Thirty: Hearts & Souls

One picture contains brief nudity and sexual content.

Aubrey and Vaclav’s wedding was held a few weeks after her return to Shadowvale.

Just as Vaclav promised, there were a myriad of guests and beautiful decorations.

One of the immortals held Reznik.

Also, just as Vaclav promised, there was a priest.

Wow, did he look familiar.

Aubrey glared at Reverend Reese.

You fuckwad.

Then she glanced at the roomful of vampires. They still made her nervous. What if one of them were as insane as John Lansing?

Aubrey wondered if there’d ever be a time when she’d feel completely safe again… probably not as long as she lived in Shadowvale.

She gazed at Vaclav. He looked gorgeous with his illuminated skin and eyes; eyes that met hers, staring until she became lost within them.

In mere moments, she would be married to him and confined to a life in Shadowvale… bound to a creature she once believed to be an angel… who turned out to be a mythical monster.

She didn’t love Shadowvale, but she loved Vaclav. Loved him deeply, passionately.

He drew near and stroked her face. Leather-clad fingers grazed her skin, briefly touched her lips.

It was a day she’d dreamed of since meeting him years ago, when he was a ‘celestial being’. She couldn’t believe that day had finally arrived, that she’d spend the rest of her days with him. Then a thought occurred to her: would he ever ask me to become immortal?

“You were born to be together, and together you shall be forevermore,” Reverend Reese began as he recited a poem written by Kahlil Gibran.

“You shall be together when the wings of death scatter your days. You shall be together even in your silent memory. But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
and let the winds of the heaven dance between you. Love one another, but make not a bondage of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”

“Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping, for only the hand of life can contain your hearts.”

Vaclav slipped the ring on her finger.

“And stand together, yet not too near together, for the pillars of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in shadow.”

Aubrey held up the ring; then slipped it on Vaclav’s finger.

Vaclav reached for her.

Hungrily, his lips consumed hers.

They parted, but the ceremony wasn’t quite finished.

“In order to become as one with your mate, your blood must now be consumed by Vaclav Haas,” he said.


Aubrey tossed a worried glance at the priest; then back at Vaclav.

“It’s only a bite to the neck,” Reese assured. “It’s customary when the bride is a mortal.”

She looked at Vaclav.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

You’d better be, or you won’t get much of a honeymoon.

Vaclav began by brushing his fingers against her cheek.

Slowly, his fangs went toward her neck.

It began as a pinch, but morphed into sharp jabs of pain.

Ouch! This is what you call ‘gentle’??

She felt pressure as he sucked the flesh. Massive pressure. The pain was no longer sharp, but it was uncomfortable.

Not quite as bad as Shawn’s bites, but still… it felt different.

Vertigo swept over her as he parted.

“I love you forever,” Vaclav said.

“Your blood binds you together. You are now united evermore.”

The others smiled in celebration.

Aubrey’s eyes penetrated his.

‘You are now united evermore.’

Outside, the full moon reflected upon the sea; reminiscent of how Aubrey would soon reflect upon her new marriage.

…and the more she thought about Vaclav’s bite, the angrier she became.

He scooted closer and put his arm around her. She knew what would come next…

“Oh, no you don’t,” she said when he tried to kiss her.


“Is my essence angry about my earlier biting of her?” he asked, his tone almost mocking.

“Screw you,” she replied.

“Don’t be angry with me,” he seductively whispered.

I’m afraid you’ll end up like Shawn, she worried.

“My essence knows I’d never hurt her. It was simply a tradition used in vampiric weddings,” he said brushing his lips across her neck. “Do you want me to lick your wounds? To heal them like I used to?”

Aubrey’s heart started to race.

The tip of his tongue slid over her skin.

Shit! He’s doing it again… turning me into a quivering pile of mush.

“Feel better yet?” he asked.

Masculine fingers kneaded her thigh. Then they reached up to remove his jacket.

“I’ll give you something else to make you feel better,” he offered, unbuttoning his shirt with one hand.

His mouth touched hers. This time, without any protest from Aubrey.

He wriggled out of his shirt.

“That is a stupid wedding tradition,” she griped.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He leaned over and kissed her again.

His tongue glided in and out, his kiss wet and sloppy.


Now she was definitely ready for him. To hell with the bite.

Damnit Vaclav! You hot, seductive bastard…


Five minutes later, Vaclav was banging her.

Happy Honeymoon, Aubrey thought.

Once they finished and got dressed, Vaclav asked her about the talisman. It was the question she’d been dreading for months.

“Uh, Shawn has it.”

Shawn has the talisman?”

“I’m sorry.”

He just stared at her.

“How did this happen?” he complained. “Now you’ll never be fully safe!”

I never would’ve been fully safe with the talisman either! she wanted to argue. Are you forgetting about John Lansing?

Dawn broke.

Aubrey had sat in a chair for two hours. For the first time ever, Vaclav was pissed at her.

Happy Honeymoon.

She walked back into the bedroom. If she were as talented as Vaclav, she could simply seduce him and he’d forgive her.

Then again, what right did he have to be angry with her? He bit her earlier. She should still be pissed at him, stupid wedding tradition or not.

But when she saw the sight before her, her heart melted.

There was never a sweeter sight… and Aubrey finally felt part of a family; in spite of its many flaws.


Chapter 31 coming Monday. ♥ And for the zillionth time, thanks for reading!! 😛


27 Responses to “Thirty…”

  1. AWW! at the last picture! <33333333

  2. i just noticed this vaclav is even more Hornier then Nick XD

  3. I just discovered your story!! And then promptly spent the last two hours reading through everything and inspecting all your steamy pics in the other categories….very nice =p
    Now I’m off to bed for some much-needed sleep and R-rated dreams….keep up the great work, I loves it!!!

    • aww, thank you leokatca. ^_^ hehe, as you can see I’m a little… pervy. 😛

      Sim dudes are hawt. LOL, I don’t care if they’re pixelated! 😆

      Glad ya like my story, blog and pics. And that’s how I come up with some of my stuff, by have R-rated dreams. just joking. >.>

      Thanks again for the awesome compliments!!


  4. Wow, poor Aubrey, I bet she never thought Vaclav would bite her. Although I guess she should let him off if it is tradition, but why did she have the red glow around her, he didn’t turn her did he????
    I loved the picture where he was licking her neck 😛 and of course the last one is so adorable. 😀

    • lol, I know. But he gets a fee pass, haha. I thought the bite was sexy. I know, I’m weird and sick. XP
      Nah, she didn’t turn. that red stuff you saw was me taking the picture behind a sheer red curtain 😛 I don’t know if I’d ever have Aubrey turn, unless I end the story, which won’t be for 10000 more chapters. XD

      Oh, yeah, I loved making that picture. Cut n’ paste tongue. LOL!! And thanks, glad ya liked the last pic too! 😀


  5. awww i nearly started crying when i saw the last pic it is so cuteeeeeeeee. I love the chapt but seriously what is up with you with nude and swearing scenes. 😉 lol hugggzzzzzzz

    • Hi Tami! I know, I LOVE that picture. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and finally did it!

      Thanks, glad you liked the chap. I didn’t think there was any swearing in this one… oops, actually there was. But no F-bombs! EDIT: mybad, there IS an F-bomb. Sorry. I tell you what, I’ll try not to use the ‘D’ word so much, since I can understand why that might offend some. As for nude scenes, sorry! At least I always put a warning (Unless I forget)! 😛 but I HAVE to have my nude scenes! They could be a lot worse, lol. And this isn’t meant to offend or anything, but that’s why I warn people, and why I suggest that anyone under 17 not read this story, as it has sexuality. I don’t really know what else to say about it. 😦

      Thanks for reading! ❤ & hugzzzzzzz to you too! ^.^

  6. n’awwrr, that last pic is soo cute!! I love how Vaclav may come across as tough and intimidating to others, when actually he’s very soft 🙂
    and YAY, Vaclav and Aubrey are finally married!!
    AMAZING chapter – as usual!!
    xxxxxx ❤ ❤

    • hi Emma 🙂 Like I told Tami, I’ve been wanting to make a pic like that for a while. ^.^ yeah, he’s tough but he loves his family.

      In some ways I got the idea for that picture from the ‘Interview with the Vampire’ movie. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Louis (played by Brad Pitt, yums) cuddles his ‘adopted’ daughter Claudia while they sleep in his coffin. I’ve always loved that part of the movie, lol. It’s a very sweet part.

      Yep, they finally tied that knot!! lol

      Awww, thanks Emma. glad you enjoyed the update. 🙂

      xxxxxxxxxxx ❤ and HUGS!!

  7. teeteekay is so right, Vaclav is much more hornier than Nick not that thats a problem, nope it’s def Not a problem at all :p .

    It must of been very unnerving being in a room with so many vampires watching you get married especially while being bitten. I would of been terrified. How come rev Reese is the only Haas vamp to have dark hair? Or was it just lighting?

    I love Aubrey denying Vaclav from kissing her. His face from the 2nd pic is priceless.

    And of course I have to go awww at the last pic, Vaclav and (some of) his children. It’s amazing how you were even able to arrange that. So cute!

    *hugz* and ❤ xxx

    oh and I always forget and feel mean for not saying. Thanks for putting me on your fave blogs list sadly it's slowly fading away and I need to make up for it, stupid writers block oh how I despise thee.

    • hi Pixxi! It’s either V. is hornier than Nick, or I’m just pervier than I was when I wrote Riverview. 😆

      nope, no problem here. 😀

      Exactly. I tried to put myself in A’s shoes, being in a roomful of those creatures. I know I would’ve been nervous, lol. I mean, yeah they’re sexy and everything, but still….

      I tried to put blondish highlights in Rev. Reese’s hair. But since his hair was so dark before, I just let it stay pretty dark, aside from the new highlights. I know he doesn’t quite fit in, lol. 😛

      hehe, that was my fave pic throughout this entire chapter!! I HAD to include that one.

      Thanks. That’s one of my fave pics too, out of the whole story. I just cut and pasted the kids, and then tweaked a hundred times until it looked ok.

      You’re totally welcome about putting your blog on my list!! no problem at all. I try to pay you guys back any way I can, you guys rock and I really appreciate your views and wonderful comments (pardon the cheez, lol). And I know what you mean about writer’s block, it can get frustrating. I had writer’s block after Aubrey started falling for V. again. I wasn’t sure where to take the story after that. But I do now. Sorry you have writer’s block, I hope it gets better!

      ❤ hugs and more ❤ xxxx 😉

  8. Another great chapter and love the last pic

  9. Good chapter :]! The last pic was cute

  10. All the new comments make this one totally off topic but I must say it: Never feel slightly bad for perving on pixels!!
    There are quite a few ‘men’ out there that I have the hots for too, but one of my faves will always be the Prince of Persia lmao =p

    • hi again! 😀 haha, why thank you! I normally don’t feel bad about it, but there’s always someone who’ll think it’s weird. But anyhow, I can’t help it! Sims are so hawt!! 😛

      Anyhow, I do appreciate your kind words. ^.^ As for myself, I’m married to someone who isn’t pixelated, of course. >.>
      hehe, I agree with that. The Prince of Persia is pretty hawt indeed (the movie, right? lol). 😛 Real guys FTW

  11. Hiya Jen! Just wanted to say Happy New Years! >9000 Do the waaaaave! 😀


  12. Awww, the kids are so cute with their daddy!!! I hope Reznik warms up to his mommy soon. Too bad Shawn has the talisman, and now he’s a member of the rival clan. I hope they get it back! And kick his butt. 😀 Very nice wedding, I love the reds you used for it! Ooo, sexy honeymoon. muhahahahaha Next chapter!

    • Yes, they are. And Daddy spoils them, haha. But anyhow, thanks! It was pretty fun making that picture. Maybe Rez will warm up to his mom. >_> Yep, Shawn’s being a bad boy. LOL he needs his butt kicked, haha. Thank you! I tried to make it different from the ‘traditional’ type of wedding, so I made every guy wear red robes, lol. Sexy honeymoon indeed! Except for the bickering, of course! 😀

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