Forty-Six: Out of the Shadows

Contains lots of F-bombs.


Not long after awakening and getting dressed, Aubrey headed for the main house.

She noticed tiny objects scattered over the floor.

What could they be?

She bent over to retrieve one.

It crackled between her fingers, crumbling back to the stone floor.

Puzzled she stared at the trail. A trail of dead rose petals.

They led up the basement steps and then several feet across the courtyard.

She stopped, around the same time that her heart did.

An apparition stood amidst the headstones.

How… fitting.

Now she knew where the dark petals came from.

“What? You thought I was actually dead?” Jakub hissed. Then he unfastened the collar around his neck.

“Look. It was a miracle I lived. Hallelujah.” His lips formed a smirk.

Aubrey took off.

“Come back,” he rasped. “I’m not going to hurt you. I only want to give you this dead rose as a peace offering.”

She threw her arms around Hunter, sobbing.

“What is it now?” he asked.

“Jakub… Jakub’s alive! He—he’s outside right now!”

“Are you sure?”


“Uh, Aubrey, there’s something I have to tell you…”

She parted from him. “What?”

“Jakub’s alive because of me.”

Slowly, she looked up. Disbelief etched the deepest depths of her soul.

Betrayal was a horrible, ugly thing.

“I’m waiting—for your explanation,” she said holding back more tears.

“That night when Vaclav cut Jakub’s throat, I ran off when no one was looking,” he began. “But later, after I was sure it was safe, I returned.”

I had to go back to get my clothes.

I made my way through the forest. Several yards from the cabin, I saw the bloody footprints.

As I got closer, I noticed blood was everywhere. There were hand prints on the windows. Something told me it was Jakub, although at the time I didn’t know Vaclav had slit his throat. I guess you could say it was an educated guess as well, since I knew Vaclav wanted Jakub dead.

Jakub was on the floor. Somehow he’d managed to walk back to the cabin. I was amazed at his will to live even though I hated him.

I dressed.

Then I heard a noise behind me. I got ready for a fight.

Jakub grabbed my arm, clawing at me with his fingers.

I spun around and tried pushing him away.

He mouthed the words “help me.” 

He mouthed the words again while grasping my shirt.

“No. I won’t help you. You deserve to die,” I told him.

When I walked out of the cabin, I was hit by guilt.

I remembered the words from Epidemics, something I’d memorized years earlier regarding my medical career: ‘ The physician must be able to tell the antecedents, know the present, and foretell the future – must mediate these things, and have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to do no harm.’

So that was it. I had to do good, or do no harm. I had to help Jakub.

“I’ll help you,” I said. “I’ll be back with some medical supplies.”

He scraped at the window, like he was trying to get out. He was losing his mind… not that he had one to begin with.

Avoiding the Haas Clan as best I could, I traveled to my old house. I hadn’t been there in over a year. But I knew I had some medical stuff stashed away. Mostly they were old left overs from the years spent at med school. They would have to do.

I rummaged in the cabinet, pulling out anything I could use for the upcoming surgery to repair Jakub’s throat. I also dragged out my old medical books.

I didn’t have much time. It was getting beyond late.

I dropped all the supplies onto the floor, gathered boxes to put them in.

Then I headed back to the cabin.

Before starting, I gave him an ultimatum.

“If I do this, you have to swear to leave Aubrey alone. You have to also leave Shadowvale, and maybe even the entire country.”

He weakly nodded.

“Okay. I better be able to trust you. If I do see you in Shadowvale, I’ll fucking kill you myself. Don’t forget that.”

Jakub stuck up his middle finger.

I was pretty nervous. The only surgery I’d ever done was on cadavers.

But somehow I managed. I stitched and carefully repaired Jakub’s esophagus. The cut had almost reached his spine, he was lucky it didn’t. Just another centimeter or so and Jakub would never see another nighttime to prowl for victims.

After fixing his esophagus, I worked on his windpipe. I didn’t try to repair his vocal chords. Finally, I stitched the upper layers of muscle and skin.

He would never speak normally again. His voice would be always be either raspy, or a hiss.

“Seriously. You have to leave Shadowvale. You have to leave Aubrey the hell alone,” I reminded him.

“I promise I’ll be good.” 

“Jakub, don’t fuck with me.”

“I’m not fucking with anyone. I’m thinking about moving to somewhere in Europe. Maybe… France?”

I looked at him, trying to figure out if he was messing with me or not. It was hard to tell, considering he was a sociopath.

After that, I didn’t see him again… until now.

“You knew he was alive this whole time and didn’t tell me? You—you’ve been fucking me for over a week! You’ve lived in this house for over two months! How could you NOT tell me this? And how could you save his life knowing he tried to hurt me?

“And you knew Jakub moved to France! Was he also living with his BFF Shawn? Not to mention the fact you let Vaclav rot in prison knowing he didn’t kill his son!”

“You, Shawn and Jakub… the three of you deserve each other.”

She shoved past Jakub, glaring at him, daring him to try anything on her. She was sick of worrying about it and sick of vampires in general.

Fuck Shadowvale, and all the vermin that lived there.

“Yeah,” Jakub hissed. “I was living with my BFF Shawn in France.”

“Go to hell Jakub!” she said.

He grinned.  

 “What the hell are you doing here? Why did you come back? Was it just to gloat?

He rushed forward and shoved him back. Jakub slammed into an end table, rocking it back and forth.

“I swear to God I’m going to kill you! I told you not to come back, you stupid piece of shit!”  

“Wait—I know where Aubrey’s talisman is.”

“You better not be bullshitting me, Jakub…”

“It’s buried in those underground tunnels. I’ll show you exactly where it is. After that, I’ll return to France.”

Someone’s key slipped into the front door.

“Shit. Someone’s at the door.”

He hurried into the bathroom.

Hunter braced himself for whomever was coming in. It was Lucius.

“The Shadow witch’s powers are suddenly very strong, resembling a small nuclear bomb. I want you to convince your fuckwad clan to kill her.”

“Uh, yeah. You really think that’s gonna work, Lucius?”

“Do it, or I’ll kill you.”

“Ah! I’m so scared,” Hunter teased. “Don’t gimme that shit. Aubrey told me a few days ago that Vaclav doesn’t plan to have me killed… so you don’t have the big cheese’s permission to do shit.”

“Are you sure about that? Think hard. Aubrey doesn’t know everything that’s going on inside her husband’s head. And I”m sure if it came down to choosing your life, or the longevity of the Haas Clan, I think you know what Vaclav’s choice would be.”

Hunter gaped at him for a moment, debating.

Jakub listened closely…

“What if… what if I found the talisman that fights off the Shadows? Would that help destroy your witch?”

“Yes, but how are you going to get it? Being that you’re a Shadow?”

Aubrey could get it, dumb ass.”

“Fine. If Aubrey can get the talisman, I’ll let you off the hook.”

“Wow. Thanks,” Hunter sarcastically replied.

Aubrey stood in the music room, having heard everything they’d said.

Now they’re just using me, the assholes.

Whatever love she felt for Hunter was flushed down the toilet… and her brain was no longer situated between her legs.


LOL. Thanks for reading!

Credits: Hospital set by Hekate999 at MTS. Bloody foot/hand prints by Syren at The 13th Sim. Jakub’s collar found at Sims 3 Updates. Rose accessory by Lemonleaf at Sims 3 Updates.  🙂

One more thing: here’s a new page devoted to pics of Jakub:

** NOTE: if I don’t get back on here and reply to comments (after tonight 3-19), it’s just because I’m staying away from the internet for a few days. Something’s going on in my personal life, with nothing to do with this blog or anything. Thanks. I’ll still try to get up chapter 47 next Friday.  And I’ll still try to comment on some of your story blogs. EDIT: everything’s okay now, mostly. Thank you guys for being so awesome. ♥ Oh, and chap 47 will DEFINITELY be up next Friday!  **


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  1. wow great story i loved it awe now Aubrey can tell them that Vaclav didn’t kill his son and he can get out of jail and he and Aubrey and the kids can be a family again i can’t wait to read next weeks story to see what happens next

  2. Hunter!!!! What the hell did you do hot buns? I should spank you!

    I’m sorry, every single time I see Lucius now, I’ll imagine him doing that creep stare then breaking into hysterical laughter then that stare like he was just laughing! Lol
    I don’t know why I found it so funny that he called Vaclav the “big cheese”!
    I wonder who’ll tell them that Jakub isn’t dead. Surely that will earn him and early release.

    Umm, heart better fall back between her legs! I’m not done heart farting this pair yet! lol

    • XD lmao!! Indeed, he’s in serious need of a spanking… O.o

      haha, I can’t blame you for that! Lucius and his cold, cold eyes. Everything about Lucius is cold, actually. haha, I thought that part was funny too, about the ‘big cheese.’ Couldn’t resist putting that in there…

      You’d think that would earn V. an early release… but maybe someone doesn’t want him released? >_>

      hahahahahahaha!!! so funny, Qui. I know the dirty parts can get addicting, but wow I should move on to something else, lol. Well maybe I can sneak in another naughty scene. 🙂 Can’t promise though…


      • Now I wonder who doesn’t want him released! Hunter was reluctant to give up the goods at first so I don’t think it’s him..then again I could be wrong. If he turns out to be a dick I swear I’m selling my soul to the highest bidder! Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that lol. I mean I need her to still question her feelings for him. Those pills won’t be around forever and she does not need another baby daddy scare so by all means, move about from the pantie dropping lol. Sorry, I’m addicted to love triangles!

      • LOL, you’ll find out. XD well Hunter probably isn’t perfect. He might turn out to be a dick…. but maybe not. 😛 haha, the pantie dropping! And you’re right, she def doesn’t need another baby daddy scare! Don’t feel bad, I’m addicted to love triangles too, especially writing about them lol. As you can see…


  3. Hi um … im in big trouble coz i havent commented in months and im so sorry for that. Just to tell you I havent missed one single story and I still read it. Kwl chapter by the way, and hopefully u can forgive me for not commenting 🙂 Your biggest fan Tami442

    • Hi Tami! Nah you’re not in trouble. Nice to hear from ya again though. 😀 That’s okay, no need to apologize either. 🙂 Glad you’re still reading! And thanks for the compliments! ^_^

      <333 *hugs*

  4. AH! He’s alive?!? Such a d-bag! God, how could Hunter save him?! Even if he’s a doctor still… he could have just let him be and not helped him at all. Wonder what V. will do if he finds out. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Shawn will be returning soon too?

    Anyways, great chapter even if Jakub did return XD! Can’t wait until the next one :)!

    • LOL he sure is. Hunter is too sweet for his own good. 😦 Yeah, he shouldn’t have helped him. Well, you’ll just have to see, lol. Nah, I don’t have any plans of Shawn returning, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing him in the story. 😛

      Thanks Mike! ^.^ *huggles*

  5. wow this chapter was awesome! seriously! hope everythings ok 🙂 ❤ xxxxxxxx

  6. First of all, ah, I hope everything’s okay with you. <33

    Second..woah. Intense.

    ^-^ ❤

    • Hey Angie, yeah everything’s fine. Thanks! You guys on here are so awesome. 😀

      I thought it would take me longer to look and comment back, but wow I can’t stand not replying to comments. I’m neurotic, lol.

      Thanks so much! ♥

      <3333 ^.^

  7. YES!
    Not yes because Jakub is alive – that’s more of an ‘OH SHIT!’. But ‘YES!’ because this might mean that Aubrey won’t ever get involved with Hunter again? She HAS to get back with Vaclav – I guess he can come out of jail now Jakub’s alive, so that’s an upside. 🙂
    Loved this.
    Hope you’re okay<3

    • Hey Emma! lol, I hear ya, ‘oh, shit!’ indeed. :p LOL I see you still love Vaclav! That’s good. 🙂

      Maybe he’ll get out soon… hehe

      Thanks Emma!

      Yeah, I’m a lot better now, just something that happened IRL that was partly my fault… but mostly NOT my fault, lol. Thanks again, you guys are the BEST.

      <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hmmm. . . what an interesting turn of events. I wonder what Jakub’s plan truly is, as I can’t see him being here just to help. Perhaps he wants to take over the Haas Clan? Hmm…
    I’m glad Aubrey has her brain back in her head, although something tells me she’ll still be the one to get the talisman. It also makes me happy knowing that Vaclav doesn’t have to suffer any more sex scenes for a while.
    Also, since he technically didn’t kill anyone, he should be released soon. As soon as Jakub’s discovered alive.

    More importantly, I do hope that you are doing okay. I’m sending positive energy your way and hope that life isn’t being too difficult on you. *hugs*

    • Jakub wanted to come back to gloat, basically. LOL. He wanted to see the look on Aubrey’s face when she saw him alive, and when she found out that he was shacking up with Shawn in France. XD but an ulterior motive would be awesome too. 😛 Ooooh, taking over the Haas Clan, that is an excellent idea! But I probably will keep Lucius as the leader for a while… but like I said, you had an awesome idea.

      I haven’t thought it entirely through yet, but Aubrey might be too pissed off to get the talisman, she might just tell Hunter and Jakub to do it themselves, which obviously Hunter would have to try to stay far away from it so he don’t get ‘injured’ by its power, lol. XD yep, Vaclav will be able to relax now. 😆

      Yep, maybe Hunter will let Lucius know about Jakub’s resurrection…

      Awww, thank you. I really appreciate that. 🙂 I was just a little depressed this weekend over something. It’s okay now though. 🙂 Thanks again! *hugs* to you too. ^.^


      • Hee hee, well I’m glad you liked my plotting and random idea 😀
        I’m so glad you’re feeling better. It’s not a nice feeling being depressed, I know. Take care of yourself Jen!

      • yes, I sure did. 🙂

        Aww, thank you again. Much appreciated… like you basically said, depression sucks. 😦

        You take care too! ^_^ And seriously you are very sweet. I guess that goes with your user name, lol. XD


      • Awww aren’t you sweet, saying that I am. Lol, if any of my friends heard that they’d wonder who you were talking about 😉

      • lol, well thank you. 🙂 Seriously though, everyone on here is so great. ^^ LOL, that’s funny! I bet they would wonder… >_> 😛

  9. Heyy, I just started reading your blog, however, I couldn’t tare my eyes away from the screen!
    When I first fund your blog I was like ‘wow another vamp story?’ but now I am extremely happy I gave it a chance!

    I cannot believ that Hunter never told her about Jakub! I used to like Hunter, but now I’m not so sure, ESPECIALLY because they are going to use her now!

    I love the creativity of your photos! I have my own blog ( and NONE of my pics have such an amazing quality!

    The only problem I have, is now I am gonna have to wait for the next chapter 😛 LMAO can’t wait for Friday! 😀

    (Sorry for the long post!)

    • LOL, thanks Lilith! I’m glad you like the story. 😀
      haha, I didn’t realize there were so many other vampire stories! But I’m glad you gave mine a chance. 🙂

      A loooooong time ago in this story, whenever Hunter first moved in with Aubrey, he was going to tell her then. That was the time when she made him babysit her kids while she went to see Vaclav at the prison, lol. But he never brought it back up after that. 😛 I forgot to mention it in this chapter, lol. Hunter’s dark side finally emerged. But then again, once Lucius uses the talisman on the witch, he’ll give it back to Aubrey.

      Thanks for complimenting my pics!! I’m sure your pictures are fine! ^.^

      Aww, thanks again. No need to apologize for the long post, lol. My reply was pretty long too. XD


      • Your welcome!
        The Sims 3 guy who created the original 10 generation challenge came up with a new one for vampires, when late night came out. A lot of people commented and said they were going to try it out and stuff. But theirs are nothing like yours! (That is a good thing)
        Oh yeah, I just remembered that!! Lol
        And compared to your, my photos literally suck! 😀 my readers don’t mind though! 😀 Lol

      • That’s Pinstar or something, right? so he came out with a vampire challenge? That’s cool. Aww, well thanks!! That makes me feel good, LOL. *blushes*! 😀

        glad you remembered, but it’s no wonder if people forgot. That chapter was a while back, lol.

        Aw, I’m sure your pics are fine. 🙂 See as long as your readers don’t care, it’s no biggie.

        thanks again for the nice comments, Lilith! 🙂


  10. nothin can kill Jakub! hahah aXDD I surelly hope that Shawn will be back too XD

  11. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Jakub! Glad to see you are back with that frankly amzaing outfit! Still prefer you shirtless but hey, can’t have everything and I somehow doubt Aubrey is going to encourage the idea. I love how he was just standing there slightly bored will Huinter explained that he was still alive.

    Loving his face after Aubrey told him to go to hell, one of the best pics EVER (actually theres quite a long list of best pics in my head now)

    Hoping to see lots more of Jakub 🙂
    *hugz* and <333 (I'm restarting the cycle of length otherwise it takes up more of my comment that my actual, err, commenting does) xxx

    • lol, I love his outfit too. That anime shit they had at the sim store was awesome. 😀 and suited my story to perfection!! LOL, he’ll turn up shirtless again sometime. Haha, I know that picture was pretty funny, where Jakub stood behind them while they were talking about him! XD

      Oh yeah, the ‘smug’ look is always awesome. 😛 Jakub does tend to look good in pictures… O.O

      Well I’ll try to show as much as I can of Jakub… >_>

      *hugs* & <3333 LOL I understand! Thanks for reading/commenting again!! 😀 xxxxxx

  12. Big surprise that Jakub is still alive, and that Hunter is responsible. Aubrey has the worst luck with men lately! Will she get the talisman? Or will she leave Shadowvale for good? Next chapter!

    • yup, ol Jakub’s still of this earth. 😛 Yup, it’s Hunter’s fault that he’s still alive, the idiot. So true, Aubrey has terrible luck with guys! Kinda like real life sometimes, haha. You’ll just have to see what happens next! Mwahahaha!


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