Sixty-One: Lake of Fire

Contains language, explicit sexual content, and mild nudity.

“I’ll just put down the knife,” Tobias said.

He lowered to the ground, keeping his eyes on Reznik.

Tobias released the knife.

“Look, Tia left me. I blame you for that. It all started falling apart after you screwed her. She’s been a complete bitch ever since.”

“Dude, if she was such a bitch and a slut, then why do you care that she left?”


“Maybe you could do better.”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?” Reznik asked.

“Like, this hypnotic thing. Is it the same thing you used to seduce Tia or what?”

“Yeah. I’m talented.”

Hmm. He’s even more arrogant than I thought, Tobias reflected. But he could definitely teach me a thing or do about seduction… maybe I cold have any girl I want.

Fuck Tia.

“Even though I’d much rather kill you, can you teach me whatever you know?”

“Let’s go back to your place.”

“I’ll teach you everything I know.”

Yeah. If you can’t beat him…

Join him.

Join him in the living room…

and join him in the bedroom.

Sometimes it’s nice to try something different.

Now Tia was a distant memory. A very bad, distant memory.

The following night, Vaclav and Aubrey relaxed in the hot tub.

“I’m sorry for being a dick all those months ago,” Vaclav said.

“You mean about Hunter and Ash?”

He nodded. “And I’m sorry it took me so long to apologize.”

“I forgot all about it. You were only an ass for a few days.”

“Love you,” she added. Then she raised her leg above the water, running her hands up and down the wet skin.

Vaclav stared at her.

His arm slid behind her, pulled her close.

“I truly am sorry. I just don’t want to lose you. Ever.”

His lips drew closer…

You’re forgiven.

Mmmm, yeah. More forgiven.

Vaclav’s hand inched up her thigh, then back down and groped her knee. It tickled.

Hands kneading, he softly moaned, his mouth devouring hers.

Aubrey’s fingers trailed up to his shorts… made a detour beyond the waistband and found his penis. She stroked it until it grew hard.

He shifted and faced her. They kissed again as he yanked down her lower bikini.

Aubrey’s thighs parted. Vaclav wedged his body between them.

Leaning over, he pressed her against the hot tub’s edge.

Then he pulled down his shorts and entered her.

Sharply exhaling, he pounded her quite nicely. Water crashed around their bodies as he moved.

Aubrey gasped, clutched the sides of the tub.

Baby,” he moaned.

With him on top, his breath was cold, chilling. Her head kept nudging the tub’s rim, her legs slipping off his backside.

His hands were all over her. Kneading, rubbing, stroking every inch.

1,000 percent forgiven.

That percentage shot up when she came.

1,000,000 percent forgiven.

Then he came, and it shot up again…

“Ah, yeah…” He banged a few more times.

Lost in the moment, they embraced. She wrapped her legs around him.

Vaclav got out a few minutes later.

Sex in a hot tub. Indeed, it was nice to try something different.

Vaclav stood in the den. He watched the second hand on the clock.

Tick tock.

Five months until Kat turns sixteen. Five months until Hunter is killed. Five months until…

Footsteps approached. “Hi Daddy.”

He turned.

There she was. His beautiful, precious daughter.

Just the thought of losing her twisted his stomach into knots.

Sickening, it was.

Holding back tears, Vaclav threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

I won’t let anything happen to you. I swear it.

“Love you,” she said.

“I love you too, Princess.”

Pavel would have to be killed. Soon.

Two nights later, Kat and her mother waited in the clinic.

Kat was due for an examination.

She was shocked to see Ashton.

She waddled her way across the waiting room, glaring at Kat and Aubrey.

Apparently she was there to see Hunter.

Kat’s gaze followed her until she vanished into the next hallway.

“I had no idea Ash was pregnant,” Aubrey said.

Yeah. Her baby is your grandkid.

“I wonder who the father is,” she added.

Kat shrugged.

Minutes afterward, Kat relaxed on a lounger. She wondered where Ash was.

“How are you?” Hunter asked. She didn’t answer.

She gave him a wry grin. “So did you find out who fathered Ash’s baby?”

“You mean Reznik? Yes, I know he’s the father. And your point is?”

“Ash actually told you?”

“It wasn’t that hard to figure out anyway. I knew it would either be Reznik’s or Vaclav’s. She admitted the truth.”

“My dad wouldn’t have touched Ashton, ever. There would’ve been no chance of him being the father.” And it really, really pisses me off for you to hint otherwise.

“Maybe so. But if there’s one thing Vaclav’s good at, it’s spreading his seed around.”

“I hate you.”

Her heart pounded in fury. She wanted to kill him.

“What? You mean you don’t love me anymore?”

“No! I haven’t loved you in months!”

“So you finally got over your little crush?”

“I’m way over you, White Fang.”

“White Fang?”


“Woof, woof.”


“Stop looking at me like that. It makes me nervous.”

“What’s wrong? Little Red Riding Hood afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

“You’re… weird.”

“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!”

“Blow yourself.”

“Good one, Kat!” He laughed, then spun in his chair and collected a syringe for a blood sample.

He jabbed the needle in her arm.


Someday she would pay him back… for everything.


Thanks for reading! Now go on and read chapter 62!  😛


6 Responses to “Sixty-One…”

  1. Awsome update going to read the other now 🙂
    So happy 2 updates in one day !! 🙂

    • Hi there James. Thank you, I really hope you enjoyed the 2 updates. This chapter kinda sucked, so I was going to pub the next one also, even if my internet hadn’t messed up.

      *huggles* 🙂

  2. I have to laugh at Reznik! He sure knows how to charm people out of their underwear!
    Come on Aubrey! Really? Whose the baby daddy, Grandma?!
    Kat and Hunter were so funny! The was actually cute!
    Of course the big bad wolf thing still induces chills!

    • hahaha, that he does! XD
      Aubrey’s clueless, as always. 😛 No wonder Ash thought she was ditzy!
      Thanks Qui! It was just a silly conversation, but yeah some of it was comical. ^^

      hehe, me too. BBW FTW!! <33

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The wolf jokes were hilarious! Yes, go blow yourself! 😀 Glad to see that Kat is over Hunter. I can only imagine Aubrey’s and Vaclav’s reaction when they find out Rez is going to be a daddy. He’s as fertile as his dad! haha Killing Pavel seems to be the best option – that way Kat can live and there will only be two species to worry about. Unless you count possible werewolves, which I’m still wondering why Hunter can turn into a wolf but no other vampire can. Off to read 62!

  4. Oh, and of course Reznik will teach Tobias everything he knows. ahahahahaha Good one!

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