey looked at Shawn.

“Behind you,” she hissed.

A sword thrust through Shawn’s gut.

Shawn didn’t move. He seemed to be in shock.

He gurgled. Blood oozed from his mouth.

He wrenched out the sword.

Then he lunged forward, lopping off Shawn’s head.

Shawn’s body slumped down as the sword clattered near his side.

His head landed and rolled a few feet away.

The stranger’s amber eyes roamed from the lifeless head back to Vaclav.

“I told you to trust me,” he said.

“We really need to get out of this place,” Aubrey said.

She tried not to look at Shawn’s remains.

Their savior didn’t utter another word, but an odd transformation began…

Wings sprouted from his back, tearing through the fabric of his robe.

Aubrey and Vaclav gaped in disbelief.

“What the fuck?” Aubrey whispered to Vaclav. He shook his head.

“Had I known they were your enemies, I never would’ve taken them in. Shawn and Jakub were the only vampires I knew in Europe. And I had not known they’d captured you, nor did I possess knowledge of their plans.” He paused; then continued. “I knew one day I would see you again, Vaclav. I never imagined it would be under these tragic circumstances, however. Forgive me for my ignorance.”

“Yes. I forgive you.”

“Vaclav, we have to go.” She couldn’t help but doubt the mysterious vampire’s sincerity, and the honesty of his words.

His enormous wings flapped and lifted him above the mist. Then he glided across the room.

His visage was swallowed by the ceiling.

Maybe that hole could be another way out.

Vaclav managed to crawl to the opening.

Aubrey was behind him. Once he was out, he helped her up to the surface.

They rested on a wooden bench. Strands of ivy blanketed the top.

Aubrey leaned against him and he embraced her from behind.

“It’s too late to try to leave tonight. We’ll wait here one more day,” he said kissing her head.

She was far too exhausted to be angry with him over turning her into a vampire. And at least he’d saved her life; what more could she ask for?

But what about Jakub? He still wasn’t dead. She asked about him.

“Shawn’s dead. I’ll leave Jakub be. All I want to do is go home… and live the rest of our eternal lives together.”

“What if Jakub comes back to kill us?” Aubrey asked.

“He won’t.”

Only a few hours later, the sun peeked over the mountains.

Aubrey fell asleep.

Vaclav gently caressed her face…

his fingers slid down her arm…

and down her thigh.

He hovered over her,

kissing her arm.

His lips swept across her flesh and then migrated to her neck.

She squirmed, feeling his mouth and tongue all over her face and throat, his fingers grazing the skin beneath her shirt.

Aubrey pretended to be asleep for another moment, but he was arousing her.

He moved her over and climbed on top, unzipping his jeans. Then he pulled off his jacket, removed his shirt.

The tip of his tongue glided over her naval and stomach. Aubrey groaned, her lips parting.

Her clothes floated to the ground.

He left quick, wet kisses all over her face, rubbing his body against hers.

Soon the ‘dry hump’ wasn’t cutting it.

He entered her and she assisted his rapid movements by grinding against his mid-section.

Mmm, mmm,” he moaned going in and out. “Oh, baby…”

As the minutes increased, so did the momentum. Their bodies quaked and collided together in earth-shattering climax.

Then Vaclav smothered her mouth in a long-awaited French kiss.

With the coming of darkness they left the residence.

Vaclav and Aubrey stole their way onto a ship headed for a Southern port in the U.S. It would take days to get back to Shadowvale, but they didn’t mind the extra time together.

“Mommy! Your eyes look just like mine and Daddy’s!”

Aubrey looked at Vaclav.

The next evening, Vaclav convinced Aubrey to wear her best formal outfit. Then he grasped her hand and pulled her outside…

Candles flickered and surrounded a carpet of flowers. Music softly trickled from an old-fashioned record player.

They began to slow dance.

Strange Magic:

♫ You’re sailing softly through the sun, in a broken stone age dawn. ♪

♪ You fly… so high. ♫

 ♪ I get a strange magic, oh what a strange magic, oh it’s a strange magic. ♫

♪ Got a strange magic, got a strange magic. ♪

♫ You’re walking meadows in my mind, making waves across my time… ♪

♫ Oh I’m never gonna be the same again, now I’ve seen the way it’s got to end, sweet dream… sweet dream. ♪

♪ Strange magic, oh what a strange magic, oh it’s a strange magic. ♫

♫ Got a strange magic. Got a strange magic. ♪

“Aubrey. My Eternal Essence,” he said.

“Vaclav. My first love… my last love.”

Thanks for reading… and now I’m going on vacation for a couple weeks, LOL. Chapter 50 will be posted Friday, April 22nd. 😀 ♥ I’ve been steadily posting story chapters since last May (my Riverview story) and then started this story as soon as that was finished. So it’s time for a break.  O.o

The mystery vampire in this chapter was Roy Dracon, by friendlieLlama  Thanks again, Angie!  🙂

Those sword accessories came from RoseSims.


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  1. wow this is a awesome story i really loved it it was the most sweetest story i ever read wow especailly a little towards the end wow that was sweet Aubrey looks great as vampire now their son was happy to see her like him and his dad
    Hugs Claudia

    • Thank you Claudia. I did work pretty hard on this one, LOL. 🙂 yeah I think that part was pretty awesome too. Been a while since there’s been any real romance in the story. LOL yeah Aubrey does look pretty cool as a vamp, I was really excited to write that part into the story. 😀 And yeah Reznik was happy about it. XD

      Hugs to you too. ^_^ ♥

  2. WOW I loved it!
    And I loved the long chapter – we’ll miss this story for a couple of weeks but I hope you have fun on your holiday!:)
    I love that Shawn is finally dead (even though the way he died was very gruesome) and done with – but I don’t think Jakub will be away forever?
    Just out of interest, how much longer will this story be going on for? Not that I want it to end – I DON’T want it to end, but I was just wondering because it’s been going on for quite a while now and it seems that a lot of the story has been sort of finished…LOL. All that’s left is for Hunter & maybe Jakub’s return!:D
    Aubrey looks really pretty as a vampire:)
    I’m glad that she finally is one:D

    • Hey Emma. 🙂 Thank you so much!

      haha I figured at least a few would like the longness of the chap. 😛 Wow though it took me a few days to complete, while normally it takes maybe a few hours (not including editing). Thanks Emma, yeah I just need time off. It’ll be nice for a change. I love the story and everything, it’s just I’ve been posting chapters regularly for almost a year… sometimes a few chapters a week.

      Yep, shawn’s officially OUT of the picture! LOL there are some fans of Jakub so of course he might be back in the story… hehe

      Yeah a lot of the story is finished, but I’m moving on to where Reznik and Kat are teens, which will open up new storylines (kinda like a legacy) see what I mean? But the parts with Aubrey and V’s troublesome relationship is basically over… kinda hard to explain so you’ll just have to wait and see.

      I have to agree with that, the vampirism looks good on Aubrey. XD

      Yeah I think it’s pretty cool she’s a vamp now too. She wasn’t too thrilled with it at first (lol).

      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥

  3. Great chapter as always! And yay! Shawn’s finally dead for good! Now there’s only Jakub to go (Although he probably won’t be back for a long time?). The way you turned Aubrey was awesome and clever! The pictures were really good too 🙂 . Awesome way to end it before the next flash forward! Lol enjoy you’re break from writing; you definitely deserve one!

    • Hey Mike, you’re back! I hope your vacation went great. Mine is starting soon too (haha) but I’m not really traveling anywhere XD. Anyhow, yep Shawn’s finally out of the story. 😀 Yeah, I probably won’t have Jakub back for a little while. Not sure yet of what plot I’ll have him involved in next, but it’ll be fun to figure out.

      Thanks! Glad you liked that part, that was pretty fun to do too (about Aubrey turning).

      Thanks again, Mike. 🙂 *hugz*!! It will be nice to have a break from writing, taking pics. I can actually play the game normally, which gets boring sometimes, but it’s been a while. XD

  4. Wow,wow,wowwwwwwwwwwwww. I’m in totally shock! i was starting to think that Aubrey would never be turned! Although i am glad that shawn is out of the picture, i was starting to forget how good looking he actually was! i mean wow. i’m sad that you are taking a break but i understand that everyone needs one, i write stories on the sims 3 website and i was also continuously writing chapters, so i took a month off just to de-stress and get some more inspiration, getting chapters out everyweek as well as living everyday life does take its toll on you. Hope you enjoy your break 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you Carlie!! LOL I’m glad you liked the (millionth) finale!
      hehe I knew that would be a good surprise, Aubrey turning! I did tweak Shawn a little bit, to where his features weren’t so exaggerated (for lack of better words lol) so yeah he did look a lot better in this chapter. The facial hair suited him too.

      Aw, as for the break it’s only one extra week. But thanks for understanding! Yep, that’s exactly it, it just gets difficult after a while doing RL plus cranking out ideas and chapters every week. Wow, a month sounds good to me too, but don’t worry I won’t do that, lol. XD

      Thank you Carlie!!!!!!!!!! ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Lol i don’t know what i’d do if you had a months break! I know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas all the time plus the idea needs to be able to fill a chapter or two so you need to ab able to drag it out without it becoming boring, but personally i think you do a great job at that 🙂 is it this next chapter that Kat and Rez are older? <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • XD well you don’t have to worry, haha I won’t do that. 😛 Oh yeah, it’s a pain coming up with fresh ideas. D: sometimes it isn’t so bad though… AWWWWWWW, thank you for saying I do a great job with that, without it getting boring!! (yeesh, I hope my stuff doesn’t get boring!) but yeah thank you again!! 😀

      You guys on here are ze best. ^.^

      Yep, chap 50 will start will Rez and Kat as teens. 😀 yay! lol

      <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Ahh thanks 🙂 you are the best too 🙂 YEYYY can’t wait, sure it will be brilliant 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Aubrey is a gorgeous vampy! Can't wait to see what she'll look like when her skin gets super pale n.n
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    Can't tell you how much I loved this chapter. 😀

    Have tons and tons of fun on your break! You definitely deserve it- i mean since MAY?!! Shit I don't think I know ANYONE else who could do that!!

    Ang ^-^


    • hey Ang! Yes I love how her eyes glow now! It looks awesome! Now the only one who doesn’t quite fit in is Katerina. >_> it was kinda hard to tell in those pics, but her skin was pretty pale.

      hehe, yep Shawn is nothing more than a bad memory now. XD lol and I’ve never heard you curse on here! O.O (not that I think it’s bad, it’s just different lol. But I think I’m a bad influence LOL)

      lol yeah, I’m glad you loved it!! I tried to do better on it, the last chapter kinda sucked. 😛

      THANK YOU!! I’m trying to have fun, just right now I got a damn headache. BOO. But thanks! And yeah, since last May, I created the first blog on May 5… crazy! I love writing, just needed a break…

      *hugs*!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Looking at it..yeah she’s pretty pale 😆 Poor poor Kat..

        GOOD. And haha XD I curse a lot for my age..most of the time I just don’t type it x] You isn’t a bad influence..~~ (har, different.)

        DID NOT SUCK. Wasn’t a vampire, therefore it didn’t suck.

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      • yeah, just kinda hard to tell. Her skin doesn’t seem to glow as much as V’s for some reason… Yep, poor Kat!

        You sound like me. I’ve been cursing since I was maybe 6, haha. (not that you’re THAT young, lol). My mom was a horrible influence, that’s where I get it from. Then she started bitching at ME for cursing! XD But I’m glad I wasn’t a bad influence on you!

        Well thank you! Glad to know it wasn’t as bad as I thought. ^.^ Nah, not horrible. hehe.

        Awww!!! Thank you!! At least it’ll probably go fast, as breaks tend to. >.>

        ♥ ♥

  9. I am glad Shawn is dead and Vaclav and Aubrey are together at last. It’s a little saddening that Kat is now the only member of the family who isn’t a vampire. I wonder how that will work out for her.
    Aubrey looks gorgeous with her new eyes! And them dancing outside was simply adorable.

    Great chapter Jen. Now go enjoy your break! You deserve it!

    • Hey there! 😀 I’m glad Shawn’s dead too. Finally got him out of the story. And yeah, it’s awesome that Aubrey and V are finally back together. 🙂 Hmmm, as for Kat we shall see how that affects her, if any. She’s still a dhampir like her brother, but just doesn’t have the vampire characteristics.

      I love Aubrey’s eyes too! It looks so awesome and different! hehe I planned to have V turn her into a vampire almost since the beginning, but wanted to wait until either the very end of the story, or the end of ‘their’ story, if that makes sense. >_>

      I really really enjoyed doing that part of the chapter, where they’re dancing outside. ^_^ I liked taking the pictures too, I’d been looking forward to that part for several chapters, because I knew that’s what I was going to do for a while. 😛

      Thank you!!! I’m glad the chapter turned out OK; and I’m def looking forward to a week off!! ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Oooo that’s right, somehow I forgot Kat was half vampire. . . I don’t know where my brain was *head desk* Awww well it was well worth the wait, and now. . . by end of ‘their story’ I can only guess we’re moving on to the kids. Particularly Reznik? Hmmm? I shall wait and see; don’t want you to give anything away 😀
        Well the photos are lovely, they look so perfect.
        You enjoy your week off! ❤

      • Yep, not sure why some offspring of vamps look normal while others look like vamps. O.o lol no *head desk* needed! It’s easy to forget sometimes, especially if you’re reading a complicated story like mine. 😛 And yeah, I’m moving on to the kiddoes, of course the parents will still play a big part in it though! 🙂 And Vaclav will be the leader of all vampires, since the Shadows have been wiped out…. mostly. Actually the story might focus a little more on Kat than Reznik. I have some things planned for her. hehe, nope I won’t give anything away!

        Well thank you! I usually love editing pics, as long as I have the time. ^^

        Thank you so much!! ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Well of course Vaclav and Aubrey will still play a large role, parents often do. Well good for Vaclav, finally getting his life on track.
        Hmmmmmmmmmmm big plans for Kat huh… well that’s something to ponder.
        You are so welcome!

      • That’s it! XD
        As for Vaclav getting his life on track, it’s about time haha.
        Yep big plans for Kat, and then I figured out an interesting one for Reznik too… mwahahahahaha!

        Aww!! 😀 ♥

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    • Hey Kim! Yep, Aubrey is finally, officially a vampire! I don’t think Aubrey really thought much about that scenario, she wondered in a prior chapter whether or not V would ask her to become immortal, but I don’t think I elaborated after that. Anyhow, no she wasn’t thrilled with the idea, so in that way V. was being selfish. Meh, all my male vamps are selfish to a degree, lol. BUT if I were a vampire and my mate was dying, I would’ve done what V. did and just worry about the consequences later.

      haha, yeah Shawn was a hot vampire! 😛 and yes I know what you mean!! You’re torn between hating them but still feeling that attraction cause they’re so hot!

      Yes V’s forgiven her, at least long enough to get a piece. LOL, I’m just joking. XD Awesome make up session indeed! Nothing like hot and sweaty make up sex. *big grin*

      Aw, thanks Kim! Glad ya liked the update! 😀

  11. Okay, I can’t hold it anymore, I#m going to have to give in to my girly smushy side and go : “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!”
    That last part was so adorable! How the hell do you come up with things like that! You have an unfair imagination :).

    Aww poor Shawn, in a weird way I’m gonna miss him. He was the 2nd guy I fell in love with in this story (sorry hun, V was first) and it’s sad to see him go 😦

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    • Heya Pixxi! 😀 hahahahahahahaaaaaa!! Thanks!! I know my stories can get pretty mushy at times XD but I just can’t help it! I’m such a hopeless romantic! Especially since Vaclav and Aubrey are officially back together and they’ve forgiven each other! ♥
      Aww, WOW thanks for that HUGE compliment!! Sometimes I wish I had a bigger imagination though! But yeah, thanks again!!! O.O

      LOL you fell in love with Shawn too? XD But I know what you mean, I’m going to kind of miss his character too. The story won’t be quite the same without him. After all, he’s been part of it since the very beginning. 😦 so I know where you’re coming from. That’s partly why I could NOT get rid of Jakub!! Oh yeah, I definitely fell in love with V too. 😛

      Bwahahahahahaha about Jakub and his pain!! Hopefully he’ll still be able to have kids later! (even though he’s too psychotic to be a decent father) >_> Maybe he could rub some IcyHot on it to dull the pain. 😆 that in and of itself could be a funny short story…

      Oh yeah! Well she MIGHT get visions, every vampire has different talents, for the most part. I’ll have to figure out exactly what talent Aubrey should have… Haha that would be funny if she and V got trapped in a loop of visions! XD

      Thank you Pixxi!! I hope you enjoy your Easter break!! ♥ Yes, sleep is good. 😛

      Aww, *hugs* to you too! ^_^ <333333333333333333333333333333
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • Hi AzureSky, thank you so much!! 😀 Yes I’ll check out your legacy!

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    • Hey Angie. Yeah I downloaded the pose thingy, and I’ve seen some of the new poses (the depression ones at MTS look cool) and the “hunky’ poses of course look awesome (LOL). But i just have to figure out exactly which poses I want and sort them all out, there’s just so many, especially if you include the EA made poses, which I won’t use too many of those…. yes I’m rambling, lol.

      Hmmm, as for a name for Aubrey and Vaclav, maybe AV? or VA? LOL. How about VAG? XD jk… 😛 maybe Aubvac? XD

      But yes I plan to check out all those available poses, and try to sort out the ones I need from the ones I don’t… it will be a big job, lol. O.O



  14. I am late as hell commenting so I’ll just mimic what I saw above:


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  15. Great chapter! Wow Aubrey is a vampire now and Shawn is dead. Big changes! I laughed so hard when Vaclav kicked Jakub in the jewels. Nice picture of that! lol I wonder if Aubrey will eventually get angry about being a vampire. Can’t wait to find out!

    • Thank you TW! Yeah, that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?? I love how Aubrey looks as a vamp. Yup, Shawn is dead, and he won’t be coming back! Yay. Yup, big changes indeed! haha, did you laugh at that part? It is pretty funny, isn’t it? Plus he deserved it! And thanks! Well, she wasn’t too thrilled with it in this chapter, but… yeah.

  16. Oh wow, what an eventful chapter! Aubrey is a vampire and Shawn is dead! I wonder if Aubrey will eventually be mad about that, even if Vaclav did save her life. I got a kick out of the kicking Jakub in the jewels part. That picture was hilarious. 😀 I wonder who that stranger was and how Vaclav knew him…can’t wait to find out more!

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