One Hundred and Fifteen…

One Hundred and Fifteen: Bloodshed

Contains violence and other very disturbing content. You’ve been warned.

At Cody’s crappy 2nd. story apartment…

He lay and stared at the wall, intermittently glancing at that eerie glowing skull.

Sounds eluded from the next room as if someone were entering the apartment.

Breaking in, rather.

His bedroom door flew open.

Oh GAWD… not you.

And what the hell are you wearing?

“Time’s up, Wolf Boy.”

No shit, bitch.

“Why don’t you just come over here and fuck me? I promise it’d be the best way to pay my debt. I’ll probably be the best you’ve ever had.” Cody’s hand slowly caressed himself through his p.j’s. He smiled, pulled them down a few inches exposing dark hair, and the base of his prick.

Esha gaped.

He sat upright.

“That wasn’t part of the deal,” she said. “As sexy as you are, I want my enchanted skull back. You didn’t keep your end of the bargain.”

“Yeah. Well I didn’t much feel like killing my own father either. So if you want your fucking skull, then take it and shove it up your magical vagina.”

She shot a dirty look at him, then the skull.

“And for the record, I didn’t really wanna fuck you anyway. You’re… nasty.”

“You’ll see how nasty I can be once I have the skull back in my possession, wolf-boy-freak-bastard.”

“Then take it,” he challenged, shrugged.

She did.

Cody lunged up. “Watch out! You might drop it!” he sarcastically said.

Before really thinking about it, Cody made his move.

He swiped the skull and hurled it across the room.

It shattered.

“You idiot! Look what you did!”

Unfazed, Cody threw his head back and recited an incantation.

“I beckon the deities ruling over this skull. Metamorphose the one before me. Complete her transformation into Shadow wolf form.”

She drew in a quick breath. “No. NO.” Then she tried to counter Cody’s spell with her own.

The broken skull began a transformation.

Its pieces mended back together.


I BECKON THE DEITIES… Fuck! My eyes are burning,” she cried. “Stop. Stop!”

Cody continued the incantation.

Esha fell to the floor.

A deep rasping sound emitted as black fur sprouted across her skin.

I win, Esha. You lose.

She rolled around whimpering.

He grabbed the animal, tossed it into the bathroom.

Cody slammed the door and locked it.

I paid you back, Esha. 

Yeah. I paid you back real good.

Azura checked out the flash drive Brent had given her.

After inserting it into the laptop, she clicked to open the files.

First file read: Memorandum.

(click to enlarge)

FBI Special Agent Garland.

Chase’s last name was Garland.

It was pointless to read any further.


Damn! Why did Brent have to be right?

Vaclav sat with his sons in the dining area.

Lance looked bored.

Trembling, Azura approached them.

“Daddy? Grandpa? There’s something I have to tell you.”

Carla stood in the kitchen holding her stomach.

She didn’t seem very happy.

Already? Cody thought peeking in the window. You’re already starting to show?

He turned around.

What the fuck am I gonna do? I still don’t want this baby. I’ve tried to get used to the idea of being someone’s ‘daddy’. I cannot.

Somehow or another, Carla will trap me. She’ll force me to be part of its life. My life won’t be my own for the next eighteen years… or longer.

Cody howled as his own stomach grumbled with hunger. That dark wolf within emerged.

No longer aware of right or wrong, he leaped at the window.

Carla sank to the floor as Cody tore into her throat.

There would be no more Carla.

There would be no baby.

He shifted back. Realizing what he’d done, Cody held her close and sobbed.

“Oh, God… I warned you! Why… why didn’t you listen to me, baby? Why?”

I told you. I told you I didn’t want this baby. The very idea drove me to the edge of insanity.

I. Wasn’t. Ready.

Then he remembered.

Mila. I have to do something with Mila. She’ll… tell.

Cody banged on her bedroom door.

Silence of course.

Effortlessly he busted through the threshold.

Mila gazed up at him with fear in her eyes.

Please,” she said.

“I’ve nothing else to lose.”

He knew something was wrong as soon as he arrived.

Lucifer went to Mila’s home to place another anonymous love note on her window.

However she wasn’t there.

It was way past midnight. She should’ve been in her bedroom sleeping.

He soon realized what happened.

Carla was dead. A huge laceration etched her neck. Blood pooled around her head.

Cody had carried out what he’d threatened to do. He killed Carla. He took Mila.

Lucifer allowed the wolf inside him to materialize.

He bolted, knowing exactly where Cody took Mila.

He’d known it all along.

Cody took Mila to Brent Novak. She’d die if he didn’t intervene.

* * * *

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