One Hundred…

One Hundred: Epiphany



Lauren joined Vaclav in his lair. She felt compelled to tell him something.

He held his son. That brought a smile to Lauren’s face. Vaclav was finally warming up Louis.

Now if the guy would only feed.

“Hello Lauren,” Vaclav said.



Hesitantly, Lauren sat on the edge of the lounger. Vaclav scooted over.

“Mommy, Daddy,” Louis said. Lauren nervously laughed, then cleared her throat.

“Reznik told me some things a long time ago, about how you left his mother before his birth,” she said. “I was up all day and night thinking about it, and thinking about you.” She couldn’t yet look at Vaclav, but then her eyes finally rose to his.

“I know you feel guilty about Aubrey’s death. But I also know the reason why you waited two years to lure her to Shadowvale. I know the real reason.”


“You loved her too much to put her in danger. You tried to let her go. But when you love someone, your love consumes you. You cannot let it go. You try to do the right thing, Vaclav. You have a heart. You might be a vampire, but you were still once a human being.”

“Your love,” she continued, “can be overpowering, domineering, but I swear I’ve never seen a man love a woman as much as you’ve loved Aubrey. I wish I could know a love like that. You’re like a father, a lover, a protector. To the best of your ability.”

Vaclav reached out and touched her hand.

Lauren’s eyes widened.

She inched away and got up.

Vaclav followed.

“I’ve loved Aubrey longer than you’ve been alive.”

“I know, Vaclav.”

“Sometimes you remind me of her. So sweet and innocent, but very perceptive and intelligent. You are the only one who understands me.”

“Th–thank you. I appreciate that.”

His hand went to her face, skeletal fingers gently stroking.

Her legs weakened, an ache she hadn’t experienced in a while resurfaced.

Vaclav’s hand lowered to his side.

A tingly feeling invaded her lower tummy. A very familiar tingly feeling. Her heart raced.

“Better run along now. I have things to do.”

She hurried off to her bedroom, closed the door behind her and leaned against it.

Wait a minute… what just happened out there?

Another day; another sunset.

Yep. Been quite some time since Rez studied his main magic book.

He needed to learn a particular spell. This spell would be perfect. He wished he would’ve thought of it before.

It was time. Time to get his father back.

He missed the old guy, and this spell should do the trick. But his dad could never know about it.

Nope. Dad would never allow this shit. If he knew, he’d kill me.

Concentrating, he raised his arms.

Must hurry before he wakes up.

Lucifer stirred.

Then came the magical swirls and sparkles of light.

Sparklies and purple mist permeated his father’s body.

No. His father would never forget about Reznik’s mother, but he would finally find his way out of the deep chasm of love he was trapped within. In other words, the spell would make him fall out of love with Aubrey. Once and for all.

Those chains were broken. Vaclav was free.

Several more days followed.

Lauren played peek-a-boo with her daughter. Azura squealed and kicked.

Footsteps trailed up to Lauren.

Hands slid around her waist. “Hey, baby.”

Lauren jolted upright. Reznik?

Shocked by his sudden, unexpected touch and affection, she left his side.

He didn’t say anything.

Aside from shock, Lauren felt nothing. Then the devastating truth dawned on her… she was no longer in love with Reznik. Maybe she hadn’t been for a while.

You finally did it, Rez. At some point you broke my heart one too many times. Now the pieces have mended together, and they don’t intend to shatter again.

Time for the ultimate test.

“I brought you one more girl, Dad.” Hope sprouted in Reznik’s heart. Hope that the earlier spell had worked.

Azura played on Vaclav’s lap. Cody bounced on the side of the lounger, and Lucifer wailed over his jealousy of Azura. Apparently he wanted to be held by his father.

“Coco poopy,” Azura said, referring to Cody.

“Come on, Dad. What do you say?”

“You may want to get these children out of here. Quickly,” Vaclav muttered.

Boredom was a new, unfamiliar friend in Lauren’s life. But since Vaclav had been feeling better, he helped more with the children. That gave Lauren more spare time to herself. It was nice. However, at times she didn’t know what to do with herself. And she tried to keep her mind off her problems with Reznik.

So she approached the vampires’ altar. It hadn’t been used in years.

If I lay down on it, will I levitate as well?

Lauren eased onto the altar. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as she thought it’d be…

though it was still kinda hard on her ass. Plus she wasn’t levitating, which was a little disappointing.

Then again she could always ask Reznik to make her levitate.

Lauren?” Vaclav called from his bedroom, startling her.

“Uh, yeah? I’m coming, Vaclav.” She bolted from the altar, hoping not to get caught. The mortification would be unbearable.

She headed for his lair.

What does he want?

Fully expecting to see the scrawny-hooded-figure, she saw the opposite.

Only someone without eyes wouldn’t find him irresistible. Lauren’s own eyes couldn’t deny his male beauty.

“Vaclav! You’ve fed! Oh my God!

“Yes. I’ve fed.” He rose from the bed. “She was a gift from my son. Reznik had other plans for her, but I was… hungry.”

“Come here. I’d like to speak with you a moment.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Lauren, I can never repay your kindness in taking care of Lucifer and treating him as your own.”

“I already think of Lucifer as my own son. I love him.”

“Yes. And I love you for that. You are a wonderful daughter-in-law.”

“I’m not your daughter-in-law. I’m not really married to Reznik. Remember?”

“Of course. Which brings to mind, I don’t think my son appreciates you as much as he should. That’s why I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts in raising the children. Especially Lucifer.”

“Thank you, Vaclav.” You are the only one who understands me as well.

A smile. Something she hadn’t seen on his face in nearly a year.

And what a handsome smile it was.

His hands raised to her face; a movement so sudden she wasn’t sure what to do.

“Vaclav,” she whispered.

“It’s okay.” He drifted closer; tipped his head to the right.

A soft, sweet kiss on the cheek. His lips brushed the corner of her mouth.

Dangerously close.

She stopped breathing. She couldn’t breathe. Her lungs burned, heart pumped.

If he didn’t stop, she feared she might collapse.

“I think I’d better go now. Azura’s crying.”

“Very well. Though I hear absolutely nothing.” He smiled, knowingly.

And now she had a real immortal to fantasize about. Again, he had blond hair and full, luscious lips.

His name was Vaclav Haas.