Twenty-Nine: Child of the Damned

Caution: contains explicit sexual themes.

Aubrey arrived in Shadowvale… a land of perpetual mist and darkness; a darkness that could be brightened by the mere sight of a child’s face.


“Sounds like Reznik is in there,” Vaclav said motioning to the sitting room.

She headed toward the soft sounds of a toddler as he chattered and played.

Her heart raced with excitement and anticipation.

She entered the room. The child’s back was turned to her at first.

My God! Is it really him?

Cute babbling emanated from the boy. He turned around to see what was happening.

Curious, wide eyes stared upward.

For a second, Aubrey was thrown off by the pale glowing eyes and skin; the characteristics of the Haas Clan.

The new butler offered to take Kat. Aubrey handed over the infant.

She sat down on the floor with her son.

Vaclav watched.

“Hi Reznik,” she said. Her excitement bubbled over, and she nearly shouted his name. “I’m—I’m your mommy.”

The boy merely stared at her.

Then he jumped up and started toward Vaclav.

“Daddy,” Reznik chirped.

Her disappointment was unbearable.

Just freakin’ great, she thought. I’ve waited two years to see him, and this is what happens.

Vaclav picked him up.

“Give him some time,” Vaclav softly said. “He’ll get used to you.”

The two of them together was picture perfect. They were the perfect father and son.

Aubrey wondered how long it took Reznik to get used to Vaclav. She couldn’t help but feel envious.

A bit later, Aubrey went into Vaclav’s bedroom.

During the drive back to Shadowvale, Vaclav mentioned that Riley had also moved out to follow Jakub. That was perfectly fine with Aubrey. In fact, she was relieved to hear it.

She gazed around the room.

Memories played at the edges of her mind… remembering the bed where she was sick after Shawn’s rejection;

the lounger where Vaclav kept vigil.

While many things had remained the same, there was one small change…

Condoms on the night table. Vaclav had thought ahead before traveling to the valley to get her; although he’d forgotten to bring one with him.

Footsteps creaked behind her. Somehow, she knew who it was.

Vaclav caressed her thigh and hip while pressing against her.

She turned around.

Standing completely naked, he stroked her face. His hair was a little damp, so he must’ve recently stepped out of the shower.

Aubrey was shocked at what he asked her.

“Will you marry me? In a traditional Haas Clan ceremony? We will have a priest, guests, everything.”

A priest? she wondered.

“This is how it’s done for the leader. A ceremony takes place in his honor, and in his fiancée’s honor. It’s a very big deal.”

He sounded so proud at that moment. How could she say no?


Vaclav leaned over and kissed her.


“Don’t break my heart,” she warned.

“I won’t. I will protect you from harm and love you for eternity.”

Dawn approached Shadowvale.

Vaclav and Aubrey made love on the lounger.

She arched her back, her body moving up and down.

He gazed at her, his eyes conveying lust and desire. His hands kneaded every inch of her flesh. His hips lunged upward, making her bounce faster.

Their lovemaking drew to its climax, but Aubrey started worrying about her son and why he behaved so coldly.

For the very first time, she was glad when Vaclav finished.

She waited on Vaclav to fall asleep; then headed to Reznik’s nursery.

She looked down at the sleeping toddler.

Aubrey wished he’d warm up to her. She couldn’t stand her son’s detachment.

Then again, she knew Vaclav was right. It just takes time. Reznik didn’t grow up around her, so how could she expect him to realize she’s his mother and not a total stranger?

Damnit Daddy, she thought. This is your fault. That twinge of anger quickly passed as Aubrey leaned over to pick up her son.

Reznik whined and kicked his legs.

“It’s okay; it’s okay,” she soothed.

Finally, he laid his head on her shoulder and settled down. Aubrey nuzzled him, savoring his sweet scent.

Baby powder and shampoo.

She held him away and gazed upon his little face. “I love you, Reznik. I’ve waited two years to see you.”

“Daddy,” he said.

Aubrey chuckled, surprising even herself.

Much later, Shadowvale’s moon cast a soft glow over the area.

Aubrey sat next to Vaclav in the music room.

There was a question she had to ask. Granted, she was afraid of Vaclav’s answer, but she just had to know. Once and for all.

“How did my dad kill himself?”

He looked at her. “You sure you want to know?”


Vaclav stared at the floor. “You know there are bones scattered all over the room where he was held,” he began.

“He used a bone shard to cut his throat.”

Aubrey’s eyes grew round. She felt nauseated.

“I’m sorry, Aubrey.”

“It’s—okay. I’ll be alright. It’s just a little shocking.”

Vaclav scooted closer, encircling his arm around her.

As dawn broke, something strange happened on the other side of Shadowvale.


Four members of the Shadow Clan gathered ’round the altar. The appointed one lingered over Shawn.

He bit into his own palm. Ribbons of blood streamed downward.

Then he squeezed his hands together.

A pure Shadow’s blood flowed into Shawn’s mouth.

Another vampire blotted the crimson from Shawn’s face.

“Our blood now cascades through your body. I anoint you as a Shadow,” the immortal chanted.

He stepped away.

A transformation started.

Shawn awakened and sat up.

He stared ahead.

Shawn Taylor was now a Shadow, and his vengeance has just begun.


Chapter 30 coming Friday! Thanks for reading!  😀


28 Responses to “Twenty-Nine…”

  1. Oh my..Lordie, Shaun’s a hot Shadow, though. 😆

    Reznik’s such a darling!(:

    Love 🙂

    • Yeah, he’s not too bad with dark hair, lol. I LOVE the red eyes for sure. 😛 😆

      Yeah, he’s a cutie. Glad to finally have him in the story!! 😀

      And ❤ to you too! ^_^ And thanks for reading!!!

  2. O.O WOW. DID. NOT. SEE. THAT. COMING 😀 He is smokin’ 😛 But badass, got to remember that…

    But wow Rez is adorable, when he rested his head on her shoulder…IT’S A START 😀

    Bet that ceremony will be grand 😀 As will the celebration after 😉

    • Yay! Glad you didn’t see that coming! I have s’more stuff in store that you won’t see coming, either! Mwahaha…. 😆

      Yeah, he is pretty smokin’ as a Shadow! Me love dem bad boyz!! lol

      That’s true. Like V. told Aubrey, it just takes time. I think that’s how it would be in RL as well. He wouldn’t just warm up to her. Sad but likely true. 😦

      Yep, it’ll be a nice one. And the celebration afterward, for sure! 😆

      hehe… thanks for commenting/reading, Rachel!

      ❤ *hugz*

  3. Awww Reznik’s so cute 🙂
    I felt so sorry for Aubrey when he ignored her and ran to ‘Daddy’ instead. 0.0

    • he is cute. To be honest, I didn’t much care for his nose, so I used the Master Controller to edit him in CAS. Gave him a cuter, more smoother nose.

      The nose he had before was Vaclav’s fault. 😆 or rather, a smaller version of V’s nose that didn’t look right on the toddler.

      Anyhow, sorry to ramble. 😛

      That was a sad part, when Reznik ran off to V. 😦 Poor Aubrey. But Reznik will warm up to her eventually. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Tiny! ❤ ❤

  4. WOW! I love Shawn’s new ‘shadow’ look. It really suits him. I’m so excited that Aubrey and Vaclav are getting married, but will Shawn try to stop them? Reznik is so adorable, I’m sure he will bond with Aubrey soon 😀

    • Oh, I know! He looks pretty darn good like that, especially the eyes. I guess because the dark hair/red eyes combo really stand out. YUMS. Shadows are pretty hawt, indeed.

      And something told me you might like his new look, haha. 😀

      Hmmm, I don’t think Shawn will try to stop them… but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t come up with a plan to make their lives miserable in another way 😛

      Yeah, maybe it won’t take Reznik too long.

      Thanks for reading as always! ❤ *hugs* 😉

  5. I hope reznik will get used to aubrey. lol what is up with you and nude scenes? lol another thing shawn looks way hotter now hugggzzzzzz

    • Hi Tami! He will, it’ll just… be a while.

      I like to show V’s buns. I know, I’m really bad about that. Sorry! 😆 and then I forgot to do a little warning about it (nudity) at the chapter’s beginning. >.>

      Yes, Shawn does look pretty awesome. 😛 YUMZ black hair/red eyes FTW

      Thanks for reading!! ❤

      Hugzzzzzzz to you too!! (*~*)

  6. oh wow I like Shadow Shawn, somehow hotter than Haas Shawn. I’m wondering, have both Riley and *sniffle* Jakub crossed over to “the dark side” too? Cause there is a girl similar who looks like she could be an evil Riley . . .

    Aww Reznik is so cuuute! Can’t wait until he warms up to Aubrey. OH and I like Aubrey’s new hair, it suits her face.

    Looking foward to the wedding ceromony, hopefully this one will be more successfull than the Aubrey-Shawn marriage . . .

    ❤ and *hugz* xxx

    • I have to agree. The change def suits him, I guess the other look got old. V’s look is getting old as well, I need to download some more male hair (not that there’s any decent free ones, ugh).

      Hmmm, about Riley and Jakub… That will come up in a couple chapters, so you’ll just have to wait! I’m sorry!! I have to leave you guessing sometimes!

      Yep, he’s a cutie-pie. 🙂 I like Aubrey’s new hair as well. I change it again in the next two chapters with a short newsea hair, and it really looks awesome on her. 🙂

      haha, maybe it’ll be more of a success… but you know me. I like DRAMA!!!!! Mwahahaha……… 😛

      ❤ & hugs to you!! xxx 😀

  7. Oh no, Shawn is back! Although I have to admit that he looks hotter with black hair 😀
    Reznik is soo cute!! I hope he warms to Aubrey soon though, I think she deserves that 🙂
    Come on Friday!!
    xx ❤ ❤

    • hehe, he’s back and hawt with black hair. 😛 Reznik is adorable. 🙂

      Won’t be long! About 3 more days!!

      Thanks for reading! 😀

      xx ❤ *hugz*!!

  8. Oh yes! You wanted Roy? He’s in his Sims3Pack form on MediaFire 🙂

  9. awesome! yah, his green eyes turned out a bit too bright XD ❤

  10. I see me and you have been nominated under a category for best drama in a award :3 Congrats for being nominated, guess who I voted for 😉

    • Hey Rachel! I hope I don’t sound stupid, but what drama award??? Now I’m in major suspense. Thanks for the congrats. Now I just have to find out what’s going on…. 😛
      EDIT: haha, I finally found it. Thanks for your vote, Rachel!! LOL, Bloodlust only has one vote: Yours! But thank you!! And I’ve voted for your story as well!!


  11. OMFG hugs plumbob for dear life O.O

  12. AAAHHH!!! Shawn’s a shadow now, yikes!!! And wow, what a transformation! That is so clever, and I love the little altar you created for him! Very creative using the dive pool, vampire bed, and columns. Not to mention the blood red water in the dive pool. Oh dear, this is going to get ugly, but in a good way (for us readers anyway lol)! On to the next chapter I go! Oh, and there’s different sex poses – where’d you get those? Now I AM feeling like a pervert. *hides*

    • LOL, yes he’s a Shadow! Pretty crazy isn’t it? He looks good as a Shadow. Actually, all Shadows look good. Something about the black hair/red eye combo. *swoons* Awww, thank you, that idea was a lightbulb moment. I love it when I get those, but it’s kinda rare. Thank you so much, I try to get the scene just so-so. Those dive pools come in handy, for sure. And I loved those alters that came with LN. Thumbs up to EA for a change, haha!

      lol no you’re not a perv. No one could ever be as pervy as me! 😆 OK, in that scene all I did was have Aubrey sit in a chair, while V. was on the lounger. I deleted Aubrey’s chair, went to live mode, then went back into build/buy to move her on top of V. Then I had to edit the picture, cut/paste V’s hands to Aubrey’s backside to make it look like he’s embracing her. O_O Wasn’t easy…. but like I said in another chapter, now there’s a pose player by cmomoney on MTS that you can download, and there are separate sex poses to use with it, so you really don’t have to go to the trouble that I did with these earlier scenes. The links to some of the romance/sex poses I posted on chapter 27.

      LOL no reason to hide, haha. But don’t feel bad, either. When I first started writing sex scenes, I couldn’t even type the word ‘sex’. But I got accustomed to it pretty quickly, along with writing pretty raunchy stuff. 😆

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