Forty: Hideaway

Contains nudity.

Open shirt on Hunter (later in the chapter) created by Lady Frontbum. Sims 2 converted male hairstyles found at My Blue Also, I want to thank ILoveTheSims/Mike for explaining to me how to download rar files in a way that (dummy me) could understand.  🙂

After a three-week absence, Aubrey returned to a quiet house.

Reznik and Kat were asleep. She was tempted to wake them up, but decided not to.

She gazed at the bed she shared with Vaclav. Or once shared with him.

She couldn’t bear to lay down upon it… the same bed where they made love, and the same bed where Jakub ‘made love’ to Aubrey.

The mattress, sheets, and comforter had too many memories etched into their threads. Memories both good and bad.

She headed down the corridor to the guest bedroom.

She relaxed on the lounger and started dozing off.

Vaclav’s haunting, angelic face lit up her dreams.

She startled awake, remembering Vaclav was gone.

Looking up at the gothic painting, Aubrey imagined the immortal was Vaclav, carrying his beloved Aubrey.

He’d come to take her away to his dark castle, nestled beneath a cluster of vampire bats and the huge moon.

She fell into a deep, comforting asleep.

While she was sleeping, dawn merged into late evening…

She awoke to the sound of soft chattering. Katerina played with a toy.

Then she toddled over to her mother.

“Hi sweetheart,” Aubrey wearily said.

“Mo—m,” Kat replied.

Aubrey smiled, happy to finally see Katerina again. Just the sight of her chubby face melted her heart. In a moment she’d go fetch Reznik as well.

Indeed, her children were the light at the end of the dark tunnel. And how dark that tunnel could be…

The little girl went over to the window.

Pudgy hands slapped against the glass.

Kat whined, peering outside.

“Ba–ba–ba–ba–ba–d–d–d–doggy,” Katerina babbled. She clenched her hands into fists and pounded on the window.

“No, Katerina,” Aubrey said getting up. “If you’re anything like your father, you’ll break the window.”

Aubrey’s heart jumped when she glimpsed a pair of glowing eyes.

Rising from the mist, the wolf growled and snarled.

“Oh, shit!

Aubrey turned and picked up Kat. She started away from the window.

“Wait,” Hunter said.

She halted. “Hunter?”

“Yes, it’s me. I need your help. The Haas Clan is killing every Shadow they find. So I need a place to hide out for a while.”

“Are you naked?” she asked.

“Yes, but I’m covering myself. Are you going to let me hide out in your house or not?”


“You owe me, Aubrey.”

“I don’t owe you shit,” she snapped leaving the room.

“Doggy,” Kat said.

A sensation of guilt confronted her. After all, how many times had Hunter saved or protected her?

After taking Kat to the master bedroom, Aubrey allowed Hunter in the house.

She refused to turn around and look at him, sidling her way into the guest room and nearly tripping over a toy.

“Here’s some of Vaclav’s clothes,” Aubrey said, dropping a stack of garments onto the floor.


She rushed out of the room and closed the door.

“Thanks,” he said from the other side.

Minutes afterward, a soft tapping came at the door.

“Come in,” Aubrey called.

Hunter entered the room.

“I’ll try not to stay too long,” he said. “It’s just too dangerous out there. They’re killing every one of us.”

“Yeah. I’ll do the best I can, but I can’t promise how safe you’ll be since Lucius lives here.”

“I heard about Vaclav,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

Aubrey looked down. She didn’t want to talk about it, especially not with Hunter.

“Doggy,” Kat chirped.

Three evenings later, Aubrey caught Hunter dancing to the television.

It was a music channel with the song  Basket Case by Green Day playing ( When he realized she was watching, he stopped and turned around. He looked a little embarrassed.

For a minute she continued to stare, not quite knowing what to say. Finally she muttered, “I have to go see Vaclav. There’s plenty of blood packs in the fridge so you won’t get hungry and dangerous.”

“I need to talk to you about something before you go,” he said.

“I don’t have time. Can it wait?”

“I suppose.”

“And you need to button up your shirt. This isn’t your house,” she sniped glaring down at his… washboard stomach.


“Well, sorry if you find it distracting.”

“Just take her. I have to go now.” Aubrey thrust the baby toward him. “And watch out for Lucius. He might come home later tonight. I’ve already told the butler to keep his mouth shut about your being here.”

She rushed out.

“Don’t be late getting home,” he called.

Afterward, Aubrey laid eyes on Vaclav. He’d been moved to another part of the prison and had a larger cell.

He’d trimmed his hair and grown a goatee.

Wow, Aubrey thought. She forgot what she wanted to tell him.

What was it that she wanted to ask him? It was driving her nuts…

Speaking of nuts, Vaclav looked so hot she wished those iron bars weren’t there so she could slide his biggest nut inside her…

She cleared her throat; then remembered what she wanted to ask.

“What did you mean the other day, when you said I’d ‘hurt you’ again? What were you talking about?”

“My vision of Jakub trying to rape you wasn’t the only thing I saw,” he said.

The realization dawned on her… the guilt agonizing.

“But it was the witch’s potion that made me do that,” she pleaded. “It wasn’t because I really wanted them! I still loved you!”

“I know that,” he said. “And I want you to know that no matter what you do, I will love you. Nothing you do will make me stop loving you. Nothing.”

“It almost sounds like you’re giving me permission to have sex with someone else.”

“Not necessarily,” he muttered. “And if you’re allowing a Shadow to stay at my house, don’t expect me not to tell Lucius.”

“Um, you don’t have to worry about that. There’s no Shadow staying at the manor.”

Liar! a voice screamed inside her head. Liar, liar!

“As I said, no matter what you do, I’ll always love you…”

He leaned over and puckered his lips through the bars.

She met his lips in a kiss.

His new goatee brushed Aubrey’s chin.

“No kissing.” The guard smirked.

Vaclav angrily jerked away.

“Fuck you,” he growled.

He laughed. “Now you’re never going to get a conjugal visit.”

“What? He was going to let you have a conjugal visit with me?”

“No. He’s just bullshitting.”

Oh. Too bad.

“Has Lucius asked for you to be released sooner?” she asked.

“Not yet.”

Well you guys need to hurry up! she thought. I don’t know how much longer I can stand being away from you…

The following night, Aubrey got a strange phone call.

“Hello Aubrey.”

“Or should I say bonjour? C’est Shawn. Je suis en France.”

“Tu me manques Aubrey. Mais je dois aller maintenant. Bon au revoir.”




btw: I’m not so sure I like V’s goatee. What do you guys think? I don’t know if it looks quite right on him…


#1 With goatee

#2 Without goatee

#3 Different hairstyle, without goatee

#4 The Old Look

And normally he’d have stubbles, but just didn’t in these pics.  So what do you think?

And seriously, thank you guys for voting!! 😀  Whichever gets the most votes will be the look I choose for V.

edit: I think I know which look to use for V….  😛   Thanks again for voting! Y’all are awesome.


30 Responses to “Forty…”

  1. OMG when I saw Vaclav I nearly broke my keyboard with drool! God he looks sexy and rough!! That guard would have seen a live show baby cause umm, the way V looks, he could have gotten it through the bars!
    Unless you turn Hunter into a total dick like Shawn, this crush won’t go away!
    Speaking of Shawn, what in the hell does that pantie wad want now? His plan has failed and he sucks at leading!

    • Hey! You’re the first commenter! And I’m actually up late so I can reply. Yay! XD Yeah, I thought so about Vaclav too, I really loved the goatee at first… I still do in a way but wasn’t sure if it looked right on him, hence the poll. I see MOST people like it on him, though, so I think that’s going to be the winner! 😀 I just needed others’ opinions on it. LOL, I might do a chapter later where he gets a little conjugal visit with Aubrey….. hehe. I’m also thinking about doing a regular chapter with the naughty scene in it, and a whole different post with more sexy details to it, but probably post that on a separate blog with an adult content warning, or something. It’s something I’d really like to do, but afraid too many young ones will click on it. So I’m not sure whether to do it or not. I’m thinking around half my readers would like something like that…

      meh, me and my rambling.

      As for Hunter, nah I don’t plan to make him an asshole or anything. He’s not perfect, but he’s still good at heart. 🙂 I have a crush on him too. I think I have the hots for all of them, and I love Shawn’s new facial hair and hairstyle too. *drools*
      haha, LOL about pantie wad!! XD Yeah, his plan failed miserably, actually HE fails miserably! Anyhow, he just wants to torture Aubrey, to gloat and let her know that he got away! XD


  2. Yes! I was able to guess what Shawn said in french before checking on google translate and I was RIGHT! Yay I haven’t forgotten everything!

    Wow, is everyone growing beards? Vaclav, Shawn . . . oh wait thats only two people. Although does HUnter have stubble? Or am I imagining things? Haha, I’m sort of right . . . I think. Vaclav goatee is so awesome, and the new hair is too.

    lol did Vaclav know straight away about Hunter through his visiony things? Well he can clearly see she’s lying anyway, the guilty face sais it all 🙂

    Ha I knew Aubrey would use that excuse of the “love potion” 🙂

    *hugz* <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 xxx

    • LOL, cool! That’s how I did it, by using an English to French translator. It’s fun doing shit like that XD

      LOL, I’m having a facial hair fetish at the moment. 😆 Of course Hunter has stubbles. 😀 oh, yeah, macho sims FTW!! Yeah, that hair was a style from the Sims 2, one of my all-time faves!

      Not really, but V tends to know everything about Aubrey whether it’s a feeling or a vision. He’s like the eye in the sky. 😛 haha about Aubrey’s guilty face! Just another priceless shot!

      Of course she’d use that excuse! XD

      *hugs* <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 xxxxx

  3. Ack! Not sure if I like Vaclav’s new look. I have never been one for facial hair on men…maybe it will grow on me. I’m still loving Hunter (drooling over him more like) 😛 What the hell does Shawn want, his plans always fail, so why would he even bother? I laughed so much at this: “Speaking of nuts, Vaclav looked so hot she wished those iron bars weren’t there so she could slide his biggest nut inside her…”

    I love the idea of you doing a naughty separate chapter, you know I would be all over it like a rash lol 😀

    • haha! I wasn’t sure either. I think it also depends on the lighting. Damn lighting in Sims 3 is so varied it’s crazy. I was never one for facial hair either, but IDK… V. needed some sort of change. Oh, yeah, I agree. Right now Hunter is definitely my fave vamp. 🙂 LOL about Shawn’s plans always failing! Yeah, he’s not very good at devious stuff like that. The Shadows didn’t know what they were in for when they ‘elected’ him as leader! XD
      LOL, glad you liked that part of Aubrey’s inner dialogue! Poor Aubrey is horny! 😆

      ROFL, and I knew you’d comment about that (and love the idea)! It’s like a 98% chance I’m going to do that! Yuuuuuuuuuuums, Simmy Porn…..

      XD <333333333

  4. Yes please keep it! I am a sucker for goatee’s and his just makes him even more dreamy! I have to admit, from what I can see, Shawn does look yummy *grumbles*. I did a post on one of my stories about the naughty stuff and not one person voted that they didn’t want to read it! If anything, those posts got the most hits! As a kid, if you were told you weren’t supposed to do something you did it anyway (I did :D) so the kiddies will read it anyway.
    I am weak for the tall dark and handsome and Hunter is just *swoons*
    Poor Aubrey! She has to be horny, her husband is in jail, and Hunter is walking around her house looking like a nice piece of steak!

    • hehe. It’s definitely winning by a landslide, so yeah… 😛 I know, Shawn looks hot after his little makeover! As for the naughty stuff, I have to agree. On this blog, the chapters with the most dirty stuff have been the most popular, seriously. I don’t like the thought of kiddies looking at it, but I try to post warnings and stuff. LOL, you’re right, if you’re told not to look at something (especially if you’re a kid), it only makes it more tempting. I’ve read a lot of nasty books when I was a kid, lol. Could be why I’m such a perv now…?

      LOL, I’m weak for tall, dark, handsome; tall, blond, brown-haired, hot, you name it!!! XD I have to say, though, I seem to be a little more partial to blonds! As for Hunter, I’ve already posted some really naughty pics on the new X-rated blog… Hunter’s in one of them, and Jakub and two are Vaclav. OMG… but I’m a little too chicken to post the link to the new blog atm. O.o
      Yep, I’d say Aubrey is def horny! I know I’d be if I were in her shoes. It would be awful 😛

      Good point about Hunter! If I were Aubrey I’d want to TAP that!! XD lol, I’m so bad…

  5. Eeeeeee!
    Excuse my outburst! This was such a good chapter! I much prefer vaclav with his old hairstyle though!
    Hunter is soooo tasty! I think Hunter might be overtaking vaclav right now, but only cos of that beard! Sorry, but I loves the old vaclav a lot more! He’s still hawt though! ^.^

    • hi Emma! XD
      Aww, thanks!! ^.^ Uh-oh, you’re outvoted with the hairstyle, at least so far… hmmm, I guess votes for the ‘old look’ could maybe catch up! I was in between wanting the old style back, but wanting the new style too. I couldn’t decide. 😛

      Mmmm, I agree. :9 Hunter is pretty hot, and that’s okay that you prefer the old Vaclav. In some ways I do too, but thought he needed a little change… >.> Glad you still think he’s hot!

      <333333333333 😉


    Vaclav is soo hot 😀

  7. Loved this chapter, i dont like the goatee V. bet you can guess which look i voted for heeheee xxxxxxx

    • LOL, so you didn’t like the goatee either? did you vote for the old look then? I noticed that was now the #2 spot. I can’t believe there’s 20 votes so far for the goatee look! At least that helps me decide. 😛

      And thanks! Glad you liked the update! 😀

      <333333 xxxxxxxxxx

      • yeah i voted for the old look, he looks more clean cut, reminds me of eric off true blood and thats not a bad thing 😉 xxxxxxxx

      • Oh OK, cool. Well Eric sounds pretty hot O.O hehe, looks like the winner will be #1, but eventually I’ll slap that old look back on V.! 😀 <33333333333

      • oh good. but i like V however he looks 🙂 xxxxxxxx

      • Thanks Carlie! Yeah, he’s pretty hot no matter what, lol. XD

        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😉

  8. To keep everyone smiling and seeing hearts, you might have to get rid of the goatee when Vaclav get’s out of jail. I’d be content with that.
    OMG PLEASE post the link! When I saw “naughty, Hunter, Jakub, Vaclav” my eyes widened like a cartoon character! That would be my next destination if you posted it!
    “if I were Aubrey I’d want to TAP that!!”
    HELL YEAH! I don’t know if it’s that look of confidence that always seems to be on his face but something tells me she wouldn’t be disappointed and that would end up being a habit that’s hard to quit!
    Well don’t feel bad, I’m a perv too! Welcome to the club 😀

    • Hey there again! Oh yeah, at some point I’ll go back to the old look, and mix it around a little bit. I like to please everyone, lol. 😛

      Oh, I sure will Qui. I’m still working on the 2nd version of chapter 41 (but won’t post the complete chapter on the 2nd blog, only the immediate events leading up to naughtiness). I do have some pics finished though, mwahaha. I’m also going to do a chapter about Hunter, I’ve already named it ‘Hunter-The Big Bad Wolf’ LOL. XD
      It’s not just the look of confidence on Hunter, it’s just that he’s so studly looking. LOL! So funny. Yeah, Aubrey would have to go to Hunter Rehab to get over that little habit! 😆

      Thanks! I like being in the Perving for Pixelations Society! haha 😉

      EDIT: Qui, I sent you an email giving you the link to the new blog. 🙂 Let me know somehow if you didn’t receive it.

  9. I’m not sure if you have comments on your new blog disabled, but I can’t find the comment box anywhere. I wanna comment on your story, and of course the *hard* bodies hehe 😛

    • Hmmm… I didn’t think I had them disabled, but not really sure. After I get some rest (I was up all night and day posting that chapter on the new blog, lol) I’ll look into that and see if they’re disabled or whatever. I wonder what I messed up XD

      So you have read those already? Cool. And *hard bodies* indeed. OMG so hot… anyhow, sorry about the comment box!


      • It’s probably just me not being able to find them lol 😀

        I’ve only just read the new one…my god! It was awesome, loved the pictures too 😛 Very very hot!!

        I posted another new update to my legacy about an hour ago, and it’s one I think everyone has been waiting for lol 😀

      • Hey Kim! sorry it took me a while to reply. I don’t think it’s you, I will check out the blog ASAP.

        Haha, I know it. I worked on that chapter for hours and hours! Of course, part of the problem was the format kept getting wonky and pissing me off! But I finally got it finished. I still think it could’ve been better because I know I repeated a lot of words (LOL, like thrust haha). XD

        Wow! You posted another update already?! Yay!! I’ll be getting over there to read it! 😀


  10. this chapter is AMAZING!! It has Vaclav,Shawn and the Hunter… ahh… why cant they be real ?? they are just too hot!

  11. It’s been forever since I posted! Booo for work lol. I love the new look for V (so I voted) and Hunter is delish!! I think I like dark-haired boys a tad more and since he’s not an evil, conniving son of a *&$%# then I can adore him! =p Find him a nice girly so that Aubrey can have a friend and we can all pretend we’re the girl he gets it on with LOL
    Great writing!! *thumbs up

    • Well, it’ll probably help that I’ve cut back on posting, to only once a week! That way busy people can catch up more easily, and it helps me out too of course. 😀 Anyway, yay! so you like the new look too? I know, I think Hunter must be the hottest character in the story (sorry V, although you’re still incredibly hot too!). It’s those bad ass red eyes *swoons* and dark hair. In a way, it’s like Vaclav is an angel and Hunter is a demon. XD They’re both hot, just in different ways, and I’m rambling again. >.<

      haha, that's true! Hunter's a good guy. ^.^ I usually prefer blonds, but wow. Hunter has changed me a little bit. LOL, if he were real I'd def want to get it on with him! XD, btw if you're over 18 you might like my new blog… called Sinfully Bloodlust, there's more info about it on the sidebar! 😛

      Aww, thank you Leokatca! 😀 <33333333

  12. Oh dear, Hunter’s staying at the manor! I smell drama approaching!!! He and Vaclav look very schmexy! Mmm…:D I wonder if Aubrey will have “feminine needs” and take advantage of Hunter being there…oh boy…and Vaclav knows he’s staying there from the sounds of it. Yikes!!! I wonder how Hunter came to be a wolf…go wolves! Time for the next chapter!

    • oh hell yes he is! LOL, you might be right about that. Seriously, IKR!

      As for Aubrey’s feminine needs, hehe, you’ll just have to find out!

      I do explain eventually how he became a shifter. Hehe. 😛 Yeah, gotta love wolves and shifters!! 😀

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