One Hundred and Forty-Three…


One Hundred and Forty-Three: My Sister’s Keeper

Note: contains mild nudity. Also Lucifer has magical powers but he was never trained to use them. Whatever powers he knew were learned on his own.

Note 2: please please anyone from Britain do not take offense to what Cody calls Nicholas. It’s not really that bad but I do not want to offend anyone. It’s just a name he calls him in this chapter. I have tons of online friends/readers from Britain.

There are some POV switches. I didn’t know of any other way to write this chapter.


As soon as they left the bedroom, Azura crawled over to a cell phone.


Harsh voices shouted in the next room. She blocked them out. Only one thing was on her mind now.



Azura typed in a number, then snuck behind the door.


“It’s Azura,” she said as quietly as possible. “I—we need help.”


Meanwhile, Cody clutched the stranger’s neck and lifted him. His yellowish eyes bugged out.

Lucifer sprang at Millificent.


Nich tried to get in between Cody and the guardian. A drawn-out rasp seeped from the guard’s mouth.

Cody squeezed harder. His thumb sank beneath the enemy’s flesh.


“Stop this instant! Why are you doing this?” Nicholas bellowed.

“I want my sister back. Why do you think, dumb ass Brit?” Again, Cody’s fingers tightened. He was a little surprised at his own strength, having underestimated it greatly.

“I told you, YOU AREN’T GETTING AZURA BACK! Millificent wants her baby and I want Azura for sex!”

Cody was shocked for a moment. Nicholas used that moment to grab Cody’s fingers.


Milly fought off Lucifer, shoved and kneed him.


He bounced on his spine, twisted and slammed to the floor hard. Blood ran from a wound upon his back.

He now lay quiet and still.

Nicholas pried Cody’s hand from the guard’s neck. He slipped to the floor. Cody turned to Nich, absolutely furious.


Cody threw Nich across the room. His head, body smacked the wall. Nich merely shook it off and got back up.

“You’re a sick fuck! Both you and your fucking first wife!” Cody shouted, his eyes wide and lips twisted in disgust.


Milly spun, aiming her wand at Cody.


“Shit.” Cody backed off but Milly’s powerful spell couldn’t be avoided.


He passed out.


Growling, Lucifer’s head shot up. Now it was his turn to fight.

He’d have to ignore the pulsating agony in his back.


Millificent kept pointing that magic stick at Cody. It was overkill. Lucifer had to do something quick.

Quick. Quick quick quick!


He lunged and pinned her down. The wand clattered inches away.

Can’t let her get the wand back. Can’t let her…

Milly struggled beneath.

Lucifer’s spine throbbed, painful spasms shot throughout his torso. And he would be forced to kill a human.

Have to do it. Have to.  Lucifer’s jaw opened wide.


Fangs tore into her throat. Blood sprouted and spilled.


His head wrenched back and forth until she no longer moved. Her hand jerked as she convulsed, then it was officially over.

Lucifer refused to ponder over what he’d done. Bitter blood infested his mouth.



You’re way too late, Nicholas. I didn’t want to. I had to do it.


Lucifer yelped and howled. Crying for Cody, crying for Milly, crying for everything.


However, now Nicholas thirsted for revenge. Golden light permeated his body. That same light surrounded the guardian as well.

Both men morphed into werewolves.

Lucifer tried to step away. They were too fast.



The monsters grabbed Lucifer and tossed him. He flew several feet.


Lucifer hit the floor even harder than before. More blood trickled. Blackness descended like a warm blanket.

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“Milly, Milly.” Nicholas cried holding her. “Not you. I loved you so much. You’re the only one I’ve ever loved.”


“I never meant for this to happen,” Nich continued. “I only wanted to give you the baby you always wanted, while I could have my own harem to satisfy my voracious sexual appetite… a curse all its own.”

“You never should’ve exchanged your fertility for magical powers. You never should’ve trusted that other demigod,” he said.


Nich’s whining awakened Cody. Thank goodness.


Stumbling to his feet, he held his aching head. Cody’s eyes beheld Lucifer’s nude, wilted body.



No. Lucifer you can’t be dead. You can’t!


Something snarled and rumbled behind Cody.

I’m gonna fuck you up,” he said in a deep, haunting voice. The werewolf jumped in front of Cody and backed him against the cold stone wall.


Before Cody could do anything, the werewolf bit his cheek. Dark red spurted.


Hot anger boiled over. I will never again give you the upper hand, you ugly-ass freak.


Cody seized the guardian’s jaw. “Eat this, fucker.”


One swift pinch and the his lower jaw snapped, crunched, hung limply from his skull.

The werewolf collapsed dead. Gradually he reverted to human form.


Game over, mother fucker.

Cody kicked his side a few times for good measure. The glow in the guardian’s eyes faded.



“Your fucking dog killed my precious Millificent,” Nicholas roared.


“Now I’m going to kill your precious sister. You can’t stop me.” Nich swooped in front, his cape flowing and flapping like dark wings.



His hand shot forward and smashed Cody’s face. He toppled over.


Blood poured into Cody’s eyes, making everything look crimson.

Nicholas headed for Azura’s bedroom.


“No,” he weakly said. “Azura. Azura. He’s coming— to hurt you.”

And the dark shawl of unconsciousness shall fall once more.

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Azura sucked in a deep breath.

Stomp, stomp stomp came Nich’s heavy footfalls. That horrible pounding beat in sync with her heart.


“Nicholas please. I swear I’ll do anything. Don’t hurt me and the baby.”


“It’s too late for that. Your pleas mean nothing to me, Azura. Nothing.”


Her words cut off as Nicholas pounced.


“Sleep. Sleep well, pretty one.” He made a fist around her neck, nudging her head up and down as he cinched her throat using every ounce of strength.


Unbearable heat seared her face. Pressure caused her eyes to bulge; her head to thump, lungs to burn. Upper spine crackled.

My baby. My baby. 

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‘DADDY!’ Azura’s mental cries for help ricocheted in Reznik’s mind, though he could never read her thoughts in the past.

She’d called him earlier needing his help. He came as fast as he could.


Armed with a dagger and vast knowledge of occultism, he paced to the next door.


Maybe it’s not too late, he wondered. Maybe I can save her. Maybe I can save our tattered relationship.

Maybe. Maybe. Too many possibilities. Too many potentially fatal outcomes.

All because of ME.


Yeah. It was always about me and what I wanted. Always. Finally it’s caught up.

Was I always this evil? Did it start from the womb? Originating from a cursed father and deeply troubled mother?

God, save my soul from a fate in hell. For I am no better than my brother Jakub.


Reznik sank to the floor and felt for a pulse in Lucifer’s neck.

A pulse tapped his thumb. He was alive but badly injured.

Good God. What the hell happened here?


Reznik’s eyes raised. Cody’s body was slumped not far from an obviously dead Millificent.


Rez detected Cody’s heartbeat. It was stronger and steadier than Lucifer’s.


He couldn’t help but notice Millificent.


She resembled a macabre porcelain doll.


Reznik bolted to Azura’s room.


He saw her. She appeared dead.


Reznik’s legs gave out. He fell, cradling her as if she were an infant. A strange whooshing sound expelled from her mouth.

Was it her last breath? Even if she were still alive, the baby was surely dead.

Now was the time to think about using magic. Now.

But… what magic? His mind drew a blank. Panic began.


Another breath. Azura ascended a trembling hand. She was… alive?

“Daddy,” she whispered.


“Will you ever forgive me?” He kissed her cheek. “Please forgive me for what I’ve done.” Though I don’t deserve your forgiveness.

I don’t deserve YOU. God should’ve taken you away from me. Yet I thank God you’re still alive.

I swear I’ll never take you or anyone else for granted. Ever again.


Nicholas growled, sneered. “How sweet. Daddy loves his little girl.”


“I’m going to kill you.”

“Don’t be an idiot. I could’ve killed Azura but chose not to,” Nich said.

Reznik gritted his teeth.


He plowed into Nicholas, knocking him down.


“You seriously think I give a fuck?” Reznik shouted. “Am I supposed to be grateful that you didn’t finish killing her? You’re a dead man.” He wielded around the knife, his emotions wild.


“What makes you so sure of yourself? Of your powers? I’m strong as a werewolf,” Nicholas said. “But even stronger as a god.”


“You’re no fucking god. You’re nothing. You’re an ugly, hairy piece of shit who enjoys self-flattery and hurting women and children.”

Reznik glanced behind.


Azura was safe, cowering close to the threshold.

Flashes of bluish light penetrated the bedroom.


Nicholas underwent another transformation.


His demigod embodiment rose forth.

Ashworth Estate

* * * *

There are too many fight scenes, too many screenshots, and that makes it take too long to load. This will have to be a three-part story pinnacle.

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