One Hundred and Thirty-Seven…

One Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Blood Orgy

This chapter contains a very disturbing graphic scene, including sex and FFMN.

“Good God, Lucifer. What have you done?”

Lucifer’s fingers ran through his hair until it was a messy mop. His nerves were killing him.

As for Mila, his father had quickly straightened Azura’s room for Mila to sleep in. Reluctantly Mila claimed the new bedroom as her own.

The door was locked as soon as Vaclav left. That was Mila’s choice. In her paranoia she was afraid random vampires would invade her room and hurt her.

At least her screams and cries had died down.

“I did what I thought I needed to do to save Mila from the curse. Alright? She had nowhere else to turn!”

“Yes. So you impregnated her.”

“I didn’t know what else to do. Our options were running out.”

“That, and you wanted to have a nice little fuck fest in your room.”

“Okay. So maybe I did. Can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing? What if it were Aubrey, my real mother. You would’ve chosen to get her pregnant as a way to fight that curse. Right? In fact you got her pregnant with Rez the first time you set eyes on her. And there was no hex to fight off.”

Vaclav looked away. “Fair enough, son. Although I got Aubrey pregnant the second time I saw her.”

Oh. Wow, Dad. I stand corrected. 

“Yeah. So it’s also only fair to let me see Mila whenever I want.”

“Not necessarily. Why don’t you give it a little more time? You’re too young to know what true love is. You’re being misled by hormones.”

“No. I know how I feel. I love her. I’ve been in love with Mila since I was fourteen.” He gave his father a stern look. “I don’t care whether or not you believe me. You can’t treat her like a prisoner, or me. We should be allowed to see each other, especially since Mila’s afraid to be away from me.”

“Sit down, Lucifer.”

“I don’t want to sit down. I’m trying to explain shit to you. You need to understand—”


Pissed, Lucifer slumped down in the opposite chair.

“I only wanted better for you. Reznik was too young when he had Cody, and I assumed you were intelligent enough to wait. I thought you were different.”

Lucifer eyed his father. “I HAD to do it. I didn’t want Mila to turn into a monster. As for waiting to get older and finding the right person, I knew years ago that Mila was the only one for me.”

“Even so, are you responsible enough to be a father in a few months? Tending to an infant’s needs are difficult enough for adults. Not to mention you’ll no longer be the center of Mila’s universe.”

“Sure it scares me sometimes. But I really think I can handle it, Dad. Mom (Lauren) raised me well. She raised me to be responsible. I took care of Mila all these months, and I kinda enjoyed it even if that makes me sound like a freak.”

“Okay. If you truly love her as you say, then what’s a few months of separation? You’ll still love her three months from now. Maybe even more so.”

Lucifer sighed in frustration. “Fine. But what about the baby? Mila at least needs a doctor.”

“I’ve already thought of that. I’ll ask Hunter to take care of her medical needs.”

“Thanks.” He was still so angry and emotional. Lucifer thought his heart would pound right out of his chest. He could hear the blood coursing through his head, like the eerie sound of being underwater and drowning.

Yes. He was drowning. Drowning in his own emotional tempest.

Once again he and Mila were separated. Always so close, then right back to square one.

As soon as his father disappeared, Lucifer held vigil outside Mila’s bedroom.

He jumped up and tapped on the door.

“Mila, dammit I’m so sorry. I tried to talk to him.”

“Uh, look. I’ll try to figure something else out, alright? It’s not like he’s gonna be home 24/7. I can see you when he’s gone.”

“Okay, Lucifer. I love you. I’ll try not to go crazy in here without you.”

“Come on, baby. I got you some sedatives to take.” Lauren tucked her hands beneath her daughter’s torso and tried lifting her.

“C’mon, Azura. Get up.” With her mother’s help, the girl finally sat upright. “I want you to take one of these. They’re actually my prescription, something I’ve been taking off and on for the past several years.” Lauren didn’t want to mention the reason(s) why she was prescribed Valium in the first place. She wasn’t even sure if Azura could understand what she was saying.

Hesitantly, Azura popped the pill.

Lauren raised a drink to her daughter’s lips. She only took a few tiny sips.

Then Lauren helped her to the bed.

“There you go. Everything will be okay.” I hope.

Lovingly, she stroked her daughter’s cheek and smoothed back her hair.

Lauren glanced back as she headed out of the bedroom. Soon she’d have to change those nasty clothes Azura had worn for days, give her a sponge bath of some sort.

And what about the baby she carried? Azura hadn’t eaten in days. The unborn’s health was surely suffering.

Azura mumbled incoherence in her sleep, though several times it sounded like she said “red room.”

Red room? What does that mean?

That night, Lauren went to find Nicholas and ask him about the so-called ‘red room’.

Her footsteps were quiet as she wandered into the living area.

Lauren noticed the rosy glow out of the corner of her eye.

Red room. That pinkish hue beckoned her.

As if in some trance, she drifted toward it.

What she saw stunned her to the very core. It was disturbing, fascinating, horrifying… all mixed into one crazed package of fuckery.

She could not look away.

After a soft, sensuous kiss on the lips, Nicholas got up and then knelt behind Millificent.

She turned, pointing her ass upright. Quickly he took her.

He fucked her amidst all that gore.

Dark red spatter glimmered across their flesh, sparkling as he moved.

Hoooooolieeeeeee shit.”

Lauren returned to the bedroom, took one of her own sedatives and laid next to her daughter.

She had to get her thoughts together before confronting Nicholas…

Lauren hammered on the double doors to Nich’s bedroom.

“Yes?” came the masculine voice.

“It’s me. Lauren. I need to talk to you.”

“Come in, Lauren.”

The bedroom was huge. Intimidating.

“And to what do I owe this little pleasure?”

“I saw…” she began in a whisper. “I saw you and Millificent in the other room. I saw what you were doing. The blood. Blood was everywhere.”

“Of course you did. I’ve nothing to hide. Millificent’s my other wife.”

“Wife? What are you talking about? And what about all the blood you fucking freak?

“My dearest Milly threw a dagger into the boa constrictor. That’s where all the blood came from.”

Lauren’s head spun, pounding as if said dagger were penetrating it.

“So—lemme get this straight—you and she fucked around all that snake blood? Why? For the fun of it?”

Nicholas laughed, shook his head.

“What do you and Millificent actually want with my daughter? Tell me the truth.”

He gave a very unsatisfying answer.

“Why, another piece of ass. Of course.”

He smiled. His eyes gleamed with evil. Something even darker and malignant hid behind those eyes of yellow sapphires.

How would she get Azura away from them? Without risking another pointless war?

And was home really that much better?

A single but poignant image lit up her mind.


* * * *

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