Thirty-Eight: Three Lovers

The broken furniture in this chapter was created by Sim Romanov. Yes, I know I already said that in the last chapter, lol.

WARNING: there is going to be EXPLICIT sexual content in this chapter. There will be some nudity as well. PLEASE do not read if you are sensitive to content like this, or under the age of 17. There is also offensive language and a gross scene with a rodent.

 The naughty stuff starts 21 pictures down.

Aubrey rose from the floor.


I absolutely will not let either of you feed from me,” she said.

“Shawn used to do that to me… almost every day. He promised he’d stop, but always broke that promise.”

She held in her tears. Memories suck.

“Unfortunately, Shawn did the same to Madison. Now she’s dead.”

Horror struck Aubrey’s heart. She spun around.

“He killed her? But she was pregnant…” The implication was sickening.

“I know.”

Aubrey didn’t ask anymore about it. She didn’t want to know more.


Quietly, she went over to the sofa and laid down.

She closed her eyes, blocking thoughts of Shawn and Madison from her mind.

She must’ve dozed off; then was roused awake by Hunter’s voice.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“And I wouldn’t ask about feeding from you… except if I get too hungry, something happens to me.”

Aubrey’s eyes opened.

“What happens to you if you get hungry?”

“I’d rather not say,” he muttered.

“He turns into a black furball.” Jakub chuckled.

“Shut up,” Hunter said.

A black furball? What the hell does THAT mean?

Another hour passed. Jakub picked up the front door and leaned it against the entryway to block out the imminent sunlight.

Then he sat back down on the worn sofa.

Aubrey was between them worrying about Hunter’s supposed ‘condition’.

Was it true? Or were they just messing with her?

Either way, she didn’t want to risk finding out the hard way.

“I’ll do it,” she said.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded and stood. Hunter followed.

She brushed her hair to the side. He swooped to her neck.


Aubrey flinched as his incisors stabbed her flesh.

He sucked hard.

Then a funny thing happened…

As the wetness of blood trickled down, she got turned on.

Shouldn’t that spell be worn off by now?

A song played in her mind… it seemed to fit the scenario quite well; slow, sexy and had a great beat. It was Sadeness by Enigma. An oldie but goodie, her mother used to listen to it in the 90’s.


Hunter withdrew, gazing at her; then he opened his mouth and ravaged her neck again. This time, he lapped at the blood and ran his tongue all over her throat.

Jakub joined in. His fingers stroked Aubrey’s face.

Then he took off his shirt.

Hunter stepped back and removed the doo rag from his hair. He also whipped off his shirt.

His fingers glided across her face.

Suddenly his mouth was on hers; his lips kneading, his tongue searching.

Jakub embraced her from behind, nuzzling her neck.

The vampires dropped their slacks.

Their muscular bodies pressed and gyrated against hers. Both grew hard.

“Wasn’t this stuff supposed to wear off by now?” she asked.

“The witch must’ve messed up the mixture… gave you too much. She’s pretty stupid,” Hunter whispered. His lips parted and he kissed her again.

“Who cares,” Jakub said. “I’m enjoying this.” He licked her cheek and neck, his rigid penis rubbing against her.

With both of them kissing her, Aubrey struggled to catch her breath. She gasped and moaned. The urge to get banged was overpowering, indescribable.

“I want to go first,” Jakub breathed nipping her neck.

“No. I’m going first,” Hunter said.

Oh, yeah. Keep fighting over me…

A few minutes later she was undressed.

And both perched on top. Kissing her, caressing her all over.


She exhaled.

Rhythmically grinding against her, the men’s bodies moved in mounting urgency.

One tried to jam it inside her, but Aubrey instinctively lurched back.

Then she began shoving at them. “No. I can’t do this.”

They moaned, behaving as if they didn’t hear her.

“I can’t do this!” she shouted.

Hunter and Jakub recoiled.

She looked up at them.

Her guilt over rejecting them could not compete with the guilt she felt thinking about Vaclav.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered.

There was no way she could do that to Vaclav, or to her children. It was bad enough she’d ‘accidentally’ had sex with Jakub weeks earlier.

She couldn’t wait for the spell to piss off.

The guys quietly left the cabin to finish themselves off.

Morning light cast vibrant hues over the sky.

Shortly thereafter, Hunter and Jakub passed out asleep on the floor.


Those warm feelings of love and lust evaporated. She sighed in relief.

Now would be the perfect time to go home, she thought. Then she remembered the talisman was missing again. She feared Vaclav’s reaction to it. Even if he still wasn’t home, he’d find out eventually. Besides, it might not be safe to go home for other reasons.

Aubrey felt completely stuck; not knowing where to turn, where to go, or what to do.

In the distance she saw a pond. It was perfect, since she was in need of a bath.

Katerina and Reznik. How she pined for her children… how she pined for Vaclav. Even earlier when the spell was in its culmination, she still craved Vaclav’s love.

She missed them all terribly.

Damn you, Shadowvale.

Dusk fell like a gigantic, colorful blanket.

Hunter peered outside. He mumbled something about being hungry.

“So… are you still seeing Riley?” She just couldn’t help but ask.

“No. The bitch dumped me after I had sex with you.”

Then he roared.

It was unexpected, random, and terrifying.

She backed away.

Again, Jakub bellowed like a batshit crazy person; then lunged past her.

A rodent raced across the floor.  Jakub dove down and captured it.

“Are you okay?’ Aubrey sarcastically asked.

He looked down at the rat, and then chucked its head in his mouth.

Blood spurted. Jakub’s head moved to and fro like a canine feeding at a carcass. Aubrey was aghast.

When he turned around, she wanted to puke.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked wiping the blood and tissue from his face.

“That’s disgusting,” Hunter ranted. “You’re a nasty mother-fucker!”

“I was hungry. You’re just pissed off because I didn’t share it with you,” he fired back.

Now that’s the Hunter and Jakub I know.

“Fuck this,” Hunter said leaving.

Jakub rushed out after him.

Great. Now I’m here alone to fend for myself.

Jakub returned an hour later.

Silently, he went over and sat on the sofa.

Those odd glowing eyes gazed at her.

It was amazing how much he looked like Vaclav. Just for a moment she could pretend he was Vaclav.

But… Jakub was not Vaclav.

His arm shot around her and jerked her to his lips…

Shock swept throughout her body. His mouth consumed her lips, as though they were a delicacy.

She realized what was happening and began to struggle.

“What are you doing?” she cried.

“What I was going to do all along,” he hissed. “Get you pregnant.”

Seized by panic, her eyes widened, her pulse quickened. 

He shoved her down, pinning her legs apart with his own.

“Stop!” She writhed against him and tried closing her legs. It was impossible.

Someone reached out and clutched Jakub’s golden hair.

Hunter pulled him off Aubrey. Jakub fought against him. Then Hunter swung him around and slammed him onto the floor.

He pummeled Jakub until he was unconscious.

“We have to get out of here before he wakes up,” Hunter said.

But before they could leave, something very disturbing occurred.

Groaning, he twirled around and grasped his stomach.

Shit! Now what’s happening?!

Aubrey’s hand flew to her mouth.

A drawn-out howl resounded from his throat.

…a wolf’s howl.

Dark fur sprouted from his skin. He sank to the floor.

Aubrey blinked. When she opened her eyes again, she found a wolf staring back at her.

The beast growled, its tail moving like a clock’s pendulum.

Tick Tock.

Soon it would be time for Aubrey to die.


Thanks for reading! ♫ And sorry about Jakub’s atrocious behavior.

Also, I changed the link to another version of the Sadeness song, because this version sounds a lot better. Seriously, it’s an awesome song. You guys should check it out, so here’s the link again:  Later in the song there’s this guy speaking in French or something, and it sounds REALLY hot. XD


26 Responses to “Thirty-Eight…”

  1. Holy hell in a mosolum *hugs plumbob for life* O>O

  2. Lord… I find Hunter so irresistible that it’s not even funny! I hope he doesn’t kill her or come anything close to it! What is he, a hybrid? I like how he keeps coming to Aubrey’s rescue but I can’t help but question why. Why betray his clam? Why not look out for himself instead of having her around knowing she is a target?

    • Hi Qui! LOL, I know. Hunter is a definite hottie. I made the right decision in creating him for the story. 🙂 lol, I know I should’ve already thought it through by now, but to be honest I haven’t decided why he’s a shape-shifter yet. I thought about making him cursed by a witch or something, but I like your idea too. 🙂

      Like I told Kim, Hunter’s personality is that of a natural protector, he respects women to such a degree that he feels like he HAS to rescue them if they’re in trouble. In other words, he’s just a sweet, nice guy. Of course he has flaws like anyone, but basically he’s a good person. He puts women’s needs before his own; well, especially Aubrey’s needs.

      Very good questions. ^.^ There will probably come a point in the story where Aubrey will have to repay Hunter for his kind deeds (not in a dirty way, lol). Well, she won’t HAVE to repay him, but she’ll feel obliged to.


  3. Was Hunter the one who lured her into the dungeon in an earlier chapter?
    You know I loved this chapter lol…so HAWT!!! I am totally in love with Hunter, and love his need to protect Aubrey. I don’t really understand why he feels the need to protect her though, but I hope he will continue to do so, even in wolf form 😀

    • Hey Kim! Um, I don’t think so. What dungeon? lol I’m dense again this morning! I created Hunter a few weeks ago, so he wasn’t in the story before chapter 34, when he saved A. from Jakub. I hope that helps answer yer question. 🙂 OR if you mean the chapter where Aubrey ended up in those underground tunnels, that was Jakub who did all that.

      haha, I knew you’d like it, Kim! 😛 I enjoyed writing it too, as usual… >.> I know, I love Hunter too. ^.^ Well, Hunter is a natural protector, like he just respects ALL women, unlike Jakub, and feels the need to help whenever he can. He’s a good guy. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting as always! <3333333

  4. I love that he shape shifts! With an ability like that, he’d be a threat to Shawn’s position as leader since I’d assume he has more powers than Shawn but at the same time, he betrayed them! I can’t wait to see how this plays out! I’m glad she was able to stop things from going to far. Vaclav was hurt over the Jakub situation so if she willingly allowed Hunter to bite her cookie I’m sure that would REALLY hurt Vaclav.

    • haha, I love it too. I think it’s sexy that he can turn into a wolf! 😛 Beastiality anyone? jk, of course. anyhow, he could definitely whup Shawn’s ass, he just has to starve himself first (since he won’t shift unless he’s hungry, which is probably a little silly but oh well, lol). Actually he could whup Shawn’s ass anyhow, since Hunter is a good fighter. 😀 I’m glad you like this new tentative plot so far! hehe.

      Nah, I couldn’t have Aubrey actually go ‘all the way’ with them. She wouldn’t be a very likable character if that happened!

      😆 about letting “Hunter bite her cookie”! I laughed out loud at that one! 😆 But yeah, I didn’t want Aubrey to hurt V. any more than that.


  5. AaAaRrRrGgGgHhHh this chapter BLEW MY MIND lol. it was great! very naughty but i like lol xxxxxx

    • Hey Carlie! Glad ya liked it! And THANKS!! ’twas very naughty indeed… I have readers who like that stuff and some don’t, but I have to try to please everyone (including myself lol). XD

      Thanks for reading!!

      <3333333 xxxxxxxxx

  6. 0.0
    That rat part was freaky lol
    And Aubrey’s face when she was sitting on the sofa between them both and worrying about Hunter. Lol! XP
    A werewolf? Help!

    • Hey Tiny! 😀 hehe about the rat part. Once again, I can be a very gross writer and picture editor. >_>

      haha, I know! She just autonomously made that frightened face! It was perfect! I love when storytelling is easy like that! Of course, it was probably because she had the ‘hunted’ moodlet! She was being hunted in more ways than one…

      LOL! Hunter would tell you he’s not technically a ‘werewolf’, but he’s a ‘shape shifter’ lol. I just wrote a part like that in the next chapter! 😛

      Thanks for reading/commenting! <333333333

  7. Aww poor Madison! It’s a shame Shawn met her really, she seemed really sweet.

    “Now that’s the Hunter and Jakub I know.” Indeed Aubrey, indeed. I was getting terrified that Jakub had gone soft! But I’m glad he’s back to his evil crazy bad self 😀 (okay, I have a weird perspective on what an awesome person is). Why would Jakub roar at a rat?! I mean I know it’s food and everything but surely yelling at something would scare it away?

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! more awesome pics of Naked Jakub and now naked Hunter to oggle at 🙂 I had to smile at te giant warning at the beginning of this chapter. Partly because it was looong partly because of what it was warning of!

    Oh I like the new main page picture “It’s like twilight on crack” indeed 🙂 made me laugh

    *hugz* and <3333333333333333333333 (your right, they are getting longer 😛 ) xxx

    • Pixxi!!! Yeah, I know that was sad… I meant to have her in the story more, but for some reason I always get tired of any female character aside from the main one. It’s weird. :/ Anyhow, it made sense that Shawn finally killed someone because of his greed. 😦

      Haha! I loved writing that in there! Oh no, Jakub will never go soft! Nah, don’t feel bad about liking someone bad… It’s just the bad boy thingamajiggy. XD I will admit that I was worried about some people’s reaction to the attempted sexual assault scene, but glad everyone seemed to take it in stride or whatever. At least Hunter intervened before Jakub had much of a chance.

      Um, enough about that awkward subject.

      XD about Jakub roaring at the rat. His primal instincts kicked in when he saw the rodent! 😛 He was THAT hungry! *laughs out loud at Pixxi’s usual hilarity* indeed that was probably why the thing ran off!

      YER WELCOME! YER WELCOME! AND YER WELCOME! haha. I’ll have to update my *eye candy* page with nude pics of Hunter and Jakub both, lol! It’s fun making dirty pics. XD And they’re fun to look at, obviously. Yep, ol’ Jenssims is perverted as always!! But at least I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.. eh Pixxi?

      lol, I figured you’d be happy to see that warning at the top!

      Thank you Pixxi! I enjoyed making the new pic. It was about time, too. The other one I made way before Late Night even came out. O.O
      Yeah, I just thought of the ‘like Twilight on crack’ the other day, and knew I’d have to use that. 😆

      *hugz* & <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 😛 xxxx

  8. I’d still like Aubrey if she’d engaged in a three person party with those two because I know she was under a spell. I personally would have enjoyed it as I giggled at them fighting over her! (Bad I know but honest!)
    lol I’d let’d Hunter bite my cookie just because that wolf thing is so sexy!
    I need to go back and read from the beginning…pining for Vaclav now 😦

    I truly love this as you can tell. I’m flooding your comments! lol

    • VERY good point, I totally forgot about that! 😛 well shit, now I almost want to do the chapter over. XD hmmmm. Maybe I’ll get another excuse later for Aubrey to get laid (by someone other than V). XD Honesty is good, but badness is good as well. 🙂

      ROFL, I’d let Hunter bite my ‘cookie’ too! haha, that’s so funny! IKR about the wolf thing, I’ve been wanting to write a Sim story like this for a while! I just wish they’d give us a PETS EP, with wolves in it again, but more realistic looking wolves. That would be epic!!! I’d love to use it for this story!

      Oops, I’m rambling again…

      Well, V. will be back in the next chapter… >.>

      Awww, well thanks Qui. Glad ya like it. ^.^ And you may flood my comments all you want! And if I don’t reply right away, it’s just because of RL stuff (of course)!



  10. Oh holy fuckshitknickerpants.


  11. Oooohhh :O
    Sorry I didn’t comment earlier, I was reading this chapter from my iPhone so couldn’t comment very easily…
    I like the fact that you combined both werewolves and vampires into one… AWESOMEEEE!!
    Hunter is still hot.
    I mean, a vampire AND a werewolf?! That is just the best. And where the heck is Vaclav? He’s not exactly rushing to save her, is he?! LOL, only joking, I still LUURRVVEEE Vaclav A LOT.
    But Hunter is now coming very close.
    Hehe 😉

    • Aww! That’s okay, no problem. ^.^ 🙂
      Thanks!! I wasn’t going to do that, but in ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ movie, Dracula was able to transform into this werewolf creature, so I thought ‘why not’. LOL. I always wanted a shape-shifter wolf in my stories.
      hehe, Hunter is a total stud muffin. XD
      Well thanks again, I’m glad you liked the idea of it! (even though it wasn’t really my idea). Anyhow, Vaclav will be in tomorrow’s chapter! ♫ here he comes to save the day! ♫ XD

      The only thing about tomorrow’s chapter is that it won’t be all good news…. 😦

      <333333 xxxxxx

  12. A wolf! Yay!!! My first thought was that Hunter would turn into a bat if he was too hungry. They’re furry. 😀 At least Aubrey realized what was happening before the two could have their fun with her. Jakub’s such a jerk, but at least Hunter saved her. Time for the next chapter!!!

    • I hear ya! Can’t wait to get the EP and try to make real wolves. (I’m waiting a little bit after it comes out). Oh, that’s cool too, a bat. That would be awesome. Later in the story there’s ‘similar’ creatures, but not quite bats. LOL, yeah they’re furry. Sounds cute :p Bats would be cute, if they weren’t so ugly. I know that doesn’t make sense. O.o

      Oh yes. I didn’t want Aubrey to mess around on V. >_> Jakub is a horrible person. Hunter is sweet, but then again, he could have a dark side as well (aside from the wolf thing). :/

      As always, thank you for reading, Tenderwolf. And now I see you’re almost caught up! 😀

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