Fifty-Nine: Blood Ties

Contains language.

Shuffling came from behind.

Oh… shit.

“Oh, my God! What are you doing with my diary, you fucking bitch!”

Kat fled from the bedroom.

“Come back here!” Ash screamed.

Ash’s footfalls pounded as she chased after Kat.


Kat flew past the den, where her parents sat cuddling.

“Give me back my diary!” Ash raged.

Kat could only imagine what her parents were thinking…

Ash chased her all the way outside.

And all the way to the dilapidated box cars. Then Kat paused and started reading the diary.

Please,” Ash said.

Kat skimmed over the first few pages until she found some juicy info.

Info that would turn her tiny world inside Shadowvale upside down, inside out.

“Kat, I’ll do anything… just please don’t read it.”

Kat ignored her. She read the first interesting entry, puzzled with its potential meaning.

She turned another page, and gaped in shock.

“Hunter is your father?


Silence. Kat continued reading.

One by one, each stunning discovery rang out like mini bombs going off.

“I’m not going to let you seduce my dad!” she cried. “He loves my mom! So just forget it, you low-life fucking SLUT!”

“I said I’ll do anything! Please, what do you want me to do?”

“Can you make your dad fall out of love with my mom? Can you make him fall in love with me?”


“I didn’t think so,” Kat said.

“Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll freakin’ give you all A’s on your schoolwork, and you won’t even have to do anything. I’ll kiss your ass for the next two years!”

Hmm. Maybe she’s not the one to blackmail. Maybe it’s Hunter.

A couple hours before dawn, her parents still lingered in the den.

Kat skirted around the doorway. She was supposed to be in bed.

After one last peek, she sneaked over to the front doors and then slipped out.

Next stop: the friendly neighborhood clinic where a certain doctor worked.

She tapped on the office door. Hunter answered.

“I know everything,” she said. “I know Ashton’s your daughter. I know you sent her to live with us to break up my parents. I also know about the wolf thing.”

His lips parted, but no words emerged.

“All I ask is for you to give me a chance. Give us a chance to have a relationship. Then I won’t tell anyone.”

Hunter lunged at her.

He forced her into the room, pulling the door shut.

Thump thump thump went her heart.

But he wasn’t doing anything that she wanted him to do. Instead, he backed her to the wall… and bitched her out.

“It’s never going to happen, Kat. Never.”

“Okay. I get it.” Her heart split in two.

“No. You don’t get it. If you did, you’d stop fucking with me. Now you’re fucking with my family.”

And you’re fucking with MY family.

“This is what we’re going to do. I’m going to take you home, and I’m going to tell Vaclav and Aubrey everything. No more secrets, and no more possibility of blackmail.”

He grabbed her hand and yanked her into the hallway.

“No! Please don’t tell Mom and Dad!”

“Too bad, Kat! This ends right now!” Hunter wrenched her hand.


Minutes later, they sat in his sports car on their way to the Haas residence.

Rap music blasted from the stereo. He quickly switched it off.

“How did you find out about this?”

“There was a key hidden in the carousel. I used it to unlock her diary,” Kat said.

“Oh.” He looked pretty ticked off.

Thump thump thump. This time, instead of her heart thumping in desire, Kat was nervous about the imminent confrontation with her parents.

“Vaclav!” Hunter called. “Vaclav!”

“They’re probably asleep!” Kat said.

“No. They’re not.”

Her father entered the foyer.

First he looked at Hunter; then he glanced at Kat.

“What’s going on?” he finally said.

“I need to tell you and Aubrey some things.”

“You might want to step away from my daughter while you… tell me these things.”

“Ashton’s my daughter. I sent her to live with you to break up your marriage to Aubrey.”

“Aubrey! Please come here for a minute!”

“Tell Aubrey what you just told me,” Vaclav said.

Hunter did.

“I’m sorry, Aubrey. I’m sorry for trying to screw with your marriage. I’m sorry for never telling you about my daughter.”

She stared at him, then shook her head in disbelief.

“I never mentioned Ashton because it was war time, and all the Shadows were being killed. I sent Ashton and her mother out of state to go into hiding.”

“Ashton was six years old when I met you, Aubrey.”

Aubrey continued shaking her head.

Then Ash walked in.

“Don’t tell them about me,” Kat hissed.

“Kat also seems to have a crush on me, but no worries. I won’t take advantage.”

UGH! You asshole!

“Kat, get away from him.”

She didn’t have to. Hunter left her side and went over to Ashton.

“You couldn’t remember to take the spare keys out of the carousel before selling it?”

She rolled her eyes.

Before leaving with her father, Ash gazed at something past the stairs. Kat followed her line of vision.

She was looking at Reznik, who appeared around the corner.

That’s right. Ash’s pregnant! I wonder if Hunter knows yet?

The front doors slammed shut.

Then her father decided to take his anger out on her poor mother. Just friggin’ great.

“You had NO idea that woman was Hunter’s daughter? No idea at all?”

“Did you?” she replied.

“Do you know how much I’d love to kill Hunter at this moment?” he ranted. “But guess what? I can’t! I can’t kill him because he’s the only one who can keep Kat alive! SEE THE FUCKING IRONY IN THIS, AUBREY?”

She sobbed. “Leave me alone! It’s not my fault! I didn’t know!”

“If he wasn’t so much in love with you, this shit would never have happened! Fucker needs to leave my wife alone, and get a woman of his own!”

Okay. I really want to run away from this shit.

Freakin’ drama. Never ends.


I uninstalled the update of IE 9, so now I can center the asterisks again. Of course that’s not the only reason why I uninstalled the update. I was having other issues with IE 9.

Anyhow, I’m really missing the romance in this story. It WILL come back, it’s just that Kat has to be a little older in order for it not to be perverse. She should be at least 17 before any romance begins (no matter whom she’s having the romance with). Within the next couple of chapters I’ll do another flash forward so the good stuff can start. 😀

TY for reading! ♥

And for your listening pleasure, here’s another cool song…  lol. No I didn’t make the video. BTW I tried to find the version of the song where a wolf howls in the background (totally awesome) but couldn’t. And I didn’t want to post the original video because it was just… silly. >_>

Personally, Nick Carter has always been my fave…

Oh, yeah. 😛  yeah, yeah, yeah ♪


43 Responses to “Fifty-Nine…”

  1. Awesome chapter! Wow, that’s shocking! I guess it makes a lot of sense that Ash is Hunter’s daughter though! They do look alike. Can’t believe I never saw that before!

    But wow! Hunter was that desperate to get Aubrey back! Just wow. That kind of makes me dislike him now lol. V’s acted like a dick towards Aubrey though, so I guess Hunter’s still my favorite xD!

    I wonder what’ll happen with Ash’s baby though! Will V. refuse to let Reznik see the kid once he finds out about it? Anyways, great chapter as always!

    • Thanks Mike. 😀 It’s weird thinking of Hunter as a father, esp. since Ash is 18. LOL. but it explains why Hunter was always so good with kids. XD

      lol apparently so. That’s pretty bad, eh? Still wants her after all these years. 😛 True, that was pretty low of him to do…. good point. V. shouldn’t take that shit out on Aubrey. It’s not her fault she’s so hot. XD

      I’ve pretty much got it outlined about what will happen with Ash and the baby… >_>

      Thanks for commenting! *hugs*!

  2. i usually never really comment on stories but i just love your story and all its drama, it sorta reminds me of true blood lol
    i was surprised that ash is hunter’s daughter, now that i look at both of them they do look very similar. even with the plan to break them up i still like hunter better then V. Loved the chapter!

    i do have two question where can you get kat’s and ash’s hairstyle i love it! i can’t find it anywhere and is there any possibly to get a link to kat because i’ve tried the link a couple chapters ago and it doesn’t work for me.

    • Hi Bridget! Wow, I take that as a HUUUUUUUGE compliment, that this (sorta) reminds you of True Blood. 😀 Wow… thanks again for that.

      Yeah, Ash inherited the Shadow characteristics. Pretty cool, eh? but she didn’t inherit Hunter’s ‘nice’ personality, although he certainly wasn’t as nice as people originally thought. Glad you still like him though. ^^ And thank you!

      their hair was found at mod the sims. sorry I can’t do the link atm because MTS is down for maintenance. I’ll come back later to try again. But it’s a Nouk hairstyle, I believe…
      As for Kat, I may just have to upload her again. I think that site deletes downloads (or uploads, whatever) after a while.


      • no problem and thanks for uploading her once again. will you post the link here or somewhere else just so i know where to look. hah

      • Yes, I’ll post the link right here. I did check to see if she was still on there for upload, and she still is. Not sure why the other link isn’t working for you though. I will try it here. Hopefully it’ll work.

        For some reason MTS is still down for maintenance. O.O I was going to link to that one hair style…

        Anyhow, here’s the link to Kat:

        Hopefully that one will work, and you’re welcome. 🙂

      • thanks this time it worked! i guess that other link didn’t like me. don’t worry about the link for the hair i will find it eventually when MTS isn’t down for maintenance.

      • You’re welcome! I’m glad it worked this time. That other link must be a bad one. My bad, lol. As for MTS, they’ve been down since sometime last week. O_O


    I was sat at home and relised it was friday and then I shouted BLOODLUST! And ran upstairs to my PC, I was so happy an UPDATE!!
    Anyways loved the chapter even with the love missing 🙂
    And OMG Ash is Hunters kid O.O I am also glad Ash got caught serves her right 😀 and Hunter hopefully will lay off Aubrey, ummm and what else well V needs to stop blaming Aubrey when everything goes wrong its not her fault all the time – sometimes maybe but not all the time 🙂

    Great chapter cant wait for more and a bit of love to come back into it 😀 Thanks again for the amazing story!!

    • hey there! Aww, thank you. You guys on here make me blush…. ^ ^

      LOL thanks! Ugh, I still miss the lovey dovey stuff. I’m starting to get some chapters done ahead of time again (because I might be too busy to write in a few weeks for certain reasons, so it’s best to have chapters finished so I won’t have to skip any weeks) and I’m doing some love scenes between some of the characters (not Kat). It’s a nice change, lol.

      Yes, Ash finally got kicked out. Well, not really, but it was pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be wanted there any longer. LOL. I think it’s about time Hunter realizes it’ll never happen between him and Aubrey. So…. time to move on. I know, V can be so mean. Poor Aubrey. 😦

      Aww, well thank you! *blushes* lol :p


      • *hugs back

        Cool cant wait for more, and yes its great Ash finally got whats coming. And Hunter can finally move on and get over it 😀 – yeh I know kinda mean but oh well – 🙂

        And V defenetly needs to be just a smidge nicer to Aubrey or he might scare her off O.O which I would not want to happen 😀

        Anyways no problem I’m glad I remebered about this its inspired me to keeping going, I was having trouble writing the next chapter for my story which is taking me ages :/ (its a big chapter) and I read this and I was like if jenssims can do it I can and planned everything out for the chapter and tomorrow I’m going to get all the rest of the piccys and finish the chapter – I hope – Thanks for the update and inspiration 😀

      • Aww. 🙂

        Yeah, that’s the best thing about it, is Hunter moving on. Finally. Well I can understand, Ash is a total bitch. She needed her skinny ass kicked, LOL.

        True. Aubrey knows how he is, though, and knows how he can be a dick. That’s just one of his flaws that she’s willing to deal with. :p

        It sounds like I’m talking about real people. @_@

        anyhow, aw I’m sorry you’re having issues writing your next chapter! I’ve had that problem before, I just force myself to write it anyway. And it usually turns out OK. Uh-oh, a big chapter? And yeah,
        it really helps to plan what you’re going to write, or do an outline or
        whatever. Aww you’re welcome, thank you so much! And good luck!!


      • Thanks I hope it goes well 🙂

      • Thank you! ^_^ 😀

      • Hey Jenssims check this out
        look at the first post under reccomendations 😀

      • AWWWWW you didn’t have to do that! Thank you!!

        *HUGE glomp*! btw what is your name so I don’t have to call you

        Playermttjms, LOL? EDIT: Duh! nevermind, says to call you James or Player on Boolprop, so…. ^_^

        Thank you again!! 😀

      • No problem Jensims 😀
        Oh and dont worry about reading my story its rubbish compared to yours :/
        Just continue with Bloodlust 🙂

      • Oh, lol no! Your story’s not rubbish! I’ve already read some of it! It’s interesting, and I love the layout. ^^

        Thank you though! 🙂

      • Thanks that means alot 🙂

      • You’re welcome! 😀

  4. Ashton had to be related to Hunter in some way, but I didn’t expect she’d be his daughter!

    Great update, even without romance, hehe. But it’d be great to have some more romance when Kat gets older 😉

    • Hey Sfe! Yep, turned out they’re father/daughter. Crazy, lol. And thanks, glad ya enjoyed it!

      Oh, YES Kat will definitely have some romance when she gets older. The story will pretty much revolve around that, aside from the usual drama with Rez, etc.


  5. Do I ever get tired of this reaction…no! OH MY FUCKING GOD! Dr. Stud sent his daughter to mess with their marriage just so he could have Aubrey? Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! I knew she was something to him! She resembles him and on top of that that whole “Dr. Logan needs to see you” thing stood out! WOW!

    Kat is the truth! Blackmail was dumb but I can’t blame her for trying! She still has the pregnancy so she actually does has that upper hand!

    Damn I wish Kat was older because I am really liking this “Hunter thing” I swear I could see him doing it out of rage like he did with Aubrey. “Nothing better than angry sex” right? 😉

    This was so explosive!!!

    • Hi Qui! LOOOOOOOOLL, of course I had to make a plot like that, ’cause I’m so addicted to creating drama! rofl. Yeah, I knew you’d get suspicious wit the ‘Dr. Logan needs to see you’ thing, and then when Aubrey got there, Hunter acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about, at first. Hehe.

      I can’t blame her for trying too. She’s a persistent little one, isn’t she? haha. She’ll probably always have the upper hand! Hunter and Ash wasn’t very good at covering their tracks with anything!

      LOL, you’re being pervy (don’t feel bad, though, ’cause I am too)! haha. She’ll be 17 within the next few chapters… maybe by chapter 63? Hopefully at least. But then even more drama will come about.

      haha, yeah, ‘nothing better than angry sex’! FTW! Hunter’s so hot… lol

      Thank you Qui! *huggles* <3333

      • That really just made me giggle like a little girl, the ‘nothing better than angry sex’! FTW!

        I am definitely pervy because I got chills when she called him “Dad” *hangs head in shame* He is so friggin hot though! I was going to say I hope Kat has a nice little run in with Tobias after 17 but I am so sold on Hunter! OMG Vaclav would be sooooooo pissed! I also giggled when he told Hunter to back away from his daughter,

      • lol, Hunter and his smexy one-liners! :p

        Ah well, join the club. From what I’ve outlined so far, Kat’s romantic liaisons will start in chapter 63, but there still won’t be any actual banging until she’s 18. 😆 Still won’t say who her lover’s going to be… but maybe you could guess. >_> <_< As for Tobias, yes I've thought about that too. He's certainly a dream boat!

        So many possibilities, so little time…

        V. would be VERY pissed. That would also make a good plot device. 😀 haha, I figured you'd find that funny. I almost laughed while writing it. Or at least smiled! hehe

  6. Wowzaaaaaz. Loved this chapter so full of drama. i can’t believe that Ash is Hunters daughter, well i can sorta. i’m glad hunter told the truth about his plot, we don’t want history to repeat its self lol. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Carlie!

      Thank you so much! I had fun making this one, along with the diary entries and shit. :p I made Ash so mean, haha.

      Yes, it was time Hunter cleared the air about everything. O_O

      <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hehe

  7. Holy crap!! I wasn’t expecting that. I had no idea she was Hunter’s Daughter. All those secrets she’s been keeping, poor girl. Looking forward to seeing what happens once everyone knows she’s pregnant.

    • Cool! Glad you didn’t expect that! haha. Yep, she’s been a VERY secretive character. Well, once it comes out that it’s Reznik’s, probably all kinds of more drama will ensue. :p


  8. Is it horrible that this chapter cracked me up? Oh lordy. I loved it so much, all the drama…

    • lol no it’s not horrible! I love drama too. I suppose there’s such a thing as too much of it, but… :p

      Thanks for commenting!! <3333

  9. Hmmm… so Hunter just decided to tell them everything? How brave of him ^_^ or maybe that was parts of his plan to break up Aubrey and Vaclv, yanno, with thier arguement 🙂
    I would say Kat is bad for reading Ash’s dieary…except I would have done the same lol 😀

    • lol yeah he did. :p Very brave indeed. Hmmm, never really thought of that, but that’s pretty clever, about Hunter causing them to argue anyway.

      hehe I would’ve done the same too. O_O

      btw congrats on making it to TMN’s blog roll thingy (in case you didn’t see my other comment on your blog)! 😀


      • Thanks! 😀 Exciting times XP
        I would comment on my blog, but blogger doesn’t like me and won’t let me -_-
        Darn you blogger! 😀

      • You’re welcome! I bet you are excited! ^^

        Yeah, I think I’ve seen you post about that issue before. Then one time I was going to leave another comment, and it wouldn’t let me either. WTH??

        Ugh, that’s why I like WordPress better, even though it has its fair share of dumb glitches! >.<

  10. Btw, I am a bad speller 🙂

  11. Caught up FINALLY! OMG I love it. I been reading for two days. It’s totally amazing. I’m hooked. I love V. He’s so yummy! And I love the new drama with the kids…and Hunter! Haha poor V can’t catch a break.

    (Also have you tried Windows Live Writer rather than IE. Makes it hell of a lot easier to post IMO)

    • hi there! Welcome to mah story, lol. :p Glad you like it so far! And thank you! ^_^ Wow, 2 days?? O.o Seriously though, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I try to keep it interesting (even though there’s a lack of romance atm). True, V. can’t win for losing! And he’s yummy, indeed! 😀

      I did install Windows Live a while back, not sure if the writer part comes with it (I’m computer illiterate) but I do start the chapters using Firefox, and that helps. Then whatever else needs done (AFTER already doing the pictures/writing) I use IE. If I use Firefox after centering the asterisks and ‘…’ then they’ll revert to the left side. It’s crazy! Anyhow, thanks for the suggestion, and it also helped to uninstall IE’s update.

      Don’t know why the internet and blogs have to be so glitchy. -____-


      edit: hehe, cool story site you have. Added it to my blogroll. ^^

  12. Sorry about this late comment!>:(
    I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to check this story! But it was awesomeeeeee!
    So what you said about Kat having to be older – does this mean that in the next chapter (which isn’t very far away now, lolol) it will speed up time or whatever – Kat will already be 17?:L
    That would be cool:D
    Oh, and not to be a noob, but what is lycanthropy? I iz stoopid.

    • Hi Emma! It’s no problem at all. Just read/comment whenever you want!

      Aww, well thank you! No, Kat won’t be 17 that quick. Sorry. But in a couple chapters she’ll turn 16, and then I’ll do another flash forward in the chapter after that, and she’ll be 17. I think… something like that at least. I do know the romance will start around chapter 63, when she’s 17. O.o

      Don’t worry. It’ll be soon enough, LOL. I’m getting way ahead on the chapters, so I’ve already done some of the romance parts. Trust me, they’re awesome (mainly the pics), so it’ll be worth the wait! 😀

      Lycanthropy is the ability to shape-shift into a werewolf, or wolf-like creature. :p
      No you’re not stoopid, lol.

      *huggles* <3333

  13. Oh the drama! Wow, Ash is Hunter’s daughter?! That’s a surprise! I believe her mother was Madison…or maybe she was with Shawn. Anyway, I’m glad Kat found out the truth, I just hope she stops lusting after Hunter since he’s trying to break her parents up. The nerve…wonder if anyone else will figure out that Ash is pregnant! 😮

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