Ninety-One: Famished

Contains explicit sex, nudity, and this one is text heavy in some instances.

Hunter stopped by to pick up the boys.

Kat filled in the details about Jakub’s death, and how Jakub was involved in Gavin’s set-up to kidnap Kat and Lauren. She also told Hunter that Percy and Xander headed back to France.

Hunter grew quiet. The boys squealed, shrieked.

“This whole time, it was all a set up? This was what Gavin was trying to tell me right before I killed him?”

Kat’s brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Gavin just mentioned something about Jakub, but didn’t say any more.” Hunter slowly shook his head. But then his lips curved to a grin.

“So… is Percy staying in France?”

“Yeah. Unfortunately.”

Since war has become a rare event in Shadowvale during the last fifteen years, vampirism slowly spread out of control. There were a combination of 15% Shadow, 20% Dempire, and 65% Haas Immortals.  The younger, inexperienced vampires killed off too many mortals in the city. Even the fan girls were being ripped apart for their blood. There have been an upsurge in raids at the local hospital. Staff can no longer keep blood in supply.

Reznik has tightened security around certain metropolitan areas where the younger vampires frequent, in order to help prevent needless bloodshed. Even posters have been put on display:

Soon, if something wasn’t done, both mortals and immortals would become obsolete.

There was a rumor that a society of mortals were manufacturing human blood for vampires.  The blood was being sent to other scattered small towns and cities (via underground transport), and stored in coolers inside abandoned warehouses. Somehow the elusive out-of-town vampires had access to these warehouses.

Reznik and Vaclav had to find out more. How could they get in on this irresistible deal?

Reznik, Vaclav, and an underling named Ryan traveled to Leesburg to make an offer to someone by the name of Dr. Hatcher.

Curiously, Leesburg was not a city. It was a dusty, rusty old town.

“This is it?” Ryan asked. Vaclav nodded.

“Looks like a dump,” Reznik said.

“Dad, seriously this doesn’t look like a laboratory.” Reznik snickered. “Looks more like a shit hole.”

“Quiet. The lab area is deep inside the basement,” Vaclav replied.

Woah. Really?” Ryan exclaimed.

“Yes. It’s like that to stay as hidden as possible.” Likely also why it’s in the midst of Tumbleweed Land. “It’s kept secret so the FDA doesn’t find out. These are unsupervised human trials, conducted specifically to manufacture blood to immortals. It would never pass muster with the government. Drugs used aren’t FDA approved either,” Vaclav explained. “Dr. Hatcher informed me of the protocol they use over a TracFone.”

The group headed up to the house.

“I’m Vaclav. We’re here to see Dr. Hatcher,” Vaclav said when an elderly lady answered.

She looked at them for a while. “I’m Esme Carter, owner of the property. It’s nice to meet you.”

Vaclav nodded.

A cat meowed.

“Can you—can you please take off your sunglasses so I can see your eyes? I want to make sure you’re one of them.”

“What about my fangs?”

“The eyes… stand out more,” she said. “And I know he—he said you were coming, but I want to make sure.”

Vaclav removed them. Esme nodded, moved to let them inside.

“It’s—it’s in here,” she said, banging her cane against the bedroom door.

It’s in the bedroom?

“Yep, yep, it’s in here, alright. Down dem stairs over there.” Esme pointed the cane at the stairwell. “Ol’ Hatch gave me an’ my cat some perks to let his crew build down there. Well, I have a $500 cat tower in my bathroom!”

Vaclav shot her a look as if to say: are you serious?

Regardless, the immortals began their descent.

“Hatch said the whole thing was privately funded by a vampire two years earlier,” Esme rattled on.

Below that house could not possibly be called a basement. Could not. It was almost like a miniature city underground.

It wasn’t too often that Vaclav was amazed. But he was, indeed, amazed.

How could he not have heard of this place before?

Dr. Hatcher stood awaiting the vampires.

“Good to see you, Dr. Hatcher.” Vaclav shook his hand.

“Likewise.” He cleared his throat. “As I mentioned over the phone, human subjects are used in the experiments, but are compensated nicely, and have also agreed to undergo an experimental drug protocol to fade their memories of each procedure used to draw their blood. These experiments have been going on for twelve months, and to date there have been no complications.”

“As interesting as that is, I’d like to discuss the possibility of transporting a portion of the blood to Shadowvale at a reasonable price, and at a regular schedule of shipment. I already have a place I could use for storage, with plenty of security.”

“Uh, yes. We will discuss pricing once I’m finished showing you around the laboratory.”

“As you can see there is a key code verification panel,” Hatcher said. “It’s a thirty digit code comprised of numbers and letters. Only I and a few others have the code and plan to keep it that way.”

“I must admit, Dr. Hatcher, this is quite an impressive facility,” Vaclav said.

“Yeah, it’s not the shit hole I once thought it was.” Reznik chuckled. Vaclav elbowed him.

Hatcher quickly pressed the buttons on the panel.

The door auto-slid open. The group entered.

The doctor stopped at a door to the left of the corridor.

“This is it,” he said. Though Hatcher was a mortal, there seemed to be a slight gleam to his eyes.

Hatcher opened the door…

They advanced into the next room.

Various cleaning solvents, mixed with the scent of blood, drifted over the room. Small machines beeped heart rates and analyzed blood pressure.


“Yes. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are fifty rooms just like this one. There will be fifty more next month, and another one hundred the month after. There will be more scientists and doctors joining the project as well. It will just grow and grow. Immortals will never go without sustenance again.”

But with a project this huge, how long will it take before the government finds out? Vaclav tried not to think about that. Because if this facility was raided, a domino effect would occur. Shadowvale, and perhaps other secretive immortal societies would be outed as Undead Lands. It would be WWIII on the largest scale imaginable… humans vs. immortals.

The only reason Undead Land hasn’t been outed yet was due to incredulity by 90% of the human population, particularly the government. No one wanted to believe in monsters. Even a few of those who lived in Shadowvale chose to live in blessed denial.

Two men and a woman sat quietly, stoically as their blood was being drawn. So quiet they were, almost as if they’d been hypnotized.

Vaclav gazed up at one of the blood bags, filled to the brim. That rich scarlet, with the consistency of silk, called to him.

The taste… almost orgasmic.

His dick hardened, reminding him of how he and Aubrey hadn’t had sex in a week. Too much had been going on.

Either way, the little semi-hardness needed to go down; or at least not get any bigger.

Vaclav finished his business with Hatcher by working out an arrangement with transporting a portion of the blood to Shadowvale.

The price was right.

But the smell of blood was everywhere. Vaclav needed to leave before plundering one of those blood bags.

Several hours later and home at last.

Vaclav was still hungry, but even more ravenous for something else. It was just as warm, slippery, and tasted just as sweet. Or at least his penis thought so.

Where’s my beautiful wife?

Reznik rushed off to the basement. Likely to get a piece of Lauren.

Music flowed from the piano room. Or at least something similar to music. Aubrey had often tried to learn the piano but never succeeded.

He headed there.

He couldn’t help but grin. Aubrey made him so happy; in spite of her imperfections.

Indeed, he could never live without her.

♪  ♫  ♪

She sucked in a deep, needless breath. Music halted.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said. Vaclav brushed his fingers through her raven strands, touching her neck.

She continued playing. “Hello my love. How was your trip? Everything go okay?”

“Yes it did. It’s all been arranged,” he replied. “What are you trying to play?” His left hand slid down her arm, his fingers toyed with the edge of her dress just below her breast. She sat flush with his body and leaned back as if teasing him.

It was growing. She was making it grow. Raw heat he never knew he possessed shot through his body and captured his penis.

“It’s just some song I found in the music book.” Aubrey shrugged. Vaclav’s hand went beneath Aubrey’s bustier and to her breasts, caressed her nipples.

“I think it’s called Music Box Dancer.” She sighed, squirmed.

“Fuck the song.” Vaclav gently helped her from the bench.

He embraced her, tightening his grip and poking his erection into her.

“I love you,” he whispered kissing her cheek, neck, lips. “I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you, Aubrey. Never. And I’ve been alive for an awfully long time…”

He took her arm and spun her around.

“Let’s make love right here in this room,” he said, his eyes sparkling.

“In here?”


He lowered her back down to the bench.

Then he lifted her skirt, exposing her naked ass.

His dick got even more excited. Vaclav’s entire body started shaking. The anticipation was torture. He had to get inside her, and get inside her NOW.

He didn’t remember ripping off his own clothes. Or even the moment of vaginal penetration.

Only one thing fired across his mind: the intensity of their mind-blowing sex.

Intensity that further intensified at a nice, steady pace as he moved. Hot and agonizing.

Hot. Agonizing. Hot. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, God, yeah…

Both cried out. Vaclav pumped, grunted, pumped, gasped. Pump, pump, pump pump pump.

He leaned backward and pumped. Thank God for being immortal and still having the body of a 25-year-old.

That fire, intensity and agony swelled to an unbearable urge for release.

Just like blood… warm, slippery, hot.

A strange rasping sound eluded his lips. “A—Aubreeeeeey….”

Moaning, his backside jerked as he pounded her. An explosion of vampiric sperm raced their way to the goal.

Suddenly the bench fell forward. Their connection was broken. Aubrey crawled on the floor as if trying to get away.

“Wait.” Vaclav pounced on top of her. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

Lauren snuggled up to Reznik. “Why are they making so much noise up there?” she asked.

“Better get used to it if you plan to stay living here. They bang at least three times a week,” Reznik said.

“Oh.” So they do it more often than we do.

“Just so you know,” he continued, “they’re not tearing up the house. They’re—”

“Yeah, I know.”


I’d like to apologize for the content in this chapter. Vaclav (near the end) was a little ‘rough’ on Aubrey. I wasn’t really thinking when I wrote that part… and it’s too late to really change it now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the part where V. says: “I’m not finished with you yet.” I honestly didn’t mean for it to sound the way it did, and I didn’t realize until much later how that sounded.

My bad.