One Hundred and Six…

One Hundred and Six: The Pact

Five years later

And it came to pass in the land of Shadows… Cody Haas turned 10 years old, while the twins Tristan and Justin were 8, Azura and Lucifer turned 6.

The five children spent their free time in a small area nestled in the countryside. Great boulders marked the area, and a treehouse had been built by the twins’ father.

Azura and Lucifer played on the teeter-totter.

Cody recited his speech to the twins.

“You know how your Daddy is my grandpa?” he asked. Tristan and Justin nodded. “Well, my Daddy once told me your Daddy could turn into a werewolf!”

“A werewolf?

“Yeah. A werewolf. My Daddy says when we all grow up, since we’re all kin, that we might inherit the werewolf curse.” He paused. “If that happens, we have to promise to stick together. We’ll be the werewolf clan. I’ll be the leader because I’m the oldest.”

Tristan couldn’t contain his excitement/horror.

But Justin looked upon Cody with doubt. He grabbed his brother and pulled him to the side.

“Our Daddy’s not a werewolf. Cody’s stupid.”

“No! You have to believe me! It’s true! We have to promise to stay together!”

“But Mommy told me Daddy takes medicine so he won’t turn into a monster, so it’s gotta be true!” Tristan said.

“We gotta make a pact,” Cody insisted. “If we don’t, we could get killed.”

“Killed?” Tristan echoed. Justin eyed Cody.

Meanwhile, Azura and Lucifer watched the trio.

“Okay. We’ll do it,” Justin said.

Cody nodded.

“When we grow up and turn into werewolves, do you promise to stick with me? And let me be leader?”

“I already said yes,” Justin whined. “But I wanna be leader.”

“No. The oldest one gets to be leader of the pack. Besides, my Daddy is leader of Shadowvale so it’s only fair.”

Justin scowled.

The trio gathered together. “Now we have to put our hands like this.” Cody reached out with his right hand. The twins did as well.

“We promise to stick together as future werewolves,” Cody said. “I will be the alpha leader, and together we’ll create a whole army of werewolves. My Daddy is a warlock and he can use magic to make more just like us.”

Eight more years passed.

Four individuals, who once were children, discovered intriguing new abilities…

First, Lucifer discovered his.

The fourteen-year-old turned in his sleep. Then something sinister emerged…

His soul rose from his body, in the form of a ghostly wolf. The beast leapt onto the floor.

Lucifer howled.

He scurried outside the bedroom. Excitement coursed through him, for he could go anywhere he wanted without the fear of being seen.

Indeed, Lucifer’s new found ability would come in handy.

His eyes snapped open.

Astral projection FTW.

Cody had already discovered his talent long ago. Once he began shifting, he left the Haas Estate to go live on his own.

Another reason why he moved out: he disliked Lauren Haas for various reasons.

… as for Tristan and Justin, at the ages of sixteen, they were in for a big surprise.

Or maybe not so much a surprise.

Tristan was in a state of twilight sleep. His stomach rumbled from hunger.

Hungry… so… freakin’ hungry.

Tristan’s heart pounded and raced.

He jerked down the covers.

A transformation began.

His shirt ripped as his body morphed into something else. Fur sprouted on his chest; then his arms.

He stifled a monstrous howl.

Oh. Shit. It’s finally happened, he thought.

He jumped off the bed and headed into the living area.

Tristan’s sense of smell had sharpened tenfold… or even more. His nose detected another beastly presence in the home.

Yeah. I knew it.

Hello Justin.

‘Sup Tristan? Justin returned.

Amazing. We can telepathically communicate in our wolf forms. Tristan loped up to his brother and sniffed him.

Justin yowled. I’m so fucking hungry. Let’s raid the fridge.

Mom wouldn’t like that, Tristan thought.

Don’t be such a wuss, Justin replied.

I don’t want to get caught stealing the food. What if we shifted back? We’d look funny naked in the kitchen. And I don’t want to see your wiener.

We’re twins. Our wieners are probably identical.

I don’t give a shit. That’s nasty. Tristan glanced at the sofa. Suddenly he had the uncontrollable urge to pee.

He went over and gazed at the piece of furniture.

He lifted his hind leg and peed.

Fuck! Mom’s going to kill me now. Why the hell did I piss on the couch??

Justin laughed his ass off.