One Hundred and Forty…

One Hundred and Forty: Bewitched

Contains explicit sexual content, FFMN, and a very graphic screenshot depicting the simulation of male orgasm (about 27 pics down). You’ve been warned.

“I have the elixir,” Reznik said. “You drink this shit and you’ll remember you love my father, not me. Basically it will make you fall back in love with him, and you’ll remember the reasons why you fell in love in the first place.” He held up the vial.

“Took me forever to figure out how to make this shit, so I hope you enjoy the taste.”

Lauren nodded, nonchalantly playing with her hair.

Reznik had been gone for five days after going back home to study up on alchemy and magic. She didn’t think he’d ever return.

She was glad to see him.

“Here.” He handed it over. She threw her legs over the sofa’s edge and took the bottle.

“After you drink this we’ll work on getting back the other parts of your memory. Okay?”

A wonderful scent exuded from Rez, reminiscent of Old Spice. She loved the smell of it, loved the perpetual mischief that glimmered in Rez’s eyes, and the blond of his thick, boyish hair as it shone in the candle light. And the hardness of his perfect abs as they rumpled the center of his tight shirt.

Her eyes lowered to the glowing mixture, then back up at Reznik. A slight warmth spread over her face.

“Azura wants to talk to you.” Lauren glanced at her daughter’s bedroom door. “She misses her daddy.”

Reznik’s eyes rounded.

“Really? Azura said that?”


“I figured she was still pissed at me. Not that I blame her.” He muttered the last few words.

Reznik hurried to Azura’s room, leaving Lauren alone with the elixir.

“I’ll be back,” he called.

She continued watching him.

He tapped on the door. Azura answered, scowled, but then allowed him inside.

The door snapped shut.

Lauren made a run for it.

Sorry, Reznik, for all your hard work.

Should I or not?

Should I bargain with Dad so I can see Mila again?

No. I shouldn’t have to, another side of Lucifer argued. What’s he gonna do? I’m nearly 18. It’s not like he’s gonna spank me or ground me. If he tried to kick my ass, I could easily give him a good fight. I’m no longer a kid.

Then again, Dad and Rez could throw me away like they did Azura. Or they might do something to Mila. Would they? He shuddered. They’re family but sometimes they seem more like the enemy.

Lucifer’s thoughts spun in wild circles. He couldn’t decide what to do.

There’s also Mom (Lauren) to think about. I have to make sure she plans to stay away a while longer.

I can’t believe I’m even thinking of doing this… but I’m getting really desperate.

I wanna be close to her.

I want to hold her, feel her body next to mine, stroke her growing tummy. I have that right. My son is growing inside her.

This whole thing is nothing but bullshit.

Regardless, Lucifer ended up suffering a few more days. He could only imagine how Mila was doing or what she was doing.

One night, he found out via astral projection.

She lay on the bed in sheer lingerie. That did not help with Lucifer’s desires.

She looked very unhappy. Or bored.

He wished he could read her mind. It was something he never really tried before.

As it turned out, she thought about the very same things that Lucifer did…

Mila’s hand drifted to her stomach, kneading the baby bump. Lucifer watched in fascination as her tummy moved.

A small hill flourished on one side, and Mila pressed on it while laughing. Immediately another hill grew on the opposite side. She pressed on it too.

She played this cute little game with her belly for several minutes. All Lucifer could do was observe, longing to be with her and be part of this sweet game.

Then she grimaced. “I wish you were here, Lucifer.”

I’m here alright but it doesn’t matter. You can’t see me. And it’s kinda pointless for me to see you, even if I enjoy watching you ‘play’ with our baby.  As if she could read his mind, her lips curved into a smile.

Lucifer thought she’d dozed off. However, her hand rose to her breast. Mila pulled back her top until her right nipple was exposed. She fumbled with it, pinching and rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. Her lips parted as she exhaled and spread her legs.

Only one word could possibly sum up Lucifer’s reaction: astonishment. Yes, she was going to masturbate right there on the bed. She reached down and slipped her middle finger beneath the lowest edge of her outfit, rubbed the sensitive area between the lips.

Clitoris. Vagina. Lucifer’s tongue dropped.

God, how he wanted to plow into her. Unleash a raging, hot vengeance onto her body, surge his hot cum inside her.

He took mental snapshots of Mila’s tumultuous bedroom activity, hoping to capture every single moan, sigh and jitter in his memory.

Ah,” she cried out. “Lucifer.” Mila plunged her fingers in and out. Long, smooth, beautiful legs trembled.

Yeah, baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Drawing in a deep breath, she arched her back, stretched her legs and curled her toes. Another rush of air escaped her rosy lips. Mila shuddered one last time, her private venture coming to an explosive and tantalizing end.

She rolled over and gave him a terrific view of her ass.

Another mental snapshot for later. Though he wouldn’t waste another moment…

Lucifer awakened, lurched upright and began whacking off. Those saved mental images raced across his mind.

Slumping back on the mattress, he also pictured fucking her.

Furiously he worked his cock. Heat swelled, throbbed, peaked.

Oh God here it comes. Lucifer pumped faster, squeezed tighter enhancing his orgasm.

Oh…” Breathless, his entire body went rigid as he clutched the bedspread and bucked. “Damn.”

Once it was over, he was hornier than ever and there was a sticky mess covering his dick, balls.

Climaxing only made his urges worse. But it was not all about sex, his connection with Mila went much deeper. Sex only heightened their relationship.

“Can’t do this anymore. I can’t.”

God damn you Dad. And damn you Reznik.

That little chat with Azura went well.


I find it strange that Azura still hates me (and told me almost as much), yet Lauren said Azura missed me.

Something doesn’t add up.

Yep. Azura hardly said a word to me. Stubborn, cold, insolent as ever.

Just like her daddy. Too bad Lauren was right. Azura really did inherit a few of my unfavorable qualities.

Lauren shuffled in wearing next to nothing. Reznik’s brows furrowed.

“How did things go with Azura? Did you two make up?”

“No. Our daughter still hates me but thanks for your concern.”

“Sorry to hear that. I could’ve sworn she told me something different. I think my memory’s still messing up or something.” She looked away as if trying to hide something.

“Are you alright? You’re acting a little weird.” Reznik couldn’t help it, he glimpsed down at her body. It was very distracting.

Nice full boobs spilling out at the top. Tight, small waistline. Beautiful long legs that joined at the top where her pussy was. Pussy he’d tapped so long ago.

Pussy he’d hurt so long ago. Reznik closed his eyes for a minute trying to shut out the guilt. Trying to forget, just like he wanted Lauren to forget.

He snapped out of it. Something flickered in Lauren’s eyes. It was understanding, for she’d caught him staring at her curves.

Slowly, sensually, she headed for him.

Entranced and mired in disbelief, Rez could do nothing but watch.

Lauren halted. She sank onto his lap, giving him an even better view of her cleavage.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked even as his arms draped around her waist. It felt natural to embrace her.

“Nothing’s wrong. I feel fine. Don’t you?”

“I guess—”

“I miss you, Rez. I love the sound of your name on my lips.”

“Did you drink that elixir I gave you?” he questioned.

“Don’t you miss me at all? I need you. I’ve always needed you. No magic formula can stop it.”

“You mean it didn’t work?”

“I mean I love you. Now kiss me. Touch me.” Her lips drew near.

She licked his mouth while groping down below.

Jesus. You’re fucking turning me on… stop.

He returned her kiss. Eagerly.

What about Dad? I can’t do this. Can’t hurt him like this. Even though he hurt me once by doing the same.

What’s this blind loyalty I’ve always had for my father? Was it just my desperation in trying to be vastly different from Jakub? Wanting to prove I was the better son?

Yes. It was.

Reznik smoothed his hand down Lauren’s slender thigh. Tucking fingers beneath her garter, he began peeling it off.

Silently they made out. Soft smacking noises followed as their mouths collided, crushed.

His hard-on grew and stiffened until he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Reznik never thought he’d see this day again…

He slammed upward. Lauren bounced in a swift, violent rhythm.

She tipped back her head, whimpered and cried.

Now I remember how incredible we were together.

Now I remember, and my loyalty to others is forgotten.

* * * *

Announcement: Bloodlust will be ending around chapter 145 – 150. I’ve done all I can with this particular incarnation of the story. However the news isn’t all bad. I will begin Lance’s story on a separate blog. It will be updated every one to two weeks (I’d update more often but simply do not have the time anymore).

Lance’s story will not contain FFMN (full frontal male nudity) because I want to please those fans who dislike it. I went several chapters on this story with FFMN, now it’s the other readers’ turns to get what they prefer. I will also try to cut down on the explicit language during sex scenes (yes this chapter was especially bad). But for those who do like the sexy stuff, I promise I won’t cut back on it too much or anything. It’ll still be sexy!

As always, thank you guys so much for reading this story and any others I write.

I’ve opened up comments on this one… for those brave enough to verbally berate me over this decision.

~Love, Jenssims



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  1. I hope Azura gets a happy ending I’ve really enjoyed reading your story and I’m gutted that you aren’t going to write more than that but I will read whatever else you write x London is envious lol

    • Yeah, poor Azura. She’s been through a LOT. Not sure if she’ll get a happy ending… as for this story ending, I’ll still do Lance’s story. I mainly wanted to wrap up the storyline involving Vaclav, Lauren, Rez and the others, and have closure for them. Figured it was about time. 😦

      🙂 Thank you for your nice comments! I appreciate it. ❤

      • I’ve just begun your alien story too I can’t believe how imaginative you are! I’ve read almost all of your stories now and all are as good as each other. And I’m not the only one who thinks so by the comments left 🙂 I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a good new year :- D

      • Hi again, Dexy. 🙂 Yay! Hope you’re enjoying the alien story so far too. I know I loved writing it. It’s so different from what I usually write, and I think that made it more fun. 😀 Aw, thank you! Yeah I’ve always had a HUGE imagination… though of course there are some things about the alien story that could be better/more imaginative. For instance, when the heroine undergoes the ‘main procedure’, I had an IV pole next to her… I’d forgotten that it was a DIFFERENT planet, which means the aliens likely wouldn’t use the same medical stuff as what’s on Earth. LOL. 😛 Then again, it’s just a sim story, haha.

        Well thank you for that, really. 🙂 I’m so happy that you like my stories. You are very sweet! 😳 yeah everyone on here is so amazing and nice, they almost always leave good compliments… makes me blush, seriously. And sometimes I’m not the nicest person and it makes me feel worse sometimes whenever people are so nice to me, if you know what I mean. Like back in January I was going through some stuff and took it out on a few of my readers. Ugh. At least I’m better now. And sorry to ramble. >.<

        Anyways, thank you so much. *HUGS* I sure hope you and your family have/had a wonderful Christmas too, and a wonderful New Year as well. ♥

      • It makes sense for them to have “human” equipment as its humans they are experimenting on and alien equipment wouldn’t necessarily work as effectively on humans x

        We all have bad times especially creative people its part of being brilliant! 😀 x

        I went through a bad patch at the beginning of the year and like you (though not as good as you) I write and I stopped but reading your stories have inspired me to write again! So just wanted to thank you for that 😀 x

        Anywho I’m waffling so I’m gonna stop now ha ha I talk even more than I type scary isn’t it lol x take care looking forward to the rest of your aliens story and lances story!

      • lol, that’s a good point, Dexy. Never really thought of that! But yeah. If nothing else, hell the aliens could’ve stolen some of the equipment from Earth! 😛

        Aw, thank you for that. ^_^ You are really sweet. I wish every simmer could be as sweet as you and my other friends and readers. Y’all are very awesome (not to sound cheesy lol). Not to be a downer but it never ceases to amaze me how many simmers in the community are just straight-out assholes. It’s sad. Just glad my readers/friends aren’t like that. Takes a special person to behave decently… and takes a shitty person to consistently act like a dick. Sorry to vent… I just saw a nasty post about me on the net from a few months ago, lol.

        I’m sorry you went through a rough time earlier this year too. So sorry you used to write but stopped. I’d had times when I was a lot younger where I stopped writing. Then I had kids and didn’t have time for years and years. Thank God I found that ‘creative bone’ again. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t write, or write sim stories. It’s like reading… an escape from reality. I love it. I’m really glad I’ve inspired you to write again, I sure hope you can do it, and don’t get any writer’s block! 😀 Well you don’t have to thank me for anything. I just love to write, and love it when others enjoy my stuff. 🙂 So glad to have Sims to use as a tool to make stories with. It’s absolutely awesome… and I guess a couple of years after Sims 4 comes out, I’ll buy that and use that to do stories too. 😛 I’ve been writing pretty much since I was 6. Had a hard home life (mother had some issues) and writing/drawing was my way of coping, and now I still use it (though not to cope, I use it now because it’s just fun). LOL @ ‘waffling’. Crap, I ramble so much on here sometimes it isn’t funny! XD And no it’s not scary! No more scarier than my own babbling. LOL I have a habit of sometimes telling my entire life story to my readers….


        You take care too, hun. Thank you so very much for giving my other silly stories a chance as well. Hope they’re to your liking! And if not, I understand. *hugs* ♥

  2. How dare you end this story so soon!
    jkjk love your story and have been following for a long time. ^_^

    • Hello there! Sorry about ending it soon! 😛 Thank you for the kind comment, though. And don’t forget, in a way it will be continued with ‘Lance’s Story’. So in a way, it’s not an official ending. But I did want to have some closure for Vaclav’s story, etc. <333

      • May day, may day! (btw this is Dexy I’ve changed my name on here) I started reading the alien story and now I have to give card details to prove I am eighteen but I don’t have a mastercard! I am sooooo upset!!

        Well I am sure it will be great !! I will have to speak to the provider and hope that I can sort it! Anywho have an excellent New year!!!


        Take care x

      • hahahaha, ok! 😆 First of all, I’m truly sorry I didn’t reply to this until now. The last couple weeks have been crazy. O_o LOL @ the credit card joke! XD Heck, that story won’t be too bad anyhow. As for right now I won’t do any really explicit-porno-type stuff. Yes it’ll still get racy but I’ll try to tone it down some. Sometimes it’s more sexy that way anyhow, if you don’t describe as much… if that makes sense.

        Why thank you so much! I sure hope you had a wonderful New Year’s holiday too, Dexy! ♥ and *hugs* 🙂 And you take care too!

  3. Welp, I’m very sad that Bloodlust will be ending soon but I understand why you’re doing it. However I will be following Lance’s story!

    • I’m sorry! 😦 lol. Seriously it was coming… I’d been doing this story for almost 2 1/2 years, lol; though I’m continuing it with Lance’s story. But yeah, it’s time to start fresh. 😀
      Thank you for already following Lance’s Story! I won’t be starting it until Bloodlust ends, of course, so might be another month or so. <333

  4. ENDING IT!? D: Oh my goodness! I had no idea you would ever end it. I can’t say that I’m happy about this choice, cause let’s face it, I’m in LOVE with your story… But… I guess I just have to accept it ;_;

    It’s been amazing Robin, it truly has. I’ve loved every SINGLE chapter you have ever written. This coming to an end is really sad for me, but I can’t wait to read what you have in store for Lance. He’s a hot little piece of yummy! Just know, whatever story you do, I will always and forever follow it! I can’t get enough of your amazing writing skills and breath taking story lines and pictures.

    Thanks for making such an amazing story that I could follow for so long 🙂

    Oh and I was wondering, what it be okay if I could have Lucifer? I’m going to miss not seeing his adorable little face.

    Love yah Robin! <3333

    • Hi Jax! 😀 yup, thought it was about that time… it’s sad, but at least I can begin Lance’s story, and it’ll be different (hopefully in a good way).

      TBH I didn’t think I’d ever end it either… just figured it was time to wrap up everything in a neat little package for the ending. 😛 I’m anxious to start on Lance’s own story anyhow. Probably will be 4 – 6 weeks before the actual end of Bloodlust, though.

      Aww, I’m sorry you’re not too happy about the ending of BL. but like I said, at least in a way it’ll continue via Lance’s storyline. 🙂

      Aw, thank you so much Jax. You are sooooo sweet, and I’m really happy you’ve loved every chapter of this. Seriously. That really makes me feel good. I’ve tried to do a good job on it… I’m just glad now that I’ve had all that practice and now I’m so much better at writing than I used to be. 🙂 I guess it is pretty sad that the main story is ending. But yeah, Lance’s story is a fresh new beginning, and I’m excited to start it. And yes, he’s a hot little piece of yummy, for sure. Haha! 😆
      Ohhhh thank you Jax… you make me blush! Too many compliments, lol! Seriously, thank you. You are the greatest. *gets teary-eyed* *hugs* ^_^

      Of course you can have Lucifer! Not sure if I’ve uploaded him before… I think I have. I’ll have to check (my memory sucks as usual). LOL! But I know what you mean. It’s going to be weird not writing about or seeing Lucifer any longer. 😦 I’m sure he’ll be back in some form or another in Lance’s Story, though.

      Aw, I love you too Jax! <333333 *sobs in happiness/sadness/whatever LOL*

  5. Comments are open!!! OMG!!!!!!
    Ok now that I have myself together, Azura: I have this thing for Nicholas. Why I don’t know but I have been praying that Milificent would just fall off a cliff and Azura would be his only wife. Yeah..that’s bad I know.

    I enjoyed seeing Hunter in the last chapter. MAN HE IS STILL SEXY!

    Oh yeah and everything birdkins said.

    P.S Lucifer is so hot!

    P.S.S So is Reznik….

    • LOL Qui, yup comments are open for a change. Figured some peeps might wanna gripe at me about ending BL… well, sort-of ending it at least. Not that I’d blame anyone for being angry/unhappy about me ending it.

      hehe. Your comments always did make me laugh! I love your sense of humor! 😆 Seriously I’m literally lmao at this comment: “Azura: I have this thing for Nicholas. Why I don’t know but I have been praying that Milificent would just fall off a cliff and Azura would be his only wife,” hahahahaha!! 😛 But I know what you mean. I have this thing for Nicholas too, along with Lucifer… Vaclav… Reznik… Hunter… and soon Lance as well. 😀 🙂 so it’s not that bad at all! Besides, Milly is a pompous biatch. 😆

      Anyhow, basically I just listed off most of the same male characters that you did. LOL!

      😆 😆

      Thank you for the comment Qui, and thanks for the laughs too! <3333 Of course, also thanks for continuing to read/follow this story. *hugs*

  6. Ending? Well. I can understand, at least we have Lance’s story and the alien one to come!!! 🙂 Yes, I will be stalking over there too 😛 Haha!

    Good chapter, excited to see how things progress and what happens with the chapters left to come. 🙂

    • James!!!! Hi. 😆 Yeah, the main MAIN story is finally ending. 😦 But yes, I’ll start Lance’s story as soon as this one is officially over. Like I told some others, I just thought it was about time to wrap it up.

      Yup, the alien one will be out soon as well. LOL I have too many stories to keep up with. D: But I can’t stop!! O_O
      Glad you’ll be stalking my other stories too. Hehe. As for the remaining chapters to this story, I think you’ll really like them. 😀 I believe you’ll find the ending pretty interesting. 😉

      *HUGS*! <3333

      • Hiiiiiiiiiiii! 🙂

        Yes, good I am glad you will be making more, I love reading them 😀 Yes, I saw heading to read it now, so excited 😛

        I will really like them? 🙂 That just makes me more excited…”pretty interesting” but, but, I will have to wait for it…I dont want to wait 😉 hahah!

  7. Comments! Yay!!! 😀 Oh no, this story is almost over? Nooo!!!! I’m going to miss it! 😦 I’ve started re-reading it because I love it so much. 🙂 I’ll be reading Lance’s story, but I’ll miss all the sexy stuff because I’m perverted like that. :p Very interesting twists these last several chapters. I’ve enjoyed meeting Nicholas, though I still don’t know if he’s good or evil for sure. He seems to be 50/50. I’m glad Lauren forgot the bad night with Rez, but what about Vaclav? If only Aubrey could be permanently brought back. That would solve everything! Perhaps some ambrosia salad? 😀 I love Lucifer, his eyes are stunning. He’s very handsome, and Mila is very pretty. You make the best characters! I look forward to reading more! Thanks for writing, and keep up the good work!!!

    • hi there, TW. Great you ‘see’ you again! Yep it’s almost over, at least in this particular ‘sense’. Aww, really? You started re-reading it? Aw you are so sweet! Well thank you for that! 😀 No need to worry too much about the sexy stuff, it’ll still be sexy, just not hard-core porn like some of the later chapters of this story were, and no more full frontal male nudity. I’ll still work hard to make it sexy though. 🙂

      And yeah, I’m perverted too (obviously). haha you’re not alone in that! 😉

      Thank you TenderWolf. I know a few twists were kinda random, but I think the last chapters you’ll really find interesting. I can’t wait to write them all out. *excited* It’s sad, but I’m still anxious and excited to wrap everything up in a cool ending. 🙂 I’m glad you’re not sure if Nich is really good or evil! That means I must be doing something right! hehe. I hear you, about Lauren. It’s great that she’s finally forgotten about that traumatic experience. You will have to guess about Vaclav and… >_> Only time will tell, and this story only has 4 – 6 more weeks to go.

      haha, ambrosia salad!! I hear ya. 😛 Like I said, you’ll find out…

      I know, I love Lucifer too. It will be kinda hard to leave him behind. :/ Likely he’ll show up again at some point, though, even if it’s in Lance’s Story. Yeah Mila’s pretty, though I had some issues re-doing her poor nose. LOL! Aww, well thank you TW. It’s a mixture of good genes, and then the awesome Twallan’s MC mod, so that I can always edit them in CAS!

      Thank you again! *HUGS* and Merry Christmas!! <3333

  8. somehow i’m a bit sad bloodlust might end soon.. but luckily there will be a kinda sequel! i hope many family memebers will still be part of the show, i grew to like them all!
    and right atm, i totally wonder how this reznik/lauren thing’s gonna sit with überdaddy. his wrath unleashed might just be burning hell for all around. or would he bump himself off to join his 1st love?

    i never minded ffmn – quite the contrary*hehehe*. actually, i even started reading the story cuz there was some yaoi (as a total fujoshi i usually never read het stuff or anything with women, but after a while i just got addicted to bloodlust anyway LOL..). so if there would be more MxM in the sequel, i’d be even more happy.. can’t help it, when i see 2 guys holding hands (or whatever), i just go *woooow*. when it’s het couples, it doesn’t do scratch to me, my “romantic fiber” doesn’t even vibrate in the least, like they could be petting their dog or wash up dishes XDD.

    anyway thanx for the wild ride all those months!
    and a merry xmas + very happy new year 2013! (especially since.. well, we’re still there, innit? XD)

    • Hi Portisheart! 🙂 Yeah, sorry about ending the ‘official’ story. But at least it’s not entirely the end… like you said there will be a sequel of sorts, hehe.

      Aww!! So glad you grew to really like the whole family! That’s awesome, and makes me feel like I did something right in this story. :mrgreen: I’m sure a few will come back every now and again. When I think about some of the main characters not being around as much in the sequel, it does make me kinda sad. 😦

      haha, you’ll find out soon (maybe) what’s going to happen in the love triangle regarding Rez, Lauren, and ‘Uberdaddy’, as you call him, haha! You might find it interesting… or you might get pissed off. O_O Aw, that’s a sweet idea, about him ‘bumping himself off’ to join his eternal love… it would almost make sense, because Aubrey used to read a lot of Shakespeare, and if he committed suicide somehow, that would fit right into the story. But… you’ll have to find out… 😉

      Aw, well sorry about the soon-to-be-lack of FFMN. >.< I just know a lot of people don't care for it… then again there ARE those who love it. I just figured I should cater to the other side again for a while. I hate for anyone to be so desperate to read my story they have to cover up the pics just to get through it. D: I try to please as many readers as I can (even though I can be a pain sometimes). I try to do my best, usually. Oh! OK, I get it now, you like the male + male stuff! Aw, well either way I'm glad you got hooked on BL anyhow! I knew that some of my readers like the m + m stuff too. You might be pleasantly surprised about the last few chapters of this story. Really, if I had the time, I need to just do a MM story period. I know I didn't have nearly enough of that in this story. But I will def think about doing more MM stuff in the sequel! 😀

      And I know what you mean, I like the 'het' stuff, but the other stuff is just as sexy. 😉 So I totally agree with you. Haha @ this: "when it’s het couples, it doesn’t do scratch to me, my “romantic fiber” doesn’t even vibrate in the least, like they could be petting their dog or wash up dishes XDD"!! 😆

      Aww, well thank you for reading! I really do appreciate it! <3333
      And Merry Christmas to you too, and Happy New Year! Hehe, yep still 2012, but not for long! 😛 Maybe it won't be the end of the world soon, eh?

      XD *hugs*!

      • <>
        so funny when you read this from the AUTHOR herself! like, if the story was a surprise for you too.. 😆

        i deffo love your sense of “sweetness”:
        <> roflmao..

        i can understand readers who don’t wanna be confronted with ffmn too. absolutely. it’s just, as to “peppering” or sweetening my day a bit :wink:… im a bit tired of manga, and the “real” stuff, well.. not really. it’s too crude, and cliché too – it rather puts me off ~ but sims are ok 🙂
        gawd i’m.. weird? XD

        oh yessss! you’d be elevated straight into my personal authors’ heaven! i mean, there just aren’t enough MM simstories out there. i sorta get a bit envious when i think about the trillions het machinimas, stories, pix.. *siiiiigh*. and i’m such a terrible procrastinating lazy b* myself that i didn’t even manage to publish 1 story yet :blushing ashamed:

        anyhoo – enjoy great holidays! xoxoxo

      • lol yeah… :3 well I know it sounds cliche, but basically it seems like the story practically writes itself at times… sometimes I plan it out ahead, but other times I change things around while in-game or writing it. 😛 O_o

        Aw, well thank you. 😳

        Oh, I know you do. As long as they’re nice about expressing their dislike of it, that’s all good with me. 🙂 Aww, I’m glad stuff like that sweetens your day! Like I said, if I had the time I’d do strictly an MM story. I wish I had more time! So you’re burned out on manga? My oldest daughter used to read those all the time. I know what you mean about the real stuff, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like that. Soft-core stuff is fine to me, though. Very soft-core, LOL. So I can understand why you prefer to read it using Sims as a tool to write it. << lol, did that make sense? 😆

        Nooooo you're not weird. I get what you mean, and I'm sure there's others who understand as well. 🙂

        Aww, well what I need to do is somehow bring Rez and his lover back into the story, placing them in Lance's. *scratches chin while in deep thought* hehe. I love to please mah readers, if possible. :mrgreen:
        And thank you for elevating me straight to your personal author's heaven! :p No reason to be ashamed. You know it took me several months to finally make a sims story on sims 3? Then on Sims 2, it took me a few YEARS. 😯

        You enjoy the great holidays too! xoxoxoxoxo <33

  9. Okay, I’m gonna cry now. I can’t believe my number one favorite story is actually ending (sniff…sniff). I’ll probably read it again…and again…and again (so I hope you don’t remove it from your blog). However, I am looking forward to your alien story (I haven’t read the start of it yet, but I’m going to as soon as I finish this comment). I’m betting Lance’s story will be terrific as well. I recently went to your community page & was disappointed that Hunter is no longer there. I was going to install him especially for the skin. The skin I wanted on Mod the Sims is in 7z format, which I don’t like. Anyway, enough rambling…for now anyway. Enjoy your Christmas and your beautiful family. Also, I hope you have a safe and blessed New Year.

    • Hello there kokobo63 😀 Aw well don’t cry too much. At least Lance will continue the story 😛 Well thank you! You made me blush with the ‘fave story’ comment! 😳 LOL I use too many emoticons…
      Anyhow, that’s awesome that you want to read it over and over again! Cool. Hell no I won’t remove this story! This story will never ever ever ever ever be deleted, lol. It’s here forever!
      I hope you enjoy my alien story. I’ve got 5 chapters so far, and really loved writing it. It’s so different from what I usually write, I think that’s why I got addicted to writing it for a few weeks. Actually I can’t wait to get back to it! As for Lance’s story, I hope you like it too. Then again I know not everyone will like every story I come out with… that’s understandable. 🙂

      You wanted to d/l Hunter? If you truly only want his skin tone, I was able to d/l this sim forever ago: << that sim has the very same skintone as Hunter. Are you sure that's the one you wanted? Nicholas and the grown-up Lance use a different skin tone.

      lol you're not the only one who rambles on here. XD

      Aww, I sure hope you enjoy your Christmas too! Along with your own beautiful family! So sweet! <33 You have a safe and blessed New Year too.
      *BIG hugs* ^_^

  10. I’m leaving you another comment! 😀 Thank you so much for your gifts on the site! I love my new clothes! 🙂 And yes, I’ve started reading this story again and it’s hard to stop. I’ve been thinking, I’d love to have this story to take with me…I wonder if it would be possible to copy/paste it into a Word document and put it on a tablet like an iPad or Kindle Fire (of course I don’t have either but that would inspire me to get one!). Then I could take and read it everywhere (so long as you didn’t mind, of course). Hmm…:D Also, I’m going to check out your alien story. It looks great! Yeah, only you can take ugly creatures and make them look schmexy. 😉 hahaha Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Heya there! Cool, another comment hehe. 😛 Aww, you’re welcome. I had a bit left over after getting LL, and couldn’t find anything else I wanted, so thought it’d be perfect to use the rest for gifting (not to mention it was holiday time anyhow) 🙂 I was glad to do it. Glad you like the new simmie clothes too! That is just so awesome that you’re reading this story over again! Whenever I read the first part, I’m always finding stuff I HAVE to edit… bad pictures, bad writing or whatever. LOL. It bugs me, but then it’s always interesting for me to read the early parts of the story, and to see how much has changed in the story.

      Holy shit, seriously?? You’d want to read this stuff on a Kindle or whatnot?? Good gravy that’s shocking to me. O_O On the other hand, you’re giving me the big proud head here. 😆 THANK you for such an amazing compliment! Especially considering you write so well yourself, TW. And of course I don’t care! You can copy it if you want. Unfortunately I think it’d be a royal pain in the butt to copy all of this! Hmm… maybe there’s an easy way? IDK.

      Hahahaha, well thank you for that compliment too, about me taking ugly characters and makin’ them ‘schmexy’ haha! I try to, lol. Oh, and actually I forgot that the main character in my alien story is someone else’s, I just tweaked him… and I definitely didn’t want him to be green! 😛 I’d tweaked one of Jax’s sims. 🙂 Also, thank you for checking out that story, and thank you for ‘liking’ so many chapters!! You are a sweetie, TW. *hugs* Glad you seem to enjoy Firestar.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! ♥ ♥

  11. Hey jenssims!

    i will be sad to see bloodlust end, mainly because i have followed it almost from the beginning. But that being said, I’m looking forward to following your other stories like platinum, the alien story (which i’m going to start reading shortly) and Lances story.

    You are one of my fav writers and i feel lucky to have discovered your stories ( i first discovered your riverview story after you have finished it and have followed you ever since.)

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas and i can’t wait to find out how bloodlust will end, hopefully everyone will get a happy ending (i’m rooting for Azura and the werewolf to get it on)


    • OK, I’m heeeere now! So hello there, jewittalex. 🙂 Yeah, I can understand that, and thank you for having followed it from the start. I just think this part of the story needs final closure. I’m ready to finally give it that. It’s going to be interesting at the end. Aww, thank you for reading my other stuff. I hope you like those as much as BL. 🙂

      Yay! Thank you for that! I always feel privileged whenever a reader tells me I’m one of their fave writers! Always puts a smile on my face. :mrgreen: Oh wow, you first discovered me though my silly Riverview story? Awesome. I remember I always called sex in that story ‘woo-hoo’ LOL. At least until the later chapters, lol. I was always afraid of offending people when I first started out.

      I sure hope you had an amazing Christmas too! I hope you’ll like the ending, though some might find it a little… IDK. Just have to see. >_> LOL I can see why you’d be hoping Azura and wolf boy would finally do the nasty! I will say that I’d planned to do something along those lines but unfortunately… I’d come up with something a little different… ugh, you’ll just have to see soon. I don’t want to give away too much of a spoiler!

      XXXXX *hugs* ♥ ♥

      • well, unfortunately every story must come to an end which is upsetting for readers and sometime writers but i’m sure bloodlust will go out with a bang. i absolutely love firestar! i can’t wait for the next chapter.

        You are a brilliant writer so you deserve to be told how great you are! I used to love reading Riverview, i may even read it again lol, i remember when i first found it i spent most of the day reading it lol.

        i did have a lovely Christmas, it was brilliant thank you. I’m sure i will love the ending! its kind of bittersweet because i want to find out how everything pans out but don’t want the story to end lol.


      • hey there again. Sorry it took me a little while to reply to this one.
        Oh yes, I think BL will go out with a bang. lol. Hopefully it won’t be too disturbing or shocking. 😳

        Thank you! I love writing Firestar, and I can’t wait to get to the next chapter. I’m trying to wrap up BL first, though. Then maybe I can post 2 chapters of Bloodlust per week until the very end.

        Awww thank you so much! *blushes* You certainly are a sweet person. I very much appreciate that awesome comment! ♥ LOL about Riverview. It had a lot of comical parts, but since it was my first S3 story, it wasn’t written as well as my later ones. Gave me good practice, though! I did get a few *surprising* comments like that, where people said they couldn’t stop reading. O_O Back then my writing really wasn’t that great… but they say sometimes that ‘story trumps writing’, so… 😛

        Glad you had a lovely Christmas! And you’re welcome. Well I hope you’ll love the ending. Maybe you already have an idea of how it’ll turn out. >_> I will try to make my other stories as ‘epic’ as this one was. Err… not trying to sound like I’m in love with my own stories, lol, though I enjoy writing them! ♥

        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hehe

  12. just want tolet you know i have read all the chapters of firestar and am i hooked!

  13. sorry if there is any confusion, I’ve been commenting under the name jewittalex, but i have just made a wordpress account under another name but i am the same person lol.

    • Hey that’s ok, no worries. I’m sorry that it took me forever to reply. Just been a crazy couple weeks. 😯

      But thanks for letting me know! 😀 ♥

      • Its ok i understand, its the same for me as well. I tend to overload myself with work, usually i can handle it but sometimes things just have to wait 🙂 xxxxxxx loved the latest chapter btw xxxxx

      • Sorry it took me a while to reply again. I was hauling-ass to write the last few BL chapters. Normally I’d already be ahead by a few weeks, but I’d gotten so busy around the holidays that I let it slide. D:

        At least now I’m finished, so now I’m relieved. 😛 Oh no, so you overload yourself with work? I used to do the same thing all. the. time. I try not to anymore, though I’ve bitten off more than I could chew by having too many sim stories to write. *facepalm* It’s not a good feeling to be overwhelmed.

        But yeah, sometimes things have to wait! Totally agree.

        Thank you so much, elirainbow! So glad you enjoyed that last chapter! 😀 xxxxxxx *hugs* ^^

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