Thirty-Four: Witch

This chapter begins with Vaclav’s POV, then switches to Aubrey’s.

The witch in this chapter is ‘played’ by Lillian Harris, one of Nick and Lila’s daughters from my Riverview story. Her outfit is by SimCredible at TSR.

Warning: contains several F-bombs.

Lucius discovered the area of Shadowvale where the witch frequented, but Vaclav went alone to see her.

He sprinted up a mountain after spotting her near its peak.

He paused and gazed upward.

The witch returned his gaze, her eyes like polished red marbles.

He continued up the steep incline. Fog twisted and curled like snakes around his ankles.

“Are you the fledgling bitch working for the shadows?” he asked.

She glared at him.

“Come closer, so I can speak to you.”

“Certainly.” She stepped down.

“Reverse the spell on the talisman,” he demanded.

“I can’t do that,” she chuckled. “The Shadows would have my head on a silver platter.”

“I’ll tell you one more time… reverse the spell on the talisman.”

His heart was dying inside, pieces of it scattered since catching Aubrey with his son. His grief wouldn’t allow any bullshit from the witch. There was no patience nor compassion left within him.

“And I’ve already told you, I can’t.”

He lunged at her.

They wrestled to the edge of the cliff.

It was as easy as overpowering a gnat.

He held her down.

“Reverse the spell, or you die.”

“I’m a witch, remember?” she rasped. “I’ll curse you, your children, and your children’s—”

“No, you won’t. Shawn already told me your powers are weak. I also learned that whatever powers you have are no match for an elder vampire.”

He clutched her and pushed her closer to the edge.

“Okay, you prick. I’ll reverse the spell.”

Vaclav rose.


Beads of light exuded from her fingertips. Without chanting any spell, the beads floated to the talisman. It turned bright white in her hand.

In only a few moments, the talisman would be back to normal.

Aubrey was sleeping on the lounger when Vaclav returned.

“Aubrey,” he whispered. “Wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered open.

Vaclav held the magical amulet in his hand.

“A witch had placed a spell on it, so I forced her to reverse it. Now you may wear it again,” he said, his voice sounding weary.  

But Aubrey wasn’t worried about the talisman as much as she worried about their marriage.

“Put it on. And this time, don’t take it off.”

“Vaclav, do you believe me about Jakub? Jakub came in here pretending he was you. I swear to God I didn’t know.”

“Please. Put the necklace on.”

“You’re not going to leave me, are you? I didn’t know he wasn’t you!”

“Just… turn around so I can put the necklace on you.”

Finally, she turned. Vaclav placed the chain around her neck. Tears streamed down her face.

The inevitable was about to happen. She knew it. And it was precisely the outcome that Jakub and Shawn had hoped for.

“Now you’re protected again. You’re free to do as you wish, to go anywhere you want,” he said.

But I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want to do anything. I only want you.

She faced him again.

He pulled her into an embrace, kissing her.

“Good-bye. I… love you,” he said, his voice breaking. But instead of leaving, he ravaged her lips again.

“Don’t leave,” she begged. “I’m sorry about Jakub.”

“It’s not just about Jakub.”

“Then what?” she cried.

“I’m going to meet with the rest of my clan members. We’re going to discuss what to do about the Shadows.”

“Shawn is their new leader,” he mentioned on the way out.

Shawn? Their new leader?

Just then, Reznik toddled into the bedroom.

He said something she never thought he would.


Two days expired.

Aubrey’s depression was like a dark cloak wrapped around her, and she couldn’t get free.

She couldn’t wear the talisman, despite all Vaclav’s trouble in getting the spell reversed. It hurt too much to look at it. She saw Vaclav’s face in the amulet; his bright eyes, beautiful, full lips and glowing skin.

She vowed she’d wear it soon, once her melancholy lifted.

She stared at the television. Vaclav bought it after she once complained his house had no electronics… aside from his laptop computer.

Then she gazed at her son. Her children were the silver lining in the cloud of doom.

And Reznik finally called her ‘mommy’, ironically because he was upset when his father left.

Katerina squealed as she played with a toy.

Then thoughts of a possible pregnancy invaded Aubrey’s mind… yet again. Her imagination ran wild: Jakub’s son or daughter would look just like Kat or Reznik.

And Vaclav would never forgive her.

Aubrey went to the very same place where she received a DNA test.

“Do you give out the morning after pill?”

“I’m sorry but no. We don’t do that here.”

Why was she smiling? It was beyond annoying.

“Can you draw my blood to see if I’m pregnant?”

“If you were asking for the morning after pill, then it would be about 7 days too early for a blood test to detect the pregnancy hormone.”


“Look, I’m desperate. There’s this… guy who wasn’t who he pretended to be. I had sex with him two days ago. I cannot have his baby! I just can’t!”

“I’m sorry, but there’s just nothing I can do. We don’t perform any kind of abortions here, and you’ll have to wait for a blood test.”

“Yeah. Okay,” Aubrey muttered with a sinking heart.

She started to leave.

…but then decided not to.

WTF is Jakub doing here?

She turned and headed back into the clinic area. Then she went into the restroom.

She wrenched the soap dispenser from the wall; then smashed it against the mirror.

Hopefully the doctor didn’t hear the shattering.

Carefully, she removed a shard of glass.


Okay, you fuckwad. Come and get it!

He strolled over and put his arms around her.

“You know you liked me fucking you, didn’t you?” he said.

You wish.

She let him kiss her.

“Please don’t get rid of my baby,” he sarcastically said. “We can be one big happy family… you, me, Vaclav, all our children.”

She stifled the urge to laugh.

He kissed her again as her hand slid down to her pocket.

Surreptitiously, she edged the shard to his back.

With one quick thrust, the weapon was buried in his flesh.

He grimaced and grunted.

“That almost hurts, Aubrey.”

He backed away from her and reached for the shard.

“It’ll just take a sec to get this out,” he said.

Jakub was completely unfazed, which shocked and infuriated Aubrey.

She watched as he pulled it out.


Jakub tossed the shard to the side and leapt at Aubrey.

“You’re gonna have to try harder than that if you really want to hurt me,” he snarled.

“Go fuck yourself.”

Jakub clenched his fists. Aubrey closed her eyes, awaiting the inevitable.

But someone pulled him off.

Who was he?

To her astonishment, Aubrey realized he was a Shadow.

Jakub began fighting with him.

“You’re a coward,” he said. “Is that all you can do? Hurt girls?”

Enraged, Jakub spun upward trying to kick the Shadow.

He missed.

“Nice try, Angel,” he mocked.

Jakub looked like he was going to spit bullets.

Meanwhile, the sun was coming up.

Aubrey didn’t care about Jakub, but she worried about the dark hero.

With no further word, Jakub backed away and raced back to the hole he crawled from.

The dark hero didn’t leave just yet.

“I’m sorry to rush off, but you know… the sun and vampires don’t mix,” he said.

Aubrey nodded and said, “thank you for helping me.”

Just before leaving, he blew her a kiss.

Her heart fluttered.

Her heart’s reaction to his flirtation was surprising. After all, she was in love with Vaclav. Did that make her a tramp? A slut? A witch?


Thanks for reading! ☺


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  1. Ooooh, what a cute dark boy this Shadow is 😉 Yet, Vaklav is still the only one Aubrey should have eyes for! lol. Great update, I’m looking forward to the next!

    • hey there! Oh, I know it. He’s like a total stud. I finally, FINALLY learned how to make decent looking guy sims from scratch!

      Don’t worry, Aubrey still loves love V. >.>

      Thanks Sfe! glad ya enjoyed it. 😀

      ❤ 😉

  2. oooo now I offically adore Shadows XD ahahah xD and the witch was awesome!! amazing chapter as always 😀

  3. Finally I can comment now lol. I read this about two hours ago, but just as I was about to post my comment the electric went out and has only just come back on :S

    I feel so heartbroken for Vaclav, this whole Jakub/Aubrey thing is really tearing him apart. I think he knows deep down that she is telling the truth, it’s just going to take a lot for him to forgive Jakob, that’s if he ever does. Oohhh the new shadow is HOT!!! Wouldn’t mind getting me some of that lol 😛 I wonder why Aubrey felt those flutters when he flirted with her? Perhaps it was just the fact that a shadow actually helped her rather than try to put her life in danger?

    Phew…can relax now I’ve managed to get my comment up lol 😀

    • Oh no! Your electric went out? 😦 Glad it’s back on now, though.

      lol, I despise when my electric goes out, and it usually stays out for a couple hours. It gets so freakin’ boring…

      Yeah, poor V. has been through a lot. Vaclav is pissed at Jakub, but also angry with Aubrey, yet he knows he shouldn’t be angry at her. so he’s all mixed up and needs space. Oh, the drama! LOL
      And yeah, the new Shadow is HAWT… I wouldn’t mind getting me some of that as well! haha.

      Oh, yeah, she felt those ‘flutters’ because he helped her, and plus he’s HAWT. 😆

      Aww, well thanks for commenting!
      <333 🙂

  4. Hello, i absolutly love your stories! i started reading this the other day and i spent about 3 hours reading all the chapters. i am definatly hooked! i loved riverview too 🙂 xx

    • Hi Carlie, thank you for reading Bloodlust! 😀 Really glad you like it so far! And glad you also liked Riverview!

      Thanks for commenting!! Much appreciated. ^_^

      <333 xxx 😉

  5. I loved it. Aubrey’s life is so confusing to many ppl like her. Why do u make vaclac so confusing i can never figure him out lol. One more thing my name here might say im geekysciencygirl, but it is me tami442 aka your BIGGEST fan

    • Hey Tami! LOL about V. being confusing 😛

      Well, Vaclav is confused himself, lol. He’s mad at Aubrey but knows it wasn’t really her fault. He’s def mad at Jakub, and doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings, basically. He wanted to get the spell reversed on the talisman also so that Aubrey would be safe while he was away, because he still loves her in spite of what happened. lol, you probably already figured that though. >.<

      LOL, I know you didn't ask for all this info! XD

      Thanks for being my biggest fan!! ^.^

      <333 & hugs & 😀

  6. Woah Jakub’s got some superass fight moves . . . . even if he missed. Who’s the new shadow? Hes really sweet and cu – no Pixxi, don’t start going down this road, you love enough of them already . . . well maybe one more won’t hurt! As I was saying HE’S SO FRICKIN HAWT! Him and Jakub together were double SGO! DOUBLE! I’m not sure I can cope!

    Is Aubrey definitly pregnant then? After what Jakub said, and Vampires seem to know if sommeones preggers or not, it appears she might be but maybe he’s just telling lies. AHHH I don’t know!

    You have definitly cheered me up, had two exams today but this has nothing to do with Cicero or statistics so it makes me extra happy 🙂

    • ROFL, Pixxi you’re funny as always! 😆 ‘superass fight moves’ haha. Yeah, I guess he’s not THAT good since he missed, LOL. XD

      I did think up a name for him, but now I’m not sure. I want him to have a cute name that matches him really well. 😛 And yeah, he’s a total hottie. LOL!! I love all these vamp sims too. YUUUUUMMMMMMMMS………. so yeah, he’s def frickin’ HAWT!

      If you like him and Jakub both so well, you’ll really like the upcoming chapters… >.> can’t say any more than that! XD

      Sorry about not giving an answer in this chapter!! You’ll find out if she’s preggers or not in Monday’s chapter, I promise! LOL, sorry to confuse yah!

      Oh no! Exams!! Sorry about that. But I’m glad this chapter cheered you up!!


      <333 and *hugs*!

  7. It was sooo cute when Reznik called Aubrey Mommy!
    At last! lol 😀
    Loved it as always 🙂

  8. I just read the first few chapters again, and Aubrey actuallu looks really different! She looks younger, which is wierd considering sims don’t grow like that.
    Shawn looks like a different person lol 😀
    Sorry, just felt like saying that. Sorry about my randomness XP

    • Wow, that is pretty weird, maybe it’s because she had a different hairstyle? Maybe she looks a little older with shorter hair or somethin’?
      Yeah, I agree. Shawn looks totally different. It’s crazy, lol.
      eh, no problem! No apology needed, lol. 😛

      <3333 😉

  9. Oooohhh, HOTNESSSS!!
    That Shadow guy looks very tasty… XP
    How could someone as nice as Vaclav have a son as horrible and mean as Jakub?! It just doesn’t make sense, LOL!xx
    I hope we get to see more of that GAWJUSS Shadow vampire?
    LOL, he’s just about as hot as Vaclav…
    Ooh, I’m torn!

    • Hey Emma 🙂 Definitely HOTNESS!! 😛

      Very tasty indeed… haha. I def want him to bite me (if he were real of course… or maybe not so much. IDK)!

      Good point. Jakub is a bad seed, whose life shaped him into being an even worse seed. LOL. He’s just a little shit. XD

      Oh, yeah, that gawjuss vamp will be back within the next couple chapters!! 😀 I can’t get over the red eyes, it’s the hottest thing about him!!

      I know, I hate to say it, but yeah he’s as hot as V. I just will always prefer Vaclav because of his blond hair, LOL! *Ladies prefer blond gentlemen* XD

      LOL! I’m a little torn as well… go figure!

      Thanks for reading, Emma!!

      <3333 & *hugz*!

  10. Geezus Holy Mother and god Intence Moments speechless O.O

  11. Cute Shadow hero! Me like! Me like!

    I thought (maybe wished) Vaclav’s love for her would overpower the pain he’d feel for what happened with Jakub but now I’m not so sure. He seemed a little distant.

    Jakub and Shawn… I just hate then so much!
    I added this to my reading list on my other blog and somehow, the update didn’t show…glad I decided to check anyway!

    • Haha, me like him too. XD

      …and I’ve made a video of him, of course: LOL. the song that plays has very naughty lyrics. >.>

      yeah, V. is very distant. He does love her, but he just needs time. LOL at the cliche of it. 😛

      haha, I think a lot of people hate them right now. I feel a mixture… Shawn is paying V. back partly because V. used him to lure Aubrey to shadowvale. And Jakub, well, is being Jakub. LOL I still like him just ’cause he’s bad. I know, it’s weird…

      Oh no! Sorry the update didn’t show! It might be because it’s not a post? Each of my chapters are separate pages, so maybe that’s why. It seems like blogs only update actual posts… I think. O.o

      Well thanks for commenting! I usually post a new chap every Mon and Fri!


  12. Intense story! I like. 😉

    • hi mostdiabolicalpersona (wow that’s a looong user name, lol). Anyhow, thanks! I’m glad you like it! 😀 and LOL, I try to make it intense…

      😉 ❤

  13. Oh boy, the drama! It’s building!!! I hope Vaclav doesn’t leave Aubrey – it wasn’t her fault. 😦 But I do wonder what was up with the Shadow guy saving her from Jakub, and why she seemed to enjoy his flirting. The last line, her asking herself if she’s a witch, got me wondering – is she a succubus? Well no, that wouldn’t work. lol But her father is part vampire, so maybe she has some of that in her blood too? I don’t know but it’s getting good! One more chapter, then it’s bedtime!

    • It sure is! 🙂 I know. It wasn’t her fault. He’d kinda being an ass about it. Yay! This chapter introduced Hunter!! Squeeee! You’ll like him! 😀 Poor Aubrey enjoyed his flirting because she’s lonely. A succubus? Nah. That would’ve been an awesome idea though, and storyline! I think that’s the only thing I’ve never used in this story, is the introduction of a succubus. Hmmm. But yeah, she’s part vampire. I barely even know what a succubus is, to be honest. I thought it was an older woman who liked to have sex with a lot of men? Or something? LOL that sounds really bad… I may have to look that up to be sure. 😆

      Thank you, glad you’re enjoying the story! 🙂

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