Sixty: The New Breed

Contains F-bombs.

It was Reznik’s zillionth shrink appointment.

Sitting across from Dr. Reid, thoughts ran through Reznik’s mind.

Why can’t Dr. Reid be young and hot?

“So,” he quietly began. “How’s things at home? With your personal life? Family life?”

“Mom and Dad’s been fighting, Kat keeps bitching about how mean Hunter is, and Ashton left last week. So it’s just the same old, same old.”

“How did you feel when Ashton left?”


“Happy? That’s all you felt? What if you never see your child? The one she’s carrying?”

“Are you a moron? I told you I didn’t want the kid. I don’t want any kids, ever.”

“I don’t think you’re allowing yourself to feel the full brunt of your emotions. You’re burying them, which is very unhealthy.”


“I’m sorry, Reznik. But I don’t believe for one minute that you’re a bad person. No one is inherently evil. Not even you.”


“You’re afraid to feel because of your powers, correct? You don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Okay. Maybe there’s a tiny, tiny part of me that misses Ash. Maybe.”

“Of course there is. She was your first love.”

“Yeah, yeah. I get it.”

“We have to figure out a way for you to experience emotions, but in such a way as to not cause explosions or fires.”

“We need to find that happy medium. Then ultimately, we’ll work on your sex addiction.”

There’s nothing wrong with my sexual appetite. At least I have one.

You probably can’t even get it up.

Vaclav met Pavel in a secluded area of Shadowvale.

“What do you want?” Vaclav asked. “I was told you wanted to speak with me.”

“Have you made your decision? About us ruling Shadowvale together, and perhaps the outer regions as well?”

“I told you a long time ago. I’m content with my position as Shadowvale’s ruler, and nothing more.”

“Don’t you understand how powerful we could be together? To do anything else would be nonsensical. Join me, and together we will fight to conquer a world that belonged to us from the very beginning.”

“Frankly, I don’t care. I’m not interested in your proposal.”

“Regardless, our world is too small to accommodate three breeds of immortals: the Shadows, Dempires, and Haases. One must be eliminated before they breed any further.”

“Is that so? Which breed should be part of this elimination process?”

Vaclav’s annoyance was mounting.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Pavel said.

“There’s very few Shadows living, so I don’t know what you’d accomplish by destroying them.”

“As I said, no more breeding.”

“I don’t want Hunter killed. Without him, my daughter could die.”

“You are either with me, or against me. Make your choice. But before you do, remember that I’ve built an army of my own.”

Pavel turned and nodded. Vaclav looked.

Hundreds of Dempires stood, eerie figures shrouded by mist.

“I implore you to choose wisely,” Pavel said.

So you’ve betrayed me, Vaclav thought. I never imagined. I’m being forced to choose between the one who sired me and my beloved daughter.

There is no contest.

“Do not kill Hunter,” Vaclav said. “I’ll declare war against you, before I allow you to do something that would hurt my daughter.”

“I’ll give you until your daughter’s sixteenth birthday to make your final decision. Then you can celebrate one last time with her before she succumbs to her illness.” He paused, his words chilling Vaclav. “Hunter will die at some point after that. Either you’re with me, or…”

“Rest assured, I am 100% against you, Pavel.”

He spun around and stormed off.

Screw your ultimatum, Pavel. You’re going to regret ever having the balls to fuck with me and my family.

Tobias surveyed the Haas Estate.

How… majestic.

Tia. My beautiful Tia. She’s now gone. Left this morning, left behind a note saying she wasn’t coming back.

Who do I have to blame? It all started falling apart when Reznik seduced her.


The next few nights, Tobias staked out the house waiting for Reznik to show.

He showed up on the fifth night. It was the right time, right place.


Come on, Reznik. That’s it. Just a little closer…

Reznik yanked on the gate and headed out.

Tobias skulked toward him.

“Guess who, mother fucker.”


“Trust me. You don’t want to do this,” Reznik said.

“Oh yes. Yes, I do.”


Reznik grew very still and quiet.

What the hell?

Fire exploded from the ground.

Tobias jolted, then ran. Flames seared his skin.

Stop, drop and roll, mother fucker!

Reznik raised his arms, then lowered them.

All flames disappeared, including those consuming Tobias.

He scrambled to a standing position.

Holy shit. I never imagined his powers were this… strong.

Now he was afraid to even look at Reznik, although he felt his eyes burning into him…

“Don’t fuck with me. I’ll make crispy fried bacon of your innards.”


TY for reading. Here’s another song by The Backstreet Boys. LOLzers.


33 Responses to “Sixty…”

  1. Don’t fuck with me. I’ll make crispy fried bacon of your innards.”

    Hahaha that made me laugh – hard! I love Reznik, he makes me smile.

    Oooh and Val is declaring war on his sire, that’s AWESOME! I can’t wait to see how this one turns out with the Dempires. Shadows were wusses, but the Dempires look like they can kick some serious ass.

    • hehe, thanks. :p Glad you like Rez, a lot of peeps hate him because he’s a little shit. At least this chapter kinda explains his aloofness or whatever. He doesn’t really want to hurt anyone, unless of course they try to hurt him.

      You might be surprised. It’ll be different than the last time (not trying to say the Dempires are going to win this war, though). And thanks!! LOL, true about the Shadows. The Dempires will be better fighters, etc.

      Thanks for commenting!! <33

  2. Yay, Update! 🙂

    I cant beileve that there will be another war O.o I hope Kat doesnt die out of the kids she’s my favourite (because she comes across as nicer). I cant wait to see what happens and I hope V and Hunter join forces and maybe even become friends.

    Anyway great update and cannot wait for more, I love all your characters and how amazing you are at writing – keep it up 😀

    Thanks for the update 🙂

    • Hi James!

      Yep. Gotta have some sort of major conflict in the story, and war does it every time! :p lol, Kat is a LOT nicer than Rez. As long as Hunter doesn’t die, she won’t die, so hopefully… >_> That’s a cool idea about Hunter and V. You’ll find out in the upcoming chapters how ‘well’ or not they start getting along.

      sorry to be vague, just don’t want to give anything away!

      Thanks. 🙂 I really do appreciate the nice comments. Although right now I’m blushing. 😛 there’s always things about my writing that I could improve on… like for the first zillion chapters I misused semicolons and didn’t know it. Oh well. Not going back over all that! lol.

      Thanks again for the nice comments though. ^^ <33

      • No Problem and I cant wait, and I hoped you’d not give lots away I love wating and thinking up what could happen.

        And yes glad you like the ideas I have about what may happen.

        Can wait for more and your writing is excellent 🙂

      • Cool. ^_^

        Yes, they’re pretty good ideas. In a way, V. has to get along with Hunter, but for certain reasons there will always be some animosity there. It will still be a cool idea for them to become almost like friends later. Can’t promise it’ll actually happen though. :p

        Aww, thanks so much again! 😀

  3. Hmm, I like to think Dr. Reid’s point of view on Reznik’s conditions is the right one. That he is not really evil but, he’s afraid he might hurt those he might have feelings for. I hope that’s the case and I hope he’ll be able to work his issues out!

    Things are going to get bad with that @$#! Pavel and his clan, aren’t they… It’s great how V is not intimidated by his threats and he doesn’t even think about Pavel’s admittedly enticing (for V) offers. It’s really ironic how his love for his daughter is what keeps alive one of his “worst” enemies.

    Keep it up!! XX

    • Hi there Sfe! I think he’s got it right too. 😀 Plus, I really didn’t want to make Rez a horrible creature like Jakub was. I wanted him to have some sort of personality aside from that.

      I think Rez will start doing better in upcoming chapters. >_>

      Oh, yeah. Very bad. rofl. True, it’s extremely ironic, and it’s working really well for this storyline so far.

      I’m trying to keep it up. Sometimes I worry if the ‘well’ of ideas will ever dry up. I certainly hope not. I like this story too much. 😛

      Thanks Sfe!! <33 xxx

  4. Yay, I loved this!.<)

    But anyway, is there going to be a war against these demon-y things? That would be awesome ^-^

    • Hey Emma! Thank you so much!

      Oh yeah. Definitely. But like I told another, this time it’ll be a little different.

      LOL sorry your comment got cut off… I’ll reply to your other comment now.

  5. HEY, half my comment disappeared?!

    • Sorry Emma. It’s done that shit to me before, usually if I have a very LONG comment. Surely yours wasn’t that long though. I guess WordPress is having issues again. 😦

      Stupid WordPress.

      <33 xxxxxxxx

  6. great chapter. can’t believe its at chapter sixty already!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Carlie! 🙂 Thank you. You guys on here are so awesome. ^^

      I can’t believe it’s at chapter 60 either. O_O Actually, I’m almost on 67, believe it or not. I know it sounds like I’m rushing but I’m really not. I’ve just been more efficient at it lately. Those chapters will be good, I promise… although chapter 61 could’ve been better, but that’s only because there’s a lot of smut in it, and not much else going on in that chapter. LOL

      Not to repeat myself, but I’m getting ahead on the chapters because I might be really busy sometime next month, and don’t want to skip any chapters of the story when that happens.

      Sorry to ramble. :p

      Thanks for the nice comments! <33 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. First off, CONGRATS ON CHAPTER 60!!!

    Now onto the chapter… lol.
    I think Rez’s shrink is on to something. A happy medium would indeed need to be found, although I wonder if Rez will be willing to try. I laughed so hard about the thoughts that followed working on his sex addiction.
    I’m interested in seeing where this new war will take everyone. It’ll be strange seeing Hunter and Vaclav fight together, but I’m glad he’s choosing his daughter over his sire.
    Also, if they are going to destroy all the shadows what about Ash and Reznik’s kid? It’d be part shadow. So Vaclav would end up loosing a daughter and grandkid.
    I don’t like Pavel’s cryptic message about Kat turning 16. I wonder if he’s going to abduct her then. His other minion was pretty attached her last time he took her.
    As for Tobias, I’m glad Rez didn’t bbq him. It shows he’s getting better at controlling his emotions! Hey that’s a step in the right direction Rez! Go you!
    I’m also wondering if his power will play a vital role in the war that’s about to happen.
    I suppose I’ll just have to sit and wait.

    • Now my internet is being shit again (no surprises there, haha) so hopefully this comment will take. THANK you for the congrats!! hehe! I think it would really be major if I made it to 100. That would be huge! 😀

      I do too. Rez isn’t as bad as he seems. He’s just had a tough life and was born with crazy powers, lol. Yeah, I couldn’t resist having Rez think those naughty little thoughts! As for the new war, it’ll be different like I said. I think people should find it interesting what happens. V. would definitely choose Kat over his ‘father’. About Ash and Rez’s kid, that will all come out in chapter 62. 😀 I will say that it’ll be a while before V. and Aubrey find out that Ash’s kid is their grandkid. If V. plays his cards right, he might not lose anyone.

      Pavel is being an ass. lol. True, that one dude really liked Kat, haha. That’ll all come out in a couple of chapters. You’ll just have to wait n’ see! :p

      LOL about Rez bbq’ing Tobias! Yeah, he’s getting better at controlling his powers too, so that’s good. Didn’t take too long, I guess. You might be surprised with what happens in the next chapter, btw.

      hehe. You could be RIGHT about that…. (about R’s role in the war).

      I think you’ll like what’s going to happen in the story… 🙂 at least I hope, haha.


      • Hey your post posted… and I’m assuming in one try so yay!
        No he’s not, he’s just trying to get through being a teenage boy with crazy powers and crazy hormones.
        I’m interested in seeing what you do with this war, especially with you continuously using the word ‘different’.
        Lol, chapter 62 – although I’m glad you’ve written far in advance already ^_^ It means blodlust will continue to be weekly (not that you’ve ever missed a chapter without warning).
        Yup, and I don’t mind waiting. It really makes every Friday that much better knowing something is going to unfold.
        Oooo surprised? I wonder how… don’t tell me! I’m just… pondering…happily.
        I’m sure I will.

      • Yes it sure did. I never can tell whether it’s going to eff up or not though. Seems like if it isn’t my internet screwing up, then it’s WordPress… and thanks! I was worried if it was too long or something. Ugh, I wish we could get better internet (hubby & I live out in the country so the pickins’ are slim lol).

        haha, exactly! You got it right on the nose. ^^

        Hehe, you’ll find out. Well, it won’t be totally different, but some things will be. :p

        Well now that I’ve gotten so far ahead, I’m addicted to writing it again and can’t stop. Especially now that I’m at the point where there’s fresh romance, squeeee. 😀 I’m slowing down a little bit though, so that’s good. I don’t want to end up being 6 months ahead, lol. In fact it probably wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and post chapter 61………….

        Cool! Thanks. Glad you’re still liking the story. I try to keep it interesting…
        I can’t believe I got gifted the spell book on the Sims 3. com. that’s the first time a Guru has gifted me anything. Anyhow, I’m going to use it in the story for Reznik, of course. But it’ll have a cool, specific purpose.

        Rambling as always…

        Yeah, a little surprised. Has to do with Rez… :p


      • Cinnamon Sugar: I hope you read this. I’m having an issue with your sim. I know that I downloaded her, but didn’t find her in the sim bin in CAS. I was going to use her in the story today. 😦 This is very frustrating. So I’m trying to download her again. And naturally the launcher is acting stupid. I’ll do my best though. I don’t understand it. >.< *tears out hair by roots*

      • Grrr… and damn. I wonder… if it’s cause she has a bit of CC on her. I’ll take it off and re-upload her again, as that happened to my other friend. If you want to message me your email (through the sims3 site) I can send her that way too.
        Hmm… other than that, I’m not sure. Let me try to re-upload her first.

  8. EDIT: well she’s in the game, according to the launcher. I don’t know why I couldn’t find her in CAS. :/

    edit #2: I downloaded her again (via the launcher). Hopefully it works this time, if not, I’m not sure what else to do. 😦 Sorry, I know it’s disappointing. Maybe you could upload her again? Maybe there’s a sort of conflict with the patches? IDK.

    edit#3: I downloaded her again, but she still won’t show up in CAS simbin. Sorry… I hope you’re not too disappointed. It sucks for me too, I already had a storyline wrapped around her. Ugh. I just don’t know why it won’t show up. I have looked in my mods/packages folder and she’s not in there, but the launcher says she’s installed in the game. WTF.

    • Okay, so I removed all the CC from her, so hopefully she works. Please try to make her look awesome again… thanks.

      • Hey there, I’ll try it one more time and see if it works. Hopefully it will. And thanks for re-uploading her. I will make her look awesome, so no worries. ^^

      • OK, Cinnamon. That did work, thankfully.

        Thank you! I’ll try to get her to look like your original.


      • You’re welcome, uploading was easy, waiting for all the cc to load and then remove on her was the time consuming part ^_^

        HOORAY! I’m so glad she works now and thanks for turning her back into an awesome looking sim. Both Xeri and I appreciate it.

      • I know what you mean. I didn’t think it was the CC, I thought maybe it was a patch conflict or something. LOL. Because she actually showed up in the launcher and everything, but didn’t show up in the game. :/

        I fixed her all up, hopefully you’ll like her. She still has short hair that’s reddish. Since I’ve already done chapter 67 and 68 (except for editing) I won’t be able to include her in the story now until chapter 69. But she’ll be there!

        You’re welcome! ^_^

      • Yeah, that happened with my friend too. I dunno… I’ve given up with trying to understand EA.
        I’m sure I will love her.
        Lol, well 69 seems a fitting place to enter 😉

      • I’ve given up trying to understand EA too. And that dumb game launcher as well. I don’t even use that anymore to start the game since it’s so buggy, I have a shortcut that bypasses it. :p

        Hope so. She does look very very similar to the other one. I just put some cc lipstick on her and changed her eyes and hair. She’s still going to be a Dempire. 😀

        LOL it does indeed. :p

  9. Ja volim this chapter. Even though I travel and just recently settled in Serbia for a bit and am a silent reader, I always make time to read this weekly, whether it’s Saturday or Monday.

    Can’t wait to see how the upcoming war pans out, and Kat better survive it. Vlaclav was wise to choose his daughter over his sire and the promise of power. Since power doesn’t always equal to good things.

    As for Rez, what a fine hot mess he is. And he’s just still a teen! I bet he would be a hotter mess when he ages up. Yummy. (Anything by Cobra Starship would be a perfect fit for Rez when it comes to music, especially Hot Mess.)

    Can’t wait to see what ideas are brewing in your mind for next week’s chapter. Might have to wait til after Exit Festival to read it, but definitely gonna read it.

    • Hey there!

      Wow, Serbia?? Well I’m glad you make the time to read my crazy story, lol. Thanks. 🙂

      I hope I portray the new war to everyone’s liking. I’m trying. Sometimes I worry it’s not good enough, though. D: As for V., yeah, he’s not such a bad guy. He loves his daughter, way more than Pavel. Too bad it turned out that Pavel was a baddie. Too much power can = some bad shit. :p

      Hahaha, a fine hot mess indeed! XD That reminds me. Soon he’ll turn 18, if he hasn’t already. I hate keeping up with kids’ ages in stories! Actually, I did already age him up, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. He’s a YA now. Oddly he doesn’t look like it in this chapter (unless I’d forgotten to age him up in that particular save file). I think the reason why he’s shorter than Tobias is because the ground’s uneven… O_O As for that song, I shall look it up. I hardly ever listen to newer music. As you can see, I like all the old shit. haha.

      Well, I hope you’ll like it. Not much will be happening in that one, except sex. :p You take your time reading it. Better late than never! Right now I think a lot of people are busy with the 4th of July stuff. We can watch the fireworks from right where we live. It’s pretty cool. 😀

      Thanks for the nice comments!! <3333

  10. Lol @ Rez’s thoughts about the therapist xD! He’s a pretty big mess though. Lol @ him owning Tobias! That was awesome. Hopefully Rez’ll get better with time, and not turn out to be like Jakub in the end, though.

    That’ll be interesting to see how the whole V. and Pavel thing will go. That’s good that he rejected his offer (Pavel’s), but maybe he’ll eventually just go for the Shadows because it’s easier. I mean if Kat and Hunter get together before it all goes down, then he could just kill all of the Shadows minus Hunter and his daughter, and I’m sure Hunter would still treat Kat because he would love her? Can’t wait to see next week’s update :)!

    • hehe. Hi Mike! I thought they were pretty funny too. I know just how Rez feels, wishing to have a hot shrink for a change (that’s TMI). Shrinks are always old and… yeah. Rez is slowly getting better. You’ll see more improvements in the next chapters. Nope, I didn’t want him to be too much like Jakub.

      You have a lot of good points, but Pavel is somewhat crazy and not thinking logically. And Hunter will always treat Kat, no matter if they hate/love/like each other, lol. Pavel wants to kill the few Shadows so there’d only be his breed and the Haas one. In a way, he wants just those two pure breeds and nothing else, because he’s a nut job.

      sorry to ramble. XD

      I know you’ll like next week’s chapter… :p


  11. Dempires, very creative new breed you came up with! So Pavel doesn’t want any more breeding of the Shadows? Something tells me his plan will backfire since Ash is pregnant with Rez’s child. It’ll be half Haas, half Shadow. Eek! Rez is very powerful, and lol @ his sex addiction! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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