Twenty-Eight: Land of Many Shadows

Contains nudity. There is also a ‘biting’ scene that might be considered disturbing to some.

Multiple POVs are used in this chapter.

Aubrey dreamed that night. She’d moved back to Shadowvale… a land as dreary and desolate as ever, shrouded by perpetual mist.

That mist parted, revealing the Haas manor. Aubrey went inside.

She stepped into an enormous bathroom where Vaclav was showering.

He looked beautiful as the water flowed over his body. She wanted to get in with him.

He started to turn around.

Sensually, his hand slid down his hard stomach… then his eyes opened and his face morphed into something monstrous, twisted…

She jerked upright.

Holy shit. Do I REALLY want to move back to Shadowvale??

Meanwhile, Vaclav took the elevator to the first floor.

He hadn’t fed in two days and was starving.

He could smell the human blood all around him, enticing him. Vaclav imagined sinking his fangs into flesh, the blood fresh and warm as it rushed into his mouth.

Then he detected the scent of female blood. Young female blood.

She sat on a bench.

She was Madison, Aubrey’s teenaged babysitter.

“Hi,” she greeted.

Vaclav looked away, fighting off temptation… for no blood tasted sweeter than young blood.

The rapid beating of Madison’s heart ricocheted in his ears.

She followed him outside.

“Will you turn me into one?” she asked.

He spun around. “Turn you into what?”

“You know, a vampire.”

“Absolutely not.”


“So what’s it like being a vampire? Do you sleep in coffins?”

“Not usually.”

“Can I see your teeth?” she asked.

He smiled, charmed by her innocence.

Madison gasped. “Oh, my gosh!” she enthused.

She looked down as he touched her face.

“You’re a sweet girl, but I have to go,” he said. The longer he stood near her, the more he was tempted to ravage her neck.

“No, don’t go. I know you’re hungry so I’ll let you bite me.” She was very eager.

“I’d rather not.” You’re a child. It’s wrong.


He stared at her, debating. Innocence mingled with the aroma of her blood… it was a very irresistible combination.

The temptation consumed him.

He led her to the back of the complex.

I’m a monster, he guiltily thought.

They strolled to a sparsely wooded area.

Madison sharply exhaled.

Her taste was exquisite, the life fluid hot as it invaded his mouth and throat, teasing his tongue with sweetness.

Vaclav moaned, suckling hard.

Madison whimpered in pain, shoving him off.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Are you alright?” Vaclav quickly wiped the blood from his lips.

“Yeah, I’m okay. It just hurt… a little bit,” she said. “So you and Aubrey are—like dating or something?”

“I plan to marry her. Why?”

“No reason,” she replied looking disappointed. Obviously, she had a crush on him.

“Will you take me with you to Shadowvale?”

“Shadowvale?” he echoed. “No. What do you know about Shadowvale?”

“I know there’s a lot of hot vampires there, like you.”

“I’m not taking you to Shadowvale. And isn’t it way past your bedtime?”

Vaclav rushed off. Her precociousness was quite… shocking.

A security guard began his shift when Vaclav re-entered the building.

Wait—he looked familiar. An image flashed through Vaclav’s mind…

Aubrey had felt embarrassed when the guard flirted with her, but also very flattered.

At that time, Vaclav felt what she felt, saw what she saw. But only for a second.

Vaclav turned to him. “Did you enjoy flirting with Aubrey?”

He stared at Vaclav.

Vaclav backed him against the mailboxes, clenching his hand into a fist.

“Nice try on enticing her into your bed. Maybe you should try to impress other women using that… uniform,” he mocked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the guard shouted. “I only said the baby was cute!”

Vaclav stepped away.

“Forgive me for my possessiveness,” he muttered, then headed back to Aubrey’s apartment.

On the third night it was time to leave.

As they stood at the curb, Vaclav rubbed Aubrey’s back.

“You’re making the right decision in coming back,” he promised.

“I’ll get the car and bring it around,” he added.

‘You’re making the right decision in coming back…’

Am I? she wondered.

Chapter 29 coming Monday. ♥ Thanks for reading!

Message to ILovetheSims/Mike: Madison will be wearing that short hairstyle soon (the one that you gifted)!  ^.^

Sorry, I almost forgot: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I ♥ YOU GUYS!!


30 Responses to “Twenty-Eight…”

  1. Great update….Madison looks a lot like Aubrey, I don’t know if it’s because they both use the same CC skin and have dark hair..but she reminds me of her so much. I wonder how she knows about the vampires and Shadowvale, and more importantly why she wants to become one?

    • hey Kim!! Yeah, I thought that too. I think it’s the skin, combined with the dark hair. Whenever I put that skin on any of my female sims, they all look alike! 😛 Even some of the male sims do as well.

      Meh, all Madison wants is to get into a vampire’s pants, LOL. 😛 Not that I blame her… but she will be back in the story soon… >.> As for knowing about the vampires and Shadowvale, it’s due to a rumor going around at her school, lol (a bunch of crazy Twilight fans swearing up and down there are real vampires and they live in a particular town LOL) I would’ve wrote that in, but it would’ve been too much info I think. Actually, I probably don’t write ENOUGH info, lol.

      Thanks for reading as always! And commenting, of course. 🙂

  2. Oh this chapter was kinda short but still awesum and how the heck does that teenager know bout vampires? hugzzz 🙂

    • hey Tami!

      Yeah, it does seem short doesn’t it? I think it’s because my chapters have been around 80 pictures, and this one is about 60. Sorry about that. The next one will be better; I know there wasn’t a whole lot going on in this one either, but the plot will advance again very soon. I’m glad you still liked it though, so thanks!!

      There’s a little rumor floating around Madison’s school about RL vampires, and they live in a town, lol. It’s not entirely a secret town, even though the vampires try to make it that way.

      ❤ and HUGS!!

  3. Damn, for a split second I thought I was right about the security gaurd and that I was awesomly clever, to then have my hopes dashed, if that was intentional you are mean 😛 (not really). I agree with Kim, Madison looks really like Aubrey but hey as you can see I easily confuse people. Speaking of, she is really . . . confident and it appears shadow vale isn’t so secretive as it’s made out to be, I wonder, sometime soon are there gonna be tourists running aroud Shadowvale screaming for random vampires? That is, before they get eaten 😛

    What is up with Vaclav scary face!! although the “eyes” remind me of when he was red death all that time ago . . .

    *hugz* and ❤ xxx

    • hi Pixxi!! Aww, I’m sorry! lol, but you’re still awesome and awesomely clever, so don’t worry about it. 🙂 don’t worry, I WILL have more plot twists in the story, just took me a bit to think of more after the initial plotline was ‘completed’. Now it’ll get even BETTER!! Well, I think anyhow. 😛

      LOL, I have too many dark-haired sim women in my story. Anyhow, Madison is very confident, curious and hyper, lol.

      Haha, rofl tourists running around Shadowvale screaming for vampires! XD


      Shit, I wish there were really a town like that. I’d be the first to make a trip. XD

      haha, I wanted Aubrey to have a scary dream about V. Creepeh…

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

      ❤ *huggles* 😀

  4. Great chapter! I guess we might have seen more to the other side of Vaclav in this chapter… what with Madison and the guard. But I can see that he just loves Aubrey so much that he’d do anything for her!
    Ooh, I can’t wait until Monday! I REALLY want to see Reznik!!
    Oh, and merry christmas!!
    xxx ❤

    • hi Emma!

      Thanks!! ^.^ Yeah, I aired the more ‘dangerous’ side of V. When he gets hungry, lookout. 😛 even though Madison didn’t mind. Yeah, V. does love Aubrey, but he can be a little too possessive too.

      lol, it’s bad for men to be possessive, m’kay? >.> jk; well no, it really is a bad thing, but nobody needs a lecture from jenssims about it.

      Great! It won’t be long, and you WILL like that chapter!! hehe


      ❤ *many, many hugs*!!!!!

  5. That picture at the end is scary 0.0
    Really ominous…
    Great chapter! 😀

    • hi Tiny! 😀

      I got the base pic from MySpace, and edited the crap out of it. I like scary stuff, lol. I’m weird. XD

      Thanks Tiny! 😀

      Merry Christmas! ❤

  6. Good chapter! Interesting about Madison. She seems sort of creepy to me lol. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you too :]!

    • Hi Mike! ^.^ Thanks, glad ya liked it. Madison is kinda creepy, huh? I think you’ll find it interesting once she comes back into the story, mwahahaha.

      Merry Christmas, hope you had a great one!! 😀


  7. Just came back to say, “Merry Christmas, may you spoil me with more chapters”. lol hehehehehe 🙂

    • hi again Tami! Awww, Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you had a great holiday!!!! Oh, well I probably could upload a chapter… But you can wait just a little longer! Monday will be here before you know it, and usually I post a new chap around midnight! sorry! lol

      ❤ to you though! And many many huggles!! 😀

  8. Madison is rather creepy. She’s kinda like a teenage Aubrey, wanting to get into Vaclav’s pants 😆 They’re alot alike, in such different ways I think 😛

    Love 🙂

    • haha 😆 she’s just like Aubrey in that way, rofl

      Then again, who wouldn’t want to get into V’s pants?


      Thanks for reading and commenting Angie! ❤ I hope you had a great Christmas!! ^_^

      • I did ^^ Got Late Night!
        In fact, I have a Sim who’s gonna be a vamp soon(:

        (i’nt he a hawttie? roflol) ❤

      • Yay, you got Late Night!! I bet you’re going to play the sh*t out of that. I know I did for weeks after getting it!

        OOOOOH, a hawt vamp sim!! Those are the best, aren’t they? And yes your sim is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hot. :9

        ❤ Glad you've had a great Christmas!!

      • Oh hellz yes! I absolutely love the game! =D 😆
        (Hm..I’m uploading him ASAP anyways, you can use him if you want ;))

        ❤ Hope you had a great one too!

      • hey there Angie. 🙂 I hear ya. I played for so many hours straight, I lost a LOT of sleep. I was zombified when I got Late Night because I played it so much!!

        hehe, is that a hint? Did you upload him to the exchange? I don’t like downloading from there, but I’ll def make an exception, usually the male sims don’t come with any odd cc anyhow. 😀 (not to blame any weird cc on you, as some of that just sticks to your sims without you even being aware of it).

        Thanks Angie. Yeah, we really enjoyed our Christmas! too bad it can’t be like that everyday! 😛


        EDIT: I'll use your sim in my story at some point, IF you don't mind! I WILL give you credit, both on the credits page and the beginning of the chapter I'll use him in! 🙂

      • I always upload my Sims to mediafire and the Exchange, so yah ^^
        luls, I only got about a day to play LN, since I go to Dad’s on the weekend =P But it’s so. freaking. addicting. 😆

        oh and of course I don’t mind! 🙂
        *hugs back*(:

      • Sounds good. 🙂 I can’t wait to download him.

        Oh no, only a day to play it?? How can you stand it?! lol, seriously it’s so addicting, so I know what you mean.


        Well thanks! He will fit right in with my story!

        ❤ 😉

      • 🙂 Glad to know~!

        And yah, well, since my parents got divorced, Mum took the Simming computer, so I can only play during the week 😆 But with winter break, I get so much more time to play! 😆 XD

    • 🙂

      Well at least you get to play through the week, so that’s good. I love winter break too, since I homeschool 2 of my kids. 😛 It’s nice to get a break from that.

      Anyhow, I bet you love being on vacation 😆

  9. Another great chapter.

  10. Ooo, so she’s going back to Shadowvale after all! I wonder who that flirty girl was…maybe just a girl obsessed with vampires. Oh dear, she’s a Twilight freak! 😀 I wonder how she knows about Shadowvale and vampires…next chapter now!

    • Yep, Aubrey just can’t tear herself away from Undead Land. :p Yes, that girl just like vampires (like 97% of all teen girls haha). LOL, yes she likes Twilight! Hahahahaha! Oh, you know, rumors and such. There’s no way in hell Shadowvale could stay a total secret, lol. People outside of the area know about it, well some do (like certain people who secretly work with the vampires, like the priest earlier on in the story). I never talked much about that part of the story, partly because I think the mystery of it is cool. 😛

  11. Love this story, were did you get Aubreys skin from I love it 🙂 currently reading platinum it’s brilliant 🙂

    • Hell there Rose 😀 thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the story so far! Aubrey’s skin came from Peggy Sims, I believe, but the skin itself automatically transferred from a sim I downloaded ages ago, that way you don’t have to go to Peggy’s site to d/l it. So here’s the link: sim with skintone Or, if you’d rather d/l from Peggy’s site instead of d/l from the exchange, that’s fine too. However, I never had any issue when I downloaded the sim from the exchange. 🙂

      Aww, thank you for the compliment on Platinum! ♥ ♥ So happy you liked it! *hugs*

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