Seventy: An Enemy’s Affection

Warning: contains explicit sexual content. Seriously.

Kat sought out Omega, like she had every night since meeting him in Misty Peaks.

Tonight was the fourth night.

They lounged on a rock, cuddled beneath the stars.

Omega was so romantic. Just what she needed since Hunter dumped her.

His kiss ignited funny little sensations inside her, just like Hunter’s kisses did.

Hunter. She shoved his image from her mind.

Omega emitted soft noises as he kissed her. His lips trailed down to her neck.

Then he withdrew.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded, so he continued kissing her.

“I’ve been waiting to kiss you for two years,” he said.

God. He was so sweet… it’d be so easy to fall for him.

His hand lowered to her thigh, squeezed it.

She could only spend precious few minutes with him or her mom would get suspicious.

They embraced near the clearing.

“Bye, angel face.” He pecked her on the nose.


Hunter examined her the following night.

He grabbed her arm.

A syringe nestled in his right hand.

“You know the drill,” he said raising the syringe. Then he stabbed her with the needle.

She winced, whimpered.

A few seconds passed as he injected the serum.

“Okay,” he said. “Now lie down so I can palpate your stomach.”

Kat laid down, tossing her leg over the side of the loveseat.

If Hunter only knew about me and Omega. He’d be so jealous… but that’s what he deserves for hurting me.

“Does this hurt?” he asked massaging her upper abdomen.

She shook her head.

“This?” he asked.

With his hands on her, memories of his affectionate touch surfaced. How he used to caress her.

Yes, she thought. It does hurt. It’s hurts so bad I can’t breathe.

His fingers moved to hers.

Tears escaped.

“No. It doesn’t hurt,” she lied.

Why did you leave me, Hunter?

I still love you.

Kat visited the library on Monday.

She browsed, saw a Fantasy book and reached for it.

Ashton lingered near the corner. Kat’s hand froze in the air.

“I need to talk to you,” Ash said.

“I know about you and Dad.”

“Yeah. We split up last week.” Kat clenched her jaw.

“No. I think he still loves you. He always talks about you.”

“He does?”

“Dad wants to breed with you. I guess it has something to do with the wolf thing.”

Kat’s eyes widened.

“Don’t you dare let him get you pregnant. I don’t want a Haas for a sibling,” she said. “It’s bad enough my son is a Haas, but I can’t undo that.”

“How’s he going to get me pregnant? Hunter won’t even touch me!”

“I don’t know. Just make sure he doesn’t.”

They gaped at each other.

Then Kat’s lips drew into a smirk.

“I have to go to the market to get some things,” Aubrey said. “Now can I trust you to be alone with Hunter?”

“I shouldn’t be gone for too long.”

“Yes you can trust me with Hunter. We broke up, remember?”

Afterward, Hunter arrived to treat Kat.

He didn’t really treat her. At least not in the medical way.

He stood before her, stared at her.

“Come here.”

She started from the loveseat.

Meanwhile in Shadowvale…

Reznik banged Xeri.

“Ah,” he moaned. “You are amazing. That was so… hot.”

He rose up, peeked beneath the covers. “Yep, still pretty big.”

Xeri snickered.

Reznik’s arm curled around her and they clasped hands.

“What are we going to do if your dad ever finds out?” she asked.

“Don’t worry. Like I already said, I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you.”

He leaned closer, sniffed her hair. Actually he wanted to inhale her. She smelled so good.

“I want to marry you when this war shit is over,” he said.

“You think we’ll live long enough to do that?”

“I hope so.” He nervously chuckled.

I know I’ll live. There’s no doubt. But you… I can’t be sure.

He’d never tell her that.


Hunter hugged and kissed Kat.

A moment ago he’d switched on the stereo system. Chicago’s If You Leave Me Now played.

His fingers pilfered her braid, twirled it around.

“Well, I tried it,” he said laughing. “But I just can’t live without you.”

They started dancing to the music.

If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me

“I love you, Kat.”

His hand slid down to her waist.

Slowly, they moved in sync with the song.

Oooh, no, baby please don’t go. ♪

He grabbed her other hand, twirled her around.

She laughed.

As the song drifted in her ears, she gazed at Hunter. Their eyes locked. Something unspoken passed between them.

A love like ours is love that’s hard to find. How could we let it slip away

Hunter took her hand.

He led her down the hallway toward his old bedroom.

Music swept throughout the house.

The whole thing was like an amazing dream.

He lowered her down and climbed on top. Sensually, his lips went down her neck, to her right breast, back up to her face.

Fingers danced up her thigh, groped and fondled her body.

The rest of their clothes floated to the floor.

Hunter entered her.

Oh, God… it hurts so bad.

Yet, at the same time it felt so good; this hard, huge thing going in and out of her body, Hunter perched above with all his weight bearing down.

She lifted her leg, curved it around his mid-section.

“Hunter,” she breathed. “Hunter, Hunter, Hunter...”

Gently and slowly he moved, as if trying not to hurt her.

A hot, agonizing feeling grew between her thighs. Every muscle in her body was taught. She cried out with release, trembled and writhed.

Hunter gasped as he came inside her.

Several more thrusts later, it was over.

They lounged on the bed. Hunter held her hand.

Soon he’d have to leave. The last thing she needed was for her mother to catch them.

Omega hovered outside the window.

He’d seen nearly everything.

OK, so I changed my mind about not having Hunter ‘bang’ Kat until she was 18. >.<  lol. Sorry, I know that’s bad. 😯

One of those dance poses between H. and K. was from ‘Shall we Dance’ poses by SR.


ONE MORE THING: Chapter 71 will be pubbed THIS Monday! It’ll be an interesting chapter, so you won’t want to miss it….


36 Responses to “Seventy…”

  1. Poor Omega…He’ll be having nightmares about what he had just seen…hehe. And Aubrey…don’t be so stupid as to think that you could actually trust Kat and Hunter alone….and haha “Yep, still pretty big.” oh, Reznik…still your immature self…although he finally has settled on one person to be with. And why was Hunter at the house anyway? Was he “watching” Kat so she couldn’t get abducted by some other Dempire?

    Oh, and btw I got a haircut! Got 7 inches chopped off…feels weird…it’s so short… *cough cough* *just thought of the other thing that feels wierd when it’s short* *cough cough* 😀

    • I know it. LOL and I know he’s not real, but I feel guilty about what happens later concerning Omega. >_> Pretty stupid indeed, and I had to have an excuse for her to leave the house (groceries haha). And she must’ve needed quite a bit!
      I know, that part with Rez was so naughty… O_O But yeah, at least now he’s settled with one person instead of being a man whore! ^^ I believe Hunter was there to ‘treat’ Kat for her ‘illness’, but didn’t end up treating her. They did the horizontal mambo instead. 😆

      You got 7 inches lopped off your hair?! Wow! That’s probably what I need. My hair is like almost down to my rump. XD Your hair must’ve been pretty long too.
      OMG the dirtiness again. You very bad. Tsk, tsk! 😛


  2. wow! what an update lol, hahaha Reznik “still pretty big” that part made me laugh so hard lol, at least he’s with one girl now, hahaha Aubrey thinks she can trust them alone 😛 omg i can’t beilve they did it! :O Omega saw everything 😦 poor Omega he looked so heart broken

    • Aw, thank you Alyssa! I figured a lot of people might find this update interesting, what with Kat losing her virginity. I was also afraid people would get pissed off at the sheer political incorrectness of it. *cringes* As for Rez, yep you know him. He’s still full of himself as always, but at least willing to settle down now. ^_^
      I know it, Aubrey’s not very smart. But then again, maybe she didn’t think she’d spend a year at the store either! 😛

      I think you and a few others can’t believe it either. This chapter had 99 views in only 24 hrs! I think that’s the first time this has ever happened. I believe it got close once last year, but wow.

      Oh, I know. I feel so sorry for my own character (Omega), lol, and I’m the one making his life miserable. 😦 Gets worse in chapter 71…. and then I’m REALLY afraid people will hate me when they read that chapter.


    • hahaha you meany making his life miserable 😦 oh no it gets worse! 😀 i can’t wait! lol

  3. Awww my heart broke for Omega! I want to hug him! I wonder if that will make him want to go after Hunter now.
    Ash surprised the hell out of me! He wants to breed with her. WOW! REALLY? Things that make you go “hmm”!

    Booooy is Vaclav going to be pissed if he ever finds out hunter deflowered his baby!

    LOL Reznik! He is just full of comedy! I will forever look at him and thing “Yup, still pretty big.” LOL

    • I know, mine too. 😦 I know that sounds silly, but I really do feel sorry for him, even though I’m the one controlling the shit. :p haha, I want to hug him too. I know exactly what you mean. It could make him want to go after Hunter, or vice versa.

      LOL I had a lightbulb moment with that part. It just popped into my head to have Hunter want to ‘breed’ with Kat because of the wolf thing (instinctual thing). Plus he still loved her anyhow. haha, things that make you go ‘hmmm’ indeed! I haven’t heard that song since I was about 14, btw! Funny stuff!

      Definitely going to be pissed. Definitely. >_>

      Rez is always full of comedy and full of himself! LOL! 😆

      *hugs* 😀

      • My mind played with that “breeding” thing something serious! I questioned 3 ways from Sunday other reasons why he’d want to breed with her and the only thing I could think was to basically throw it at Vaclav and Aubrey. They want the two to stay away from each other but would they deny him that if she was carrying his child?

        This may be wrong but I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ANGRY VACLAV! He still gives me chills!

        I think that’s why I will always love Reznik. Like Jakub he has something special. Of course with Jakub it’s he asshole-ness and Reznik has that natural comedic attitude.


      • haha, really? I can just imagine what you were thinking. lmao you are so funny, Qui. 😛 Good point about wanting to throw that in A. and V’s face. Hunter could have many, many reasons to want to breed with Kat, and loving her is only one.

        lol, V. and Aubrey would probably STILL try to keep them apart if they found out about the baby. How crazy is that? In fact, it might make them try harder to keep them apart!

        Bwhahahahaha, so hilarious! But yeah I know what you mean! Maybe in a few more chapters you’ll get to see a very pissed off Vaclav! XD

        I also know what you mean about Rez vs. Jakub. Funny you mention Jakub, btw, because Jakub happens to be mentioned in chapter 71. In fact, REZNIK mentions him! O_O Are you psychic or what?? Anyhow, yeah Reznik has a better personality than his bro. Jakub is just… idk. Evil and not much more. Then again, he’s had a couple of moments when he was funny.

        Awww thank you Qui!!!! *hugs* 😀

  4. Aww poor Omega. Bet he will not be so romantic with Kat after this. Reznik prob get the dempire preggo too. After all he’s still pretty big. LOL Can’t believe Aubry let things like that happen. Like she didn’t know this might happen. Of course, Ash had to put fire into the fuel. Makes me think she prob knew this would happen when she said Don’t do it. Must say, V has some randy kids. XD Must be that animal in the vampire genes.

    Good news on my part: A new chapter for Spellbound is in the works! Hooray! It really must be the quiet surrounding! mhm…

    • I was right about the quiet surrounding! Chapter Four is ready! Whoop there it is… hehehe

      • Yay! can’t wait to read it, Jed!! 😀 I just got to finish up replying to comments on here! LOL, yeah ‘whoop there it is!’ hehe 😆 makes you feel good once you finish a chapter, doesn’t it? haha

    • One would think so. He’s awfully sweet, though. 😦 Too sweet. Maybe Rez will get her pregnant, but then again Xeri might be a more responsible type of vampire. Actually, since she’s full vampire, I forgot that my full vamps in this story cannot carry babies. They CAN get pregnant but they always miscarry after a few weeks or so. That kinda sucks, eventually I did want Xeri and Rez to have a baby. Ugh. Well maybe I’ll figure a workaround for that. LOL about Rez admiring his own c***. 😛 He’s so in love with himself. 😛

      Well you know Aubrey. She’s a little on the dense side. Plus Kat reminded her that nothing would happen since she and Hunter had broken up. Crazy shit, eh? :p As for Ash, yep she’s as much of a bitch as always! Yeah, her father was dropping verbal clues about the desire to ‘breed’ with Kat (like Ash would want to hear that shit anyhow, lolzers). Anyhow, V certainly does have randy, naughty kids. XD I think you’re right, it’s like they’re all animalistic or something!

      Yay!! A new chapter! Glad you recovered from the writer’s block! Yeah, quietness really does help. Hard to concentrate when you’re being bugged by people, lol.

      *hugs* 😀

  5. Wow! Good chapter 🙂

    Yay! They are back together 😀 So happy and Omega just go away I dont care for you, your not important now shoo! 😆 I really dont like him….I dont like him but I like Xeri 😆 and their both Dempires!

    And OMFG! Kat and Hunter 😀

    • What the heck?? LOL you said you wouldn’t be able to read this yet! haha. Thank you though, glad you liked the update! Yep they’re back together for now. ^_^ Aww, you don’t feel sorry for poor Omega! Wow you really do hate those Dempires! 😆 I can already tell you won’t hate me after reading chapter 71.

      Glad you like Xeri. I like her too. Of course like most characters, she has a ‘dark’ side, but yeah.

      LOL I know… 😛 Kat and Hunter are baaaaad.

      *hugs* 😀

      • In the end I could, I was worried it would be posted when I was busy…but it wasnt!!!! 🙂 I was so happy 😀

        And Yay! I’m glad they are together….and I do sort of feel sorry for him, but not very much…I think he should find someone else…maybe Ash and him there he’s sorted now 😆

        I know I like her she’s cool 🙂 And ooo! cant wait to see what that is 🙂 And….most of what I thought would happen happened 🙂 and I will read the next chapter when its out and tell you too 😀

        Yes, yes they are baddddddddddddd!

        😀 *hugs*

      • Oh yay! That’s great. 😀

        hahaha, Ash would be too mean to him, but otherwise they’d make a good couple XD Ash would probably end up killing him… poor guy. 😛

        Yeah I like Xeri too. She’s not perfect but still pretty cool. 😀
        Really? So you’ve been right so far? Cool. Did you figure that Hunter and Kat would end up going ‘all the way’? Anyhow, cool.

        Very! 😆 I also feel like a bad author. Maybe I should put a disclaimer on my sites saying I don’t condone teen/adult woohoo, etc…. I just use it in my stories sometimes. O_O


      • Hahahah! You do make me laugh…maybe you should just to tell everyone that you dont condone teen/adult woohooing 😆

        And Oh well let her kill him muhhahahah! 🙂 Nahh, thats a bit mean…maybe just beat him up 😆

        And….no. It was about Omega and Kat…I had a feeling he’d come back and they’d be together or something and well they were but no long 😆

        And you could never! be a bad author 😀

    • Yeah, lol sometimes I get paranoid about things like that. Seems like sometimes when one does a story with a certain plot in it, some readers think the author condones such things… >_> I don’t think it’s so bad if one is 17 and the adult is under 20, though, to be honest. But yeah, you’re right, I should just make a disclaimer saying I don’t condone teen/adult woohoo in TS3, haha. XD

      Aww poor Omega! LOL. Xeri would be pretty tough if she could beat up Omega! But since you don’t like Omega, you should like tomorrow’s chapter…
      I know, I can’t stop dropping these hints. It’s crazy. :O

      Oh, yeah. I think Omega and Kat had more in common, but yeah, I like Hunter better for some reason. XD So yeah, now they’re together!

      Aw, thank you James. 😳

  6. loved this chapter. kat and hunter are so naughty. xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Felt so bad for Omega after seeing the last picture. Here’s hoping that nothing comes of consequences beyond the inevitable anger on the parents part of Kat’s and Hunter’s tryst.

    I want to make Omega feel better. Is it bad that I like Omega better than Hunter now?

    I think there might be another kid in Rez’s future from fooling around with Xeri. Let see if it lasts between them, considering that Rez loves her. Does Xeri share his feeling of love as in mutual feelings or is it just one sided?

    • I hear ya. 😦 *sobs* Well, maybe nothing much more than that will happen. But you know me and my love for writing drama… *shifty eyes*

      lol, I want to make him feel better too, but the meanie I am, I make him feel worse in the next chapter. Oh no it’s not bad. I like Omega better than Hunter too. It’s just that I think Hunter is sexier, which is a piss poor reason to have him and Kat together. >.<

      There would be a kid in their future, but I forgot that full female vampires in my story can't carry babies past a few weeks. Maybe Reznik can do a 'spell' or something though, so that could happen anyway. I'll have to think it over. I'd have to say that Xeri DOES love Reznik, so yeah it's mutual. But she does have a bit of a dark side that will emerge later.

      Thanks for commenting!


  8. Awesome chapter as always :)! Wow. Lol why did Aubrey leave them alone together? She should’ve known what was going to happen. And wow Ash’s kind of a bitch. And her saying don’t do it would only make her want to do it more lol! And yay! They finally did it. Hopefully, they’ll be able to see each other more often, but probably not. As for Omega, well, if he was creepy enough to watch them do ALL of it, then he kinda deserves what he gets haha. In all seriousness though, hopefully he won’t do anything to Hunter or yell at Kat. And I can only imagine what V.’s reaction will be if he ever finds out about them having sex.

    LOL @ Reznik. And hopefully, she’ll be able to live through the war. Once again, amazing chapter 😀

    • hey Mike! Aww thank you! 😀 I guess Aubrey didn’t think she’d be at the store so long. XD 😆 Don’t worry, later on she gets blamed by Vaclav for this. Ash is a huge bitch, lol. True, her telling Kat not to get knocked up would only make her want it more. Haha, yeah they finally did it. V. and Aubrey will keep trying to separate them, at least until Kat turns 18. ROFL you are so funny, and good point that Omega was being creepy by watching them! LOL. And since you mention that, maybe you won’t be mad at me when chapter 71 comes out on Monday! I think you’ll be surprised at what happens in that chapter. Oh, V. will definitely be pissed off. Definitely…

      Yeah, Reznik is the same crazy, self-absorbed guy as always. Maybe Xeri will live through it. Thanks again!! 😀

  9. AAAHHH!!! Hunter wants to get Kat pregnant?! Oh great, a new breed of wolf. Tsk tsk…and considering what they just did, it’s safe to assume Kat will probably get pregnant. Those vampires are fertile! Poor Omega, I wonder what he’ll have to say about this! Time for 71!

    • LOL, I knew you’d freak out about this chapter! >_> it is kinda shocking, isn’t it? However Ash’s statement was a little clue of how this could turn out…

      Safe to assume? hehe. 😉 bwahahaha, you’re right. The vampires are very fertile. 😛 Super fertility!

      Poor Omega indeed. 😦 It probably won’t turn out good.

  10. *resists until finally coming out of lurkdom* OMEGAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *recedes back into lurkdom*

    • LOL sorry it took me so long to reply… I’ve been bad about that lately.

      Anyhow, hahahahahaha @ your comment! It made me laugh. XD But yeah, poor Omega. 😦

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