Thirty-Three: Cruel Intentions

Contains some POV switches.

Also contains strong language and explicit sexual content.

Aubrey told Vaclav about Shawn’s transformation into a Shadow. Thusly, Vaclav knew the Shadows were behind the destruction of the talisman. They likely used Shawn as a pawn, allowing him to join their clan in return for the amulet.

The only reason Shawn wished to be a Shadow was simple: to get back at Vaclav.

It was only the beginning of Shawn’s retribution.

His small entourage in tow, Vaclav traveled to the Shadows’ lair.

Guards stood near the doors down the hall.


“What do you want?” one of the guards snarled.

“I need to speak to your new leader.”

“Fuck off. You’ve no business being here.”

Vaclav stared at him; then demanded in a low growl: “let me in.”

The guard glared at Vaclav as he allowed them in.

Vaclav froze when he glimpsed the new leader…

“Shawn? You’re their new leader?”

“Have a seat, Vaclav.”

“This is impossible. How did you become leader?”

“I just did,” he hissed. “They needed a new leader, and they chose me.”

“By the way, they’re still not happy with you since you killed their last leader.”

“What did you do to the talisman?” he shouted, ignoring Shawn’s sarcasm.

“I didn’t touch it. The Shadows recruited a fledgling witch, who cast a spell on the amulet.”

“A witch?”

“They needed a new weapon after you took back Reznik. So they found a natural witch to replace him.”

“Her powers are weak. Reznik’s will be a lot stronger once he matures. But we’re in the process of harnessing the witch’s powers to make them stronger. We must keep up with the competition, you know.”

“I want this… witch to reverse the spell.”

“Um, no. Can’t do that.”

“You’re a selfish bastard. That talisman was to protect Aubrey.”

“Well that’s no longer any of my concern, is it?”

“It will be your concern soon enough,” he vowed.

He spun around and exited the room, pausing in the atrium.

“Somehow, we’ll have to track down the witch,” he began.

“Soon it will be time to declare war.”

A woman’s cries emanated from another room.

It was Aubrey’s grandmother.

The moon and stars migrated across the heavens. Meanwhile, Aubrey was sleeping at the manor.

She awakened slightly with the sound of the bedroom door closing.

Vaclav was home.

She heard his footsteps next to the bed, and then the sound of his zipper being undone.

The bed groaned as he laid on the mattress.

He climbed on top and began kissing her.

Eagerly, she returned his kiss. She wrapped her arms around him, rubbing between his shoulder blades; then down to his lower back.

Aubrey spread her legs as an invitation.

His kiss grew deeper, more urgent. Short, soft moans arose from his throat.

He reached for a condom and tore off the wrapper.

She closed her eyes as he reached for his erection.

She didn’t see the wrapper fall to the floor, nor the unused condom still inside.

Once he was inside her, she knew something was wrong.

Feels different. Why does it feel so different?

“You’re wearing that condom, right?” she asked.

“Of course,” he mumbled.

As she got more confused and suspicious, he rushed toward climax.

He came just as the real Vaclav entered the bedroom.

Looking quite shocked, Vaclav turned away from them.

Aubrey shoved Jakub off, but it was too late. She bolted upright and stared at Vaclav in disbelief.

Slowly, she rose from the bed and approached Vaclav.

Am I dreaming? Is this nightmare really happening? What… have I done?

Jakub quickly tugged up his boxers.

“I’m so sorry,” Aubrey cried holding Vaclav’s hand. “I—I didn’t know it was him… I thought he was you.”

Vaclav said nothing.

He glared over at his son.

“Hello Father. I guess you aren’t the only one who can get Aubrey off.” Jakub smirked.


Vaclav stormed over to Jakub, tackled and shoved him against the wall.

His fists clenched as he threatened, “I don’t care that you’re my son. I’m going to kill you.”

Vaclav roared while throwing punches, busting Jakub’s nose.

“Oh, my God…”

Finally, Vaclav stepped away. Jakub stared defiantly at his father.

 Now it was Aubrey’s turn to get bitched at.

“Explain this to me! How could you not know it wasn’t me!”

“I’m sorry… you both look so much alike… how was I supposed to know?”

“The tattoos! You didn’t see his tattoos?”

“It was dark—”

“Not that dark!” he ranted.

Vaclav hurried out of the room.

Aubrey felt nauseated.

She glanced at Jakub.

I’m going to slap that smug look off your face.

She dashed toward him and smacked him.

Afterward, he just looked at her and laughed.

“How could you do this to me?” she screamed.

“Why did you do this?”

He didn’t answer.

“Why did you fuckin’ do this?!”

Once more, his lips curved into an arrogant smirk.

Exasperated, Aubrey ran from the bedroom and went to take a bath.

She was determined to scrub every inch of Jakub from her skin… and from inside her body. She knew he didn’t use a condom.

God, please don’t get pregnant… please don’t get pregnant…


Thanks for reading.   😉

edit: haha, Pixxi. I can’t believe you still like Jakub!! Yes, I’m calling you out on here! 😆  (although I still like Jakub too…) 😛


28 Responses to “Thirty-Three…”

  1. OMG!!!! I never did like Jakub. And if my guesses are correct you are gonna make her pregnant am i right? And yayy i am the first reader.

    • Hi Tami! lol, I’m not telling you if she’s gonna get preggers or not. 😆 You’ll have to wait n’ see… hehe.

      Thanks for reading as always!! 😀

      <333333 & hugzzzzzz

  2. BOOOO Jakub I don’t like you! Lol! For some reason I think that weird babysitter (Can’t rember her name) is the wich I mean she was the one who gave the amulet back 😛 Oh and I agree with Tami I think Aubrey is preggers! I’m gonna statr commenting on chapters starting….NOW!

    • Oh, hai ToxicMoxie! Haha! 😀 I WAS thinking about making Madison the witch, but changed my mind! Good guess though. ^.^ About Aubrey’s possible pregnancy, I’d drop a hint, but… better not.


      Well thanks for commenting! And reading as well!

      <33 😉

  3. Nooooo. Let’s hope she won’t get pregnant though I highly doubt it. Probably it’s part of their plan. Problems never stop with Aubrey!! Hehe. Can’t wait for more!!

    • Hey there Sfe! 😛 Hmmm… like I told ToxicMoxie, I WOULD drop a hint about that, but I can’t because then you’d all know. >.> But yeah, it IS part of their plan. 😉 Yeah, don’t you just love drama?? haha.

      Thanks for reading! ❤ ^_^

  4. Vaclav should have so kicked Jakub’s ass, I know I would have. I totally didn’t see that coming, and I can’t really blame Aubrey for not knowing it wasn’t Vaclav. My god Shawn looks HOT as a shadow! 😛

    • LOL, he did bust his nose tho. 😛 I probably shoulda had him kill Jakub, but then the rest of the plot would be screwed, haha. But yeah, he definitely needed his ass kicked.

      Glad ya didn’t see that coming! 😉 Yeah, they look like twins, V and Jakub. hehe.

      Yeah, I tweaked Shawn just a little in CAS by using MC. He looks a lot better. 😀 YUMS

      There’s going to be a new character coming up, and I know you’ll drool over him as well. And I actually made him all by myself!! Well, using a base sim from CAS, but he wasn’t a download, he came with the game. 😀


  5. STILL like Jakub. STILL!!!! One look at those smirk smiles and I melt . . . dear god i would be a pathetic heroine (spelling?), if my enemy was a hot guy i would lose, big time.

    Shawn as leader? That can’t end well for Aubrey, or for the shadows actually. He’s fueled by revenge rather than tactical which means at one.point (hopefully) he will make a mistake. Oh and Shawn, what’s with the copycat hairstyle? Seriously you cant be Vaclav he is way to cool for you, although i have to admit you are hot. *convo with fictional characters over*

    Sorry didnt comment on fri, had a lot of revision to do (i hate exams) but loved it. *hugz* and heart as always xxx

    • Hi Pixxi! OMG, you STILL LIKE JAKUB??? Holy shit!! Wow. LOL, I know what you mean though. HE’S SO BAD, HE’S GOOD. I can’t help but like him too, despite his evilness (sp?). And yeah, you spelled heroine right. I always think it’s weird saying that word, because it’s pronounced like the drug. 😆 Well, Aubrey is V’s drug so that makes sense. XD

      Oh, I hear ya. Same here. If I had an enemy who looked like that, I’d be screwed in more weys than one. XD

      Exactly, good point. Shawn’s still fueled by revenge. >.> very VERY good point. Haha, his new hairstyle does look familiar! LOL. But yeah, he does look hotter than usual. 😛 btw, Shawn replies to you: “shaddup Pixxi. I look way cooler than my arch nemesis.”


      Awww, that’s okay you didn’t comment on the last chapter! I know people get busy, and it doesn’t help that I post two chapters per week, with only a three day space between them on the weekend. I totally understand. 🙂 sorry about your exams though.

      *huggles* & <333333333 🙂

      • haha once I like a character I REALLY like a character and it would take something very evil . . . maybe not even then to change my mind. sadly I ALWAYS love the bad/evil ones they are just too seductive.

        Lol thanks for editing your post just to put that little comment at the end, I feel honoured 🙂
        Oh and Shawn . . . to put it simply, no you do not.

      • LOL, you just like Jakub ’cause he’s hawt. 😛 rofl

        I’m like you, I’m attracted to the bad/evil ones (at least in stories/movies, but not IRL).

        Awww, lol. No problem. 😛 I’m glad ya feel honored though. 😀 ^.^

        btw: Shawn says “yes… I do. So you just get over yourself, Pixxi.” lmao
        Oh and Vaclav says, “thank you, Pixxi. No one could ever look as cool as I.”

        <3333333333 😆

  6. OMG, Jakub is an idiot! I actually hate him – and to be honest I didn’t notice the difference between him and Vaclav when he was with Aubrey. I did notice something was strange when he didn’t use the condom, though. 🙂
    I hope Aubrey’s not pregnant AGAIN! That would be her third child by a vampire! LOL!! xx
    Awwrr, have to wait all the way until Friday to read another chapter. 😦 Oh well, this chapter was so good!
    ❤ ❤ xx

    • Hi Emma! 😀 lol, yep Jakub is verrrrrrrrry baaaaaad… he’s like the opposite of his dad; pretty much. Yeah, I kinda hate Jakub too, but in another way I don’t. It’s hard to explain. I just hate the things he does, I guess. LOL. (even tho I’m the one making him do these things, of course 😛 )

      haha, I knew the condom thing would make people wonder ‘what the heck is going on?!’. I figured some people would think that Vaclav wanted another kid!

      lol, yeah it would be her third kid by a vamp! 😆 You guys have to wait a couple more chapters to find out if she’s pregnant, too. 😛 I’m so mean…

      Aww, sorry. But I’m happy you like the story so well! 😀

      Thanks for commenting!

      <33333 xxxx 😉

  7. Woah! Did not see that coming 0.0
    Oh dear…
    But seriously, how can you not recognise YOUR HUSBAND???
    Maybe Aubrey needs glasses XP

    • haha! That’s good!

      Yeah, good point. 😛 LOL, yeah she needs glasses like Lila did in my Riverview story… >.< Hey, it was dark! What can I say? lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Tiny!

      <3333 XD

  8. I’m just wondering… why can’t she just use birth control
    /is confused

    • …because condoms are just as effective and prevents STD’s, LOL. I sound like an advertisement. 😆

      Seriously though, I never really thought about putting Aubrey on the pill.


  9. ARGH!! You don’t need to worry about any odd Jakub love over here lol, I wanted to start smacking my computer screen when I saw that little smirk!!
    Also here’s another thought: What about the morning after pill, huh? She should run and get one to help make it up to Vaclav lolol
    …..or how’s about a ‘falcon punch’?….. =p
    I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • haha, I can understand that! 😛 Jakub does need smacked around a few times. Aubrey got him once. 😀

      LOL, you just HAD to mention the morning after pill. I’ve already written the next chapter and I mention that. Can’t say much more or I’ll give away too much info! (and I was a little worried about readers getting pissed about me mentioning ‘abortion’, and the ‘abortion pill’. Maybe I’m paranoid, lol).

      LOL, falcon punch ftw!! 😆

      Thanks Leokatca!! <3333 😀 xxx

  10. wow, she is TOTALLY gonna get pregnant, lol. vaclav will b soooo happy >:)

    • lol, I can’t comment on that… >.> she might be, or she might not be. 😛 And V. will have to decide what to do about his bad seed of a son. >.<

      Thanks for reading/commenting!

      <333 ;D

  11. I stayed up extra late reading this and for once, am glad I’m home sick because I got to catch up! The second I so Jakub looking at her in the woods, I knew what he was planning! God please don’t let her get pregnant! Please! I cringe when I see Shawn and now, I’ll be on the edge of my seat, cringing at the thought of her carrying her husband’s grandchild! Please don’t let her get pregnant!!!!

    • lol, you’re home (from being sick) and caught up on my story? haha. You knew what Jakub was planning?? I gave a tiny hint when he looked in the mirror and smudged off his eyeliner. LOL, and how he ‘marveled over how much he resembled his father’. 😀 Was that what gave it away?

      LOL, about her carrying V’s grandchild!! 😆 but yeah, that’s what it would be, essentially. How screwed up is that?!

      haha, glad you’re getting into the story so well. 😀

      Thanks for commenting!!


  12. Lol yes that give away tipped me off and like I was watching a movie, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for it to happen. Questioning if it was really Vaclav until that one scene.
    That it definitely screwed up!

    Yes, I am addicted! Read one chapter and couldn’t stop!

    • hey there.
      hehe! I love foreshadowing! 😀 It’s so awesome when everything comes to pass, and then you think back and understand why something occurred in a certain scene. It’s cool. XD

      Yay! lol, I’m glad you’re addicted! 😛


  13. Jakub, you jerk!!! That sucks, I was surprised it wasn’t Vaclav myself! I was like…what?! And there’s only one condom left on the dresser, they’ve been busy! I didn’t think Vaclav wouldn’t use one if Aubrey wanted him to. Oh boy, I bet he got her pregnant to cause her that emotional trauma. Too bad she didn’t see his tattoos…and Shawn is the new leader of the other clan? Oh great…and a witch, how interesting! I look forward to seeing what happens next!

    • I hear ya. Not nice at all. 😦 Yeah, Jakub and V. looked almost exactly alike with Jakub’s hair like that. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! You noticed that about the condoms (or lack thereof)!!!!! I always thought the same thing, but no one else ever brought it up (that I know of or remember at least)!! That’s frickin’ hilarious!! And yeah, V. would have used a condom for Aubrey. You’ll find out the real reason why Jakub wanted to get Aubrey preggers. That will come out shortly. Yes, those tats would’ve been a dead give-away. Guess she was too horny to notice. 😆 Yes, Shawn’s the new leader of the Shadows. Doesn’t mean he’ll make a very good one. 😛

      Thank you TW!! 😀

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