Eighty-Three: Predator

Contains violence, language, explicit sex, nudity. You’ve been warned.

Special appearance by Liam from Jed’s Spellbound story. Elements of Jed’s story is used in this, but one element I’ve made up specially for my story to help it make better sense.

Thank you Jed for allowing me to use Liam.

Fog drifted over the land.

Flashing lights lit up a cross way where no trains dared to pass.

Shadowvale, Land of the Undead. Outsiders need not trespass. Whatever humans who lived there could not escape, as if an invisible border prevented it or some strange, strong force kept those humans drawn to Undead Land.

Then again, some humans rather liked living amongst the undead.

Life went on as usual inside the motel room. Jakub played with Xander.

Lauren had left hours earlier.

“What? What do you mean you didn’t find Gavin?”

“You mean I have to stay here? In the motel?”

Hunter looked at Kat.

“Okay. I get it. I’ll just have to deal until Gavin’s found.”

Her fiance gazed at her with sympathy. But then his expression turned to anger.

Kat made a face, clicked off her cell.

Hunter lunged from the bed.

“I’ll find Gavin. I’ll find him and I’ll kill him myself.”

Huh? The hell you will! Kat thought.

“No! Please, you’ll get hurt.” She grabbed his arm; he pulled away.

“Hunter, I don’t want you to go. Dad and Reznik will find him!”

“No, I’ll find him. It’s not your brother’s or your father’s job to protect you anymore. It’s my job.” Hunter went to the door.

“Shit! Hunter, stop!”

The door slammed as he left.

“Dammit if you get killed… I’ll—kill you.”

What did I just say?

Long shadows cascaded over Shadowvale. Each one created various shapes, resembling monsters.

The real monsters awaited. Hunter was one of those monsters.

A few hours passed.

Hunter spotted a flying Dempire and headed toward it.

Maybe he’ll know where Gavin is…

The creature landed. A staring match ensued.

Hunter leaped at him; pinned him down.

“Where’s Gavin?” Hunter demanded.

“I don’t know! Who— is Gavin?”

“You know exactly who I’m talking about. Where is Gavin? This is the last time I’m asking.”

“Wait,” a stranger said. Hunter halted from smashing in the Dempire’s face.

“I think I know who you’re talking about. I just ran into him not long ago… he took off toward the next town.”

When?” Hunter asked.

“About two hours ago.” He paused. “You’re talking about Gavin Dodson? The trained assassin of the Dempire Clan?”

Cynical, Hunter’s red eyes narrowed.

“Gavin murdered someone very close to me.” His eyes lowered.

“You better not be fucking with me,” Hunter said getting up.

“I’ll kill you too. I swear.”

“No. I’m not messing with you. My name is Liam, and I’ll help you find him.”

Hunter switched his gaze between Liam and the Dempire, unsure of what to do. But he hadn’t a choice. He had to do something, or else Kat would never be safe. So he followed the stranger to Gavin’s potential location.

…up the desolate railway to an even more desolate area.

A stone structure emerged. “I think he lives here,” Liam said.

Hunter followed him inside.

“He’s probably down there,” Liam whispered. “I’ve followed him before. I have the ability of magic, but I was always afraid I’d be no match for a specially trained assassin. I also didn’t want the rest of his clan on my ass.” He shrugged. “I followed him several times and changed my mind about killing him.”

“After this, I don’t think either of us will need to worry about Gavin.” Hunter descended the steps.

As almost expected, Gavin sat on an altar smoking a cigarette.

Fucking loser. Specially trained assassin my assin.

He jumped up; his eyes meeting Hunter’s.

“Who the hell are you? And why are you inside my lair? Get lost.”

“You tried to hurt my fiancee!” Hunter raged. “You will not get away with this! You will know who the fuck I am, and you will DIE knowing who I am…”

“I’m feeling hungry, Gavin.” And I missed my lycan antidote earlier. A low rumbling escaped his throat.

Gavin took a step back. It was pointless.

Glowing skin morphed to ebony fur.

Hunter aimed for Gavin’s neck.

“Wait!” Gavin said. “I know something about Jakub!”

Too late.

Gavin plummeted to the floor as a small chunk of his neck was ripped out.

Hunter threw his head back, yowling and howling. But his hunger was sated.

Black fur dissipated from his skin, legs and arms elongated into a muscular, masculine limbs.

“What do  you know about Jakub?” Hunter asked. Gavin stirred a bit, half unconscious.

Gavin groaned.

What the fuck do you know about Jakub?” Hunter shook him.

“If you kill me… you’ll never know.”

Nervously, Hunter wiped the excess blood from his mouth.

“And if you don’t tell me about Jakub, I’ll never know anyhow. Right?”

“I’m not… afraid to die, pretty wolf boy. So… finish me off.”

Hunter did.

I might regret it later, but at least for now the sonofabitch is without a throat. 

He tore further into Gavin’s throat, until he was nearly beheaded.

It was over. Gavin was no more.

What did he know about Jakub? I knew not to trust Jakub. But I can’t bring this up to Vaclav, as I don’t want to cause any more bad blood between he and his son. It’s time to put this all to rest. Maybe Gavin’s death will be the end of it.

“Kat, Jakub won’t call me back. We had sex the other night—”

“Yeah. I think I know all about that, Lauren.”

“Well anyway, he won’t call me back. Do you have any idea why?”

“Maybe if you hadn’t lived out your fantasies with my brother… or allowed  him to sweet talk you into his bed this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Yeah. I get it, Kat. Good bye.” Lauren clicked off the phone.

Immediately Kat regretted her harsh words to her friend. But it was too late.

The following day, Lauren stopped by Jakub’s motel room. Kat had already left with Hunter.

“Jakub,” she said knocking. “Are you there? I need to talk to you.”

No answer.

“Why are you ignoring my calls?” she asked.

No answer.

“Why are you ignoring me?

Suddenly a door opened. Because as they say, once one door closes, another opens…

Reznik Haas. The younger brother, who’d come to see his older brethren.

“There’s no point in you being here. Your brother doesn’t seem to be home.”

Reznik looked at her for a moment.

The dam broke and tears fell. Lauren was utterly humiliated.

“He—won’t—-answer—the door—or phone…” she sobbed.

His arms slid around her. Hesitantly she returned his embrace.

Reznik rubbed her back. Lauren felt odd with her BFF’s full-blooded brother comforting her, but in another way it was… nice.

“It’ll be okay,” he said. “Everything will be fine. My brother Jakub is known to be an asshole. You deserve better than him.”

Yeah, she thought. I do deserve better than that fucking dick head. But she still cried.

Reznik’s hands slowly went up and down Lauren’s spine.

He parted from her and said, “Come on. Let’s go somewhere and talk.”

She nodded.

Reznik drove her to his home. Lauren remained upset.

“Watch what I can do.”

He picked up a snake.

Lauren watched, wondering what Reznik planned to do with it.

“You’re an ugly fuck.” He laughed. “But you won’t be too ugly for long.”

A soft glow radiated from his hand, growing brighter.

“Grow wings and fly away, little snake, and help me cheer up a pretty… but sad girl.”

Again, they embraced.

“Thank you,” Lauren said.

“You’re welcome.” His arms tightened around her. Just a tiny bit.

The entire house was empty. Aubrey and Vaclav went out to ‘dinner’, Kat picked up the twins and went home, and Xeri went to the vampires’ nightclub.

Reznik told Lauren that he hadn’t seen much of his wife lately.

“I know how it feels to be used and betrayed by someone.”

“I know. Kat told me. It’s about Xeri, right?” And she was also the one who brought Gavin into the picture. She’s to blame for a lot of horrible things.

He nodded.

“Why did you marry her if you still resented her?” she asked.

“I loved her. I wanted to trust her. I was thinking with my heart, not with my head.” He hesitated before continuing. “I’d already lost Ashton. I didn’t want to lose another. I seem to have issues choosing the right woman, or else they choose me.”

“I’m not perfect, but I’d never betray my friends or my lover,” Lauren said. “Especially now that I know how it feels to be used.”

He gazed at her.

Quickly, Lauren looked away.

“Hey, you want me to show you around the mansion?”


They ended up in the basement once Rez showed her the first and second floors.

Like many women before her, Lauren tried to avoid looking at the scattered dead.

She saw the prison where enemies, both ancient and modern, had died.

She saw (but tried not to) the skeletons that lined the far wall.

…and she saw Vaclav and Aubrey’s bedroom.

It was quiet, uncomfortable.

It wouldn’t stay quiet or uncomfortable for long…

“I won’t fuck you like Jakub did. I promise,” he whispered kissing her. “But I will make love to you.”

“But you’re married,” she said.

“Not for long I won’t be. I’m divorcing Xeri. I made up my mind a long time ago.”

Lauren allowed him to fully kiss her.

Slowly, he backed her to the bed.

Mmm,” he moaned. “You are so beautiful.”

“Don’t hurt me, Reznik.”

“I won’t.”

Reznik climbed on top and slipped it in.

His backside moved in quick succession. Lauren threw her head back.

He’s better than his brother at this… much better.

Oh, my god… this feels so good. Yeah, yeah, Reznik. Don’t stop…

Nope, he wasn’t going to stop. He was going to keep on going. And when he came, they continued going after it via a different position.

Before she realized, however, she’d made a trail of scratches on his back. Not a good idea for obvious reasons.

Lauren straddled and rode him. Reznik’s lips kissed their way down to her breast.

He grunted; his hips lifting her, lunging upward.

She cried out.

“Come on baby,” he said moving. “I wanna make you cum.” Reznik went faster, deeper. “Come on...”

Screaming his name, Lauren experienced an intense orgasm. One she’d never felt with Jakub.

Reznik’s hard-on erupted a second time. The entire bed jostled as they came together.


Like romances before, Reznik’s passion for Xeri fizzled out.

But a new one has begun. This time he would not let her go. And once he took Cody from his witchy mother, Rez’s family would be complete.


Warning: the following video was made using very old, very funky disco music.

Credit for the black wolf goes to LittleV. http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4699953 Pose credits go to Oh My Sims. http://blog.yam.com/happyme77


37 Responses to “Eighty-Three…”

  1. one word…sex!

    okay maybe two… sex, yay!

    lol…and Hunter, it’s always nice to view your ass again!

    • one word: lol 😛

      Glad you liked this one, Ali. 😀

      I agree. It really is nice to view Hunter’s ass. ^_^ I boot up my game ALL the time just to view it! 😆 just kidding, of course.

      …and wasn’t it nice that Rez dumped Xeri (finally) and fucked Lauren? haha. Well, then again I guess that goes along with the SEX. XD

  2. I have to agree, I live for the sex in this story!
    I wanted to call Hunter “Wolf” for a second lol. Hunter killing Gavin made my heart jump. He did that for his woman. *hopeless romantic sigh*
    Liam is HOT! Started reading that story but lost my spot! Must get back in!
    Wonder what Gavin was talking about.
    Rez and Lauren. I like I like this pair. He is so sweet and I’m glad he is done with Xeri. Didn’t like her. She just wasn’t right for hot ass Rez. Wonder what she did though.

    Haha boy would Kat be grossed out if she knew Lauren did her other brother too! lol

    • 😛 thanks Qui! Well, I live for writing the sexy parts.

      True, Hunter killed Gavin to keep Kat safe. He might regret it later, but then again Gavin wasn’t going to mention Jakub’s secret anyhow. I hear you about the ‘hopeless romantic’ thing, that’s definitely me too.

      I know it. I don’t think I had Liam’s correct skin from the Spellbound story, but it was okay. And yes, Liam is VERY hot!! I should have him return to the story so Hunter can properly ‘thank’ him for showing him Gavin’s hideaway. Oh yes, you must continue reading Spellbound, it is amazing!

      Jakub has a little secret. Nuff said. :p

      I love Rez and Lauren as a pair too. To be honest, they just look better together. Rez and Xeri just weren’t that great of a match, although I DID try to make it work with them as a couple. Xeri’s creator originally wanted me to pair her with Hunter, and there was no way in hell I was going to do that, so I compromised by choosing Rez. *shrugs*

      And OMG you just basically posted the same. damn. thing. About your ‘being glad that Rez is done with Xeri, and that she just wasn’t right for hot ass Rez’, LOL. I kinda felt that way for a very long time but just didn’t want to hurt the creator’s feelings… but since she stopped commenting and reading, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. 😆

      Remember? Xeri was leader of the Dempires, as it turned out, and Rez found out. Also she originally hired Gavin to kill Vaclav, and Gavin was also going to hurt Rez (because he’s an ass). Rez gained the upper hand, as usual. 😛

      haha, so true. Kat would be totally grossed out!

      • Yes hot ass Rez! I would eat him alive! That magic he showed her was so sweet! The bird was beautiful and would have brought a smile to my face too! GOD I love him!

        Figures Jakub would still be up to something. I wish Lauren would have kneed him in the balls or something. I wanted to hug her after she cried!

        I’m glad you enjoy the sexy parts because you’re great at it!

      • ACK!! You commented again and I never even realized it. *facepalm*
        so sorry it took me a while to reply… haha, I’d eat Rez alive too. He makes such a yummy male sim. Now I can’t wait for Hunter’s twin boys to grow up in this story ; ) if they’re not hot enough, I’ll just tweak them in CAS!

        Thanks, I’m glad you liked the part where Rez showed Lauren the
        ‘magic trick’ thingy, even if it was a little on the cheesy side, haha. Rez is pretty awesome.

        Yup, a leopard or whatever doesn’t change its spots (LOL or however that saying goes). Jakub’s still a jerk. Hmmm, that would be
        funny if Lauren did that to Jakub. Vaclav already did that to Jakub. It’s a wonder Jakub was able to have Xander! 😆 Apparently his balls weren’t injured that much. As for Lauren crying, I know what you mean. Everybody knows how it is to have their heart broken, so you can really empathize with her… 😦

        Aww, thank you Qui. *huggles* ^^ You’re great at writing that sexy stuff too!


    My ass kicking…

    The Xeri removing… (That was clever, oh you)

    The sexing with one of my favorite characters….actually, two of them.

    Oh, and Jakub, you grimy bastard 😀

    Kat was a bit of a bitch, and I predict even more weirded outedness in the future from her. Best friend has a thing for big brother(s).

    • haha, glad you liked this one, Camy. 😀 ‘the ass kicking, the Xeri removing’ so funny… and thanks. I thought up how to remove Xeri a looooooooooong time ago, that’s why this chapter is so long because I wanted to kick start it by having Reznik f*ck the shit out of Lauren, and at the same time made up for his brother’s assholish behavior!

      All in the family. 😆

      I love whenever I make a chapter with Hunter shifting to his other bad ass form, and then I get to show his naked ass!

      Jakub’s a dick head, as always. :/ At least Rez acts better than he used to.

      Yes Kat WAS a bitch, I agree. She should’ve tried to call Lauren back to apologize. LOL your prediction might come true…

      Yup, BFF has a thing for the older bros, haha. 😛

  4. Amazing amazing amazing! Your stories just REFUSE to disappoint….. am also enjoying the 45 page book. Our Legacy chapters are hopefully getting better…..
    PS: Thnx for following the blog, ur blogroll is also pulling in more views

    • Aww, thank you so much. 🙂 hey, thanks for reading the free book too! ^^ Hope you’re enjoying it… don’t worry, I will get caught up on your legacy. I will look at it tonight. 😀

      You’re welcome, and I do appreciate the comments on Bloodlust. ^_^ Glad you’re getting more views, too.

  5. Oh for Heaven’s sake, Lauren! From one brother to the next. As someone already posted, she seemed to have a thing for older brothers. LOL. Hunter tries to be big dog again, since V and Rez didn’t find Gavin. Well he was successful. Aw Gavin’s dead. I actually liked him. He was more bad a** than Xeri. Oh well. 😉 You and your hugging scenes, ;D Kat was a tad harsh there, prob because Lauren got some and Kat didn’t. Hahaha! For some reason I think Rez will keep Lauren very close to him, she a regular mortal right? Maybe she’s better to control than his previous women. Whatever happened to his male smooch partner back when Rez was a teen?

    Very cool effects with the snake to bird magic. Looked very professional. And LOL, I completely forgot you had Liam. *this me getting old* I like his shirt… Your characters are so much better dressed than mine -.-

    Great update! Wonder where Jakub and Xander went off to. Hope Lauren isn’t preggo with bigger brother’s baby.

    • lol, I knew you guys would say that. But it’s true, Lauren likes those older brothers. And ol’ Rez just happened to be there, just as Lauren was feeling vulnerable. It was bound to happen!! 😆

      Oh, yes, Hunter loves to show off his ‘furry’ side. Haha! Hunter was successful thanks to Liam, your character. 😛 You liked Gavin?!! Oh, that’s right, the smoking thing! Well, I’m sure I’ll have another character who smokes. hehe. Yeah, Xeri wasn’t much of a bad ass, though she tried to be at times. LOL, my ‘hugging’ scenes, eh? 😆 @ Kat being harsh maybe since her BFF got some and Kat didn’t! You’re bad, Jed!

      Yup, Lauren’s just a mortal. Good breeding material, in other words. XD No, they really do make a better couple than the ‘Rez & Xeri’ combo. True, Lauren is different than Rez’s previous women. She seems more ‘innocent’ or something… anyhow, I wondered whenever someone might bring that up, about whatever happened to Rez’s teen friend from the day. Nothing really happened to him, well except I guess he and Rez drifted apart. Kat could never keep friends very long either. I wonder why? lol.

      Oh, well thanks Jed. They could’ve been better (and I think I have done better before lol) but thanks. 🙂 hehe, Liam’s shirt came with Pets. Also Kat wore a shirt with a cat on the hood, I did that as a joke since her name is “Kat”. Nah, my characters aren’t dressed better than yours. 😛

      Thank you Jed. ^^ Jakub/Xander’s still at the motel, Jakub was just ignoring poor Lauren. Maybe Lauren isn’t preggo. Time will tell though. O_O

    • Just a quick question. Where is Liam’s pants from? It’s difficult to see, is that the base game baggy pants?

      • No, I think that’s cc. I’m not really sure what cc, but I might have gotten them from Lorandia Sims 3. I think they might be called cargo pants? 😳 sorry I’m not much help!

  6. awwww. i really want lauren and rez to get together they’d make cute babies 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. hahaha nice! this was an epic chapter! it had everything lol, aw Lauren haha poor hurt Lauren, haha Xeri is getting dumped 😛 lmfao, i can’t wait to see what happens next! i loved the part where hunter killed gavin

    • Thank you so much Alyssa!! So glad you liked it. Took me 3 days to do this one. O_O So glad that work seemed to have paid off! Yes, Lauren has been hurt by that dickwad Jakub. 😦 I have to agree, LOL @ Xeri getting dumped. Just wait till the next chapter!!

      I enjoyed writing the part where Hunter killed Gavin (because I’m a sicko) LOL. 😆

      Thanks again for the nice comments! *hug*

      • oh i loved it, it was well worth the wait! lol, oh i can’t wait until the next chapter eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol, hahahaha i’m a sicko too hahaha, lol*hugs* sorry about not responding to the toher one, been super busy it was my little girls birthday yesterday

      • aww, thank you! Yeah usually it takes me about a day to do a chapter, this one I worked on for 3. Crazy! Nah, you’re not a sick. LOL!

        Aw, that’s okay! Yay she had a birthday! 😀 I think my hubby’s niece was born around Thanksgiving too, btw. *hugs* again! ^^

  8. Well, lots of sex and kiling, again xD Hahah. Cant wait to see what happens!

    • mwahahahahaha. >:D thank you James! And lots of sex n’ killing indeed! 😛

      • Aye, it was. Lol, but I have come to expect it now ahha, I do love your story though, I love waiting for the chapters I always think about what I think will happen next, its really fun 😀 I sit wondering what might happen, but most of the time, Im wrong or you surprise me, like Rez and *insertkatsfriendsnamehere* 🙂

      • I think I have more sex than anything else. 😛 Awww, thank you, glad you’re still enjoying my crazy vampire story. hehe about Rez and Lauren. 😆 And I’m glad my story still surprises you at times! 😀

        I think Rez and Lauren make a perfect couple. They fit together like a glove (not in a dirty way haha).

        Thanks for the compliments about the story, James. ^^

  9. We need Aubrey and Vaclav sexy time soon! Very good chapter though!

  10. Oh yes…. Who doesn’t love sex?? ❤ I was also wondering if you were gonna write anymore of the book-ish thingy of Shadowland?? I bought it on iBooks && I LOVED IT!!!! Lol(: Love this story(:

    • I hear you. 😛 Well, I was thinking about it, I wanted to see if Blood Legacy sold any first. I have yet to get anything from it. I know I made the first book (Shadowland) free, but I’d probably set the price on the next one to .99, which isn’t bad. >_> But thank you so much, I’m glad you loved it! 😀 I could do what I did for my other book and make the next one free for a few days. Anyhow, like I said, I want to see if my other’s going to sell (actually I know it has, just want to get paid before deciding to write another book). 😛

      Thank you again, and I’m glad you like Bloodlust too!! ^_^ <3333

  11. Yay! No more Xeri! I never did like her. Seriously, whenever I came across her name in the story, I’d always replace it with “Dumbpire.”

    • you too, eh? 😛 I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in not really liking that character too much. She just didn’t fit in very well, and I couldn’t change her looks much because I didn’t want to hurt the creator’s feelings (lol sorry to sound like a broken record).

      lol @ ‘dumbpire’. :p

      Thanks for commenting, Katie!! 😀

  12. Amazing chapter, worth the wait 😀
    Eeek, Lauren’s hair is pretty! Where’d you get that from?
    Btw yay for Rez and Lauren! They make the cutest pair ever, I love them together already!

    • Thank you so much Margie! 😀

      I believe I got her hair from Peggy Sims. ^^ One of the newer ones, and it was free.

      hehe, I totally agree. They make a great couple! And thank you so much!! <33

  13. Whew! That was a hot sex scene! I’m sweating! lmao Had to say it. 😀 Another great chapter, I’m glad Gavin is out of the picture. I wonder what he knew about Jakub…Reznik is going to divorce Xeri? I smell drama coming! She’s a Dempire, and if he divorces her, she’s likely to start a war or something. And Reznik wants to take Cody back from Ashton, and be with Lauren? Oh boy…I wonder if Lauren will also become a vampire. Great use of the black wolf, LittleV makes great wolves! I wonder what all will happen with Liam…can’t wait to find out!

    Oh, and if you want, feel free to use any of my characters in your story. I’d be honored if you did. 🙂

    • Hey TW! Thanks, glad you liked ze sex scene. 😛 Well when I wrote it, kinda made me sweat a little… *snicker* Rez is a hottie, and what makes him even more hot is that he tried to cheer Lauren up, etc. Sex is always a good way to cheer up someone too. XD Yeah, I guess it was time for Gavin to die, although I’ll miss him in some ways. You have a really great point about Rez divorcing Xeri. But Xeri gave up leadership of the Dempires, although I never elaborated on whether or not they recruited another leader. I think I mentioned that they’d fallen apart after Xeri left.

      Yes, Rez wants Cody back, and to shack up with Lauren. 😀 She might become one later, not sure yet. Aww, thank you (about the black wolf)! Yup, LittleV made some awesome wolves. Now there’s another girl on the forums who seems to make awesome animals too. I think she might’ve made some wolves as well.

      Liam won’t be back in the story for a while, but I do need to have Hunter thank him for leading him to Gavin… I have so much other drama going on in the story that I forgot about that.

      Aw, thank you TW! It’d be cool to do a cameo, definitely. 😀 And your vampire from chap 1 is certainly HOT. ^^ and you can use any of my characters for the same purpose, of course. 🙂 If I don’t have any of the ones you want for download, just let me know so I can upload them.

      • lol Glad you find my vampire hot! I tried to make him sexy, though in some ways he looks like Edward Cullen. I say that because I did make a Twilight household at one point and I used that hairstyle for Edward. I didn’t want him to resemble him too much, although Allanna somewhat looks like Bella too. Gah! lol I see chapter 84, off to read!

  14. Uhhh…Rez? What happened to Xeri? She’s gone, just like that? Woah, you move on fast XD
    Perhaps Hunter should have listened to Gavin 🙂 He’s gonna regret that… 🙂

    • You noticed that, eh? 😆 yup Rez seems to move on pretty fast. I’ll explain it a little better in the next chapter, about the fact that Rez and Xeri hadn’t been getting along too well for a few months. But yeah, things did happen fast between he and Lauren. XD

      Hunter might regret that, but only time will tell. 😛 And thank you for commenting!!

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