Thirty-Five: Perfect Vengeance

Contains offensive language.

Aubrey went to the vampires’ nightclub to see Vaclav.

An entire week had passed since he left the manor. Her loneliness was like a lead weight in her heart and stomach. It was getting unbearable.

She caught Lucius just as he was leaving.

“I need to see Vaclav. Can you let me inside the lair?”

Without one word, Lucius turned and activated the door trigger.

With an unnerving rumble, the door lowered.

Aubrey thanked him and entered the room.

Vaclav slept on an altar, a table littered with half-consumed blood sat next to it.

She could tell he hadn’t shaved in a while, and his hair wasn’t slicked back as usual. Like he didn’t care anymore. Aubrey knew that feeling…

Misery loves company.

She had Jakub to blame for all of it. How she wished she would’ve taken that shard and sawed off the fucker’s head; get him off the planet.


He stirred and rose; then walked up to Aubrey.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I, uh.. just wanted to see you for a minute.”

He almost smiled. Then he asked, “I see you’re wearing the talisman. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. So when are you coming home?”

Her heart skipped a beat.

“I don’t know, Aubrey.” He looked away from her.

“Kat and Reznik miss you,” she said. “How long are you going to punish me for something that wasn’t my fault?”

“I’m not punishing you,” he insisted.

“Then why are you sleeping in the basement of the nightclub? Instead of sleeping in our bed?”

“I haven’t officially declared war yet with the Shadows. I’ve been speaking to the top Haas clan members about exactly what to do. However, Lucius has already rounded up a few rogues to help us. There’s a lot of decisions to make, and it takes time.”

“As for the reason why I’m sleeping here, it’s only because it’s easier than traveling back and forth from the manor.”

“Yeah. Sure.” She looked down at the floor.

“Look, I have two huge decisions to make. One, I have to decide whether or not to kill Shawn…”

“And I have to decide whether or not to kill Jakub… my own son.”

“This isn’t the easiest decision to make. But I feel like I’m running out of choices.” He paused. “And if I return home, I’ll be greatly distracted. I’m afraid I won’t make the right decisions. This isn’t something to fuck up.”

“Yeah. I understand,” she said.

“I’m not trying to hurt you, or punish you.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night, she thought.

Aubrey turned and headed for the door.

She stopped when she heard Vaclav’s footsteps behind her.

Suddenly his arms were around her, his body jammed against hers.

“Mmm,” he softly grunted.

His lips circulated over hers in a deep, sexy kiss.

Her heart raced. Vaclav’s effect on her body was mind-numbing and indescribable.

They parted.

Moments later Aubrey rushed out of the nightclub.

She walked up the sidewalk…

then paused to call a cab on her cell phone.

She never had a chance.

It happened very quickly. Jakub spun her around and clamped his fangs onto her neck.

He rapidly drew in her blood. Jakub was merciless, his attack ferocious like a creature from the wild.

She nearly blacked out from the agony.

“I’m sorry I had to do this,” he said with a smirk.

He let go and she fell to the ground. All of Shadowvale whirled around her, as though she were drunk.


Blackness claimed her.

A second later (or so it seemed) Aubrey felt weightless, as if someone was carrying her. She came to, briefly glimpsing a tunnel’s interior.

She passed out again.

A sharp, swift pain invaded her neck as the talisman necklace was ripped off.

She awakened for the last time, finding herself trapped inside a tomb.

She got up.

…and noticed Shawn standing near the entrance. His dark clothes blended with the shadows quite well.

“Hi Aubrey.”

Like a rising tide, a hot fury swelled within her.

“Damnit Shawn! Let me out of here!”

He chuckled.

“You’re nothing but a selfish, immature, spoiled brat, who can’t get over the fact I’ve fallen in love with Vaclav! He’s six times the man you’ll ever be!” she ranted.

“Where’s Vaclav now?” he retorted. “And where’s he been for the last week?

“You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you? Since you and Jakub connived to break us up!”

Shawn smiled.

“Don’t worry Shawn,” she began with condescension. “Someday you’ll grow up, and your dick might get as big as Vaclav’s.”

“Don’t push me, Aubrey.”

Aubrey reached out and nudged him.

He threw his hands up and roared.

She backed away.

Shawn forced her against the wall.

“What will Vaclav think once he finds out you’re carrying Jakub’s son?” he asked.

“Nothing; because I’m NOT PREGNANT, you stupid fuck. I had my blood drawn today and the test was negative.”

Shawn withdrew, a shocked expression on his face.

But then he recovered.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”

“What… is that supposed to mean?”

“The future of the Shadows depends upon a weapon with the same powers as Reznik. Our fledgling witch can’t compare to such powers. Any vampire over the age of 300 years qualifies as an elder, and Jakub surpasses that.”

“You will be used for breeding purposes.” He smiled. “That way the Shadows will have their weapon, while Jakub and I will have our perfect vengeance against Vaclav.”

Oh, hell no.


Thanks for reading. ♦ Just in case anyone’s confused, the male offspring of an elder vampire is born with special powers that grow stronger as the child matures (that’s how it is in my story). Also, the only elder vampires in my story are Jakub and Vaclav. LOL.

Also, Pixxi asked the purpose of the talisman, because it didn’t seem to help in this chapter. To clear up any confusion, (and just a reminder) the talisman protects Aubrey from rogue vampires and the Shadows, and the reason why it didn’t hurt Jakub is because he’s a Haas Clan member. Jakub was also the one who tore the talisman from Aubrey’s neck once she was inside the tomb.



31 Responses to “Thirty-Five…”

  1. Holy Hell On a Crap Stick

  2. OMG!!! Poor aubrey being used like tht 😦 U r a evil person hehehehe

  3. Holy crap, poor Aubrey! Vaclav needs to step up his game and get his butt over to kill Shawn and Jakub, he definitely won’t need to stir upon his decision when he finds out what they have planned for Aubrey. 😀

    • LOL, she’s been through so much already, the drama just never stops. 😛 Very very true about Vaclav, haha. He shall step up his game in the next chapter!


  4. o.O You got to admit….He makes a good bad boy 😉 But still THAT is crazy. Shawn is just messed up >.<

    On the plus, Vaclav also makes the scruffy look hot 😛 Hehe

    • He makes a VERY good bad boy… mmmm, bad boyz. XD
      lol, Shawn is very messed up. Like Aubrey says, he’s a spoiled little brat. >.<

      haha, I think so too. I like his stubble a great deal, even if it's EA stubble. 😛


  5. I like Vaklav better like this! And I think once he finds out where Aubrey is and what they’re planning for her, he won’t have to ponder anymore over whether to kill them or not. I hope he’ll get there and save Aubrey in time.

    • Really?! Personally, I love his ‘slicked back’ hair better, but he looks cute with that hairstyle too. I also like the stubbles. 😛 Anyhow, you’re right. V. will decide in the next chapter to go after those idiots. LOL!

      Thanx for commenting, Sfe!!



  7. shock! horror! I hate jacob/shawn. xx

  8. You know what I’m gonna say . . . Still love Jakub. He was so sweet when he practiaclly tore out her throat . . . errm, well, I mean, he apologised! (and thats good enough for me 🙂 ). That Talisman didn’t really protect her then . . . what exactly is it meant to do?

    Poor Aubrey! But thank goodness she’s not pregnant . . . yet. I’m not quite sure she could deal with another pregnancy right now.

    Aww Shawn’s still stealing Vaclav’s hairstyle and thinking he can get away with it, poor Shawn. I like V’s new hair, it suits him more, I didn’t quite believe V could look more awesome but I guess I was wrong.

    you know what was sad? I looked at the warnings at the beginning of this chapter and sighed a little when there was no nudity warning. I’m a bit worried about myself 😛

    *hugz* and <333333 as always! xxx

    • haha, Jakub can do no wrong in your eyes. XD LMAO, he was ‘sweet when he tore out her throat’, XD XD XD lol, he did apologize, but it wasn’t much sincere. 😛 Well, the talisman was only to protect Aubrey from rogue vampires and the Shadows, it didn’t do anything to Jakub since he’s still a Haas vampire. Jakub was also the one who tore it off once she was in the tomb area.

      Yeah, I planned all along NOT to have her get pregnant (yet).

      lol about Shawn stealing V’s hairstyle! You like V’s new hair too?? I would like it more if it had a better texture. I tried to d/l a better texture for it, but it didn’t show up. 😦

      LOL, so you like nudity in my story? Well I’ll have to have a naughty chapter soon. Actually, I will within the next two or three chapters… I would do nudity in every chapter, but I know there’s some readers who prefer I don’t use too much of that. I have to honor their wishes as well, and do a balance…. or TRY to, LOL.

      Nah, no need to be worried about yourself. Even if they aren’t real, nude sims are hawt!! XD

      awww! *hugs* & <3333333 as always to you, Pixxi!! xxxx

  9. Good chapter :] . Shawn’s such a loser. Hopefully Vaclav’ll get there in time to kill Jakub and Shawn and save her!

  10. **Shocker!**
    Actually no, I kinda should have expected it really lol
    Shawn, you bad bad vampire you!

  11. Holy kannivel-bobs.

    Tis all.

    Oh and ❤

    • Hi Angie! 😀 haha, nice expression. 😛 At first, I thought it said ‘holy kannivel-boobs’. 😆

      And <333 to you too! And a *huggle* thrown in as well.


  12. I’m addicted! I keep checking this because it’s not showing recent updates 😦 but anyways….

    I jumped for JOY when she said she wasn’t pregnant but now I’m scared for her!

    I don’t want to like Jakub but there is something about him that won’t let me hate him…weird. I usually have no issues with that! *Shrugs*

    God I ❤ V! He looks rough but still so sexy and jeez can I hear his accent…drools

    • Hi Qui! lol I’m glad you’re addicted. XD Seriously, though, thanks for reading my story. ^_^ sorry about it not showing the updates though. I’ve been posting every Mon and Fri, although soon I think I’ll only release a chapter every Friday (because 2 per week is getting harder to do, with lack of time).

      Yeah, I didn’t really want her to get pregnant again so soon. 😛 Maybe V. will rescue her soon… or somethin’.

      haha, you and me both, along with a few other readers! XD so it’s probably not as weird as you think… it’s that ‘bad boy’ thing

      I agree. I love V too, but still like his slicked back hair better. I do like the heavy stubble too. YUMS. I lurve foreign accents too, that’s why I HAD to make V. Czechoslovakian! ❤

      <3333 😉

  13. I know what you mean!! Accents equal shivers and chills and…drool! lol
    I understand, I’ve been updating every night around the same time and the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me!

    I like his slicked back hair too! When I first saw him (Aubry’s bedroom) my first reaction was “Well Hello!!” lol

    Something sexy about that heavy stubble and his eyes! I don’t know how Aubry does it! I would have been pregnant every time he looked at me!

    • I hear ya! I’ve always been like that. I guess because it’s just different. :9

      Oh, talk about lack of sleep. I’ve been staying up all night because my schedule is screwed, then I sleep too late, but I still have other things IRL that I have to do. It’s just tooooooo much.
      😦 I’m also afraid if I keep going the way I do, I’ll get burned out on this story. lol, I DO NOT want to get burned out on this story! It’s come too far for that shit.

      haha, I hear you. It’s so cool to look back on those first chapters. I love it when Vaclav first mentioned his name too. 🙂 And yeah, he’s pretty hot.

      LOL! me too! Of course, Aubrey did get pregnant every time they did it, lol. Until they finally started using stuff! XD

  14. Gah, I wish it wasn’t 2:30 in the morning so I could read more! Great, they’re going to use Aubrey to create their special weapon. I strongly recommend her getting her tubes tied, just to save herself. Of course, if she wants more kids, that will suck. Still, she does have two already and it would be safer. So many hard choices! I hope she escapes or gets rescued. Maybe by the same Shadow that saved her earlier? I hope so! Time for bed here but I plan to read more tomorrow, or at least very soon!

    • Dang! 2:30 in the morning?? Exactly, that’s why Jakub wanted to get A. preggers. Pretty messed up, isn’t it? Hahaha, getting her tubes tied. Good point! I never even thought of having her do that in the story. O_O I really should, especially in the later chapters. Once you catch up, you’ll understand what I mean (not that she’s a total baby machine or anything, lol). Yes, she already has two. Aubrey doesn’t really want any more kids. But again, I never thought of just having her get her tubes tied. *facepalm*

      Maybe she’ll get rescued. You’ll find out! hehe. Well thank you for reading, TenderWolf, and for all the awesome comments. 😀 <33

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