Sixty-Two: Sweet Sixteen

Sweet, yet bitter.

Contains language and gruesome violence.

Only one month before Kat’s birthday.

It was time.

Vaclav headed for his usual meeting spot with Pavel.

“I’ve made my final decision,” Vaclav said. “I’ve come to my senses and realized your way would be better. I want Hunter killed, along with the remaining Shadows. I want us to rule Shadowvale together.”

“This is a most unexpected turn of events,” Pavel replied. “I’m ecstatic you finally saw the light.”

He turned and strolled over to Vaclav.

“I can assure you, you will not regret this decision.”

“I hope you’re right,” Vaclav said.

He struggled not to acknowledge Reznik as he emerged from behind.

Dear God. He was smiling. Vaclav was nervous enough without his son making him want to laugh.

Do not laugh. Do not look at Reznik. If you do, we’re all screwed.

Pavel, please don’t turn around.

Keep your face stoic, Vaclav told himself. Focus on Pavel’s amber eyes. Don’t regard Reznik.

Clenching a knife, Reznik stole toward Pavel.

He thrust the blade. Pavel recoiled.

He groaned, his body twisting in agony.

“Fucking… traitor.”

“No, Pavel. You’re the fucking traitor.”

Reznik yanked out the knife.

Pavel’s wings folded against his back and he fell to the ground.

Pained rasps eluded his lips.

It wasn’t quite over yet, of course.

“Now… you know… what you must do.”

Yes, I do know.

Vaclav crouched on top of Pavel. Then he grabbed the knife from Reznik.

“You disappoint… me,” Pavel said.

“I won’t choose you over my daughter,” Vaclav replied. “If that makes me a disappointment, so be it.”

“Hurry the fuck up, Dad. Cut off his head!”

He paused before slicing.

“Dad, we don’t know when the Dempires are coming! Hurry!”

“Okay, shut up!”

My father. I love you, despite your atrocities.

Vaclav sawed off Pavel’s head.

He lifted the severed head from the stump.

“Okay. I’m finished.”

Vaclav stood up and handed the knife back to Reznik.

“We can’t bury him here. We’ll have to drag his body as far away as possible.”

“I know,” Reznik said.

His son carried the head while Vaclav rolled the body down a slope.

Reznik brought the shovels earlier that evening.

They dug a hole, dumped the body and head inside, then started filling it in.

Slowly the earth closed.

Pavel and his evil plans were thwarted, swallowed up in a shallow grave alongside his body.

It was only a matter of time before his underlings realize what happened.

Sidling from around the corner, Kat listened as her father spoke with Hunter.

“It’s no secret that I despise you,” Vaclav began. “But I must warn you about something.”

“Okay.” He laughed. “What is it?”

Kat found herself hypnotized by Hunter’s crimson eyes, cute smile, wind-swept dark hair,Β then his lips as they parted. God, she was still very attracted to him. Couldn’t help it.

Mmmm… wow. How would it feel to have that tongue inside my mouth.

She snapped out of it when her father mentioned something about ‘danger’.

“You could be in danger. Pavel has been… destroyed, but his underlings will start looking for him. They know he wanted you killed after Kat’s sixteenth birthday, so be careful.”

“Okay. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye out for any fucked-up looking vampires.”

“Good. Now hopefully his underlings don’t find the body.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, Vaclav.”

Hunter’s eyes shifted to Kat’s, as if he just noticed her.

Their eyes met. Then she hastily looked away.

Vaclav spun around.

“Um, hi. I was just going to eat a snack.” How totally lame, she thought. Like sticky, yucky porridge is much of a snack.

I’d much rather have Hunter as a snack, but he doesn’t know I exist.

“Then go get your snack,” he said.

“Right.” Kat turned and headed farther into the dining room.

I hope Hunter stays safe, even if he doesn’t know of my existence. I’d just die if he died…

Shadowvale, the land of the undead and perpetual drama, sucks ass.

But Happy Sweet Sixteenth, Kat.

In fact, her sixteenth birthday soon rolled around.

She got to see Hunter that day for an exam.

“Kat,” he called. “Wait.”

She halted.

“Here. I forgot to give you this. Happy birthday,” he said.

Oh. My. God.

Tentatively, she reached for his hand, and the pink rose inside it.

“Just don’t tell your father,” he said chuckling.

“I won’t.” She gazed at the flower. “Th–thank you.”

He strolled off.

It was official. Kat felt very confused.

Ash’s baby wasn’t due for another month. But Hunter induced her labor.

To ensure their safety, Ash and the child would leave Shadowvale until the new war ended. In order to expedite this process, the baby would need to come out. Now.

She settled back on the bed, then scooted her rear toward her father.

How weird it must be knowing your own dad was going to deliver your baby, Reznik thought.

Reznik clutched Ash’s hand.

“Start pushing,” Hunter said.

Ash squealed in pain, her face grew scarlet.

Reznik’s grasp tightened on her hand.

“Almost there,” Hunter said. Reznik peeked, saw Hunter rotating the infant.

The baby had thick, dark hair.

Ash groaned, squeezed her eyes shut.

“One more push,” Hunter said. She did.

Soft cries filled the room.

“It’s a boy,” he told Reznik.

A boy?

Hunter snipped the cord, and swaddled the newborn in a blanket.

“Oh, wow.” Ash studied her son’s small face. Then Hunter handed him to her.

He looked every bit a Shadow.

“I don’t know what to name him,” Ash said. Reznik shrugged.

“Are you going to hold your son? Before he and Ashton have to leave?” Hunter asked Reznik.

Reznik gazed down at his son. Then he scooped him up and went over to a chair.

As he sat, everyone in the room stared with expectation.

As if coming alive, Reznik lifted his son and nuzzled the nub of his nose.

He snuggled the tiny boy. Thoughts drifted through his mind…

When will I see you again? Ever? But at least you’ll be safe, far away from Shadowvale and another imminent war.

Reznik choked up. He couldn’t believe it. He probably hadn’t displayed any such emotion since he was an infant.

And to think I never wanted you, my sweet baby boy.

How bittersweet it was.


IMO, the baby looks cute with dark hair. The littlest Shadow.

In a way, this song goes with this chapter (and some of the upcoming chapters as well):

click to enlarge ^^Β  I originally didn’t plan to post this ‘portrait’ until the story turned one year old (chapter one came out on Aug. 27, 2010) but couldn’t resist posting it early. I used several poses from the Pose Player and it took forever to get it all just right. But I looooooooooooooove this picture!!

CinnamonSugar: your character Xeri is way in the back, wearing the sunglasses. Hope you like.

edit: the shirt Kat’s wearing makes her look pregnant. O_O


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  1. Awww! Cute baby, and the fact Rez loves his son is icing on the cake.

    Good that Vaclav and Rez killed Pavel, but there’s gonna be a war once the underlings finds out. Plus Vaclav did a good thing, putting aside his differences with Hunter to warn him. That takes courage. Maybe eventually they will respect each other better and become possible friends?

    That sucks that your internet is fucked up royally. Can get a new internet provider in your area, or is that impossible?

    • I know, I think he’s cute too. I just wish they made new skins/hair for newborns in this game, like they did for Sims 2 infants. I had to airbrush the hair on and do the eyes in a paint type program. :/ Yep, Rez got over himself long enough to love his son. πŸ™‚

      They respect each other as much as rivals can, but not sure if they’ll ever be fully friendly. But who knows. It would be cool if sometime they could be friends.

      As for my internet, we’ve checked different companies since moving here 4 years ago. There’s very few choices where we live, which sucks. It’s either dial up, or satellite (hubby says satellite internet sucks) and this was the only broadband internet we could find that serviced our area. It was OK until Skybeam took it over. Ugh! Maybe the tech will fix it tomorrow… I hope. D:

      Seems better right now, but that could change at ANY time. It’s very unpredictable!

      Thanks for your comments! <3333

      • Back home in USA, I lived in the country (hated living in the rural country) and was forced to endure satellite internet. It was hell to put it mildly. There was no broadband options where my family lived. Now, here in Serbia, I have access to speedy internet and loves it. But once again, it depends on where you live, wherever in the world.

        Oh, what’s Rez’s son name? I’m curious.

    • Oh yes. I love living in the country, just hate not having decent internet! I don’t understand why they can’t have more wireless options out here. Our electric company is thinking about expanding into wireless internet, to where it would be available where we live. If they do, and Skybeam doesn’t fix their shit, we’re going to drop them like a hot tator. LOL. It’s crazy. It works the best in the middle of the night (probably when most people aren’t on). Then as soon as it hits later in the morning and in the evening, it’s pathetic. -_____- That’s good though that you now have decent internet. πŸ™‚

      I was going to bring that up in a later chapter, but I’ll just go ahead and say his name is Cody. ^^ For some reason, he looks like a Cody to me. :p

  2. Loved both chapters πŸ™‚

    Cant belive what Rez did with you know who, didnt see that coming, and Rez & Ash’s baby is cute. I hope Rez & Ash get back together they seemed happy together all the time.

    Also I am hoping Hunter isnt killed I like him but if he and Kat did ever get together then he better treat her good πŸ˜€

    Also V and Aubrey in the hot tub I was worried one of the kids was going to walk in O.o

    Anyway cant wait for more πŸ™‚

    • Hi James πŸ™‚ Thank you! I thought chap 61 kinda sucked. Not much happened in it, except smut. Haha.

      Yep, Reznik seduced Tobias (of all people). LOL. Couldn’t resist putting that in the story. :p Reznik and Ash’s baby is VERY cute, lol. ^^ Well, not sure if they’ll get back together, but Ash will stay in the story from time to time because of their child.

      Maybe Hunter won’t get killed. >.> He’s a good guy, I’m sure if he and Kat hooked up he’d treat her well. At least for the most part.

      LOL good point! I was thinking about having Kat walk in while they were just kissing, but was too lazy. Plus I would’ve had to switch POV’s.

      Thank you! ^_^ πŸ˜€

      • The chapters didnt suck I was happy to have an update and really enjoyed them.

        And lol! Yeh I was like Rez and Tobias O.o Didnt see that coming, and aww I hope Rez becomes a good dad and I cant wait to see what happens when V and Aubrey find out O.o

        I hope Hunter doesnt die because then Kat might because no-one will be able to treat her :/

        Lol! That would have been funny and disturbing for Kat πŸ™‚

        Anyway cant wait for more πŸ˜€ Are you still planning to update again soon ?? πŸ˜€

      • Awww thank you. πŸ™‚ I’m weird. I have moments where I think my chapters are good, and other times I think they totally suck. I guess it’s a bipolar thing. LOL

        I bet MOST people didn’t see that shizz coming! I just had to do a part like that though. I guess because I love irony. Tobias got a piece of the very one who’d seduced his lady. :p Anyhow, maybe Rez will become a decent father. He had a good start. Unfortunately it’ll be a long time before he sees his son again. Aubrey and V. will find out much later, but I’m sure their reactions will be well worth the wait.

        Maybe Hunter won’t die. You know what they say about main characters in stories/movies, that surely they ‘won’t be killed off’. >_>

        haha exactly! I would’ve had her think ‘ewww. There they go again.’

        Thanks James! I’ll just probably update again next Thursday. LOL, you want me to post the next chapter already? πŸ˜› If I keep getting ahead like I’ve been (although I’ve slowed down some… and now I’m bored and miserable because I have) then I’ll likely post another two chapters again sometime. πŸ˜€

      • Yay!
        I think you should get ahead of your self πŸ˜€ And post 2 chapters lol! πŸ˜€

        And BTW love the picture you posted at the end its great πŸ™‚
        I was wondering how you got your simmy to be able to cuddle the child on the sofa if you can do that in game then well I have experimented enough :/

        And I am glad Hunter doesnt have much chance of dying πŸ˜€
        Also dont worry I’m wierd tooo πŸ˜›

        Anyway I am hoping to begin a new story using the sims 3 after well I got bored of the sims 2 and decided it was time to put the sims 3 back on πŸ™‚

      • lol, I can’t promise anything, and I’m not sure if I can do it soon, but maybe I’ll post two more in one day again. πŸ™‚ Like maybe in 2 weeks? Not sure yet. :p Thank you for the encouragement though, I’m glad you like this story so well! ^_^

        Thanks! I had to show off the portrait earlier. πŸ˜€

        Nope, for some stupid reason EA doesn’t let sims do anything with the babies in chairs, except to hold them *yawn*. I just used some certain camera angles to make it look like Rez was still sitting. Also I used Twallan’s Debug Enabler to move Reznik down, so it looked like he was still in the chair. I used that ‘move’ option almost constantly anymore!

        haha, not much of a chance indeed. >_>

        Aw, well, a bit of oddity never hurt anyone. O.o In fact, it’s quite healthy! LOL

        Got bored of Sims 2? I could never go back to sims 2 after getting sims 3. One time I tried, and it was awwwwwful. I just couldn’t get back into it! In some ways the Sims 2 graphics are better, though (certain textures). But anyhow, I love using sims 3 as a story telling tool. So much fun! And good luck on your new Sims 3 story! Let me know when it’s up! πŸ˜€

      • Okay I will and yeh I am pretty happy playing the sims 3 now πŸ˜€

        And yes I think everyone needs a bit of wierdness in them other whys it would be one boring place πŸ˜•

        Glad your taking into account posting 2 chapters again πŸ˜€ (yay)

        I figured out that they can sit down with kids (yes I have played the game before but not for long since it was very slow, reason why I went back to the sims 2) And cool I think EA should make it so they can do things sitting down while holding the kids even its just simply rocking them πŸ™‚

      • Cool! πŸ˜€

        lol very good point. XD

        Yep. Like I said, maybe within 2 more weeks!

        I totally agree. Rocking is a good idea, I never thought of that. And I also know what you mean about Sims 3 being slow. Whenever it does that to me, I re-start my laptop and it speeds up the game (not sure why). If it doesn’t work the first time I re-start it, then I do it again. LOL. Not sure if that would help you, since everyone’s computer is different. Either way, good luck on your upcoming story! <333

      • Thanks iI’m hoping to start it soon πŸ™‚

        And yeh its working better now, I only have the Sims 3 on and Im tempted to put LN on as well but I dont want it to run slowly ’cause at the minute its running well πŸ˜€

        Cool, cant wait for more. πŸ˜›

      • You’re welcome!

        I don’t blame you. I’m afraid to get Pets this fall because it might mess up my game and make it slow. I hope not. I’ve been wanting a Pets EP since the beginning… I also hope they put werewolves in it, but hope they don’t make them look cheesy. :p

        Thanks! πŸ˜€

      • Yeh I hope there’s werewolves and not cheesy ones πŸ˜›

        And I am hoping to save enough money to buy just a new (faster & better) PC tower (the box thing) so that I can have LN, Generations and maybe Pets!! πŸ˜€

      • Our little conversation here is getting verrrrrrrrrry long, lol.

        I hated the werewolves in Sims 2. Well, I guess they weren’t that bad, but still. I want the kind that they have in Twilight. πŸ˜› Those kind of shape-shifters would be AWESOME. Plus it would fit Hunter’s role in the story! (I’m not saying I like shape-shifters just because of Twilight though, ever since I was a kid I never cared for the monkey-looking werewolves haha. The actual wolves just look better IMO).

        Have you ever seen Teen Wolf? If so you’ll know what I mean.

        I hear you about getting a better/faster PC. We all could use one of them. Mine isn’t very old, about a year or so, but once you pile EP’s onto it, it’s gonna slow it down. 😦 But that sounds like a good idea to get a new tower thingy. Might be cheaper than getting the whole outfit. I always get laptops, which are supposedly notorious for not playing Sims well. :p

        I hope you’re able to get that new tower ASAP. <33

      • Yeh lol! its is getting long πŸ™‚

        And yeh thats a good idea I hope they do that, I hope they put werewolves on though πŸ˜€ And no not seen teen wolf sorry πŸ˜€

        Also yeh I need to begin saving to get one, ’cause well our PC is very old and its rubbish πŸ˜›

      • I’d say! :p

        LOL Teen Wolf was awful. I liked it as a kid, though. But… yeah. XD

        Well I know what it’s like to have a rubbish PC. I played Sims 2 on a PC from 2003. πŸ˜€ The graphics were crap and it ran pretty slow.

        Good luck again!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I cracked the hell up seeing Reznik smiling behind Pavel! LOL!!

    Nearly died when Hunter gave Kat that rose! So sweet! I can think of some other things she won’t tell her dad πŸ˜‰

    Awwww a boy! Hunter looked proud! It was surprising yet sweet sing Reznik display emotion for his son. Hopefully he’ll see him before he’s a teenager.

    • hahaha, wasn’t that part comical? :p Even poor V. was having a hard time not cracking up! Good thing he didn’t, though.

      Aww, I know it. ^^ I just love romance in stories (lol, even though Kat’s too young atm). I hear ya. Just wait till chapter 63…. hehe

      Yep, a boy! I was going to let the game choose at random this time, because I didn’t care if it would be a boy or girl. But as it turned out… Usually I have the sim eat watermelon or apples to get a boy/girl. xD
      I know, I loooooooooooooooved writing that part, where Rez finally showed emotion. ❀

      Yeah, Rez will see his son waaaaaaaaay before he's a teen. ^^

  4. Aaaw Hunter…. You’re so confusing indeed πŸ˜›
    Aaaaaw (a lot of aaaws today, rofl) Reznik finally feeling a little emotional with his child. And helping his father out. He is doing rather well! Yet, he needn’t have screwed Tia’s ex boyfriend, lol!

    • hehe, he sure is. Flakey dude!

      Rofl indeed! I just lurve sim babiez, they’re so adorable. :p Yep, some of Rez’s deep emotions finally broke through. If anything was going to do it, this would certainly be it. Ol’ Rez is def finally doing better! Could be partly because he’s getting older too. πŸ˜‰

      True, true. He didn’t need to get into poor Tobias’s pants. That dude has had enough issues without Rez playing with his head (no not in that way. Get your mind outta the gutter!). XD


  5. Chapter 61: So when I saw the stare Rez was giving Tobi (yes that’s his new nickname) I thought they might hook up. Before that moment though, I had NO clue.
    The hot tub scene was nice to see V and Aubrey back in action. It also wasn’t as raunchy, but seemed more sensual which was nice.
    I laughed so hard at Hunter’s comment “So you don’t love me any more?”. Way to tease her for being childish.

    Chapter 62: There is no better activity for father-son bonding than murder lol.
    Also, was it just me or was Hunter’s hair darker in this chapter? The ciker jacket and stubble make Hunter SO much hotter.
    I suppose Vaclav is warning Hunter because he’ll still need to treat Kat? Yes? Or at least he’d be handy to have around in case something happens to her.
    As for the rose, I thought that was very simple and very sweet. I see it not so much as a romantic move, but just a simple gesture of happy birthday. Also, in that last shot where Kat is very confused…. girl looks JUST like her mother.
    Hmmm having daddy deliver your baby… I think that would weird me out. Course the drugs and the pain would probably overwhelm the awkward factor.
    As for Rez’s kid – SO cute. I wonder what he’s going to be called… Nice to see that the little one has helped Rez reconnect with his feelings. The photo with his tear made my heart go out to him.

    As for the final 1 year (a few days early) photo, their kid as a toddler is ADORABLE! I saw Xeri before you said anything and was like, “OH! There’s Xeri! She made her look good (from what I can see). YAY!” Then read your comment and laughed.

    • WOW, huge comment! I might have to split mine up, just in case WordPress decides to act stupid! XD Good idea about Tobi’s nickname. I tried to think of one earlier and couldn’t. It’s much easier to figure out the correct possessive form of Tobi than Tobias. :p And oh yes, Rez gave him the ‘look’, haha.

      lol I thought it was raunchy. Maybe both raunchy and sensual? I had to edit the shit out of that scene, because I was distracted that day. Our air conditioning stopped working and we had to have someone come out and fix it. The guy was a total prick.

      Moving on… oh, and that reminds me. Some dude came out to try and fix our shitty internet. It was a total waste of time. But at least he tried.

      Yeah, Hunter was dishing it out good to Kat. :p

      hahahaha, that’s a great way to put it, the father/son bonding thing! πŸ˜†

      You’re right, I think I started darkening his hair in the last chapter or so. It looks better that way. And yes, Hunter looks dreamy with the jacket and stubble. So much better than the Dr’s clothing! I wish there were more clothes like that in the game (biker jackets, etc.).

      Yeah that’s pretty much the only reason he’s warning Hunter. πŸ™‚

      You’re right about the rose. Actually there’s different ways to interpret Hunter’s ‘gift’. It could be just a friendly gesture, or maybe a prelude to romance. If I were Kat, I’d definitely like to think of it as a ‘romantic’ gesture, lol.

      I’m going to cut this comment off and continue it below…

    • You’re right, in that pic she really does look like Aubrey! Just her eyes are a little smaller. Aubrey has always had big peepers, LOL!

      I totally agree. I’d refuse, flat-out, to have my dad deliver my kid. O_O So I know what you mean. True about the drugs and pain though. Still, it’s weird. LOL

      He’s very cute. In the portrait he’s aged to a toddler (lol I read farther in your comment and saw that you already knew that), and still totally adorable, and I didn’t even have to change him in CAS! btw his name will be Cody. πŸ™‚ Yeah, this chapter was happy, yet sad all at the same time.

      He is adorable! Just wait till you see some close-up pics of him later in the story!

      Haha so you noticed Xeri anyway! I think you’ll like her. ^^ I’m finally fixing to do the first scene with her in the story! πŸ˜€


      • Ooo not good (about the air conditioning)! Is it fixed? I miss air conditioning, windows just don’t do enough. Did it get fixed? Unlike your internet 😦

        Lol, if I was Kat I’d take it to be romantic as well, but it depends on how Hunter meant it. … so we’ll see.

        Awww Cody. I like that. Hee hee, sim toddlers are SO CUTE! Unless they’re crying… πŸ˜€

        I’m sure I’ll like her. Eeeee sooo excited!

    • LOL yeah it’s fixed. It got up to around 88 degrees inside the house that day! Anyhow, the guy that came out was a jerk. To make a long story short, we had someone else end up coming out and fixed it, and he was nicer and charged about $200 less than the other guy! Seriously! There’s a LOT of people in Texas who like to rip you off and not bother doing their job. *rolls eyes* Everyone down here is money hungry… (I’m originally from OH, lol). Sorry to go off on a rant.

      Haha, if I was Kat I’d get on the internet and look up what pink roses mean! Actually I did before doing the chapter. Says it means something about ‘appreciation, friendship’ and sometimes maybe romance. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, Cody seems to be a fit name. Yes their faces get all screwy whenever they bawl. XD I swear I think Cody must be the cutest toddler I’ve ever had in game, and without having to use CAS to tweak him. O_O hopefully he’ll stay that way when he grows up.

      Glad you’re excited!! πŸ˜€ <3333

  6. OMG, that picture is the coolest thing ever! πŸ˜€ Love it!
    Awww, Reznik cried. Cutness πŸ™‚

    My internets been slow lately too -_- Annoyance πŸ™‚
    My comments are always so short lol Then again, I am suppoed to be doing homework…

    • Hey there! Thank you Tiny. It took me HOURS to get it right. Slowed down the game really badly because I used MC to put all those sims on one lot. Plus it glitched really bad too. But it was all worth the trouble just to get that picture!

      Yep he actually cried. Can you believe it?! O.o

      Oh, it’s beyond annoying. :/ Ours has been doing it off and on since APRIL (because that’s when Skybeam internet took over). Ugh.

      That’s OK!! No worries! Some peeps don’t comment at all (which is OK too, really) so your short comments are better than none! πŸ˜€

      You have to do homework?? No summer off?? 😦


      • I’m not off for the summer yet *cries* another 2 weeks to go…
        And we have to work right to the end -_- Exams and all that :/

        I’m still awwwing over that picture lol. Definitely worth the effort! πŸ˜€

      • 2 more weeks?!! That’s cruel! 😦
        Aww, sorry about that. But anyhow, good luck on the exams.

        Thanks Tiny! Yeah it was worth it, just don’t want to do it again for a loooong time. XD

  7. loved both chpters! they where great. i loved how emotional rez got, just goes to show he ain’t a complete dick after all.

  8. super excited that there was 2 chapters and i loved them both.
    i still think its pretty funny that Aubrey and V are so clueless but then again most parents.

    sucks to hear about your internet problem though, hope it gets fixed soon!

    • Hi Bridget, thank you! πŸ˜€ Glad you enjoyed both chapters. ^^

      They are clueless. Aubrey thinks it’s not Rez’s kid because he and Ash never got along. Other than that, she was suspicious at one time. As for V’s excuse, IDK. lol. Like you said, most parents IRL are clueless anyhow. :p

      Thanks! I will say that it does seem faster today (hope I’m not speaking to soon). The guy hooked up some sort of device to the connection, but we didn’t think it would help because the speeds were still fluctuating. :/ Plus he wasn’t sure exactly what was causing it to go slow/fluctuate.

      I hope it stays doing better. And thanks again! πŸ˜€ <3333

  9. I saw what your post said, about you frustrated and unsure about Bloodlust’s future! Even if the view count isn’t the reason, don’t mind that. You gotta think, some people are on vacation now and don’t have internet access! I didn’t have it for a whole 10 days, until yesterday! I hope whatever is making you unsure gets sorted out

    • hey there, thank you for that. That’s what my hubby said, that people are probably still on vacation. lol I feel kinda embarrassed about it now, really. Just having a few RL issues, and my views have went down before and stuff, but I just felt like I didn’t need to be stressed out over stats when there’s more important things going on IRL. I think it was the ‘one view’ thing on chapter 61 that did me in. :p I was telling myself ‘OK, that’s it. I quit. It’s no longer worth it. So I just quit.” You know what I mean? That’s the first time it got THAT bad though. I’ve never, ever gotten to that point on this story. O_O but yeah, aside from the stats, maybe a few other things that have been bothering me about it.

      Wow, you didn’t have internet access for 10 days?? That’s crazy. I guess having crappy internet (like mine, although right now it seems better) is better than none at all.

      Aww, thanks again. I plan to continue it, but if I ever post TWO chapters at once again, there will be a few days between them. Like I’ll probably post a chapter on Tues, and then another one on Friday. :p Also I’m not going to look at my stats for a while, lol (I mean the stats for each individual chapter).

      πŸ˜€ <3333

  10. Awesome 2 chapters! LOL @ Reznik being about to laugh right as he killed Pavel! That’s good that he did end up feeling feelings for his kid in the end! Hopefully he’ll be able to see him before he’s an adult.

    Aw that was so sweet of Hunter to give Kat the rose! That was nice of V. to warn Hunter too. He probably did it just because of Kat, right? Lol I wonder what he’ll think when they get together (assuming they do)!

    • Hi Mike! Thanks so much. πŸ™‚ lol yeah. You know how sometimes when you get nervous about something, you can’t help but start laughing? πŸ˜› As for him bonding with his son, it’s shocking that Rez turned out to have a heart after all. πŸ˜€
      Oh, yeah. Rez will see his son way before Cody’s an adult. ^^
      That was, wasn’t it? A little cheesy I guess, but sweet nevertheless! Ol’ V. got his head outta his ass long enough to warn Rez. But yes, he did it just because of Kat. However, at least V. and Hunter seem to be getting along. You never know. one day down the road they could become ‘almost’ friends.

      Good question. Hehe. I guess only time will tell!

      *hugs* πŸ˜€

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    • Aw, thank you again for all the kind words. I just feel silly that I’d posted that. >.< I was just having one of those days, you know. I'm very lucky to have the views that I do have. Usually I realize that. And I do know how it feels to not have any views at all (Riverview LOL, for the first month or 2). Or maybe that's why I sometimes get so paranoid whenever my views go down. I don't want to go back to the days when I was new and 'ignored', lol. :p

      I do love writing this story, and writing for myself. I love writing for myself so much that I've written other stories and made the blogs private because I actually don't want readers (for various reasons rofl). But for some reason I like having an audience for this one. Not sure why. I guess because it has come a long way and I just don't want to lose what I have. But I do know what you mean.

      I think I also just get too involved in this story. So now I've started a new story to keep me occupied. That way I don't have to obsess over stats. btw this new story is on a private blog for now. It's a romance between a 16-yr-old girl and a 22-year-old college student. Now you know why it's private, because of the taboo subject. :p

      I've rambled enough for today… but thank you again for your awesome comments. ^^ <3333

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    • Thank you Mish! There’s only one or two that’s private, I think. One of them isn’t finished. The one I’m working on now is very taboo-ish and I’d be afraid to open it up for anyone to read. O_O

      I might think about it though. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting! <333

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    • Well, I’m afraid that too many minors will read it. It’s pretty raunchy (well, so far there’s 5 chapters, and one chapter has a very raunchy scene). I know that sounds silly considering the main character is only 16, for me not to let minors read it. But I just don’t think it’d be a good idea. I’d have to tone it down a lot before making it public. >_>

      But thank you for being so sweet about it, and I’m happy you like my stories! πŸ˜€ <3333

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      Anyhow, thank you, glad you enjoyed this chapter too. πŸ™‚

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