Thirty-one: A Stranger’s Return

Later in the chapter, Aubrey’s POV will switch to another’s POV (I say ‘another’ because I don’t want to give away a spoiler). Then the POV will change back to Aubrey’s.

Contains very offensive language.

Aubrey always enjoyed reading to Reznik.

Gradually her son grew closer to her, more trusting. But he hadn’t yet started calling her ‘mommy’. Maybe someday he would. He still favored his father. Maybe it was because they looked so similar, with the glowing eyes, skin and light hair? Or maybe Aubrey was just grasping at proverbial straws to deal with her son’s lingering rejection?

“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent,” Aubrey read.

“All finished,” she said a few moments later.

“Again,” Reznik said. He’d already forced her to re-read the book a thousand times. This time she wouldn’t budge.

“Read again,” he repeated.

“No. We’re all finished with this book. Why don’t I get another one?”

“Read again!

Aubrey closed the book.

“No! Read again!”

The book grew hot in Aubrey’s hand. She gasped.

A bright light radiated from its pages.

Then it shot across the room.


Nonchalantly, Reznik snacked on his fingers.

The book rested near his crib.

“Hawie Potter,” Reznik chirped.

“Yeah,” Aubrey agreed staring at the book. “It’s just like something from Harry Potter.”

Reznik giggled and rocked.

Shit, Vaclav. In that tiny amount of time you’ve had him, you’ve managed to spoil our son.

Plus, it’s official. I’m totally scared of my own kid.

“Read again! Read again!”

After putting her son down for a nap, Aubrey went into the main area of the house. She stood pondering over Reznik’s shocking display of powers.

It was just like the dream Aubrey once had.

She stepped into the sitting room.

“I’m sorry, ” Vaclav muttered, startling Aubrey.

She hadn’t heard his footsteps.

“I only want you safe. Without the talisman, I’m afraid you’ll get hurt,” he said. “It can’t be replaced; and you cannot be replaced.”

His words brought tears to her eyes.

“It’s okay. I understand,” she said embracing him.

“I’ve already lost so much, I can’t lose you too,” he said.

It was awesome. She hadn’t seen him that emotional in months.

The moon and the sun took turns illuminating the sky; until the days turned to weeks, and weeks morphed into months.

Katerina turned eight months old.

Reznik had grown even more accustomed to Aubrey but still didn’t call her ‘mom’, to her bitter disappointment. At the rate he was going, Kat would be calling Aubrey ‘mom’ before her older brother.

At least there weren’t anymore strange incidents regarding Reznik’s powers. Not yet.

Something seemed to be changing in Shadowvale. Granted, there’d always been a cold war between the clans, but now it was different.

It was a feeling she couldn’t get over, as tangible as the air she breathed.

How was Aubrey to know the war would strike closer to home as well?

How could Kat have known her family was about to change?

Or Reznik?

Aubrey put Kat down; then watched the children play together.

Picture perfect.

Aubrey had been stuck in the house for months since returning to Shadowvale. Vaclav was too afraid to let her outside the mansion.

She was a virtual prisoner.

One night, she simply got sick of it.

Like a blanket, thick fog draped over the exterior steps.

How ominous it looked; but how bored Aubrey had become of being stuck in the house.

It would be worth it, she was sure, just to escape for a couple hours.

Aubrey descended the steps. Then she peered over the Shadowvale landscape, debating on exactly where to go.

I shouldn’t go anywhere. I should just wonder around here for a few minutes and go back to the manor.

She glanced at the pavilion where John abducted her months ago. If she’d learned anything from her ordeal, it was to never take chances.

So much for learning lessons.

And besides, weren’t taking risks all part of living?

Aubrey made her way deep into the bayou. Something, or someone seemed to be calling her name, drawing her to him… or them.

She came upon a dilapidated house.

Who were they?

Dear God. Turn the hell around and run the fuck back home. Now.  

Was the one on the right Jakub?

He turned to the other immortal. What did that look mean?

Aubrey! Turn the fuck around and leave! her mind screamed, but she wouldn’t obey. She couldn’t obey.

The dark-haired one strolled toward her.

Aubrey froze.

“Aubrey, what are you doing here?” he asked, his voice similar to Shawn’s.

Did she know him?

Up close, she realized who he was.

“Shawn?” she breathed. “You’re a fucking Shadow?

“Yeah. I’m a fucking Shadow.” He chuckled. “And I’ve fucking missed you, and missed fucking you.”

He grabbed her and kissed her.

She nudged him away.

“I married Vaclav,” she said. “And I intend to stay faithful to him.” I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent.

“I already know you married him.” His macabre, red eyes looked sad. “Rumor gets around vampire land as well,” he half-joked.

“But you know what? I feel the best I’ve ever been since becoming a vampire. That Shadow blood really agrees with me. I’ve even started hunting on my own in the city. I’m able to find my own prey and attack! Damn, it’s a great feeling!”

His blatant enthusiasm nauseated her. How proud Shawn was to be a killer.

“I gotta go, Shawn. I—I’m glad you’re adjusting so well now.”

Her stomach twisted and turned like a roller coaster.

Regardless, she quickly pecked him on the lips.

“Good-bye Shawn. I’m happy for you.”

“I’m happy for you too, babe… err, Aubrey,” he replied.

Aubrey left, not seeing the frozen look in Jakub’s eyes, nor the similar conveyance in Shawn’s.

She was relieved to be unscathed from the encounter. However, she would soon understand that Jakub and Shawn meant her no physical harm, but an altogether different type of harm.

Jakub went into the shack.

Gazing into the mirror, he thought of what he should do first.

He ran his fingers over his face, marveling over how much he resembled his hated father.

His fingers inched up to his eyes, where he began rubbing off the emo eyeliner.

His and Shawn’s plans would work out to perfection.

The following afternoon, Aubrey sat down to eat a bowl of soup.

The doorbell chimed. Aubrey’s spoon froze in midair.

Who the hell is that?

Since it was daylight, Aubrey was confident it wasn’t a vampire. But she was still shocked when she answered the door.


“Hi Aubrey. When you and Vaclav left for Shadowvale all those months ago, I followed you… but that doesn’t matter. I saw you last night in the bayou with Shawn.”

“What? You were there too?” Aubrey questioned; then added everything up.

Madison’s heavily pregnant tummy… that’s one;

Madison’s heavily scarred neck… that’s two.

Two + two = Madison and Shawn. Together.

“Madison, you’re not shacking up with Shawn are you? And he’s been biting you! You can’t let him do that to you! He’ll kill you and your baby!” Aubrey rambled like a crazy woman.

All those horrible memories of him came rushing back, all the times when he bit the shit out of her. She knew exactly what Madison was going through.

…and Shawn’s going to be a father?? WTH?

“I didn’t come here to get a lecture,” Madison snapped. “And by the way, I also saw you kissing Shawn.”

Aubrey sucked in a deep breath.

“It didn’t mean anything. I’m perfectly happy with Vaclav.”

“Fine. I just wanted to let you know that I have your talisman. I’m here to give it back.”

Aubrey couldn’t believe it. It was just one shock after another.

She reached for the door to steady herself; then she took the talisman from Madison.


Thanks for reading!♥

btw: chapter 32 will be a nice, long chapter with 90 pics and will go into some of Vaclav’s history…  😀


20 Responses to “Thirty-One…”

  1. O_0 So she’s part of the vampire group now anyway, and she’s preggers. I see Shawn’s still the selfish twit he has always been, feeding off Madison instead of hunting for himself.

  2. kwl chapter i am really starting to dislike shawn but on the plus side he is very hot hehe. What is jakob plans please tell me. hugggzzzz

    • hi Tami! Yeah, Shawn is officially a bad boy. Very very bad. XD Yet, very very hot.

      sorry, you’ll have to find out Jakub’s plans later. 😛 lol! I’ll reveal it within the next 2 chapters though!

      Thanks for reading/commenting! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to you too! ❤

  3. Hmm, I wonder what Jakub and Shawn are planning? I wonder if they’ve done something to the talisman that Madison is giving back to Aubrey?
    Shawn is such a bastard, LOL!! Is he planning to hurt Aubrey or something? Or Vaclav? Hmm… I can’t wait to find out!!
    ❤ ❤ xx

    • hehe, you’ll have to wait and see. 😛 Hopefully everyone won’t hate hate Jakub too much when they find out. O.o Good guess about the talisman… but you’ll have to find for sure out on Friday!

      Yeah, Shawn’s getting worse. He’s not planning to hurt them physically, at least not yet. >.>

      Thanks Emma!! <3333333 xxx *hugs* 😀

  4. OMG i just figured out something. The babysitter is MADSION!! Thats reason she knows so much bout vampires. Shawn must of told her. Am i correct? 🙂

    • Yeah, Madison was the babysitter! I just had to age her up in order for her to get pregnant. Obviously, lol.

      Well, she didn’t know Shawn until she moved down to Shadowvale. She just knew about the town because of a rumor. Then she followed Aubrey and V. whenever they drove back. Then she got involved with Shawn after that. But that would’ve made a GREAT storyline had she known Shawn all along! 😀

      <3333 Hugz!! 🙂

  5. am I the only one who dislikes Vaclav and LOVES Shawn ? XD great chapter btw!

    • I’m sure you’re not the only one. there were at least a few who liked Shawn, and probably still do. I’m sorry I’ve had Shawn turn into the kind of person he is, though (unless that’s why you like him, the bad boy thing 😛 ). >.>

      Thanks, glad you like the story and thanks for the compliment about this chapter! 😀 ❤


  6. Didn’t even recognize Madison for a minute! I was like, “who the hell is she” 😆

    The tots are a-DORA-ble 😀

    • Hi Angie! 😀 I know, it hardly looked like her as an adult. :/ go figure. I bet you did think that! lol. Yeah, they are soooo cute! Especially Kat. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting as always!

      ❤ 😉 *hugs*

  7. Why do I think that talisman is somehow altered and that all this is part of Jakub’s and Shawn’s plan? I can’t believe Aubrey has still feelings for Shawn, she can’t just ruin everything. And by everything, I mean everything! Τhe whole clan could be destroyed!

    • Hey there! ^.^ hehe, you’re not the only one who thinks that. >.>
      😛 won’t say anymore…

      She doesn’t REALLY have feelings for Shawn, she just wanted to give him a quick kiss good-bye, because she THINKS she won’t see him again. He was once the lurve of her life, so yeah, in a way he has a tiny spot in her heart. 😛

      Well, she won’t ruin it. But somone else is going to try to ruin everything… >.<

      Thanks Sfe for reading/commenting! Much appreciated. Sorry to sound like a broken record, lol.

      ❤ *hugz* 😉

  8. “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent” that made me so happy! I miss reading children stories and not geting laughed at. Rezniks worrying me, Aubreys right he has been spoilt a little bit by Vaclav.

    How come Jakub is a guy and can still get away with eyeliner! it just makes him look hotter! These are some awesome pixels! Shawn’s still got the charm I see, God do I have to adore all the hot guys! It makes choosing sides very very hard.

    Poor Madison, haven’t vampire’s learned about protection by now?! Unless it was intentional to rival the other half-vampires . . .

    *hugz* and ❤ and xxx

    • Pixxi! 😀 haha, I bet you did like that part. I did too. ^.^ I love those Dr. Suess books, I used to read them to my kids all the time. LOL. Dr. Seuss FTW 😛 yeah, Reznik’s spoiled, but his powers won’t emerge again for a long time.

      Well, you know how that goes. The ’emo’ thing. Plus, Jake looks too much like V., and I had to do some things to make him look somewhat different. As far as it goes for making him look hotter (the eyeliner) I would have to agree. 😛 I like it too. Don’t ask me why. Us women are weird, aren’t we?

      Just wait till you see Shawn in the chapter after next (half-way finished with chap 33, have to polish chap 32). I gave Shawn a new hair do and tweaked him slightly in CAS. Just slightly though.

      Why choose sides? Just choose all the hawt ones. 😆 Eventually I’m going to make another hot character too. But not as hot as V.

      haha, that’s funny! 😆 Vaclav finally learned about using rubbers, at least!! XD Shawn didn’t have a child yet, so it’s time he caught up with V. and Aubrey!! XD so yeah, it was intentional, lol. Your comments are so funneh!

      Awww, hugs and <3333 to you!!!! xxxxx 😉

  9. Yay! Another chapter….what I’m wondering and didnt notice anyone else ask (unless I’m blind) is why does Jakub hate Vaclav so much?? This I assume is what you meant by chapter 32 will go into V’s history a bit more….I can’t wait to see where this goes!
    Wonderful fan-service pics btw! =p

    • Hi Leokatca 🙂 yeah, I usually post chapters on Monday and Friday. 😀 Anyhow, I’ll explain why Jakub doesn’t like his father in the next chapter. Or rather, Vaclav will explain. LOL. Yep, 32 will go into V’s history.

      Thanks, glad ya like the story AND pics so far! ^.^

      <333 *hugz* 😉

  10. Whoa whoa whoa! I’m surprised Jakub and Shawn didn’t try to hurt Aubrey, but they must be going for emotional pain rather than physical. And Madison is with Shawn?! Guess she found herself a hot vampire like she wanted. And he’s going to be a father? Oh dear…and Madison just gave the talisman back? I have a feeling there’s a catch…on to the next chapter!

    • You pretty much have that right. Either way, both dudes are so mean it isn’t funny. 😦 You’ve probably already found out by now what I mean.

      Yep, Madison’s with Shawn. Pretty crazy, huh? she must really be desperate for a piece of vampire ass. 😆 Actually, it’s not funny at all what happens to her later. Shawn’s going to be a Daddy, but… can’t say anymore.

      LOL, I think your feeling might be correct…

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