*Short Story By My Youngest Child*

I suppose I’m biased, but of course I thought it was good. Especially since my youngest daughter is only 11 years old.

This was a writing exercise from her Writing work book (I home school her, for those who don’t know). I have not changed anything in her story, it’s all original except I corrected any misspellings. That said, she only misspelled 7 words out of 261 (the directions stated not to worry about spelling and grammar at this particular point, since the assignment was a first draft). I have not corrected any grammar. I’ve also since told her that quotes aren’t needed for a character’s thoughts (she quoted the narrator’s thoughts near the beginning). She also wrote it in first-person POV.

Also, some of the story seems to make references to the game Call of Duty. She does play that game.

Yes, I know it’s violent. I saw far worse when I was her age, and way younger.

Without further ado:


Plot: After years of losing to Howler, the Seals team hires a new recruit with special talents to kill Howler once and for all.

“Ok, first thing i’m going to do is find a good camping spot…” I thought. I knew if I wasn’t careful I could get stabbed in the back. I decided to go in this one building that seemed safe… that changed my life forever. I walked to the second floor in this one room. I suddenly felt like someone was watching me. I crouched down and—

“HEY THAT’S MY HIDING SPOT!” I heard someone shout behind me. I turned around and—nothing. “Look over to the corner of the room, dummy.” I was now starting to get nervous. I looked at the right corner of room and before I could shoot, he pinned me to the floor, covered my mouth with his hand, and took out his knife. “So you’re the new recruit.” he said with an evil tone in his voice, his eyes seemed to almost sparkle. He stood there, looking at his knife, as if he was thinking about killing me. I thought I was going to die, but… for some reason he uncovered my mouth, stood up and left the room before my teammate ran in the room.

“What are you doing in here on the floor?!” my teammate asked.

“Uhh, playing dead?”

My teammate stood there, with a ((-__-)) face. “You’ll be dead if you stay there…” When my teammate walked out of the room, I heard the sound of a knife being plunged into someone.

* * * *

Uh, yeah it’s a little violent… lol. But still pretty good for an 11-yr-old. I’ve seen a lot of self-published books on Amazon that aren’t nearly as coherent, or well-written. ❓  I also used to write violent stories at her age, beginning when I was around 6 (off and on) and continuing through my teen years, all the way up to the present. I think a penchant for writing dark, violent themes runs in our family. 😛