Forty-Four: Lustful Intent


Also contains harsh language and very odd similes and metaphors. :p

Hunter looked up at a painting on the wall. Why he seemed so smug, Aubrey wasn’t sure.

But he sure looks hot.

He glanced at the piano.

Vaclav’s words echoed in her ears: ‘I can allow you to get what you need from the Shadow. Until I get out of prison, or until you can forgive me.’

His allowance was tempting, and she needed a distraction from the entire stressful situation… not to mention she was lonely.

But was there really any justification for adultery? Even after the awful things Vaclav did to her?

Hunter sat down at the piano.

A horrible sound followed as his fingers banged on the keys.

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ $#%^&  The awful ‘music’ continued. Vaclav he was not.

Oh, my God… make it stop already.

Finally, he stopped.

“I can’t play worth a shit.” He chuckled.


“It sounded okay, I guess.”

He rose and walked up to her.

“Thanks for saying I played okay, even though I know perfectly well I suck.”

“Mm-hm.” I’m just glad you stopped playing.

Later, he sat in the family room.

Aubrey approached him.

Should I or shouldn’t I? she wondered.

I should.

Aubrey lowered onto Hunter’s thighs.

“What are you doing?” He chortled, nervously.

“Um, I—want to have sex with you.”

OMG! Did I REALLY just say that?!

She ground against him, trying to get comfortable.

What was that pressing against her rear? Was her seduction working? Oh, nevermind. That was his hand.

She leaned back.

Then ran her fingers through his dark hair, while groping his arm with the other hand.

“Aubrey, I can’t do this.”

It felt like a kick to her stomach. A very violent, very painful kick to the stomach; knocking the wind out of her.

She bolted from his lap.

The humiliation was unbearable.

Aubrey took a shower.

Degrading thoughts raced through her mind.

Am I not pretty enough?

Am I not hot enough?

Am I not thin enough?

Am I not… good enough?

I’ve been taking the left over birth control pills since a week after the miscarriage. I’ve prepared myself, I’ve done everything! That morning in the pool, when I kissed him, I thought there was some morsel of chemistry. Didn’t he feel anything? We’ve done the flirtatious dance for weeks now!

Finally she realized the problem wasn’t her… it was HIM.

“If you don’t think I’m good enough, then that’s on you!”

“Aubrey, I—”

“No! I don’t want to hear it. Screw you, Hunter.”

Rejection hurts. Rejection sucks.

“I respect you too much to do that! And I respect your marriage to Vaclav!”

“So that’s it,” she muttered. “If we have sex, you’re scared Vaclav will kill you after he gets out of prison.”

“Maybe that’s it,” he half-assed admitted.

She refused to mention what Vaclav told her. Hunter should want her enough to do it, not just because Vaclav gave them permission.

Frustrated, Aubrey started tugging the tangled rats from her hair.

She was so angry with Hunter, she hadn’t bothered to comb it yet.

For now, her fingers would suffice. In more ways than one.

“You’re afraid of my husband. That makes you a pussy.”

She started from the room.

“And that makes you a bitch,” he said.

She froze. “I’d rather be a bitch than a wuss.”



“You want me?” he whipped off his shirt, unfastened his trousers.

“I’m not a pussy, and I’m not a wuss.”

He drew up behind her.

Holy shit. He’s gonna do it?

Her heart pumped.

“Get on the floor, over by the fireplace so we can have angry sex.”

Suddenly, self-doubt kept her feet glued to the floor.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry the fuck up.”

He followed her; then something horrifying occurred…

 She tripped over her own feet.

Moron! the voices in her head screamed.

“You okay?” he asked, his voice faintly trembling. She knew he was stifling laughter, the bastard.

She started getting up but he stopped her.

“You’ll be fine just like that,” he said pulling down his pants.

Doggy style? It was a position she hadn’t tried before…

He crouched and slid the towel from her body.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes.” I think I’m ready… oh, God. What the hell am I doing?

He stuck it in her va jay jay.

Aubrey sucked in a deep breath; then exhaled.

Hunter moved with a fiery vengeance, expressing all his earlier rage onto her body.

He grunted, charging against her like a freight train through a tunnel.

Now she knew what those tunnels felt like.

“Don’t… ever… call… me a wuss… again,” he moaned. Then he grabbed her hips, shoving himself further.

Aubrey cried out.

Hunter’s body went rigid as he climaxed. Miniature explosions ripped through Aubrey… his orgasm led to her own. She wanted to scream his name at the top of her lungs.

Then they collapsed onto the floor.

“Omigosh, that was amazing.” Aubrey panted.

“Nothing better than angry sex,” he replied.

They drifted to sleep.

As another nightfall came…

So did they, in Vaclav’s bed.

They’d screwed so much that Hunter exhibited a tell-tale glow on his face.

“Are you ever going to tell me how you became a shape-shifter?” she asked moments later.

“A witch placed a curse on me not long after I became a vampire.” His fingers threaded between hers.

“What happened to the witch?”

“After she cursed me, I turned into a wolf and killed her.”

Aubrey looked at him and laughed, but her laughter was cut short by his lips.

She fell against the mattress, around the same time she felt herself falling for Hunter…

They continued their game of fore-play.

And Vaclav’s mind saw every torturous vision, like being forced to watch a despicable film over and over.

He groaned, holding his head.

“Get these fucking visions out of my head!”

Vaclav’s punishment did not fit the crime.


Thanks for reading, and sorry about Aubrey’s behavior in this one. >_> *cough cough* slut *cough*  Then again, loneliness and stress can make sims do strange things…

btw Kat and Reznik were being cared for by the butler (in another part of the house, far far away) while all this was going on.  😛


20 Responses to “Forty-Four…”

  1. I tried not to read this until later but I couldn’t help it! I laughed SO HARD when she tripped! In fact, I’m still laughing! Aubrey is so hilarious! She played that old trick of making him feel like a punk then fell!! LOL
    So Hunter is into angry sex huh? *rubs chin* Very interesting! That “I’m not a pussy..” shot, I froze and just stared! REHAB. I need rehab!
    I bet Vaclav is kicking himself now! Figures that one time wouldn’t be enough!

    • Ah, Jeez! I got a new comment in moderation, so I was panicking at first! Thank goodness it was you and not someone upset over the raunchiness of this chapter!! XD seriously?? haha! I hoped people would find that part funny! I really enjoyed writing this chapter, and not just because of the smex. I’m glad you’re still laughing over it! 😀
      LOL, I guess he is into angry sex. It just kinda happened that way in this chapter! Pretty crazy, really. I hear ya, that pic was fun to edit indeed. So hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!! Now Aubrey’s addicted to him too! Rehab, that’s hilarious!
      Yeah, he’s definitely kicking himself. Of course, what did he think would happen?? lol.


  2. I need Rehab too, lol. When she tripped for a moment I thought she’d land on the fire. But thankfully it wasn’t so. I wonder if she did that on purpose?… 😉

    As for Vaklav, well, he kind of deserves that. Can’t say I feel sorry for him!

    • Hey Sfe. 🙂 haha, it did look like she got dangerously close to the fireplace! XD That would really, really suck. lol, it would’ve been pretty clever if she’d done it accidentally-on-purpose!

      Yeah, he does deserve it, lol. I just can’t help but feel sorry for him (a little)! 😛

  3. On a cold wet typical british friday night, your story never fails to make me smile, but poor V :(, dirty Aubrey! dirty! xxxxxx

  4. Great chapter as always :). Serves V. right. Lol it must be killing him, and I wonder what he’s going to do next.

    LOL at Aubrey tripping. That made me laugh really hard. Hopefully she’ll end up with Hunter for at least a little while. He’s pretty hot xD.

    • Aw, thanks Mike! Yeah, it’s pretty much killing him… I’ve started the next chapter, and Vaclav has told Lucius about it. That’s all I’ll say for now. 😛

      hehe, you thought that was funny too? XD plus it was a great excuse to get her in position 😆 Glad ya got a good laugh out of it! I also loved how Hunter was trying not to laugh at her! Well, she’ll end up with him for at least a little while… can’t say much more than that. Hunter is not only hot, he’s like the freakin’ epitome of stud muffiness! haha 😀


  5. Uncensored boobs!! o_O You dirty, dirty writer XD

    Vaclav can GTFO, Hunter’s in the zone! Go hunter! Fuck some more, teach V. what was coming for him! RAWR!


    • Hey Rev! Sorry about the boobs, haha. At least it was kinda hard to tell regarding the ‘flowery’ parts. XD I know, I’m totally perverse in my stories… >_> >.<

      LOL poor V. Nobody likes him anymore! 😦 jk, I understand. As for Hunter, he'll always be in the story, so that's good. 🙂 Yes, Hunter and Aubrey will fuck s'more in the next chapter (but won't be as explicit or anything). 😀

      Thanks for commenting again!!


  6. Bwahahaha. He can’t play the piano.

    I love how you “censored” that whole sex scene out with a table XD

    Screw you, Vaclav, Hunter is way better! 😀

    (I was listening to Guardian Angel by Abandon All Ships while reading this. Makes sense, yanno? :P)

    Love love loved it ❤

    Also, that little surprise I've been working on, I'm still working on it. Computer crashed right in the middle of working on a big block of it, luckily it was on autosave at the moment 😛


    • Hey there Angie! 😛 Nope, Hunter sucks at playing the piano!

      LOL, I know. 😆 I had to censor it a little bit!

      Oh poor V! Hunter is pretty awesome though… 😀

      lol, you’re gonna make me look up another song, aren’t you? haha. Which I will, now I’m totally curious. :p

      Awww, thank you Angie! ♥

      Oh no! sorry your computer crashed while you were working on that mysterious present. 😦 I can’t wait to find out what it is!! ^.^ That’s great that it autosaved. I know how that is, WordPress has acted stupid before to where I’ve lost parts of chapters! 😡

  7. LOL, this was kind of funny;D
    But I don’t want Aubrey to cheat on Vaclav! 😦
    The sex scene was funny, LMAO…:D

    • Thanks Emma! XD
      I’m sorry! 😦 I understand what you mean about that. My stories are always like soap operas, lol. 😛

      Aw, thanks! It was pretty funny, eh? hehe.

      xxxx <33

  8. Hurrah she finally gave in, about time lol ;P Hunter definitely looked very tasty in these pictures. Though I do feel sorry for Vaclav now, even though I know he doesn’t really deserve it after what he done to Aubrey. He needs to see everything and feel everything to understand how much he hurt her, hopefully now he will realise and sort things out. 😀

    • hey Kim! Yes it was time they finally did the nasty, lulz. Oh, ikr about how good Hunter looked!

      I agree about Vaclav. I think he’s learned his lesson now. 😛 Maybe Aubrey will forgive him sometime. 🙂


  9. when hunter started to get his clothes off I was like “Oooh baby….” xD Aubrey ❤ Hunter FTW! xD

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