Fifteen: The Forgiven One

This one contains some sexually explicit content, language, and violence.

The pale moon rose as the sun dipped below Shadowvale.

Aubrey dressed and then exited her bedroom.

She’d thrown up several times earlier due to a bad hangover. Every inch of her ached, including the soreness from Vaclav’s vigorous lovemaking.

His sexual appetite robust as ever, Vaclav waited for her in the corridor.

He gazed at her with those bedroom eyes…

But when he tried kissing her, she pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Seriously? I got drunk last night because of the horrible things you told me. And what did you do? You took advantage of me!”

“It wasn’t like that, Aubrey. I love you.” Just for a second, his eyes drifted guiltily to the floor.

“Yes it was like that. I was vulnerable, and you took advantage of that.”

Vaclav put his lips to her neck. “I apologize.”

Then you’re admitting what you did was wrong?

He rushed off and headed down the stairs.

A moment later, she followed but took a detour into the sitting area. Whenever a tear surfaced she brushed it away.

A shuffling sound came from behind.

Aubrey figured it was Vaclav, back for some grovelling.

“Hi Aubrey,” Shawn said.

Her eyes grew round.

He sat next to her, his luminous eyes meeting hers.

“I’m sorry for all those things I said. I hope you can forgive me.”

Her breath caught in her throat.

“Why did you say those things?”

“When I first saw you again, I was so drawn to you that it scared me. I have a hard time controlling my urges, I guess ’cause I’m so new at the… vampire thing. Anyhow, I was afraid I’d hurt you.”

She could see how uncomfortable he was baring his feelings. He shifted around on the sofa.

“It’s okay. I guess,” she replied. Forgiveness was just a step away.

Shawn smiled at her, shattering the armor that encased Aubrey’s heart. She wasn’t sure that was such a good thing, but nevertheless…

“Like my new teeth?” he asked.

Aubrey laughed. It was almost like the way is used to be, when they were still in college and the world was at their fingertips.

“So, can I finally kiss you?”

“Sure,” she said just as her mind screamed: but if you break my heart again, I’ll kill you.  

They leaned over.

Like an electrical current, his lips on hers sent chills throughout her body.

It was the moment she’d anticipated for… forever.

She never knew Vaclav was watching; his predatory instincts kicking in, feeding his rage and vice-versa.

The highrise building beckoned him, teasing him with images of the blood-rich humans that inhabited it.

Since Aubrey’s return, his appetite for anything had increased tenfold. Sex, blood, vengeance. The desire for all consumed him.

The two years he hadn’t seen her, he lost interest in living and starved himself into a skeletal being. He vowed for it to never happen again. Vaclav vowed to remain the strong, powerful and sexual being he was always meant to be, despite Aubrey’s rejection.

Shifting his vision to hunt mode, Vaclav scanned the room.

There were two with especially rich blood.

Of course, he was particularly interested in the female.

“Would you like to have a drink with me?” he asked her.

She looked over at him and said, “sure.”

Briefly he chatted with her, pretending he didn’t despise small talk.

Then he took a sip of his drink.

Alcohol wasn’t a substance he often ingested, only in rare circumstances such as trying to capture prey.

He put on his most irresistible face as he asked, “would you like to go somewhere?”

She gazed at him a few seconds, as though trying to determine whether or not he was a psychotic killer.

Ah, if she only knew, Vaclav thought with an inner smile.

Just like they always do, she followed him into the subway.

They emerged in an area far more desolate. Indeed, it was perfect.

Vaclav caressed her face.

Her eyes widened in shock and fear, as though seeing his vampiric characteristics for the first time.

But now it was too late.

“You’re going to let me feed from you.” He smiled, his eyes penetrating hers, placing her under his spell.


She relaxed and he swooped to her neck.

Her flesh crunched beneath his fangs. She cried out, then was quiet.

Vaclav drank, moaning as he hungrily took in the sweet fluid, and pretending just for a moment the woman was Aubrey… the blood filled his stomach with warmth, the images of his beloved filling his body with desire.

Finally sated, he withdrew.

In her newly weakened state, she almost collapsed.

“Thank you,” he said, his hands cradling her face. “That tasted especially delicious.”

She only continued to stare at him with glazed eyes.

He licked his lips trying to get all the excess blood.

Waste not.

He disappeared in a veil of mist, chuckling at the look of puzzlement upon her face.


The hunger for vengeance lured him to a familiar spot in the city. An area where members of the rival clan sometimes frequent.

Vaclav’s enemy glared at him, his lips twitched into a smirk.

Vaclav headed toward him, but it was obvious the other vampire wouldn’t back down.

Neither would Vaclav. He lunged forward.

The creatures wrestled in a furious struggle to gain control over the other.

Vaclav restrained him from behind.

The vampire roared in anger, fighting to free himself.

Vaclav drew out a dagger.

“Where are the Shadows keeping my son?” Vaclav demanded.

“I don’t know.”

“Bullshit. Where is my son?”

“I told you I don’t know, so fuck off!”

The blade going through his neck was like slicing through butter.

For now, Vaclav’s hunger was sated.

The enemy fell to the ground.

“I will find my son! And I’ll kill all of you vile, dark-haired pieces of shit.”

Guilt crept up in his conscience as he remembered that Aubrey was also one of them.

Then something overcame him. He dropped to his knees, his mind’s eyes glimpsing horrible visions.

Down in the vampires’ pit.

Beyond the pile of dead.

Shawn made love to Aubrey, the sweat on his backside glistening as he thrust.

She was the essence of Vaclav’s very existence. She did not belong with Shawn.

Those images made Aubrey’s rejection all that more real, bitter, painful.

And in his mind’s eyes, Vaclav saw a plan that went terribly wrong. The plan to lure Aubrey back into his arms. He should’ve seen this coming, should’ve predicted the various possible outcomes instead of falling into the trap of being blinded by love.


Thanks for reading!  😀  Chapter 16 will be out on Friday, Nov. 12. ♥


18 Responses to “Fifteen…”

  1. *Sniff sniff* Aww poor Vaclav, come see Kim, I’ll look after you *hehe* 😛 I feel so bad for him, I could almost hear his heart breaking as I read it. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid, Aubrey will eventually see that she is meant to be with him. 🙂

    • Haha, I hear you. *giggles*. Poor Vaclav, even though he is somewhat ‘evil’. He tries to do the right thing, sort of. 😛

      And you could be right about that. Maybe Aubrey will see that he’s the one for her. >.>

      Thanks for reading and commenting! ❤ ^.^

  2. O.O
    Ok, I am probably going to be the only one here to say this but…I actually prefer Shawn O.O But I know she belongs to Vaclav, I just hope he doesn’t do anything that will hurt Aubrey.

    Speaking of which, someone gets around 😉 Hehe, I’m so conflicted on how to feel now, red eyes DO NOT suit him 😛

    loved it!

    • I’m not sure who I like better, they are both pretty damn hawt!! :p I think it’s the picture is Shawn where he is smirking and says “So..Can I finally kiss you?” that does it for me lol. What the heck, I think I’d have them both 😛 hehe

      • I know 😛 Reminds me so much of a vamp from a book I’m reading :p Hehe I’m vamp obsessed but there you go 😛

        Aubrey is in the best place in my opinion, cute guys by the bucketload 😛

    • hehe, you two are funny 😛 XD

      Oh no! I just realized what you said about Aubrey, Rachel! BAD!! Seriously though, you’re right. Aubrey does get around, doesn’t she? Well, I just put myself in her shoes (I WISH I were in her shoes XD) and Vaclav was her first love, so she’ll always have feelings for him; Shawn was her SECOND love, so you know how that goes… plus she was drunk in the night club and couldn’t help herself <.<

      Lol, I gave Vaclav those red eyes whenever he was feeling evil!

      I WAS going to make it to where Vaclav acted like he'd try to get Shawn 'out of the way'; thankfully I realized that would 'hurt' Aubrey and no one would like Vaclav after that. So I edited that out. 🙂 I'm trying to make Vaclav into someone the reader won't hate, but it's tough, because he also has to have a little evil in him as well. O.o

      Kim, I thought Shawn was cute in that part too. ^_^ Poor guy, he waited to long just to get to second base with her ( or last base or whatever, lol). He finally succeeds once he turns into a vampire. @.@ I like them both as well, but I think Vaclav's a little cuter.

      Rachel, nothing wrong with being obsessed with vampires and stories/books about them. Vampires are awesome. 😉 Shit, I'm obsessed with WRITING about them!!

      Indeed, Aubrey is def in the best place!

      Thank you Rachel for the wonderful comments! And you too Kim! 😀

  3. W0w tht was kwl!!! I d0nt kn0w wh0 sh0uld have her. It’s just s0 hard to decide 😦 awesum chapter anyway

    • Hi Tami 😀 Thanks!! Glad ya enjoyed reading it! ^.^ Like the ladies above said, I like BOTH as well. 😛 Shawn is immaturish but cute in that way, Vaclav is hawt and distinguished in an ‘evil’ sort of way…

    Amazing chapter!! I agree that it is hard to pick just one… however I might prefer Vaclav 0:)
    Shawn looks even HOTTER as a vampire though ;D
    LOL. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

    • Hi Emma!! 😀 wow, thank you soooo much! Yeah, I def like Vaclav… I think it’s the new hairstyle on Shawn, it REALLY suits him. Can you believe it? Decent hair that isn’t CC hair!! But yeah, he looks hotter as a vamp too. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting! ❤

  5. Aww Shawn is so sweet! Sure he was a bit of a jerk to begin with but he’s being all nice now soo I think I possibly prefer him. Possibly.

    Poor Vaclav, I do feel sorry for him.

    • Hi Pixxi! 😀 Yeah, he was sweet in this chapter, finally. 😛 Wow, you prefer him too?! Uh-oh… >.>

      I’m glad I decided not to have Vaclav try to hurt Shawn…

      Yeah, having your heart broken isn’t fun. 😦 Maybe Vaclav will feel better in the next chapter (but not because he gets back with Aubrey or anything). 🙂

      Thanks for the comments, and for reading! ❤ 😉

      You guys are all seriously the greatest!!! *hugs*

  6. Hmmm…I don’t really like Vaclav or Shawn. Vaclav acts all evil, and Shawn is just…creepy. Seriously lol 😛
    Aubrey is so gullible. Someone comes up to her and she just goes with it!
    Nice chapter 😀

    • Hi Tiny! 😀 Well what can I say? Aubrey has… odd taste in men. Either way, I wish I were Aubrey, creepy guys or not. LOL

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!! ❤ 😉

  7. I like both. I think if anyone doesn’t, they shouldn’t read the story.

    Awesome update!!! 😀

  8. Wowza!!! How did you get those sex poses? They look real! lol Nice buns Shawn. :p Another great chapter, and I just realized one vampire clan is blonde and the other is dark-haired, like Vaclav said. rofl Oh my…the drama! Another great chapter! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Hi TenderWolf! I’m finally going to catch up on your comments! 😆

      move objects cheat! lol. Then I have to delete the bed they’re on (this is while they’re making out) in buy/build mode, then get back to live mode, then back to buy/build mode again and I can move them around. You have to press alt while moving them so they won’t snap to the grid or whatnot. Sometimes it still looks weird from certain angles. You just have to play around with it. I explained it in detail on my About Jenssims page, because someone else asked about it. But you get the gist of how to do it. 🙂

      Shit, all those guy sims have nice asses. 😉 lol. It’s like getting to watch hot Final Fantasy characters parading around naked. Final Fantasy characters are drool worthy. Yes I’m weird.

      Thanks, glad you liked this one too. 😀 Yeah, I had this crazy idea when I first started to make the clans have opposite hair colors. haha I’m sooo freakin’ crazy. XD

      Thanks again, TW!!


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